CASE STUDY: BJB Autonomous College is a gorv. College situated in BBSR, Odisha.

This college provides courses for Bachalor Degree and Master Degree in various streams. To keep the record of all students of the college is a very risky task. And specifically searching and update is very difficult, when records are stored in paper file. So the BJB Autonomous College wants to operate a “Student Automation System”, which can solve this problem. This system need to be based on Client-Server Architecture. Means all the student records stored in a Server computer and users like, administrator, principal, lectures, students, etc can access the records from the client computers according to its privilege. Where the client computers are situated in every department of college. BJB Autonomous College employed a reputed software industry “Sadya Soft” to undertake the task of developing a automation system which keep the record of all students of BJB College. BJB Autonomous College indicated that the amount it can afford for this software to be developed and installed is Rs. 30 million.

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