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101865497 Conway D J Dancing With Dragons Invoke Their Ageless Wisdom and Power

101865497 Conway D J Dancing With Dragons Invoke Their Ageless Wisdom and Power

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For hundreds of years, the imagination of humankind has b€en captured by the vision of the mythical dragon-an archetrpe which resonates deeply within the human psyche as a symbol of knowledge and wisdom beyond the reach of mortal humans However, dragons are far more than imaginary cr€ttnrcs in fairy tales. Dragons are as real as we are-bvt they live on tbc erfirt plane, which coexists with and intersects our physical plm- Dr4l. ons have control of deeper currents of elemental energies thn re usually felt by humans-and once befriended, dragons rnabanllent protectors and powerful fellow magicians. Dancingwit*Dq: orzs will tell you not only how you can make contact wi6 *fF ancient astral powers, but how you can work with them to prild your home ... tap into a vast reserve of energy ... E re itr Lt future ... and aid all of your magickal workings. Until now there has been little of practical value wrin c dragons, especially dragon magick. This is the fust bool r:u b provide complete dragon rituals-for initiation, blessing pt*, calling your chosen dragon and more-as well as informtb c appropriate music, dance, and tools to use with your ritnlr Because you need to learn as much as possible abort the rq types of dragons and their habits in order to make mtr;if them, this book has chapter after chapter packed with dngnhu help you contact the appropriate power, depending on prrdEarly mapmakers drew dragons at the edges of thcir E{r b denote unknown territory. Some explorers ventured m ffirr than what was known-but others looked upon this wrffic ilb dragon territory as an opportunity for amazing dis@Eil:t"

This book is your invitation to open the doa bctm 1s3lm5-4nd dance with the dragons to lift all areas of you lifr

powerful new plane.




- :','',\-as born in Hood River, Oregon, to a family of Irish-North Germanicr : , nl -\merican descent. she began her quest for knowledge of the occult more ' . " -: :::s aqo, and has been involved in many aspects of New Age religion from the - " " ;, -: \bgananda to study of the Qabala, healing, herbs, and Wicca. Although an
---. : * :r;rister in two New Age churches and holder of a Doctor of Diviniry degree, - .' :-:rns that her heart lies within the Pagan cultures. No longer actively lectur:-

About t\e Aut\ur





did for years, Conway has centered her energies on writing. Sev, . ---.: stories have been published in magazines, such as Encounters, which pertain -.:ching
as she


- - ----; of science fantasy.

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Dancing with Dragons. Copyright @ 1994 by D.i. Conrvav. .{li rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in anv marrner whatsoever, including Internet usage, without written permission from Llewellyn Publications except in the case of brief quotations embodied in
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Twelfth printing,2002
Cover design by William Merlin Cannon Cover illustration by Lisa Hunt Illustrations on pages 54, 59, 67,70,72,73,74,75,76,77,78, 8 l, 94, I42, 145, 147,149,151, and 195 by fim Garrison from sketches by D.f. Conway Illustrations on pages 9, 12, 15, 17,21,27, 29, 32, 35, 37, 41, 45, 5L, 101, 103, t07, I23, I57, 16I, 1 65, 1 69, 17 l, L7 5, 17 7, Ig0, I g 1, 1 g 1, 201, 220, and 230 frorn Treasury of Fantastic and Mythological Creatures by Richard Huber
(New York Dover Publications, Inc., 1981. Used by permission. Drawing on page 23byLindaNorton chapter motif from Pugin)s Gothic ornamenr by Augustus charles pugin (New York: Dover Publications, Inc., 1987), originally published as Gothic Ornaments Selected from Various Buildings in England and France (London:
1828-3 l )

Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data Conwan D.f. (Deanna f.)
Dancing with dragons : invoke their ageless wisdom & power / D.|. Conway.



Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN 1-s6718-165-1 : $14.95 ($20.50 Can.)

Dragons. I. Title.

GR830.D7C66 1994

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To my close friends who are onfirmed dragon believers, and to all other lovers ofdragons.

My stical. Cr e atur es Lord ofLight and Shadow Magick of the Gods dy Goddesses Soothslayer (fiction) Shapeshifter Throt (with Sirona Knight) Perfect Love The Mysterious.@t\er pwhx hg B-1. Magickal Cat Warrior of Shadows (fiction) Celtic Dragon Tarot (with Lisa Hunt) h . Mother. Ash 6 Thorn AnimalMagick FlyingWithout a Broom Moon Magick Fqlcon Feather (t Valkyrie Sword The Dream Warrior (fiction) M agi c al.rrntuag Celtic Magic Norse Magic Maiden. Crone By Oak.@.

