n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n 

Attitude Rules of Attraction Neg Collection Opener: 1.Jealous Girlfriend Opener 2.Two Part Kiss Opener 3.Girl Fight Opener 4.Seattle Girlfriend Opener 5.Tattoo Opener 6.Never Be Couple Opener 7.I Love You Opener 8.The Spell Opener 9. Weather Opener 10. Are You Shy Opener DHV: 1. Best Friend Test 2. Trust Test 3. Tension Test 4. The Girlfriend Test 5. C Smile vs. U Smile 6. Anger vs. Passion 7. Eye Accessing Cues 8. The Peg System 9. Psychic Code 10. Ring/Index Finger Game: 1.Lying Game 2.Fuck Marry Kill

n  n  n  n  n  n 

3.The Change Riddle Game 4.The Mouse Race Game 5.The Question Game 6.Kiss Game 7.5 Questions Game 8.Animal Game

n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n 

n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n 

Intriguing Routine 1.Avoid Stalker Routine 2.Three Smiles Routine 3.Third Grade Girlfriend Routine 4.I Stole A Girl’s Girlfriend Routine 5.Gay Cat Routine 6.Pimp Daddy Routine 7.The Crazy Girl Routine

n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n 

Banter Line: 1. Marriage & Divorce 2. Categorize Her 3. Bad Girl Revealed On Phone 4. Good Girl Anyway 5. Embarrassment Contest 6. Making Her Your Item 7. Playful Hostility 8. She’s The Predator 9. Let’s Just Be Friends Role-Play: 1.Prision Break Role-Play 2.Bodyguard Role-Play 3.Good Doggie Role-Play 4.Would You Role-Play 5.12 Wives Role-Play 6.Bond Girl Role-Play Non-Verbal: 1.Mirror & Exaggerate 2.Pushing Her Routine 3.Grabbing Knee Routine 4. Back Turn Routine Rapport Builder: 1. Secret Self Routine 2. 7 Essential Questions 3. Soul Gazing Routine

n  n  n 

4. Guy/Girl Name Routine 5. The Movie Routine 6. Eliciting Value Routine Cold Reading: 1. The Cube 2. The Love Test 3. The Bus Stop 4. The Inside of Your Palm 5, The Strawberry Field Test 6. The 4 Magic Questions Destroying Tactics 1.Jealous Boyfriend 2.Boyfriend Destroyer 3.Cute Couple 4.Whole Room Destroyer Anti-Flakiness Routine: 1. Time availability Routine 2. Last Minute Resistance 3. The Sad Story Appendix – 1 Indicators of Interest Appendix - 2 Fun Fact Conversation Opener/Fixer Appendix – 3 Never Give A Straight Answer Appendix – 4 Rules Of Approaching Groups

n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n 

n  n  n  n  n 

Sexual Routine: 1.Masturbating In Shower Routine 2.Remembering Name Routine 3.Mannequin Routine 4.Pants In The Air Routine Kino Routine: 1.The Hank-Shake Analysis Routine 2.Palm Analysis Routine 3.The Side of The Cheek Routine 4.Body Sound Routine 5. Hit & Tickle Routine 6. Pokable & Delicious Routine 7. Evolution Phase Shift Routine


n  n  n  n 

n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n 


n  n  n  n 




n  n  n 

- Let go of your outcome - See yourself as a man that women desire - Know that you can and will please her. You will learn something from every set you run and every person that you meet - Always assume that it's on, that she desperately wants you, and that you hold all the cards - Have the attitude that you are auditioning or testing the girls to see if they meet your standards! - You deserve the best of everything - Be unflappable - Be non-needy

n  n  n  n  n  n 

- Good mood - Energetic - Smiling - Well-groomed - Radiate positive energy - Remember your last success and pretend like it just happened before you walk in the room - Sexual - Confident - Relaxed -Teasing - Playful



n  n  n  n  n 

n  n  n 

Rules Of Attraction

Step One: Opener - Do improvised or canned opener - Give yourself a time constraint ("I can only stay for a minute because I'm with my friends over there") - Body language as if you're about to leave - Convey personality, smile, but don't be overenthusiastic


Step Four: Demonstrate Value - Use gimmick, magic, psychic routine, humor, game, whatever


Step Five: Build Rapport - Elicit values - Find commonalities


Step Two: Break Into Their World - Best friend test - Make perceptive or teasing comments about them (negs are included here) - Insert challenges

Step Six: Close - Option 1: Close - Option 2: Isolate target, phase shift/seduce and close - Option 3: Stay in group (or return to group) so that you end the night with them. Try to get to target's house, or get her to your house


Step Three (can also be done during or after step four) - Option 1: Take-away or false take-away - Option 2: Join the group, mid-story or routine, but again, give yourself time constraint

6.. Nice teeth! Are they real? 3. you must come off as sincere. If she says something even slightly rude. you say: “You don’t go out much. I think my granny wears the same. You look really sexy. you could have been a model. Your eyes are lovely. 7. and slimmer. especially the left one! 2. 4... if slightly taller... You are pretty. She shouldn’t perceive you as reaction-seeking or trying to make her feel bad in any way.. from behind! 5. when negging.. Your hands are so SOFT and GENTLE. n  n  n  n  n  n  n  1. Like toilet paper. Cool perfume..Negs Collection 1 It’s important to note that. do you?” .

If you’re asking question to two women and your target answer. “My. I’m showing them the photos. If you pull out things to show (Photos). That isn’t till later in the relationship. “Is she always like that?” 10. wait your turn.Negs Collection 2 n  8.” Her: “Why not?” You: “I think you’re just too much of a nice girl for me. “Ewwww. You: “I don’t think we should get to know each other.” or “Excuse me. not you.” 12. geez.” 9. When your target tries to see them. say: “I didn’t ask you. “You’ve got something in your ear. don’t tell me. your palms are sweaty… Ewww!” Where have you been? No. may I finish my sentence first?” You then say to others in the group.” n  n  n  n  n  n  .” 11. I don’t want to know. you come on strong.” 13. If your target interrupt you. say: “Excuse me. I’m talking.” 14. first show them to the obstacle. silly. say: “Hello.

I like that skirt. I’m drinking beer. haaa. What do you call that hairstyle.take the gum. waffle? (Smile) 21. Is that a wig? It looks nice anyway… 19. I saw a girl wearing it a few minutes ago. I like that skirt. there it goes again. You take a gum out and offer it to the target.Negs Collection 3 n  n  15. it’s so quaint. You have eye crusty. your nose moves when you speak. thanks. 20.” 18. 23. 22. it’s so cute. “You need to wash that dress already. “No.” 17. I think your hair would look better up. Those are really popular these days.” “I know . “I just noticed. n  n  n  n  n  n  n  .” (Pointing and being cute) “Look.” 16.

And she wants him to destroy all of his old photos and letters from ex'es. Well. he has been dating a girl for three months. let me get your opinion on something. They are just there. And. as we all know. And he is still friends with his old girlfriend from college. Now. She says it's just holding onto the past. they're JUST friends.. I think it's fine/I think he should put them away in a closet/He should destroy them/whatever Okay. you can transition into Maddash's Romance Novel routine if you want or the opener about how men and women think differently…) . guys think differently from girls. But what do I know. Now. Personally. So. What? Okay. but we're just a of guys and not qualified to comment on these matters. They talk like once a week at most. And in that drawer he keeps all of his old photographs and letters. the reason I'm asking is because WING's girlfriend says doesn't want him to talk to his ex from college at all. How do you feel about that? blah blah blah are they just friends blah blah blah Yes. And she just moved in with him. There's nothing else going on. see Wing over there. imagine you've been dating someone for three months. and he should let go of it now. now let's say that he has a drawer in his apartment. I'm trying to give my friend over there advice. n  Style: HBs: n  Style: HBs: Style: n  HBs: n  Style: HBs: Style: n  n  (From here. blah blah blah concerned comment blah blah question It's not like he ever looks at them. like old souvenirs and memories of his past. some of those letters happen to be from ex'es and some of the photographs happen to be with ex'es. I thought it was extreme and a bit insecure. I think it's fine/I don't think they should be talking/whatever Okay. I'm a guy.Jealous Girlfriend Opener n  Style: bunch HBs: Hey guys. this is a two part question.. She wants him to cut it off completely.

She says it isn't. So here's the real question. is it cheating? Group: Yeah. and she goes out to a bar with her friends one night and makes out with a guy just for fun. it's cheating. And I'll tell you why I'm asking in a second. we're having a debate over here and need a quick opinion on something. Now. which you will have to cut off soon and move into your next piece of material because they will go on and on about this and stale the topic and convo) n  n  n  n  n  . that makes sense. is it cheating? Group: (the responses will vary. but it pisses him off and he thinks it's cheating. If she goes out and gets drunk and makes out with a girl for fun. PUA: Okay. The reason I'm asking is because my friend over there has been dating this girl. If a guy is dating a girl. And she likes to go out and get drunk and make out with girls. interesting.Two Part Kiss Opener n  PUA: Hey guys. some guys might be into that. but if any guys say "no". Group: (discussion ensues. you can bust them for having a double-standard etc.) PUA: Okay. So we were trying to figure out who was right.

