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Performance by the students, witnessed by HRH the Sultan of Perak (depicted on the projector).
By Lai Yen Hua, PE Yr. 3 Sem. 1 Tronoh, 1 June: Konsert Diraja was organised at Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP) Chancellor Hall to celebrate the 83rd birthday of HRH the Sultan of Perak. UTP and Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI) performed numerous performances for the night. At 9 pm, upon the arrival of D.Y.M.M. Paduka Seri Sultan Perak Darul Ridzuan Sultan Azlan Muhibbuddin Shah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Yussuf Izzuddin Shah Ghafarullahu-Lah and the royal family, the Perak State Anthem was played. Then, UPSI’s orchestra impressed the audience with the charm of music while UTP dancers acted out amazing sketches. Local artists such as Suhaimi Mior Hassan and Aishah lighted up the concert through their breathtaking singing. The peak of the night was the presentation of the song Dirgahayu Tuanku Bistari. The song was written by Azam Dungun and Azri Abdul Aziz, to express their love and loyalty towards the Sultan. The song describes the reign of the Sultan of Perak. After the two-hour show, the concert ended with the Perak State Anthem. In the concert, loyalty has been shown towards the Sultan of Perak through the beauty of music and various performances. At the same time, this concert also reminds us to be faithful towards the ruler, state and our country.

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Editor’s Foreword
With a slight change in personnel, we at HOT continue to feed UTP students with latest happenings on campus. It is nearly halfway through the semester. Surely assignments, tests, projects etc start to fill up students’ planner. Well, when you catch a break, don’t forget HOT is always here to accompany you during your free time. Been to Euphonious 2011? The finale received critical acclaim from the students. It’s said to be the best concert ever since its installment. We managed to interview one of the award winners of the night. Turn to Spotlight to get the details of the best bassist in UTP! Mid-semester break is ahead and hopefully the students will make full use of the free time for something beneficial. Be safe!

Voodoo Child Champs Euphonious’11
By Boon Ee Juan, PG Yr. 3 Sem. 1 UTP Chancellor Hall, 17 June: Euphonious has been consecutively held for 6 years. A humble start as a UTP internal band competition in 2006, Euphonious has dramatically evolved into an InterUniversity band competition today with participation from UniKL and UiTM Perak. “Program Merakyat Seni Budaya” Euphonious 2011 was jointly organised by International Culture Club, Jabatan Kebudayaan Dan Kesenian Negara Perak, UTP Co-curriculum Unit, and Student Support Services Department. This annual event had been graced by the attendance of UTP Chief Financial Officer, Mr Hasbullah B Haji Ihsan and Jabatan Kebudayaan Dan Kesenian Negara Perak’s Director, Mr Abdul Mutalib “Bohemian Rhapsody” (Queen) and “We Abd Rahman. Are the Champion” (Medley). They received a cash prize of RM1000, a troWith the theme “Music Down Memory phy, artist contract with NSR and reLane”, the 6 finalists were judged by Joe cording album with Big A Productions. Ong, Yusop Najmi Othman and Stone- Likewise, Voodoo Child also won the bay’s members. The finalists were Best Supporter Award and People's Stereopop, UiTM - Vocstic, Morven, 30 Choice Award. On the other hand, the Days, Threnody, and Voodoo Child. first runner-up went to Morven whereas These bands rocked the hall with great 30 Days appeared as the second runnercostumes, dances and the heart warm- up. The fourth was Threnody, followed ing songs. Besides, Doc Mat and Super by Stereopop and UiTM – Vocstic . Friends, guest artist PESAWAT, and Stonebay also came out with special In recognition of social responsibility, performances on stage. Euphonious 2011 had donated part of its profit to Rumah Kebajikan Kanak-Kanak The champion of Euphonious 2011 was Cacat Negeri Perak. Voodoo Child who performed the songs “Sweet Child of Mine” (Guns N' Roses), More stories on page 2