In and out among the clouds They frolic in the light. lov ely dragons. Wen the Sun has passed beyond Mountains tur ned purple-blue. . Sliding down the sunbeams.gnrw The Sun is out. The day is bright. To dance with To joy life's plan.panring Fr x. lift myself to higher planes Above the limits of common man. Dragons tystal bright. They dance to strains of music Unheardby Ltuman ears. On the winds they pass. The dragons dance on through the night On strands of Moon-lit dew. The dragons dance upon the grass And trees and flowers brilliant. Untouched by human years. Teach me. As they have danced through eons.

s:nttntx What Are Dragons? Dragons in Mythology and Icgend Seeking and WorkingWith Dragons 1 I3 33 Dragon Power in Magick Dragon's Breath in the Earth 43 55 Ritual Tools The Magickal Personality Music and Dance Basic Rituals 7t 87 95 105 Dragon Blessing Basic Dragon Ritual r07 tr4 12t r24 r33 135 Dragon Fire Entering the Mouth of the Dragon Calling the Dragon The Charm of Making Protection of House Dragons of the Elements Dragons of the Seas and Various Waters Dragons of the Mountains and Forests Dragons of Wind. Storm and Weather Dragons of Desert and Arid Regions Dragons of Fire and Volcanoes Dragons of Chaos and Destruction Guardian Dragons Dragons of the Planets 136 t43 159 r67 173 t79 185 r89 rg{t 2tE .6.

Dragons of the Zodiac Dancing with Dragons Appendices 1. Oils 3. 219 231 235 237 257 263 Herbs 2. Dragon Script 279 283 287 Bibliography rh . Stones 4. Candle Colors 5.

4. as most chiidren are.iinE *r: ii*\t F. others more like the traditional picture JI L *. Humankind has a subconscious knowledge of the dragon and its powers that even the assumed thin veneer of so-called civilization cannot remove. Soon I began igndry these other beings because I was afraid of making a slip and t'llHnrg 7 . ) I i fi. Some are depicted as huge L*irrgless serpents. while others had a spiked knob on the end of the tail. or no legs at all. I discovered dragons and their potential powers years ago as a child. two legs. is there in thousands of folk stories.'W -'-. Some dragons were said to have arrowhead-pointed tails. Dragons are shown with four legs. faeries. and similar beinp m a daily basis.iK. was deeply frowned upon sr "imagination. elves. Being open-minded and noncritical. in one shape or another. But the dragon." I soon learned to keep quiet about my special abi[itr in order to stay out of trouble with adults. in whatever form. Some had twisted horns. of the Western world have of dragons: heavybodied with wings. My activity. regardless of the description attaehed to it.1a*?any . however. t 7 7 3 9 3 @h"t btnfrugnrw? cultures around the entire world have stories of dragdFfH on. others long antennae rather like those of moths.I enjoyed the company of dragons.

-: siars. ::r ri.DexcrNc WrrH DRacoNs about them. the ancient constellation of Draco is in the northern heavens and curves in a winding pattern between the Big . and use their magickal powers. or unable for whatever reason to leave the siruatlor anC people ir ho are causing them great mental and emotional pain. Ridicule and punishment were severe when this happened. From the time that humans began to record things.: :.r'ho is less than sure of themselves. The word "dragon" is used in many different fields. to look at. especially dragons. territory. Certainly in most legends dragons spend their time watching. as diverse as astrology. whether it be treasure. psychologS and the study of dreams. dreams. This n:e of programming is inflicted upon others because offear and a Ceslre to control. but locked. and control being placed upon them. Drakon comes from a verb meaning to see. astronomy. It ends in the Dragon's Head. In astronomy. or the supposedly captive maidens. our word dragon comes from the Greek drakon and the Latin draco. dragons have been mentioned.::d Little Dippers. ii these beleaguered souls could make contact with their orl'n special dragons. The constel::. fear. . dependeni u:on sorreone else. heraldry.r1estar to which the pyramid of Cheops was aligned. the subconscious negative programming had begun. a trapezium of :. This happens not only to chilii::r. The star Draconis is a brilliant double star. but to anvone r. Negative programmine has created havoc and unhappiness in a great many lives. that thel a:: dealing with an individual who has the right to her/his special a'llitres. or does not care. they could build the inner power to either remove themselves from the problem or at least refuse to accept the guilt. But what are dragons? Are they real or imaginary? In the Western world. :. It took vears of conscious retraining and experience before I could asain understand how to call upon these beings. When I finally rebelled against familr' control. The perpetrator forgets. or possibly to flash. alchemy. and goals in life. ::rs probably shifted over the millennia and may have once . magick. I found the inner door not only shut.