And they seemed to be fighting over this short guy.. Believe me...Girl Fight Opener n  "OMG! . and the other one drew blood with her nails. Did you see those two girls fighting outside? Like right outside the club. they were totally going at it.. he was standing near them just totally laughing!" . one was pulling the other's hair. it was not a pretty sight.

and they're out on a walk. He's busy. He goes to her and says 'Are you psycho? Why are you going into my camera?' She says its because she thought she looked bad in the pictures. He just doesn't want her deleting his pictures!" n  n  n  . He just really liked them because he likes her and doesn't judge the pics like that.Seattle GF Opener n  "Hey guys. and he sees that she's woken up before him and gone into it and deleted the pictures where they're kissing.A. and they really hit it off.“ (HB’s response) "He doesn't care about that. So he's up visiting her in Seattle last week. the next morning he wakes up. I need an opinion. He takes a few pictures of them together. Anyway. and a few of them they're like kissing or whatever while they're out walking. and checks his camera. They wound up hooking up on the first night. and didn't want him to have them. My friend met this girl in Seattle. over the next week. and he even hung out with her in L. But he can't figure out if she's psycho or if its legit that for girls they just hate having pictures out there where she doesn't look good. Some of them they're just hanging out. and left the ones where they're just hanging out. Like really cute ones with them together. He looks at the pictures.

Tattoo Opener n  n  Hey guys. no don't let her do it) See that’s the problem. How do I deal with that and let her really know its mistake? n  n  . She's really strong headed and when I tell her not to get the tattoo it just makes her want to get it even more. (HB: No. would you ever get a Tattoo? Here’s the deal: My nineteen-year-old sister wants to get her boyfriend’s name tattooed on her shoulder.

but you make me SO SAD! HB: WHY? You: (Pause with puppy dog face) Because we could NEVER EVER be a couple! HB: WHYYY??? You: Nooo. fight.. after a week we would both be in psychiatric care due to emotional drainage! n  n  .. and the next moment. makeup sex.. we would be fighting and screaming and throwing things.Never Be Couple Opener n  You: Awww are soo cute. we are too similar… IMAGINE... make up sex. we would be SO IN LOVE. and then fight. and then we would have HOT MAKE UP SEX all over the place.

. or whenever I get IOIs (usually for me I get IOIs early. transition to PUPPY DOG routine. so you look SOOO CUTE. so what do you like so much about jerks?? . yeah right!! PUA: what?? whaaat? I'm serious. I HIGHLY recommend getting girls to close their eyes and kissing them. in ANY sarge when you have IOIs. I love you so much!! HB: hahahahha... I swear! Close your eyes..) (I also use the "close your eyes" and kiss the chick usually within the first 1-2 minutes. here. and you're stomping all over them like a little ant hill!! (make PUPPY DOG faces... OMG you jerk!! PUA: yeah. Then.) HB: OMG I'm soooo sorry. (closes her eyes) PUA: (now KISS the chick while her eyes are closed) HB: hahahahahhaha. yeah right!!! PUA: I do.. and totally revealed all my emotions. I want to marry you.I Love You Opener n  PUA: I love you... since I do a lot of PU so I'm good at fishing for them).. I totally love you. you're making me so shy!! I told you that I loved you. I want to show you something. HB: hahahaha..... HB: noooo way!! PUA: OMG I'm so embarressed.... so you're IRRESSITABLE…) n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  .

but nothing more happened and he passed out on the couch. Let me just get your opinions then I'll tell you. He's always hanging out with this girl. because he's with this girl. I want to get your opinion on something. it's a strange question. So we happened to be down at this esoteric shop the next day. and made out. he found this tiny scroll of parchment tied with a leather string with a feather stuck in it. So. When he woke up.. There were weird markings inside. Our friend. and she said she's a witch. Anyway. "Oh that's a love spell. You know." So the strangest thing is. and we asked the proprietor what he thinks of this little scroll.. We met her at a party last weekend. He said she wasn't really his type after all. ever since then.they ended up going home together. cause I like to get candles. he's not out with us tonight. But I have a reason for asking.The Spell Opener n  n  n  n  n  Hey guys.. twenty-four seven.. He says he's in love with her. So do you think its magic or just psychology? n  n  n  n  . I never see my friend anymore. this is one of those guys with tattoos all over his face and stuff. he says. Do you think spells work? I know.

.. I can change it. n  n  .. YOU: You know.Weather Opener n  YOU: Bad weather huh? HER: Yeah. HER: How? YOU: (blow in her ear) HER: hahaha.

Are You Shy Opener n  Are you guys shy? I’ve been standing here talking to my friend for like 5 minutes now and you still haven’t come and talked to me? n  .

I knew that. Giggle (This is where the seduction newbies you just met see you making two strangers laugh and think you're a PUA God. Kind of like you're doing right now. You can also use the telepathy line to launch into a mind-reading/cold-reading routine if you do that . LOL) See. they look at each other first. I have to ask: how long have you guys known each other for? (If you think they're sisters ask. It's like you just communicate telepathically. n  n  n  If they want more. ???????. How could you know that? I'll show you. You already passed. the answer doesn't matter. I get personal here and ask. Are you guys sisters or best friends?) blabla See. right. See. But if two people have a connection. I'll give you the best friend test. (they always get excited here . you don't even need to say anything to each other. if you weren't close to each other.they love tests for some fucking reason) Okay? (Pretend like I'm about to ask a serious question .Best Friends Test (DHV) n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  Style: HBs: Style: HBs: Style: HBs: Style: HBs: Style: HBs: Style: HBs: Style: Okay. so you know they're already hooked)? Do you both use the same shampoo? (Look at each other.but don't make it your first're hooked. In fact. "Has one of you ever kissed someone the other person dated?" They fucking love this one . and then open their mouths to answer) Okay. you'd keep eye contact with me as you answered.

These are fundamental IOI kino-tests n  n  n  . 2. she passes. Then TELL her if she passed or failed. If she squeezes back.Trust Test (DHV) n  Say "You're taking the trust test".Squeeze her hands. I DO trust you! "and then she'll always be responsive to kino-tests from then on. Then say "Give me your hands". she passes. and if she follows with her hands. and then she'll say "No No No. and put your palms up for her to take them. 1.Lower your hands.

.Tension Test (DHV) n  "You know you're actually quite tense.. n  n  n  n  n  n  .. i bet you're the kind of person that finds it difficult to really let go and relax.. " 1 "OK I'm giving you the tension test" 2 Put her hands on your shoulders 3 Put your hands on the lower part of her back and massage in small circles 4 Massage your hands up her spine 'till you reach her traps (shoulder muscles) and then massage them 5 then rub your fingers down either side of her spine with a firm even pressure 6 Then make some bullshit cold read up based on the tension you claim to have felt in her back.

The Girlfriend Test (DHV) n  n  When a girl checks your status. Most times she will answer the first two correctly. she will want to take the test. The crucial thing is that the last question is some sort of intense kino or kissing that you can do right then. You should make up your own. If a girl checks your status it usually means she is interested. It is so much better than this (kiss or nibble). There's a test.who knows. "To be my girlfriend (or lover) is a prestigious and exclusive thing.“ Curiosity being what it is. "Do you have a girlfriend?" Say. Then ask her the questions while you hold her hand closed. 1. strawberries and kisses on the neck. chocolate syrup or strawberries? 3. Which do you enjoy more? A shower or a warm bath? 2. What feels better? Kisses on your neck or nibbling on your ear? The correct answers are bath. If she gets it wrong: Whisper in her ear "I can't be with you if you really believe this (nibble ear) feels better than this (kiss neck). but here are some example questions." Make sure you kiss and nibble before you let go of her hand. But you may want to try it as an opening ." If she gets it right: "I'm glad you like this (nibble or kiss). What is the sexiest food? Whipped crème. This test is used mostly after you have some connection. The last question is up for grabs. n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  . There are three multiple-choice questions. Take out a pen and write the correct answers on her palm but forbid her to look. If she gets all the questions wrong give her a playfully hard time about it.