As a student. 1 Sem. 1) is glad that the UPSR results for the schools have Eagerness of students during the session. Have you performed whose life is enriched by experience and he is eager to in other places? share his success story. when he first played his bass. you will smile because what you got from the for proper lessons. Shafuan b. Project Manager . Mr chestra. Life has its destiny set upon us and only if we are willing to take that step forward. 2 Sem. I will practising from then on. I have no formal education on meet him. Financial challenges are always hard work is a priceless experience in life. plays musical cided to be a bassist when I came into UTP in my first instruments and sings too! We always keep in touch. Shafuan bin Azizan. Investing RM700 on my first bass.very supportive of me in music.share their knowledge with others. 18 June: Perfect score is held once to them. a humble student Time management is essential. All these attributes point to one man. In Form 3. My family has also been music and my learning comes from experience. Winners of Euphonious’11 Best Vocalist Best Drummer Best Guitarist Best Bass Guitarist Best Keyboardist Best Accompanist Best Self-Composed Song Best Background Singers Tengku Nurul Hidayah bt. So far. What advice can you give to your fans or friends who It must have been a challenge to master the instru. more time is focused on the books instead of scores. improved (the number of students who get 5As has inBy Ting Nguong Seng. He inspires me. This activity is organised by Electrical tors are required as the number of students and Electronic Engineering Student Society are increasing. I do not have enough money to pay day. I performed in the Konsert Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia and Konsert Congratulations on your recent win at Euphonious! Diraja Kedah. I practice playing my instrument two hours daily in my room. EE Yr.activity. I have been often call him during Raya and if I go to Kedah. I began to learn music in my secondary Who inspires you in music? school years when I played flute for the school’s or. Alias Nuur Asram b. . we can then see our true potential shine. she says that more facilitaJenalik. study is a priority and if there are quizzes. He never sees himself as he is today. To prepare for Euphonious. I de. one will learn to appreciate what one bangsaan Siputeh and Sekolah Kebangsaan has. Finally. Yr. Burhanuddin Suraya bt. I learned to play guitar. Sem 1. 1 creased) after Perfect Score was introduced Tronoh. Kamar Nordin Hazierul Haziq b. he is currently pursuing his final year of study in Civil Engineering at UTP. we would like to focus on getting a job and later set-up our own funding. especially the community around and to help those in need by doing charity Euphonious Finale The only external participant of the night: Vocstic from UiTM . side world. learning and consistent practices. around 20 UTP students are involved actively as facilitators to guide 130 school students in their studies. His music talent shines in his involvement in music bands Voodoo Child and Stereopop.Never give up! Even when you think you are wasting lenges and how do you balance your time for music your time. I year.has interest in following your footstep? ment without proper guidance. Nur Hidayah Bt Darmizal ( EE. do you have any plans in the music industry? There are talks that Voodoo Child has a plan! But for now. it started with Thanks! My experience in performing dates back to a performance for Masquerade Night at Hotel Remy primary school years when my teachers often gency. From that. a facilitator will be assigned to a group of four or five students so that focus can be directed to each one of them. I developed confidence. Mohd Nasir Mohamad Helmi b. Chapiti Kisah Aku dan Dia (Vocstic-UITM) Mohd Nasuha b. the recipient of the Best Bassist award in the recent Euphonious event. Nevertheless. When I was in secondary school. PE Yr 3. we won first place in How did you learn to play the bass? MIMET. Tengku Ishak Mohd Firdaus b.2 Happenings Perfect Score work. Mohd. What are your chal. I had to pay RM5 per hour for practice. assignments or when the final examinations are approaching. Then. During the course of activity. present. Shafuan’s true life story inspires people to never give up and take chances. It is tiring but at the end of the When I started.Rostam Abd Rahman. don’t stop because you are actually doing and study? something for your life. asked me to sing and dance. With Stereopop. Yahya Muhammad Hafiz bin Izhar Smiles of the champion. Guest performance by PESAWAT. He writes scores. Nawawi Mohd. Azizan Erna Syafinaz bt. He enjoys listening to jazz music and music brings fun to life. Hailing from Bandar Tasik Selatan. My band mates and I pay for practice sessions. The Bass Life of a UTP student: Shafuan bin Azizan By Kan Wai Choong. Hence. Lumut and with Voodoo Child. She also shares that through this every fornight on Saturday at Sekolah Ke.My role model is my secondary school teacher. And I have two bands! I have to allocate time for my individual practice. tests. she hopes more UTP (E3SS) and Village 5 Student Representative students can join this meaningful activity and (V5SR) to get UTP students closer to the out. Ipoh. Selangor. self.