.The Constellatio n Dracc from Theatrum Mundib:' '.

and the soul. ft Ancient astrologers called the north node of the Moon Caput Draconis. the dragon was considered to be matter. or head of the dragon.DnNONIc Wtru DnecoNs I=: EH ln ir m 153 l ) pE The Head and Tail of the Dragon (Mo on's N o des) from Three Book of occalt Philosoph. These draconic nodes are still considered important to today's astrologers. the south node release and negative aspects. metal. In alchemy. or tail of the dragon. The nodes (the actual meaning is "knot" or "complication") are not planets but points which relate the Moon's orbit to the actual orbit of the Earth around the Sun.r'bv Henry cornelius Agrippa (Antwerp. In astrology the north node synbolizes intake and positive aspects.o trc oft Pcrj . and the south node Cauda Draconis. and the physical body. Often mentioned in conjunction with the dragon was thB dragon's sister: spirit. metallic mercury. Ancient alchemy used the picture of a dragon or winged ser- wt ril h Fu IET asl inr thc T.

was written the Greek motto en to pan. ..the dragon was seen as "the Way. thus completing the cycle of human S: ' -." The fa:. This water dragon of Tao symbolized the r'. This Stone was closely connected in ancient \r:. or balanced growth in spirit.: Tao.What Are Dragons? ]ii Alchemical Dragon byV.in dreams and analysis as unconscious spirit or the '. Joseph Campbell also speaks of ::=' -':: :--. Which is All.returning to the Source." . A common symbol of spiritual alchemical work was the dragon or serpent holding its tail ." the bringer I I : .humankind becoming God.'. Near this circled dragi.: .: r-r 1) pent as one of its many secret symbols. or merging with the Supreme C::.: Philosopher's Stone of alchemy was also considered the . ..with the Great Work of alchemy...l : " -Often it was depicted as guardian of the Fiam::.: ' . the wingless dragon as male. or "all is one. |ung wrote that the alchemists considered the u-i: as female.. an unending circle of eternity. In Chinese l' . |ung also con.. -the yin...: perfection... Feil. its mouth..' : Forces within. fromVbgelin PraktikbyHans Singne :.'-:-. the Great Work simplr' ::-..

Alchemical Process from Alchymia try Andreas Libavius. 1606 .

or dragon. Even the Druids of the Ctr spoke of themselves as snakes. or prince. puticularly of eternal punishments. dragons md rspents are symbolic of the energy source of life.x By instilling deep fars. or Great llonher. is connected with serpents. In some cultures a full initiate was called a dragon a *r& Priests of Egypt and Babylon called themselves Sons of 6c Scpent-god or Sons of the Dragon. This means ddtcrc is always wisdom in chaos.P.Silr-er dragon amulets were worn to help gain these qualitier Everywhere the legged dragon is associated with creation or life-giving. In an attempt to cru* fu ancient beliefs of Pagans. hcn" wleader. fertility. even if humans cannot see ir The dragon stood for psychical regeneration and immortalitv.ekl word Draig.What Are Dragons? s€rpent as being the balance between Earth and Spirir To the Chinese. . dragons. the priests and church l€ads$ *The Christians tied a great number of ancient deities and s\-mbob b *Eir d€r-il in hopes that the people would desert the old beliefr. and spirals. was used to denote a leader. As the gren rtaledragon. H. Throughout the world the Goddess. Even toder ftr twC banner of Wales has a four-legged red and gold dragon m ir The dragon became a symbol of evil and the Chrisien derl only after the church gained power. Tiamrt ot Mesopotamia was the Mother-creator-dragon whose body uas shaped into the heavens and Earth. The ged Pan and SE horned god Cernunnos were said to be the Christian derd. healin& asilr powers. Blavatsky states in her books that the dragon is avuydd sign for Astral Light or Primordial Principle. and maternal blessing. the priests of Qod coatl referred to themselves as of the race of the Dragon Thcf. Ishtar brought about the catastrophic flood whkh rnrdp it possible for a new order of humans to develop. In Mexico. the dragon was a potent symbol of luck and pon-er. Worldwide. calling him the Dragon. King Arthur and his father Uther Pendregp wc said to have used a dragon as their emblem.nE hryc the stories which insist that dragons were partial to virgin* lforylr meant that the seeking of wisdom and true innocence of tbe ryffi were traits which attracted draconic beings. the Christians spread their proprgmdrd their devil.