Whenever you go out with girls in LA. but this is the rest of the routine if you want it. she got the fat injected into her labia so that she always looked aroused.. me and the target start inspecting the teeth of random strangers looking for the perfect C or U. And she had a theory that people with U-shaped smiles were perceived as unfriendly. it was more than just a theory. but evidently she got lips too..) Style: It's crazy how many plastic surgeries they have for celebs now.. Style (to wing): See.. And to my ex. She had her eye make-up and her lipstick tattooed on.. okay. she's a U. embarrassed) Then I throw in this joke. and you have to be careful with them. (From here. HB: ???? Style: I dated a girl who wanted to be a pop star. and when she changed her hair color she had her lips re-tattooed.. Fake hair (point to your hair). who is a U.. everything can be really fake. HB: No way! Style: And she had me go look at pictures of like Christina Aguilera.. U Smile (DHV) n  n  n  n  n  Style: Smile again for me. and you get a print-out at the end. who is a C. n  n  n  n  n  n  . Look at the cover of any magazine and you'll see that it's always a C smile on the cover. A C is when there's a row of pearly whites in the front. they put her through a machine. But here's what's crazy. She worked out two hours a day and was super-fit.C Smile vs. fake teeth (point to teeth). Style: She was from LA. and Britney Spears. fake eyes (point to eyes). fake nose (point to nose). fake breasts (cup your breasts). You have to take them to the doctor first to find out which parts are real. Because she used to work as an exotic dancer. with credit going to Nightlight9. And people with C-shaped smiles were perceived as friendly. This next section isn't part of the IVD. (Pretend to walk away. HB: Um. She actually got her teeth surgically reshaped from a U to a C.) And do you want to hear the grossest thing? One day I noticed that she had two round dots on her upper thighs. (If the HB seems open-minded I continue with the following. HBs: So what's a U then? Style: A U is when your teeth go straight back in your mouth (can add "kind of like a horse" if she's a SHB).

. they suddenly stop. is caused by only 4 different reactions from that! It seems that passion is only a baby step away from anger.Anger vs... maybe there's actually some truth to that!" n  n  . Passion (DHV) n  Have you heard about this? . So have you seen all of those old movies (and even some of the newer ones) where the couple is fighting and the woman is throwing plates at him while he is screaming like a maniac and just when you think they will kill each other. are caused by 24 different chemical reactions ... and Passion . start running toward each other and make out like they haven't seen each other in 10 years! And I always thought "what the fuck is going on here?!“ But now I think "well... look deep into each others eyes. Anger and aggression .

The Two Lying Games l .Interrogation ...invented/remembered Down = kinesthetic/talking to self Straight Ahead (rare)= visual Segue into the following (Demonstrated on the DVDS).Eye-accessing cues 2 .Eye Accessing Cues (DHV) n  n  n  n  n  n  Up= visual invented/remembered Side=auditory.

Two-Shoe. Apparently you have a photographic memory. Nine-Line. They are: One-Bun. Car. For example. Outer Space. let's say she chose the words: 1. you claim to have all the words memorized and in order. Six-Sticks. 6. 8. Seven-Heaven. Dancing. If she calls out a number. Five-Hive. The effect: Pull out your trusty notepad and pen. Four-Door. You can list them forwards or backwards. you must memorize the pegs. you are ready to perform this routine. Backscratcher. you can instantly answer with the word associated with that number. Ask her to pick a random word to write down next to each number. Cocaine. After briefly studying the paper. and write the numbers 1 through 10 on the paper. Three-Tree. 5. Airplane. 7. 4.The Peg System (DHV) n  n  First. Eight-Gate. 9. Ten-Hen Once you have these memorized. Water. Strait jacket. n  n  n  n  . Dog. 2. and 10. Ugly. 3.

Now 9.Psychic Code (DHV) n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  1.Please 7. go 3. perhaps 8." Note: Sometime it's more believable to be off by one day.Quickly. n  n  n  ." If messed up. it's been a long hot day.I 2.Try 4. wingman: “Shit. could 6.Will 5.Ok If you do not get it: "This is a hard one.So.Woud.Alright 0.

Your fingers can tell whether you are a girl or a man. For girls.It’s male characteristic that the ring finger is longer than your index finger.Ring/Index Finger n  n  . only gay men have shorter ring fingers. and some others may have longer and shorter fingers on different hands. Neg them on this. you know? . normally you must have shorter ring finger too. (Some girls have longer ring fingers. telling them that they have men’s hand) n  .

Lying Game n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  You : Hey.. and. you are going to tell me... then turn to your wing "Yeah like _I_ and going to play some lie game. umm. So that's three things. take it slow. you get the idea. she can't lie. are you a good liar? HB : What ? You : Can you lie.. Ummm a shop you like going to.. like (turns to other HB). You : Ok. or girl. you are going to tell me three things. these people are crazy”) . think about it you have to try and be as convincing as you can. I am not playing some silly lie game". You : Is that right? Well lets see.. place to visit... a place you have always wanted to visit... shop you like and first guy you slept with. (HB raises eyebrow) You : Ok guy. hold on.. Ok? (the whole table is now looking at her) HB : Ok. the name of the first guy you slept with.... Ok.. Ok ? HB : Ok. is she a good liar? HB or Others : Yes! she is a fantastic liar! / No. (She tells.. You : Right.. Then usually someone goes "MY Turn!" and if they say to you "Your turn" you go "Are you kidding.. you try and pick the lie.. One of them will be a lie.

then she named three celebrities. one person you get married to but can never have sex with. and kill one of them. Which one would you do what to?? Version 1: "When I play Fuck. I just pick a guy and ask if she would rather fuck. marry one of them. Then it was my turn so I gave her a choice of three famous men. marry or kill the girl. and someone else) so I had to pick from those. etc and go on from there. (J-Lo. One person you have sex with (I think only once. and the third time she gave me a choice of two common friends of ours and herself. or kill him. Kill I don't pick 3 guys and get the girl to choose out of them. Then I bust on her answers and shift the conversation to girl on girl action and find out if she's ever experimented with another girl. and the third person you have to push off a cliff. Then I gave her a choice again. Marry.) I made my choices and explained them.Fuck Marry Kill Game n  You play it by pointing out three guys in the club and telling her you have to fuck one of them. The next time she said she would make it tougher. marry. not really clear on that). She told me she would start with an easy one. and I had to pick what I wanted to do with each one. Salma Hayek. and someone else. Then I let her pick a girl and I answer and we go back and forth for a while. n  n  n  . When it gets old I pick a hot girl and ask if she would fuck.” Version 2: She told me she would name three people. and she picked three ugly women (Janet Reno. Rosie.

The Change Riddle Game n  Have penny. the second new was Nicholas and the third one is? . nickel. and dime in your hand. Ben's mother had three children: the first one was penny.

The Mouse Race Game n  Draw three lines on her inside of arm. each line represents 1 mouse: 1. But you pretend not to hear her at the third line thus making this the longest line. A blind one 2. A deaf one n  These three mice will compete in a race by you drawing lines on her inside arm. . She will call “Stop” to signal the stop of drawing each line. A dumb one 3.

when it's your turn you can say. Would you like to kiss me?" Her: "I don't know" You: "Let's find out!" *kiss* n  n  .. ok? You go first" Her: "I can't think of anything!" You: "Ok. Then after you have been playing for a few minutes. it's like Truth or Dare but without the Dare.The Question Game n  You: "Let's play the question game. because I don't know how weird you are yet! The questions have to be good ones. no "where do you work" bullshit.) n  n  n  n  You: "I have a good question for you.. how many boyfriends have you had? (From there the questions will get deeper and more sexual as the game goes along." Her: "What's the question game?" You: "Well.

. "more.. PUA: nice.... PUA: ok... you promised!!! PUA: NICE!!! (high-five your wing. n  PUA: ok.. HBs: ok. that was cool.Kiss Game n  PUA: (does trick or tells story . ok we'll do it. ok get this. or any guy around you. (close their eyes) PUA: (KISS the chicks.. (turn back on them.. HEEEEY. do MORE!! PUA: Fuck. PUA: ok you want more.. are you intuitive? HBs: uhuh.... HBs: you're not going to kiss us are you?? PUA: WTF?? Look I don't know what FANTASIES you have.. just for YOU. PUA: are you intelligent? HBs: yes... HBs: ok. HBs: HEY. both you and your wing. do you understand VISUALIZATION?? HBs: yeah.. more!!" (said in troll imitating voice) HBs: hey! we want more.whatever) HBs: more more. close your eyes.... I've got ONE more.. (move into next JERK routine.... PUA: ok. She likes me!! HBs: hahahahah.. peace!!! (start to leave) HBs: hey!! HEY!! come back!! PUA: hahahah. close your eyes..... PUA: are you imaginative? HBs: yes. we'll do it.. PUA: OK. or her friends). typical woman. and sit there) HBs: no no no. I got what I want. HEEEEY!! We KNOW what you're doing. but I'm just doing VISUALIZATION tricks here. n  n  n  n  n  n  . or PUPPYDOG routine if you've already conveyed enough JERK-ness to turn her on) n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  PUA: yes? HBs: yeah PUA: yes? HBs: yes..... PUA: OK. whatever. or just you if you're solo) HBs: hahahhahahahha. and I want you to visualize a kiss.

5 Questions Game n  n  n  n  Tell her to answer 5 questions wrong. After she answer the 4th question. The third question should be a long one. if not. have you played this game before??" 4. When she says no. 2. bust her: "You see. you pretend to be surprised and ask her: "Oh. 1. you got me. then she'll win. At the fourth question you ask: "How many questions so far?" 3. you win. I got you!" n  . making her to think.

which animal isn't there? Rabbit 3.. open the door and put the elephant in the refrigerator? How do you bring the rabbit in the refrigerator? Open the door.How do you bring an elephant in a refrigerator? No. River with crocodiles. take out the elephant and put in the rabbit! Animals meeting. How do you pass? n  n  .If you could be an animal..Animal Routine n  1. which one? 2.

