The feeling of greatfulness to any one’s help directly arises from the bottom of heart. A small but an important and timely help can prove to be a milestone in one’s life. Even human being has such kind of experience. Being human being, we also have, the same feeling of greatfulness of today we have achieved an important milestone in my life. This project is dedicated to all the people, whom we met, took guidance, talked, interviewed and learned something from them. At this occasion we sincerely thank all of them while submitting this project report. We would like to heartily thank Mr. Hiren Champaneri, Mr. Keyur Patel, Mr. Amit Patel who has provided us necessary information and guidance for the success of this project. Last, we would like to extend thanks to all our classmates also. On this occasion we would like to thank Mr. D.A.Shah (HOD, Computer Department) without whom this would have not been possible. We are thankful to him for giving time-to-time and valuable guidance during the project period and giving us guidance in taking our curriculum decision and choosing, initiating and getting on with the project. We always have felt the invisible help from the almighty, without the blessing almighty, we could not have succeeded.


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Project Profile System Analysis The Existing system Problem Definition



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Hardware & Software Specifications System Design 4.1 4.2 4.3 4.4 Context Diagram Data Flow Diagram Entity Relationship Diagram Data Dictionary

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Input and Output Design 5.1 Screen Shots

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Testing Future scope and limitations Bibliography

Project Profile

Project Title

WebDevloment for Social Network.

Project definition

Social provides employees

networking-Community communication of the to company and

site various also

employees can get also the features as current community Site. Developer for Internal project guide Revolution Creation Mr. Hiren Champaneri Mr. Keyur Patel


Hardware configuration Processor : Intel Pentium-IV Processor Ram :.Mr. 4|Page .Net 2008 with C# SQL Server 2005 Operating system Microsoft XP Service Pack 2 Existing System Study  Employees while communicating through phone and internet chat.512 MB Hard disk : .20GB Front end Back end Microsoft ASP. Suthar Shivangi J.  Legal Documents sharing was done with Emails and Manual file works. Suthar Dipal J. Amit Patel Team Size Team Member 3 Rathod Gunwant M.

In sharing of legal document via email employee must be upload a file in email and receiver download a file from email.When Employee needs communicating with another Employee they have two Option: (1) Phone :- In phone communicating it connect with telephone to desire Employee. So. in existing system file sharing task performed by email. (2) Chat :- When they are use to internet chat that time it must be read internet. Project Definition 5|Page .

 Photo Gallery :6|Page . easily search other  Request for employees :Employees account.  Manage profile :Employees easily edit profile to desire change.  Registration :When Employees want to add in this application it easily to registration in this application.Social networking-community site provides communication to various employees of the company and also employees can get also the features as current community site.  Search Employees :Employees employees by employee information. can find another employees then send a request for join and add inn own  Scrap :Send and receiver scrap by employees.

 Chat :It is easily communicating with online employees. 7|Page .Employees can easily upload photos own employees account easily.  Feedback :- If employees want communicating with employees its feel feedback and send that feedback it direct connect with admin and read that connect.

Hardware and Software Hardware :-( Recommended) Processor Random Access Memory Hard Disk : Intel Pentium-IV Process : (Minimum) 512 MB : 20 GB Software :-( Recommended) Front-End Web Server Back End 8|Page : Visual Studio 2008 : IIS 5.1 : SQL server 2005 .

Support Operating System Supporting tools : Framework 2.0 : Windows XP (service pack 2) : Microsoft Word for document Data Flow Diagram Data Flow  A data flow diagram shows the logical flows of data through a transaction processing system of an organization. Data Flow:- 9|Page .  They are primarily used in the systems development process as a tool for analyzing an existing system.

Process:-  Procedures or devices that use or transform data. interact with the system but are outside its boundary. Data move in specific direction from an origin to a destination in the form of a document. 10 | P a g e . which may be people. organization or other entities. Source or Destination of Data:-  Source or Destination of data.

System Design 11 | P a g e .Data Store:-  A Data Store referenced by a process in the system.

 Context Diagram For Remote 12 | P a g e .

First Level Diagram 13 | P a g e .

14 | P a g e .

E-R Diagram Entities-relationship analysis uses three major abstractions to describe data. 1) Entity:- 2) Attribute:- 3) Relationship:- 15 | P a g e .