especially.. freely speak of contacting the powerfui astral beings who aided them. among others. all have a dragon on their coats of arms. used the drason in coats of arms.idualistic people who refused to give up rvhat they knew to be. passant (one foreleg raised). In European countries. wings endorsed (upright over the back). as did the family of Sir Francis Drake. though. the dragon did not fade from sight.-s::nce and validity of dragons. a serpentine dragon with wings but no legs is an amphiptere. there were trulv indir. European families. Today true practical dragon magick and power are almost a :. sable (black). de Draek. true spiritual paths. von Drachenfels. . only . The European art of heraldry and coats of arms still empiovs the depiction of dragons in its art. living in fear of persecution and death. and China in particular. a dragon with wings and legs is termed a guivre. de Dragon de Ramillies. either through making their orr-n Christian religious belief the state religion or by influencing the lan's that were passed. the church could control the people themselves.: . Few people know of the joy { 1 . displayed or depressed. the draconic image remained alir e in stories. The families of de Drago. gules (red). Even then.managed to grasp control of rulers and governments. or vert (green). a dragon without wings is a worm.::se practitioners and believers in the Faerie Tradition speak of . These Pagans had to go underground. and Dragomanni. In heraldry. Further meaning of these draconic images was determined by how the dragon was posed: rampant (forelegs raised).their ancient ways. for them.rsotten art in the world of magick. Even through these times of persecution. Br becoming the controlling force behind governments. Even further definition was determined by the color: or (gold). tail nowed (knotted). The Prince oi\t ales has a red and gold dragon in his coat of arms and on his flag. statant (all four feet on the ground). for centuries until they were once again granted the freedom to follou. a dragon with two legs is called a wiryern. Generally speaking.

.The Goddess Tiamat from relief carving. Temple of Er:'-:::.

_ The only exception I know to this are dragons Lil. unfortunately. Dragons inhabit the astral plane which co-exists with and inter_ penetrates this physical plane.u* drugorr. the tirst place he goes is to the bookcase fuil of dragon statues. and if she/he can persuade the dragon to help. time.:rd with humans and their problems. Dragons can be everywhere and.h. while he li'es at home. although I had never discussed them with him. if there appears to be an immediate danger to the dragon's area itserf. There are two reasons a dragon -igrrt involved another level of existence and contact a dragon as a co-magician. se. First.orrd. It has been my experience that. Dancing with dragons takes cooperation. but the desire is still there. usuaily they take little note of ordinary humans. He described them to me in great and accurate detail.irrg with children. Astral beings are as real as we are. when quite small. This is not to suggest that dragons go about controrling peopre and incidents. Every elemental action and reaction has the possibility of being an extension of a dragon and its power. some dragons take a delight in communicating with smalr children. if u magician knows horv to properly contact and communicate with dragon power. "ull . in all things. he shut off the ability' The programming may be effective enough to keep him from re-opening and exploring his early friendship with drugon. not master-slave relationships. they just have a body that vibrates at a different rate than physical matter does. parents and society take a dim view of such ability. when he visits us. . particularly those who have psychic ability. although dragons holve form and existence.1 10 . He is their notice. deeming them beneath become ing with dragons. hedging it about with so much disfavor that most children stop using it. when he finally realized that this made his mother very angry. One of my grandsons. they do not exist in this physical world as we do. it takes great self-discipline to reach rnto companionship and spiritual knowledge that come n-om danc- -. in a matter of speaking.