. Later when target asks why. don't let her see me!" (Hide behind your HB or run and hide behind a corner. effective and funny . n  .builds huge intrigue. avoid the topic!) Comment: Simple.Avoid Stalker Routine n  "Oh. oh my God. My God.. that girl.

and that you are quite attractive to her. 'hey this guy fancies me' smile." n  . she'll smile in response to this) "and there's a fourth!" (she'll probably ask something." (usually. "Hey. that was your 'I'm flattered' smile. you have three smiles. and your whole face lights up. but a polite smile. I've a feeling I might see that a lot. Then there's this smug. um.. not fake.. you can run this routine. It's best used once you've established that you are cool....... and then you have a. then there's this really genuine smile when you laugh... and then you improvise along the lines of the following) "Yeah.Three Smiles Routine n  Any time the chick smiles. you know.

in the classroom. Now as kids we never wore blue jeans or belts or anything. He let me go saying. third grade and I was already cheating on my girlfriends. her screaming. (Pause slightly to see her response) PUA: I remember this one in third grade. And JUST at that moment the teacher turns around from the blackboard and just freezes with the most horrified look on her face. I figured the best thing to do. The principle actually laughed about it once I told him what happened. Yeah. and then the entire class turns and sees me half naked on top of my girlfriend. but I never really got in trouble. I wore these sweat pants things with the elastic waistband. When I popped out of my mom I probably hit on the nurse. (You'll get a good reaction right here as she should totally be into the story by now) PUA: I didn't know what to do. would just be to pull her pants down too. and right there she pulls my pants AND my underwear down. I'm standing there with my weenie hanging out. I'd even do cutesy stuff like pretend we were getting married or whatnot.Third Grade Girlfriend Story n  n  n  PUA: HB: You know how kids go through this phase where they think the opposite sex is gross? Yeah PUA: Well. Ever since I was born I've loved girls. I had this girlfriend. But now I was with this other girl under the building block table. I remember the chalk falling from her hand. I never went through that. "Remember Arcane. n  n  n  n  n  . (This almost ALWAYS gets a laugh) PUA: So I'm kissing this girl and my girlfriend finds me and freaks out. we keep our hands off and our pants on". But I forget that I've got my undies around my ankles so I trip and fall on top of her. (Pause slightly to see her response) PUA: So in elementary school when all my friends thought that girls had cooties I was secretly making out with them during playtime. So for some reason. I grab them but she jumps back a step and sticks her tongue out at me. (ROFL) PUA: I was sent to the principal. Sometimes. Now I wasn't about to let her get away with all this so I jump forward. I get up and try to explain that we were just playing doctor or some shit.

i threw this party in my house.I Stole A Girl's Girlfriend Story n  n  You know the weirdest thing happened to me today.... When i lived alone. But there was always something strange.. two cute girls came in. "yeah. someone would call her on the phone and she'd be like. we started hanging out together... So as the party is going. and i need your opinion on this. I didn't think much of it there. after we broke up like 5 months ago she calls me today and she says that she wants to see me again. What would you do? n  n  n  n  n  ... and you know. we even had this cool fog machine that made it really cool.. like when you feel like you've known someone for a long time. so later in the party i start talking with one of these girls and we really hit it off. But now. I thought it was like her parents or something like that.. Ok.. but they were like holding hands and giggly over each other. sorry I'll be home tonight don't worry". I just couldn't believe it.. whenever she was at my house.. all my friends came. Until one day i get this phone call and in a girls voice someone says "you'd better stay away from Tatiana or I'll send someone to beat you up". So the next day she surprised me by showing up at my house.. It seemed that this girl had been going out with her girlfriend and she found out about me and went postal.

I think they're gay. we stole it and put it in the room with three male cats. but she bought all three *male* cats. but maybe prison gay. bought 3 cats some time ago. So we embarked on a mission to find a female cat. he had a female cat. I would see the cats spooning each other. When I would go to her place to visit her. It was so funny. sometimes even licking each other. I don't know what she was thinking when she bought them.Gay Cats Story n  Initial hook: Start the story with. its amazing how she never thought about it. so once while the guy was away... And we decided one day that we're going to do something about it. HB: smiling PUA: No Really. HB: LOL!! Punch line: "So now her neighbor's cat is knocked up. HB: hehehe PUA: And Sara had a neighbor that she really hated. So pretty soon I think I know where you can get your very own little gay kitten!" (Wilder) n  n  n  n  n  n  .. get this. coz the last thing Sara wanted were gay cats. n  PUA: Ok.. my friend Sara. "Have you ever met a gay cat?" After this. you know. you'll have the undivided attention of your audience. Only God knows what happened then. I mean not gay by birth. I mean they haven't seen a female cat in months. what are they supposed to do" So Sara started getting freaked out. I told Sara "you know what.

. well. it was obvious that both were interested in each other.Pimp Daddy Story n  I saw two people sitting next to each other in a bar. so I go up to the man and tell him that he should kiss her on the cheek. but neither was going to do anything about it. a man and a woman. when the bar closed I saw the them leave holding hands and I couldn't help but feel I might have brought two people together. he does and she gets all happy and they start talking.

I have to meet you. figuring I'd see her at breakfast. I see her across the space and she comes right oyer to me with this weird look on her face. "Oh my God. but she didn't wake up. it's me." Then she gets this really weird look on her face and says.The Crazy Girl Story n  The Girls at Burning Alan are flacking crazy! So I met this girl at dinner and we really hit it off. you're so hot. she finally takes me back to her tent and it's really romantic and everything. "Sarah." I looked at her and said. And she's not at dinner. In the morning I kissed her on her forehead. Anyway. looks deep into my eyes and says. which was like twenty yards away. then afterwards we fall asleep in each others' arms. But she's not at breakfast. She puts her hand on my chest. Finally after dinner. So I left and went to my own tent. We spent the whole evening together and she was great. "How did you know my name?!" n  n  n  . but something seemed a little off. And she's not at lunch.

.Masturbating In Shower Routine n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  You: Did you know that 93% of girls masturbate in the shower? Her: No You: The other 7% sing Her: Oh yeah? You: And do you know what they sing? Her: No. what? You: Oh you must be one of the girls that masturbates then. Her: HAHAHA This is great for groups.

not yet anyway. Now what's my name? And don't say Daddy-. "Haha. I find people remember my name much better after I've done something delightfully inappropriate." n  .Remembering Name Routine n  When a girl asks my name I'll say." You better have the game to back this up. "My name is Wilder. "Turn around a sec." Then I'll grab her ass and say. but I'll diffuse and get around to.

n  .Mannequin Routine n  Tell them about that time you saw a fallen over mannequin in the department store and you tripped over it. The security guard thought you were trying to make it with the mannequin and called you a little freak.

and you remove your panties.Pants In The Air Routine n  Hey girls. throw them in the air and if they stick to the ceiling. when you get back to your room. then that means that you liked us! n  n  . do you know how you can tell whether you liked us? No? Well tonight.

The Handshake Analysis
n  n  n  n 

At some point during the routine you can hold out your hand and say: "Oh, by the way, my name is magicman." Optional: Keep holding their hand (it can be a test for comfort) and with your left hand trace a line from their hand to their shoulder (kino) as you say: "That's an interesting handshake you have. Have you ever had your handshake analyzed? (no pause) I know it sounds crazy, but if you stop and think about it, your hand is connected to your arm, your arm is connected to your body, and everybody knows that there's a mind-body connection. For that reason, your handshake reveals a quite a bit about you." Either pause for their response or plow ahead with: "At first you gripped my hand firmly. That says that overall you are confident and probably have good leadership skills. I wouldn't be surprised to find that at work in or some other way you are a good leader...or soon will be." "Then you relaxed your hand a little which says that even though you’re confident that you're not inclined to reveal too much about yourself until you get to know and trust someone." "On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being great, how was it?" If they give your cold reading a high mark, then press on. If they give you a low mark say: "Wait! There's also one other thing...I also sense that you can be disagreeable at times!“ (smiling). If they say, "Not all of the time" or "No I'm not!" Smile and say, "See! There you go again!”

n  n 


n  n 


Palm Analysis Routine

Ask a woman, during the conversation, casually, to give you her hand, and hold her hand in one hand of yours and use your thumb of your other hand to touch her palm, then drop it, and tell her that you can know a lot about a person from the feeling of her hand. When she asks what you learn, ask her to give you her hand again (pretending to be a little annoyed), and then tell her that you look for 3 things: the texture of her skin, how much tension is in her hand (by touching into it), and how flexible her wrist is. If her hand is tense, shake her wrist and tell her to relax. Then tell hand when you continue touching her hand: "If you skin is smooth and soft, usually you're a very sensitive person; If your skin is very tough, usually you're a very rough and tough person; you hand is kind of in the middle, so I'll say you've got your issue handled, and are socially healthy." And drop her hand at this point, and lean back.