 It depicts the fundamental relations like recording personnel information. The diagram documents the entities and relationship involved in the employee information and payroll system.  The E-R Diagram for a Employee Payroll system can E-R Diagram 16 | P a g e . paying salary and getting a loan.

Data Dictionary 17 | P a g e .

Table Known Table Name Tbllogin tblprofile1 Tblrequest Tblscrap Tblphoto Tblfeedback Tbladmin Tbladd Tblnews Registration(Login) Profile Request friends Scrap Photo gallery Feedback Admin Login Advertisement News 18 | P a g e .

name Emp L. 19 | P a g e .M.EmailID Emp.Data Dictionary Table Name:-tbllogin Purpose:-Employee login Fieldname UserID Password First name Middle name Last name State City Pin Security question Securityans Varchar 100 Not null Sec Ans of Emp Data Type Varchar Varchar varchar Varchar Varchar Varchar Varchar Number Varchar Length 30 15 20 20 20 20 15 6 100 Constraints Primary Key Not null Not null Not null Not null Not null Not null Not null Not null Description Emp state Emp city Emp city pin Sec Que of Emp Status Varchar 1 Not null Status of emp.Password Emp.F.

Table Name:-tblprofile Purpose: .Phoneno 20 | P a g e . Name Emp.BOD Emp.ct.Add the profile of emp.Photo Emp.Name Emp.Pin Emp. Gender Emp.M.EmailId Emp.L.state Emp. Name Emp. FieldName Pid UserID Photo First name Middle name Last Name Gender Dateofbirth City State Pin Phone no Data Type int Varchar Varchar(Ma) Varchar Varchar Varchar Varchar Date/Time Varchar Varchar Number Varchar Length 30 20 20 20 6 15 20 6 12 Constraints Primary Key Foregin Key Not null Not null Not null Not null Not null Not null Not null Not null Not null null Description Profile Id Emp. City Emp ct.F.

friends friends 21 | P a g e .Mobileno Table Name:-tblrequest Purpose: .Send the req.Mobile no. send ReqTo Varchar 30 Not null Req. Agree Status Varchar 1 Not null Status of emp. for adds fnds. Varchar 10 null Em. FieldName Rid Reqfrom Data Type int Varchar Length 30 Constraints Primary Key Not null Description Profile Id Req.

Table Name:-tblscrap Purpose:-send scrap FieldName Data Type Length Constraints Description Sid Int - Primary Key Scrap Id Sname Varchar 30 Foregin Key From User Sch Varchar 20 Not null To User Sdetails Varchar 100 Not null Scrap Contain 22 | P a g e .

Comment 23 | P a g e .Table Name:-tblphoto Purpose:-photoGallary FieldName Data Type Length Constraints Description Photid Int - Primary Key PhotoId UserID Varchar 30 Foreign Key Emp.EmailId Photoparth Varchar(MAX) - Not null Emp photo Comment Varchar(MAX) - Not null Emp.

Query 24 | P a g e . State Emp Country Emp Phone Emp. addes Emp.Table Name:-tblFeedback Purpose:-user Service Feedback FieldName Data Type Length Constraints Description Fid Name Address City State Country Phone Mobile Fdate feedback Int Varchar Varchar Varchar Varchar Varchar Varchar Varchar Date time Varchar 30 100 15 20 20 12 10 \200 Primary Key Not null Not null Not null Not null Not Null Null Null Not Null Not Null Feed_Id Emp. Name Emp. date Emp. City Emp. mobile Emp.

Pass 25 | P a g e .Table Name:-tbladmin Purpose:-Administrator FieldName Data Type Length Constraints Description UserID varchar 30 Primary Key Admin.EmailId Password Varchar 15 Not null Admin .

Table Name:-tbladvertisement Purpose:-send the Advertisement FieldName Data Type Length Constraints Description Aaid Int - Primary Key Advertisement ID Advertisement Adec. Varchar Varchar 20 100 Not null Not null Advertisement Advertisement dec. Type Varchar 20 Not null Advertisement type Photos Varchar(MAX) - Not null Advertisement Photos 26 | P a g e .

Table Name:-tblnews Purpose:-send the news FieldName Data Type Length Constraints Description Anid Int - Primary Key Advertisement ID News Varchar 20 Not null News News date Date/time - Not null News date News details Varchar 100 Not null News details 27 | P a g e .

aspx 28 | P a g e .Input & Output Design (a) Screen Layout Login.

