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PARTS OF A NEEDLE Shank The upper thick part of a sewing machine needle is called the shank.

This part of the needle is inserted in the machine. Home sewing machine needles are composed of a flat and a round side, to assist in always having the needle in the correct position. Butt It is the uppermost part of the needle above the shank and maybe conical in shape Shoulder It is the section intermediate between the shank and the blade. The shoulder strengthens the blade, thus strengthening the needle and also enlarges the hole in the material. Long groove It provides a protective channel in the blade to guide the thread Short groove It is on that side of the needle that is towards the looper and is responsible for the formation of loop in the needle thread. Eye This is the hole in the needle extending through the blade from the long groove on one side and to the short groove on the other. Scarf or clearance cut It is a recess across the whole face of the needle just above the eye. It allows the bobbin case hook to intersect with the upper thread and form stitches. Point It is shaped to provide the best penetration of each type of material according to its nature. It is of two types- sharp and ball point Tip It is the extreme end of the point.