The Side of the Cheek
n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n 

Morse: You're a good woman, Sarah. Sarah: How can you say that, we hardly know each other. Morse: I have a feeling. Sarah: So? Its feelings that gotten me in this mess. Morse: I'd like you to trust me Sarah. Sarah: I'd like to trust you too. Morse: Would you close your eyes for me, just for a second? Sarah: Er, ok? Morse: You can open your eyes when I tell you to Sarah closed her eyes, I very gently ran my index finger down the side of cheek. Morse: What am I doing? Sarah: You’re......touching me? Morse: How do you know? Sarah: Because I can feel it. Morse: You should learn to trust that, Sarah. You don't trust your feelings enough. I thought she was going to ask me to marry her right there and then...

n  . "Oh I don't know. Head is good. or whatever. demote her to number 3. I don't know if I could be with a girl who's head sounds like that. playfully tease her. your head doesn't have a very full tone. Remark on the acoustics." Take away points.Body Sound n  n  Fun way to escalate kino: "Do you get a good sound?“ Start drumming your hands on various parts of her body.

" "I don't hit girls. wrestling on the ground." (Good transition into tickling her. but I will tickle you until you pee your pants. you get the idea) n  .Hit & Tickle n  Suggest taking it to a physical level "Want to take this outside?". "You think you can take me? I doubt it. Even funnier if you're already outside.

maybe a little. "What does your hair taste like?" Put it in your mouth. say something like "Eh. If you want to do a take away. n  n  n  . It's probably best to do takeaways if you're escalating the kino. Poke her." "Your shoulder looks delicious.Pokable & Delicious n  "You seem very pokable"." I like doing stuff like this." Bite her on the shoulder. "Your hair seems very pullable.

Bite her arm (right at the "under elbow") 4. Say: Animals get their information about their mate by the scent 2. Ask her what perfume she's wearing (smell her). Have her bite your neck 5.Evolution Phase Shift Routine n  1. Criticize her bite and show her how to do it 6. Kiss n  n  n  n  n  . Pull her hair (unless she's spent lots of time on her hair) 3.

divorce her.Marriage & Divorce n  Marry her then when she does something bad. .

say: "Oh.Categorize Her When she responds to something. so then you are one of those people who don't like to be categorized..." If she resists use "Oh." n  n  . so you're one of THOSE..

etc. You know I can't stand that girl. Make sure you say this close to the phone so the girl can hear you. "What do you mean you don't want to talk to that bitch?" "Well yea. say "Do you want to talk to (girl's name)?" Then pretend like the person on the phone is shit talking her. n  n  . Works similarly when someone is handing you the phone. she is kind of a bitch sometimes. I see your point.".Bad Girl Revealed On Phone While talking on the phone with a mutual acquaintance." This can go on for a while. Say "Hell no I don't want to talk to her.

despite what everyone else says about you.Good Girl Anyway n  "You know." . you're a cool/good/nice girl.

but she wants to meet you. who's pregnant.Embarrassment Contest Have an embarrassment contest with her. n  n  n  . "Want to feel the baby?". This is pretty limitless. Get creative and crazy. "My friend thinks you're pretty. "I bet I can embarrass you more than you can embarrass me"." Start introducing her to random people as your wife. but you're even less shy. This work's best if you're both not shy. Go up to random girls and say. she's a little shy.

(You can add sexual connotation to it) Ex: I’m going to take you home in my little pocket and ask my roommates if I can keep you. are you housebroken? n  n  . Then ask her a question to let her qualify that she is worth it. so that you can bring her everywhere or use her whenever you like. Wait.Making Her Your Item Tell her that you will transform her into one of your items.

“We’d never get along. 3.Playful Hostility n  n  n  1. Tell her that she needs to be tamed (put into a cage) or spanked. I’d never take your shit and you’d never take mine. Tell her that you two would fight all the time but you’ll always win. 2.” . we’re too similar.

You’re making me think impure thoughts. like I’m a piece of meat.She’s The Predator n  n  n  1. This place is such a meat market. You’re bad. . I hate how the girls look at me here. 2. Stop it… You’re looking at me like a tiger looks at his prey. 3.

2. n  . but a little annoying. You’re like my little sister. You’re cool.Let’s Just Be Friends n  1. Lovable. you can help me pick up chicks.

Are you in or you out? " (If she plays along and says she is in (IOI).Prison Break Role-Play n  "Can you keep a secret? I'm trying to organize a prison break. We have to first get out of this bar.endless possibilities) n  . you can qualify her a bit. like hmm i don't know. and then the country. then the city. how do i know i can trust you and you don't tell the guards *pointing at the barman* .

or talks about pushing/punching/kicking some loser/ex-boyfriend who was making a play for her.holding their balls and groaning in pain.” Tell her “I can’t pay you much.” (What are the benefits?) “Well. add “With THOSE shoes you’d be leaving guys on the floor all over the place…. since the premise of “guarding your body” can lead to all sorts of things.Bodyguard Role-Play n  If she acts or talks tough. I’m making you my bodyguards! Just like protecting the President…You’re my VICTORIA’S-SECRET SERVICE.” n  n  n  n  . You guys can run alongside my presidential limo in high heels and skimpy lingerie. And if you’re dealing with a group set: “You guys are TOUGH. you get to spend a lot of time hanging out with ME. You can take this wherever you want to go with it.” If she has pointy shoes on. tell her to walk ahead of you to make sure it’s safe. but the benefits are GREAT. say “Wow. you’re tough! I’m hiring you as my new BODYGUARD.” If you two are going places.

"Who’s Sammy?" Respond by telling her that Sammy was the only dog that you ever loved. "why". and say "Are you an adventurous doggie? Because if not I’m going to take you to the pound". what kind of dog would you be and why?” After she answers. say "I like that kind of dog. I might have to buy you from the pet store.. "Good. "You don't pee on the floor. do you?" If she says "no" then grab her hands while pulling them in close and say.Good Doggies Role-Play n  A ROLE-PLAYING scenario that’s lots of fun to do with a woman is to ask her: “If you were a dog. Then hug her and tell her that she’s such a cute doggie. and say: "Ew. If she says that she is. but he had to be put down. Say "Because you remind me of Sammy. look in her eyes. Then say to her.." She’ll ask. pull her even closer to you and say. and since she’s almost as cute as Sammy you’re going to name her “Number Two”.” Then say with a suspicious look on your face. you’re trying to kiss me and you’re a dog!!!” n  n  n  n  n  n  n  . "Good doggie" (you might even want to pat her on the head at this point). Then look in her eyes. while almost turning your back on her. Then grab her really close as if you’re going to kiss her. "You know why?" She’ll say. then I’m taking you home with me". hold her hands but start to push her just a wee bit away from you.

have sex with an 80 year-old man. etc). This can instantly get her in the fun state created by your prior role-play and start the conversation off playfully. Next time you call her you can say “Hi! It’s your future temporary husband” or “Hey Barbie! It’s Ken”. change the oil in my car. try to talk her down in price! The real beauty of role-plays is that you can easily use “call-back humor” with them. n  .Would You Role-Play n  Closely related to role-playing is the “Would You” game. Whatever she says. Ask her how much money it would take for her to (be a stripper.

since they won't let me marry anyone unless the approve.12 is an Astronaut and has been around the world twice! Wife No.... "Wife No. What have you got going on to be my new wife? (Note: You can keep mentioning new wives each time you want to qualify her.12 Wives Role-Play n  (After marrying her) We get along so well! Now you just have to impress my 12 wives. or disqualify yourself.. It won't work out between us"! n  n  n  n  . Wife No.9 is an oil tycoon and is too picky.11 is a private eye and has busted Columbian drug lords.10 is a fire fighter. Wife No.

. I also want another army. HB: Yeah? Me: Yeah.Bond Girl Role-Play n  n  n  n  n  Me: You're bad...YEAH! n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  . like. HOT girls in bikinis who are. and check out your shoes too. HB: hahahahaha Me: You know what we should do? HB: What? Me: We should run away together.. with big futuristic guns. So. and she does something and little spikes come out of her shoes and she KICKS the guy and he gets poisoned to death. The one who has thoseshoes. they bring her in when they want to assassinate someone. and you can go into a little sideline of figuring out which country you're going to point the laser gun at. You know who you remind me of? HB: Who? Me: You know.. but you know. if you're being a bit of a jerk) and we'll tell them we will laser them unless they give us ONE BILLION DOLLARS (you can go all Dr Evil here if you like. like. though? We need an army. but when there's bad shit going down they can take down all the invading special forces guys by leaping on them and snapping their necks with their thighs. they can just lounge around the pool in bikins being hot. I don't usually). you might try mentioning that place first. HB: blah blah Me: Yeah. If they're foreign.. and then underneath it we'll build a big ass laser gun. and YOU will be in charge of recruiting them. I'll have to recruit an army of guys in uniforms. I want an army of. and build a mansion there with a huge manmade lagoon. And when things are good. and then we'll point it at x-country (sometimes they will go nooooo. that chick in the James Bond movies. HB: Yeah! Me: But you know what we need. total martial arts experts.. HB: Oh?/Yeah!/blah Me: Yeah. and go to an island in the Caribbean. I like x-country. and you know what country THEY come from.

make sure it's playful. You don't even have to say a word.Mirror & Exaggerate (NV) n  Mirror her then Exaggerate some part of what she's doing that sticks out or seems even slightly unnatural. * I've been doing this a lot lately with great success... n  .

