How To Define The Physical Layout Of The Plant

Overview 1. Create Production Line 2. Create Production Units 3. Arrange Units Into Masters And Slaves 4. Order Units In Tree Step-By-Step 1. Browse to the “Plant Model,” right-click and select “New Production Line.” 2. Type in the name of the new Production Line. Production Line names must be unique within a given plant.

3. Select the new Production Line; right-click and select “New Production Unit.” 4. Type in the name of the new Production Unit. Production Unit names must be unique within a Production Line.


Repeat for each Production Unit within the Production Line 2 .5.

” 7. 3 . Order Production Units within the Production Line by dragging each Production Unit into the appropriate position. 8. holding down the left mouse button and dragging the icon on top of the Master Unit name. Dropping a Production Unit on top of another will cause the dropped Production Unit to move BEFORE the Production Unit being dropped on. Select the Production Line.6. Arrange Production Units into Master Units and Slave Units. right-click and select “Master/Slave Units. Drag the Slave Units under the appropriate Master Unit by selecting the Slave Unit.

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