modesty and indomitable spirit rather than negative elements like violence. Students could also get the Euphonious ticket for RM6 per person if they are UTP students from the ticketing booth. 16 June: After the Martial Arts Week at Pocked D from 6-10 June. tolerance. Both the top scorer and clean sheet players were also awarded Tronoh. Their success will be an inspiration to students to never give up and believe in themselves. 1 Tronoh. “Beauty Beneath Harshness” was chosen as the theme for MAN 2011 to promote awareness to the public that martial arts consists of good values such as self-discipline. Ong Yu Han. Nevertheless. Lim Chia Wei and Lee Kuo Chun participated in the recent Kapas-Marang International Marathon. “I had to swim alone in the sea for the very first time! What a priceless experience. all players in the winning Sensonic: One of the exhibitors at the IT Fair. The aim of the tournament was best in the competition and he was glad to see UTP to engage UTP students and staff with the local students mingling around with the staff of UTP and community through sports. 24 April: Aaron Lee Hsiu Eik. 1 Pulau Kapas. Martial Arts Night (MAN) 2011 served as the closing of the Martial Arts Week 2011. the “Lelong” section was the hottest activity going on. a swimming competition held annually which covers 6. Aaron also won third place in overall and bagged RM1800. 3 Sem. lucky draw was held to those who had bought any items for more than RM1. UTP Taekwondo Club held the Martial Arts Night at Chancellor Hall. Pasukan Pencak Silat UTP. Seketariat Rakan Muda UTP and UTP Taekwondo club presented their own unique art of self-defense.5 km from Kapas Island to Pantai Kelulut. a musical event. the local community. Group photo of participants with VIPs. Pertubuhan Seni Gayong Serantau Malaysia UTP. By Lai Yen Hua. cash. Project Manager of Euphonious. Martial Arts Night IT Fair By Ting Nguong Seng. The other winners were awarded a medal and a certificate of recognition. at HOT inspires to improve our publication from time to time to produce better and high quality newsletter for none other than the students of UTP! . 3 Sem. thus claiming the trophy as well as RM 2000 local community. Any feedback regarding this issue. PE Yr. Mr Khor Jun Li said that the fair was organised to raise funds for the Euphonious.The Secretary of this event. Terengganu. he hoped to see cash. 1 team would be given certificates. 1 Sem. UiTM Seri Iskandar and Giat. “Courage first. quoted a phrase.” added the jubilant swimmer.” commented Miss Lim. 1 Tronoh. Terengganu. He said this event also helped to promote UTP indirectly besides creating E3SS beat Hambo FC with a score of 2-1 in the final an opportunity for the students to reach out to the match. ElectreCup Open Futsal Tourna. EE Yr. he hoped that the misconception the community has on martial arts could be corrected. Representatives from Shito-Ryu Karate Do UTP. International Muaythai Club UTP. Muhammad Nasih SaiMARA Perak also sent their teams to compete in fullah pointed out that each team really gave their this competition. technique third” to explain the true definition of martial I hope to join this swimming marathon again next year. The main objective of the event was to cultivate awareness of UTP community on the significance of martial arts.Happenings 3 Swimming Marathon Success By Kan Wai Choong. Many digital goods were displayed at five different booths During the fair. Through this event. We. kindly reach us at heartoftronoh@gmail. Aaron Lee emerged as the runner-up in the ‘2034 years men’ category while Miss Lim completed the swim to garner the fourth place in the ‘Junior Girls’ category. Apart from that. PG Yr.14 goals. Apart from that. “I am glad I was able to finish this (the swim). 3 Sem. responsibility. The Project Manager. Persatuan Seni Silat Ustaz Hanafi UTP. 11 June: Electrical and Electronic Engineer. The competition which began at 7am ended well for the UTP students. power second. honesty. 32 teams participated. ment at the Village 5 futsal court and this year. The latter walked away with RM 1000 cash more non-UTP teams joining ElectreCup in the fuwhereas the second runner up received RM 750 ture. It was not easy. He is the first Malaysian who completed the race. The three representatives from UTP were among participants from 12 countries that took part. Marang. Aaron receiving his prize at the end of the competition. 2 June: Information Technology (IT) fair was held for three days at Pocket D starting from 31 May.medals and certificates and the top scorer for Elecing Student Society (E3SS) organised their annual treCup 2011 came from Hambo FC with a record of prestigious event. ElectreCup Open Futsal Tournament By Kueh Mei Lin. PE Yr.