Pushing Her Routine n  Push her into things as you're walking together .

Grabbing Knee Routine n  Grab her knee after she says something funny .

* Keep doing this. or even something that you can pretend to Misinterpret as bad (in fact. to create drama and tension. or if she's making like she might leave or says she has a BF. do it serious. until you learn to calibrate it so that they'll grab you and hug you and say “no no no no” * Every PUA should do this in a sarge. Do it in a way that's playful. this is even better/funnier).Back Turn Routine n  Next time that a chick does Anything that gives you an excuse. n  n  n  n  . and gives you an excuse: Go “aw“ (没有吧?有没有搞错?)and turn your back on her and just stand there for 5 seconds before turning back around. * It's one of the best techniques that we have.

Secret Self Routine n  "I went to dinner the other night with some friends of mine. What does this character look like? What's it wearing? *Ask her to imagine a figure in mind and give details. like the destroyer. instead give it a constructive and positive role to play in your life. It's so amazing to realize that it's so simple to fix them. * If she resists. like your friend's lack of knowledge on some topic. and they did this psychological profile of me that was really fascinating. * This routine could be life-changing. So rather than trying to deny it. 3. Throughout our life all of us struggle with these problems that have been implanted deep within ourselves." Once she expresses interest. give example. begin the routine. change gear after you finish. So what job would you give to this character that would help and add to your life? *Reframe this from something negative to something positive. if we take just a moment to think about them and learn to how to use them correctly. give her example. This is actually a part of you that serves a purpose. It took. your "Secret Self". If you could give this part of you a name. 5 minutes and was literally life-changing. 4 Questions: 1. like. * Don't get stuck on the "therapist role". what would it be? * Resist. 4. What's the part about yourself that you like the least? This is the part of yourself that you don't like to show other people. n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  . 2.

Her: Okay. ." you demonstrate those values that they wish they had (and feel like they lack. How would you describe yourself between the age of 5 – 12? (Many people are still child inside) 2. What matters the most to you in your life? n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  *Once they tell you things like "I wish I was more confident. that’s really a hard question.7 Essential Questions n  n  n  n  n  PUA: I’m going to ask you a question." or "I wish I was more intelligent. PUA: Take your time and think about it. What’s the difference between your ideal self and real self? 7. PUA: [Question] Her: I don’t know.) It makes the attraction flow toward you. What kind of children did you play with when you grew up? (A personality develop through it) 6. What did you learn about men (or women) when you were growing up? ( They’ll relate to you) 3. What are the 3 or 4 of your early childhood memories? (Anchor the experience to you) 4. How would you describe either of your parents? ( She feel closer to the first one she talks about) 5. 7 Questions: 1.

if two people are soulmates. So. to see if we can find that sparkles. and put them on my hands. to let you in. and as I open up my left eye. (relax and think loving thoughts) (After you see sparkles) There! Right there! That one! Can you feel that? (Anchor) n  n  n  n  n  . but that‘s really only half true. They say the eyes are the window to the soul.. you open your left eye. that is. Now give me your hands. The right eye is the window to the body and the mind .. and let me in. (or shoulder) In Celt they believe in soulmates.Soul-Gazing Routine n  n  Let me show you something really interesting. now you relax. they can discover their soulmate sparkles in each other’s left eyes So. we're going to do a little soul gazing here. that special soulmate sparkle. and the left eye (pointing eyes) is the window to the soul.

my name would be [Name]. have you thought about if you were a guy. Play a role-reversal game with her: “Ok. 2. and you’re a guy named [Her Name]. n  n  . from now on I’m a girl named [Name]. *If she doesn’t know her guy name.Hey. give her one. what would your name be? If I were a girl.Guy/Girl Name Routine n  1. And do exactly what a beautiful girl would do to a guy to her.

.." Her: "What is that?" You: "It is the art and science of relating on a deep emotional level to another human being. Once there tell her your best (hopefully true) non-humorous sexual adventure story that happened to you 'last week'." (You are planting the hook of curiosity and then moving past it a little so it doesn't look so obvious.... I have a couple questions that I like to ask people to find out if they are passionate and alive. Her: "How about you.The Movie Routine n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  You: "What is your passion in life?“ Her: "I don't know. No wait I shouldn't tell you about that. Her: "How about you?" You: (Playing a little dumb) "About me what?" Her: "What is your passion?" You: "I dig interpersonal philosophy." Look around as if you don't want anyone to overhear and then take her hand and lead her to a more intimate area of your venue.. . What would your movie be rated?" You: "NC-17 (pause for effect) because some crazy stuff happens to me.. I like traveling I guess. an autobiography. Okay. And then that book was made into a movie. here is a fun one." You nod silently...“ If she says R or above then smile give her a high five or whatever. If your life story up until this point was written as a book. Now of course the whole purpose of this is really to get her to ask you what your movie would be rated. We got to get some adventure for you. I'll tell you a tamer story.) Her: "What questions?" You: (Looking surprised) "Oh. a kiss and tell book.. I love people who love life. n  n  n  n  n  n  . coming home. Like just last week. " Her: "Come on. What would that movie be rated and why?“ If she says rated G. tell me. PG-13 or PG then you look kind of sad and say. let's see. When I find someone of the same mind then it is like.. For instance. "Oh I am so sorry..

. and the way you feel those emotions in your body. while I was asking you this..what would it be?" "What is the ideal scenario of you doing that thing? Describe it. blah blah blah" "So really then. it's because you could kind of feel that emotion right now. and yeah it's kind of because I'm being a bit funny or weird or whatever.. so in four minutes we've fulfilled your quest for core value. but also. you smiled... blah blah" "Ok. 6...What emotions?" "So really then. What emotion she gets while she pictures this 4. So what's most important to you is the experience of fun and excitement..Eliciting Values Routine n  "What is the experience you most enjoy doing?" or "If you had to pick one experience that makes life worth living.. your core value is fun and excitement. Now she can die happy n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  ." In other words: 1. can you feel it.... Show her that she experienced the emotion while picturing it 5. Favorite activity 2. how do you feel.... Description of her favorite activity in an ideal setting 3.." "So picturing it right now. and whatever leads you to that is most important. even though your favorite experience is dancing. You can die now. Show her that what she really wants is not so much the activity (although it's important) but the emotional fulfillment she gets from it. while we were talking about it.

This can be a real desert. Describe the cube as best you can. And Horse? (If so. finally. how?) 6) And. Ladder. Where are the flowers? Are there many? or few? What color? What kind? n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  . How big is it? What is it made out of (if you can tell)? What color is it? What texture? Is it hollow or solid? How far is it from your point of view? What position is it in? Also. What kind of horse is it? What color? Where is it? What is it doing? Does it have a saddle. 3) Now in this desert. also. what kind? How is it in relation to the Cube? 5) Somewhere in this desert is a storm. or just one of fantasy. there is a ladder. and the "mood" it conveys. as well as the physical qualities. as well. Describe what's in the desert. Describe the ladder. Are there objects in your desert? How big is it? What time of day is it? are you in the desert or just looking at it? How does it make you feel? 2) In this desert there is a cube.The Cube 1 n  n  1) Imagine desert. or anything? If so. one in pictures. Describe the horse. What kind of storm is it? Where do you see it? Does it affect the Cube. What is it made out of? Where is it in relation to the cube? How big is it? 4) There is a horse in this desert. give 5 adjectives to describe the cube. in this desert there are flowers. a bridle.

has a hard shell around herself Ladder leaning against cube => Feels she does a lot of things for her friends. keeps aloof. feels she has some codependent people around her Ladder on top of cube => Feels her friends/family are overbearing. outgoing personality. supports them more than they support her. ladder under the cube) => feels her close associates support her in her accomplishments Strong ladder => is surrounded by strong people. or Social Support Structure Long ladder with many rungs => big social circle. has many friends. feels secure in them Burned up ladder => Feels surrounded by totally fucked up people who are ruining themselves n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  Cube made of solid material => good sense of self-worth. perhaps? n  n  The Ladder = Your Friends. unfulfilled in the extreme n  n  n  n  n  n  . sociable Ladder made of some odd material => feels her friends are weird.The Cube 2 n  n  1. imaginative but unrealistic Cube partly above the horizon line => ambitious Cube below the horizon => not very ambitious Cube resting on its edge => meta-stable life. very different from normal people Ladder with few rungs => has few close friends Ladder in a less than good condition => believes people around her are fucked up Ladder far away from the cube => Does not let people get too close to herself. feels oppressed by them Ladder much bigger than cube => feels small in her social circle\ Ladder supporting cube (like. wellgrounded personality n  n  n  Cube made of gold => Thinks of herself as extremely precious Cube made of glass or transparent cube => Considers herself pure Cube full of slimy stuff => Hates herself completely Cube hollow inside => feels hollow. The Cube = Your Self-Image Cube resting on the ground => generally has a firm foothold on reality Cube far away in the distance => Feels left behind by life Cube flying in the air or levitated => daydreamer.

