Founded – 1814 coleman Johann A. Benckiser founded a business in Germany in 1823.

Its main products were industrial chemicals. Benckiser went public in 1997 1938 merger of Reckitt & Sons and J&J Colman 1999 merger of the UK-based Reckitt & Colman plc and the Netherlands-based Benckiser NV Adrian Bellamy (Chairman) Rakesh Kapoor (CEO) British multinational consumer goods Headquartered in Slough, United Kingdom, Listed in London stock exchange World's largest producer of household cleaning products and a major producer of consumer healthcare and personal products Categories - Cleaning products, healthcare, condiments, personal care products Reckitt Benckiser's brands include Dettol (the world's largest-selling antiseptic), Strepsils (the world's largest-selling sore throat medicine), Veet (the world's largest-selling depilatory brand), Air Wick (the world's second-largest-selling air freshener), Calgon, Clearasil, Cillit Bang, Durex and Vanish Operations in around 60 countries and its products are sold in almost 200 countries. Market capitalisation of approximately £23.2 billion as of 23 December 2011 Acquisitions - Airwick and Carpet Fresh brands (1985), the Boyle-Midway division of American Home Products (1990), and the Lehn & Fink division of Sterling Drug (1994) October 2005 for £1.926 billion three main brands acquired were Nurofen in analgesics; Strepsils sore throat lozenges; and Clearasil anti-acne treatments from Boots Group. In January 2008, Reckitt Benckiser acquired Adams Respiratory Therapeutics, Inc., a pharmaceutical company, for $2.3 billion; one of the major brands acquired was Mucinex. In July 2010, Reckitt Benckiser agreed to buy SSL International, the makers of Durex condoms and Scholl's footcare products, in a £2.5 billion deal. Powerbrands
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Vanish Calgon Woolite Lysol Dettol Durex Scholl Cillit Bang Harpic

New logo is a pink kitemark containing the letters 'RB' created by branding agency The workroom, was inspired by a sports kite and is intended to reflect the 'loud, confident personalities of its Powerbrand

World aids day – 1 december 2012 Strepsils . which can kill bacteria associated with mouth and throat infections Strepsils "Extra" contains hexylresorcinol as an active ingredient.            Ginger & Lemon Honey & Lemon Original Warm Orange Vitamin C Cool Blackcurrant Strawberry Sugar Free Cherry Sore Throat & Blocked Nose Sore Throat & Cough . and Strepsils "Sore Throat & Blocked Nose" contains menthol 8 mg. namely amylmetacresol and 2.75 mg "Strepsil" comes from the Streptococcus bacterium that causes certain types of sore throat The recommended dosage is one lozenge every 2–3 hours for adults.4-dichlorobenzyl alcohol.lozenges manufactured by Reckitt Benckiser in Nottingham. but are now marketed under the brand name Strefen. United Kingdom Strepsils have been in production since 1958. and contain two active ingredients. which contains the active ingredient flurbiprofen 8. Reckitt Benckiser also produce a higher-strength lozenge that used to be marketed under the Strepsils "Intensive" label. These ingredients are mild antiseptics.

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