Register.aspx 29 | P a g e . if user account available in this site otherwise user create new account in this site and login in his personal profile.In this page sign in use.

aspx 30 | P a g e . Login. first user registration in this form.This is Register form.

This is login form. Login. this person login in his profile.aspx 31 | P a g e . User account available in site.

32 | P a g e . this person login in his profile. User account available in site.This is login form.

33 | P a g e .aspx This page is admin login page.Adminlogin. in this page only admin access.

And permit user access his profile. no any person.aspx This page is authentication page in this page only admin edit. 34 | P a g e .Authentication.

Authentication.aspx 35 | P a g e .

This page is authentication page in this page only admin edit. Forgetpass. And permit user access his profile. no any person.aspx 36 | P a g e .

37 | P a g e .This page displays the forget password of the user.

38 | P a g e .aspx This page is sing in. and user access his personal profile.Login.

Profile. 39 | P a g e .aspx In this page user fill his form detail and submit form.

40 | P a g e .aspx This is home page.Home.

aspx 41 | P a g e .SearchUser.

Requestuser.aspx 42 | P a g e .Search friends.

Send Request his friends.aspx 43 | P a g e . Requesrfreind.

Response his friends.aspx 44 | P a g e . Home.

This is home page. 45 | P a g e .

46 | P a g e .aspx In this page display his personal detail.Home.

47 | P a g e .aspx Send scrap.Scrap.

48 | P a g e .aspx Delete friends.Deletefriends.

aspx 49 | P a g e .Checkprofile.

Photogallary.aspx 50 | P a g e .Check user profile.

Photo gallery. 51 | P a g e .

52 | P a g e .Deletefriends.aspx Delete friends.

Feedback. 53 | P a g e .aspx Give a feedback.


Chatting form.

54 | P a g e


two user chat with each other.

55 | P a g e


56 | P a g e

In this page advertisement and display user side. Advertisement.aspx 57 | P a g e .

58 | P a g e .In this page advertisement and display user side.

aspx In this page add a news and display on user side.News. 59 | P a g e .

Checkuser.aspx Check user. 60 | P a g e .

aspx 61 | P a g e .Adminfeedback.

aspx 62 | P a g e . Adminpasswordchange.Admin check a feedback.

63 | P a g e .In this page admin change his password.

Black Box Testing 64 | P a g e . Software testing is a fundamental component of software quality assurance and represents a review of specification. The greater visibility of software system and the code associated with software failure are motivating factors for planning. It is not uncommon for a software organization to spent 40% of its efforts on testing.Testing Importance of software Testing He importance of software testing and its impact on software cannot be underestimated. Testing is the one step in the software process that can be seen by the developer as destructive instead of constructive. design and coding. Software engineers are typically constructive people and testing requires them to overcome preconceived concepts of correctness and deal with conflicts when errors are identified. Software Testing Fundamentals During testing the software engineering produces a series of test cases that are used to “rip apart” the software they have produced. through testing.

and 5.Black box testing relates to the tests that are performed at the software interface. Performance errors. 3. A black box test considers elements of the system with little interest in the internal logical arrangement of the software. Using white box test approaches. Black box testing tries to find errors in the following categories: 1. Interface errors. The status of the system can be identified at diverse points to establish if the expected status matches the actual status. White box testing of the testing involve closer examination of procedural detail. Initialization and termination errors. 2. Although they are designed identify errors. the software engineering can produce test cases 65 | P a g e . black box tests are used to demonstrate that software function are operational. that inputs are correctly accepted and the output is correctly produced. 4. White Box Testing White box testing is a test case design approach that employees the control architecture of the procedural design to produce test cases. Incorrect or missing functions. Logical paths through the software are considered by providing test cases that exercise particular sets of conditions and / or loops. Errors in data structures or external database access.

2. Limitation 66 | P a g e .  Reduces high cost. Guarantee that all independent paths in a module have been exercised at least once.  We also provide high security and reduces disadvantage.1. video gallery. Execute all loops at their boundaries and in their operational bounds. Exercise all logical decisions. Future Scope  In the features we build message.  Reduce the time consuming. 3. Exercise internal data structures to maintain their validity.

System Analysis and Design.  This system is temporary use from company employees. 2. 67 | P a g e . This System is temporary not provide message. By: James A Sen. By: Roger Pressman. Bibliography  Books 1. Software Engineering. video gallery.

0  Web site www. Professional ASP.NET 68 | P a g e www.wikipedia.

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