strong man Color of horse => Possibly the race of the lover she wants Horse close to the cube => Wants the lover to be very close to her emotionally and physically Horse well separated from cube => Is reserved about opening up completely to lovers Horse licking/sniffing the cube => Imagines/wishes she's being doted on Small. submissive horse => Wants a lover she can dominate Wild horse => wants a guy who is not tamed and will not be tamed Tethered horse => Wants to keep him very restrained/restricted Horse stomping on the cube => Has been or feels extremely abused by lovers Horse destroying the flowers => Feels the lover will not be good towards her children (single moms probably have this thing more often) Horse messing with the ladder => Conflict between her lover and her friends Horse far away or walking away => Feels abandoned Horse separated from flowers by the cube => feels she will have to take care of the children and manage her lover's relationship with them Weak horse => envisions being or stuck with a wimp n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  . (One chick I know had this. large horse => Wants a protective. or would like to.The Cube 3 n  n  The Flower = Children or Pets Number of flowers => children she has or wants to have. or has/wants to have around (See * below) Flowers close to cube => Feels very close to the children she has or will have Flowers far away => Does not want children Flowers blooming well => Feels positive about her children's lives Flowers messed up => is surrounded by screwed up children * Lots of flowers everywhere => Probably works with children. poppy etc) => Finds children very beautiful n  n  n  n  The Horse = Ideal Lover Strong. she is a grade school teacher) Flowers shaking in the wind => feels children in her life have hardships Flowers all around/over the cube => Feels overwhelmed by kids Flowers separated from cube by the ladder => feels her friends/family (do/will/might) interfere in her relationship with her children Beautiful flowers (roses.

and untrusting. or emotional highs and lows BARE DESERT ~ sign of extreme self-reliance. DUNES ~ sensuality. dominant storm => Feels her life is in deep shit Storm in the distance. n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  . or other difficulties. the presence of feeling or love. as in being lied to. pleasure. shelter. satisfying love life. especially for a woman. World View CACTI ~ usually difficult people. TIME OF DAY ~ may indicate time of life. MIRAGES ~ life's illusions. but because of the humanoid shape. passing away affecting none of the other four things in the scenery => Feels her life is relatively trouble-free. and nourishment. has few problems around in her life. Small storm => Feels secure about problems she will face n  n  The Desert = Your Life.The Cube 4 n  n  The Storm = Troubles in Life Storm in the distance => Troubles are not overwhelming her presently Storm approaching => Fears crises in future Storm receding => Has had troubles recently but feels they are over Huge. PALM TREES ~ sources of support. could be good. CLIFFS AND/OR GULLIES ~ dramatic events. or bad. WATER ~ emotional nourishment. independence. MOUNTAINS ~ spirituality. mostly refers to a humans or many as the case may be. portraying the mood. (notice how DUNE and NUDE are anagrams of each other). or just to give a better background of the world. such as a good imagination. snowcapped could mean that you choose to keep a spiritual perspective in sight.

It's time to go home now.. in separate rooms. or you may go get them yourself. You can leave the roses by the windowsill. and their potential significant others. but is very plain and boring. and go to your significant other’s room to check up on them. One is a straight path. WHAT COLOR COMBINATION DO YOU CHOOSE? (Any combination including all one color is fine. The other is curvy and full of wonderful sights on the way. and you start to head back. You and your lover go to sleep. I actually enjoyed using this and most people dig this routine. Most people whom I have used this routine on ended up giving me a deep-down silence. and fascinated about themselves. 1. or the curvy. On the way. WHICH PATH DO YOU CHOOSE? Short or long? 2. sight-filled road that you can just casually take your time with. Now. No one is there. WHICH ACTION DO YOU TAKE? Ask the maid or do it yourself? 4. WHERE DO YOU PUT THE ROSES? On the bed or by the window? 5. It was beautiful! This routine is focused on 3 things: personality. You are walking to your significant other’s house.) 3. You decide to pick 10 roses for your boyfriend. You wake up in the morning. Later. intrigued. You can ask the maid to please get your lover. boring one that gets you home fast. but takes quite a while to reach your lover's house. One is full of red roses. You can take either road home now: The plain. you go up to your significant other’s room. You finally get to your significant other’s house. relationships.I would like to present you the LOVE TEST. WHICH ROAD DO YOU CHOOSE? Short or long? n  n  n  n  n  n  . You enter the room: ARE THEY AWAKE OR SLEEPING? 6. One is full of white roses. which takes you there quickly.The Love Test 1 n  I have not seen this on the board yet. It could be used in order to enrich your routine arsenal. you see two rose bushes. You ring the bell and the maid answers. its time for bed. They were curious.. or on the bed. There are two roads to get there.

Which road do you choose to take to your love's house? “The roads represent your attitude towards falling in love. The number of white roses represent how much you expect to receive in a relationship. you fall in love quickly and easily. seeing them just once in a while is OK. If you chose the short one. If you went and got your lover yourself. Therefore. if a person chose all red with one white. What combination of roses do you choose to give your love? “The number of red roses represent how much you expect to give in a relationship. then you may beat around the bush. Placing the roses on the bed means you need lots of reassurance in the relationship.” 4. Which road do you choose to go home? “The short and long roads now represent how long you stay in love. you expect them to change for you. you confront it and deal with it. If you chose the long one. If there is a problem.” 3.” 6.” 5. If you asked the maid to get your loved one. and you'd want to see your lover every day. Do you ask the maid to get your love.” 2.” n  n  n  n  n  . Placing the roses by the window show that you don't expect or need to see your lover that often. they give 90% in the relationship but expects to receive only 10% back.The Love Test 2 n  n  Analysis 1. if possible. Where do you put the roses? On the windowsill or on the bed? “The placement of the roses indicates how often you'd like to see your significant other. If you chose the long one. If you found them awake. you fall out of love easily. Avoidance of problems runs high. or do you do it yourself? “This question shows your attitude in handling relationship problems. then you are pretty direct. If you chose the short one. you tend to stay in love for a long time. you take your time and do not fall in love easily. maybe asking a third party to intervene. Do you find your love asleep or awake? “If you found your significant other asleep you accept your loved one the way they are. You want to work it out right away.

(You could help. shy.” . and I would wait for the bus with my love. “I'd carry my best friend.The Bus Stop n  Imagine that you're driving on a stormy day.Either she's a very self-centered. and when you stop at the traffic light. religious.” .) . “I'd carry the love of my life.” . “I'd let my friend to drive the woman and himself. d. is serious. dreamy.She's passionate. and impulsive.” . Your car has enough space to carry one more person. and a "good girl". “I would continue alone. “I'd carry the elderly woman. c.She has a very high moral. loyal. or indecisive. and doesn't enjoy life. you see three people waiting at the bus stop: an elderly woman. What would you do? a. b. your best friend.She's insecure.(The correct answer!) She's smart and witty.) n  n  n  n  n  . as they deserve.” . lacks of certain social abilities. e. and the love of your life.

” After you have done this for 10 seconds or so. your physical passions are very strong. those whom you can trust with the full intensity of your emotions. Once involved with a lover.” n  n  n  . your partner must be completely aware of your likes and dislikes. You reserve the disclosure of your true feelings for those who are close to you. while at other times you are introverted. You are likely to be most comfortable with a familiar lover who knows your habits and desires very well. say the following statement with a calm and steady voice: “At times you are extroverted. In order to enjoy love most fully. affable. sociable.The Inside of Your Palm n  When you are talking someone and you have become comfortable with each other say: “I can tell what kind of lover you are by looking on the inside of your palm.

how do you feel about the farmer. how many strawberries do you take? (=how many BFs/GFs that person wants) Ok.The Strawberry Field Test n  This is a game to find out some things about how chicks see sex. and see a strawberry field in front of you with tasty strawberries. who's field you took them from? (=how you feel to that person after fucking them) n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  . after you have finished enjoying the strawberries. How high is it? (= how easy is this girl/guy to take sex) How you are in the strawberry field. There is a fence/gate around the field. lets play a game! Imagine you are alone in a field. It is very popular in Japan & is a good state transitioner Hey.