Torvalds was obsessed with computers. This module aims to stimulate the creativity of the students by using English Language. with the role of a ballistic calculation officer. Next module was snap dragon. In university. Some would ask how a man like him would end up designing a language for a kernel. The closing ceremony was attended by the Headmaster. Prizes were given away for the winners of the essay writing competition which was conducted by the school itself. Born in Helsinki. he was awarded some optional stocks by both companies as a sign of appreciation for his efforts and after those companies were announced in the stock markets. The last module of the event was a sketch. Linus today works with the Linux foundation to develop Linux and make it available for everyone through training. Each petal was given a colour and beneath every petal was the name of the animals. Linux. events and activities besides making sure that it stays as the free and most secure operating system available today. He went for it and eventually came back holding the rank of second lieutenant. Finland. As for his carrier. “free” and “freak”. CHE.he wanted to join the Finnish army for his mandatory service in the armed forces. This activity emphasized the usage of English as the students are required to use the language to guess the gesture shown by their friends. CAMPUS DIARY 1-3 July 2-3 July 4 July 3 July 6-9 July 16-24 July 23-24 July HEP-IPTS Debating Championship CASFUMAL Exhibition (KL Sentral) Ipoh International Run 2011 Orphan Day SHELL Eco-Marathon 2011 ISC Olympic CASFUMAL (Pan Pacific Hotel. he used many machines to test it on and when he finally came up with the stable version of the kernel. The very first module was a tongue twister in which each student needs to come out with a word for all the alphabets.4 Columns Linus Torvalds: The man who gave a new meaning to the word Penguin By Yesar Bin Mustafa Al Mulla Jabir Almaleki. they made a great income and Torvalds ended up with free 20 million dollars’ worth of stocks. Imagine that Linus comes from the Swedish language speaking minority which makes around approximately 5% of the population. It is hoped that such events will be conducted again in the near future. Torvalds lectured for some time in Helsinki University till he obtained his masters and that was also when he met and married Tove. Miss Gail Sylvia Steele. Ari Lemmke changed the name into “Linux” while uploading it. All students were reminded to use only English Language as the medium of communication for all discussions so as to fulfill the objective of the event. Step-by-step instructions were given to fold the paper into a flower. The visit received good response from the school as nearly 250 students from year 1 to year 6 participated.3 Sem 2 Smiley Saturday. Minggu Mesra Kampus Returns! 14-16 June Pocket D UTP students conduct designed modules with the students. Students were asked to pick up a random statement and act it out in front of their friends. The Project Manager was Lai Yen Hua. Yashadini briefly introduced the committees and welcomed everyone for joining the event. The earliest version of the Linux kernel is actually developed by Finnish computer science student named Linus Torvalds. Then. Yr. 3 Windows are preferred by many over Linux as they are easier to use. the Head of English Language and also the event advisor. Initially he published it under the name “freax”. KLIA) . Students were grouped according to their year of studies and facilitators led each group to respective classrooms to commence on the modules prepared. All students were given a square paper. Many people wondered why he chose a Penguin as a mascot for Linux while penguin was to some people a fat chubby worthless animal. the name was accidentally changed to Linux when his friend. a combination of two words. a charity event aimed at promoting English Language. 24 committees were involved to become facilitators. he ended up saying: “Some people have told me they don't think a fat penguin really embodies the grace of Linux. SMILEY SATURDAY Another chapter of kindness and volunteerism by UTP Students By Steward Baba. The rule of the game is to ask each student to choose a random petal and the student has to act or do anything that reflects the animal that is selected from the “snap dragon”. As he was helping many companies to start their software and operating systems business which included both Red Hat and VA Linux (known today as Source Forge. he joined Open Source Development Labs (Known as OSDL) which was joined with Free Standards Group later to create the Linux Foundation where under their sponsorship he continued to develop the operating system. was held on 2 April 2011 by the English Language Club of Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTPELC) at Sekolah Kebangsaan Seri Tronoh. Nevertheless. introductory session. Tokens of Appreciation were later given to the school to express gratitude and thankfulness for giving a platform to conduct the event. Linus entered Transmeta. Foundation Sem. Linus became part of an extremely controversial family due to the fact that he was the son of journalists Anna and Nils Torvalds as well as the grandson of poet Ole Torvalds. there are still a portion of people who choose free operating system. a firm that dealt with patents and legal certification for micro processing products in 1996 and continued working there until June 2003. Stalls arranged along the MMK site to attract visitors. a place where many free open source software are available for public use). he started working on Linux. So. one after another in the group. but it seemed that he wanted to do more than just programming . His father was involved in politics since the academic stage of his life in university while his grandfather was very well known in Finland for his poetry. The day began with the gathering of all students at the assembly hall which was led by Yashadini Anandarajah who acted as the Master of Ceremony. The group had to come up with a group name to reflect their own identity. Then. Each facilitator had an ice-breaking session with their group which consisted of 10-12 students. Students were requested to ask their friends to choose the petal and this made them learn to communicate with one another in English. Nevertheless. which just tells me they have never seen an angry penguin charging at them in excess of 100 mph”. Tronoh.