Visualize yourself in a white room. Nobody is around and the ocean is right in front of you. This is how their friends view them. 4. Imagine yourself on a beach. What is your favorite color? How does it make you feel when you think about it? 4. This is how they view themselves. What do you do? 1. 2. 3. What is your favorite animal? What qualities do you see it as having? 3. This is how they view sex. You’re in a bed and everything is white. This is how they view death and dying. n  n  n  n  n  n  n  .4 Magic Questions n  1. How do you feel? 2.

" . Another guy waves to her. or comes over to chat with her briefly. 'cause last week I was at this bar. or comes over to give her a hug. I would say to the girl..Jealous Boyfriend (Destroying Tactic) n  (Every time when I'm talking to a girl.) n  “Hey is that your jealous boyfriend?" “Good. a jealous boyfriend saw his girlfriend talking to me and tried to start a fight with me....

would you take him?" Yes. I want you to answer with your hand. If it's far away. closer than her original job]. would you take it?" She answers yes. If it's in between. like a hobby. Do you have it? How close is that to your heart?” "How close is your boyfriend to your heart?” "How close is your family to your heart?” "Now. hold your hand close to your heart.Boyfriend Destroyer (Destroying Tactic) n  "I'm going to ask you some questions. hold your hand far away. hold your hand there. if I was to offer you another job that was right there [he moves her hand near her face. and I don't want you to answer with words. n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  . "Now. If something is close to your heart. "And if a some guy came along [Chris is waving his hands toward me] who was right there [he moves her hand so it's touching her nose]. I'm going to ask you about some things like your job. how close is your job to your heart?” "Think about something you're really passionate about.

. look he is even well dressed/good looking/fit/tanned" and keep at it until she starts moving away from the poor guy in denial.Cute Couple (Destroying Tactic) n  When I see a guy and a girl talking. he is the perfect guy for you. I often walk over and say "You are such a cute couple!" to make the girl deny they are together and follow up with "But you are so cute together.

I'll tell you what. (Gesture around the room so that they look.Whole Room Destroyer (Destroying Tactic) n  Once you're in a set and they are loving you most. And I will guarantee you that not one of them is as interesting as us/me.) Pick anyone out. I will introduce you to any other guy in the room. n  n  . and I will personally walk up and introduce you to him." Make sure they look around and see all the boring AFCs. you tell them: "Listen.

” Her: “Doing what?” You: “I’ve got a date with you.Time Availability Routine n  Now it’s time to find out when she is free. Lance uses a fun routine for this: You: “What are you doing Friday?” Her: “Nothing” You: “Oh”… *pause and wait for her to speak* Her: “what are you doing Friday?” You: “I’m busy. Don’t tell her about a great thing that’s happening Tuesday. find out when she’s free first. you’ve wasted your time. and THEN ask her what she’s doing Tuesday (If she’s busy on Tuesday. Ask her “what are you doing Monday night?” “What are you doing Tuesday?” Wait until you’ve found out when she is free before you tell her what you’re doing.” n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  n  .) So.

Spend at least seven hours with her or talking to her (all at once or over the course of several days) before having sex 2. Let her know that you won't leave her before you get to the bedroom. If she says "We shouldn't be doing this". If she goes to the bathroom. She will feel your absence and want your attention again 4. If she still says she's uncomfortable. Then turn on the light. I'll tell her when she returns "I felt your absence and was really happy when you got back. Agree with her. don't argue with her. Don't pout. be angry.Last Minute Resistance n  1. What did you do to me?" n  n  n  . blow out the candle. or act wounded. say "I understand". and check your email or watch infant brain surgery on The Learning Channel. but continue keeping her turned on 3. turn off the music. Don't push for sex right away. I'll tell her that she's hijacked my brain or that I had a dream about her.

The Sad Story

Let me tell you a story, it's called "Meeting the 100% Perfect Girl Once an Afternoon in Montreal". It begins with "Once upon a time", an it ends with "A sad story, isn't it?". Once upon a time, there was a guy, he was walking down a quite street, and he was going to mail a letter. It was a spring afternoon, and he was not doing anything but to mail the letter. From the other direction there came a woman, and she was going to do her laundry, again, she was not going to the club, or the bar, or anything special, she was just doing her laundry. And they passed each other. As they passed each other, the man looked at her, and thought to himself: "You know what, that is the 100% perfect girl for me. But I was just going down here, not doing anything, what is the chance of me meeting the 100% perfect girl for me?" And the girl looked at the guy and thought to herself: "You know what, that is the 100% perfect guy for me. And this is amazing." By some trick of fate, or some one in a million odds, they just didn't know, but they stopped and spoke to each other. So they started talking, and they realized they clicked on every level. Like it was just fate, they just walked down the street, and they lost track of time. Everything they had in common, and everything they didn't have in common, they just complement each other perfectly. They sat down on a bench and they started talking, and they said: "This is too weird, what is the chance of actually meeting your 100% perfect person randomly? This is crazy, so let's make sure this is for real. What we are going to do right now is that we are going to separate. We are not going to talk to each other and we are not going to exchange phone number or anything, but if we run into each other again, then we know that it is really meant to be, and we will marry on this spot." And then they separated, and a day passed, a week passed, 6 months passed, a year passed, 5 years passed, 10 year passed, and they didn't see each other again. And obviously they started dating people, and they found 65% perfect love, they found 70% perfect love, they even found as much as 80% perfect love, but they never found a 100% perfect love again. It was fine, they married, they had family, and they became grandparents separately with their own husband and wife, and it was all fine. And in one season, it was a very cold winter in Montreal, influenza was going around and everybody got sick. They lived separately in their own homes and they got really really sick, their spouses were getting it by now. They got very very sick, and they pulled through. One day they were walking down the same quite street, he was 82 and he was going to mail a letter, she was 77 and she was going to do her laundry, carrying her laundry on her shoulder. They passed each other and he looked at her, he thought to himself: "I recognize her from somewhere but I don't remember where." She looked at him and thought: "That guy looked so familiar, but I just don't know who he is." They kept walking, and they passed each other. The thing is, they were really meant to be together, they would have been the 100% perfect persons for one another, but the fate, what is the chance that the fate only bring them together once? Like the chance of the lottery won. They tested fate and they separated, and they only had one chance.








Appendix – 1 Indicators of Interest

She asks you, without prompting, what your name is, what you do for work, shortly after meeting you She changes her opinion on a song or movie based on your own opinion of it You lean back and she leans toward you You take her hand and she squeezes it She says, "I'm not sleeping with you" before you've asked her to


n  n  n 

Appendix - 2 Fun Fact Conversation Opener/Fixer

1. The average woman consumes eight pounds of lipstick in her lifetime 2. Chewing gum while chopping onions will prevent you from crying 3. No word in the English language rhymes with month 4. Mosquitoes are attracted to people who just ate bananas 5. Fish can drown 6. The only bird that can swim but not fly is a penguin

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Does anyone have some chalk? She: What's your sign? You: No parking any time n  n  . then you sound like a weirdo hiding something. n  n  n  n  She: How old are you? You: I'm 72. but I look younger because I don't smoke She: What do you do for work? You: I'm a professional hopscotch player. Seriously.Appendix – 3 Never Give A Straight Answer The general rule is to make a joke response once. maybe twice. But if you don't answer the question on her third try.

whether it be magic. Enter with an energy level equal to or slightly above that of the group you're approaching. Everyone's out to have fun. 8. So ask. "How long does this guy plan on staying here?". Demonstrate active disinterest in the woman you are actually interested in. tell her friends: "You can dress her up. Demonstrate value. Note: this should not be an insult. If you are able to make them have a little more fun than they're currently having. they'll accept you 4. Approach indirectly. but more of a tease. As soon as you approach. but you can't take her anywhere!". If you don't let the group know why you're asking then they are going to think you're taking a survey. "I can only stay for a second. According to Mystery. Offer a time constraint. Until you win them over with your humor. Win over her friends first. hand-writing analysis. As they become more comfortable with you. or teaching her something about herself. Use a neutral entertaining opener. Even ignore her. talk over your shoulder. Root the opener.this will only pique her interest 3. Do not face directly or lean in. you must short-circuit that fear by telling them. ask a question that will pique the attention of most people. It's kind of a lose-lose proposition. This will make them uncomfortable. This will make her friends feel safe with you and make her wonder how you could possibly be unaffected by her charms. If she does something silly.Appendix – 4 Rules Of Approaching Groups n  1. for example: "Where would you take someone on a blind date?" 5. then you may turn in and join the group 2. the first thing the group worries is. To start a conversation. like one might do to a little sister. You'll know you've done it correctly.“ 6. psychological personality tests. because my friends are waiting over there.will come in handy. and his boss has set him up with his daughter. palm-reading." 7. personality. two subjects fascinate everybody: relationships and the unknown. So add a story: "I'm asking because my friend over there just moved to Los Angeles. if you pretend as if you are going to leave afterward and they drag you back to talk more n  n  n  n  n  n  n  .or can learn . the next step is to make it so they don't want you to leave This is where any skill you know . Do not hit on the woman you are interested in right away. if you must . When you begin speaking. Now that you have approached and talked to the group. or special skills.

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