them onlyas symbolic. tedious explanations tried to convince the public that the stories of dragons came from racial memories of dinosaurs.. let alone admit that there might be other planes of existence that interact with ours.: '.eing the e-dstence of dragons is not \rronq. unless they can capture and dissect something. wiil man:fest itself so clearlr' on the phr sical that people see it with the phr-si- It is mr. such as those of Loch Ness. st:. spent a lot of time and paper trying to discredit dragon stories around the world. enough to dispense with his subconscious programming. ' .. ". T:::= are many magickal systems in the world.:- andfelttheirpower. since scientists are always telling the public that humans did not exist at the time of the great dinosaurs.::r and his "lost" dragon friends.--.n-:::r :. -::.:templation as I realize it is a form of communication ber. such as a dragon. :=. -. Carl Sagan..-.= :i--3although he is familiar with them all. and they each ier-: :look at dragons in their own way..: elemental energies without independent existence.::r : : ..Afterworkingwithdraeo:rt to you to form your own opinion. opinion that some of the so-called monsters. Nessie is possibly a kind astral sea dragon. On rare occasions an astrai being. His narrow-minded. are not about to admit they do not know ever\:thing about this world and its creatures.: . I leave him to his si::: :'. ' .: .:-. if and when he ieel.: :: from the astral plane as they please. in The Dragons of Eden. This is really stretching things. There is not only one way to see and work with dragons.. For this reason.. he n:-. the kind scientists can put under a cal eyes.: r-. Some systems think o: --:-::. are astral beings. Oth::i --:-:. microscope or dissect.:..my experience that dragons are real creatures \1':t-.sr:--. i have seen :i.'" . decide that acknowled.What Are Dragons? very quiet and intent while he looks over everr. I do not expect that there will ever be any hard physical evidence. But then more than a few scientists. again having no true existen. Someday. produced to validate Nessie's existence...

.* rsll.{ c t1.[ fiDrF1h :tTn: iomrr lme !ftllmr lapanese Dragon from a painted ewer.! nl lfr' ML -"rlff. Edo period L: .

dragons could be either benefic. One thing is for certain: dragons were regarded nith al"ii lnt af..:res m being. Dragons have been portrayed in many forms and variations of these forms. or th: -:e force. is a symbol of the intensity of their elemental-n?e fl:3:r*. ji.'etr Depending upon the reception they received from huma:rs '. sometimes in the shape known to those in the Orient.= t'r i'.Frognrw in ffiUt\ulug1 ani Wngenb * '(11 \|.i:5' Although one can speak of dragons as a s. he world's mythologies are full of tales about dragons. Sometimes they are portrayed as huge serpents. Blood. but also very magickal. Ancient teachings say dragons can have two or toul legs or none at all. a pair of wings or be wingless. But dragons have always played a part in the shaping of this world and its many diverse cultures. 3l!tures affected by their presence and interaction r':::i L::. sometimes as the type of a*gon known to the Western world. there are numerous subspecies and :a:ie$ 'b:*: :ne 1_1 . Their blood is exfren:r poisonous and corrosive. breathe fire a:rC smoke.:::a:.-Le area where they lived.lrrr{l-xr.:*-. and have scales on their bodies. They have also had an important part in cultural perception of spiritual ideas.

Asia Minor. and number. and Australia propeiled themselves through the skies by balancing between the Earth's magnetic field and the winds' In China. was found in the -\mericas and Australia' In the Eastern rr-orld. these dragons. southern Rus-sia. but can propel themselves through the air if they rvish. including Ireland. l'as the Oriental dragon of Asia. draqons seldom breathe fire and are more benevolent. Mexico. It became a law that only the Emperor could have a five-clawed dragon embroidered on his :obes or painted on anYthing. and northern Africa. Only Imperial dragons were said to have the special five claws on each foot. symbol of their power. and Indonesia. The dragons of the Orient. The sixth famil1" of yery iimited size china. They could speak. Scandinavia. One famil. for instance. and the largest in number. lived in Europe. and islands of the North Atlantic. A fifth dragon iamily. A second family was recognized in France. as one can deduce from readins ancient histo- ries and stories. included the subspecies of Wyverns (dragons with two legs) and the winged but legless Worm' A fourth family was found in the \lediterranean alea' especially Greece. were able to alter forms and sizes.v of dragons.lrcrxc \\rtrH Dzurcors . Italy. with very similar characteristics. although hot-tempered and destructive when provoked. All other Oriental dragons had only three or four claws. especially northern Germany. dragons are portrayed with four legs.cragon community. 14 .D. they ranged in size from a few feet long up to the Great Chien-Tang who was over their a thousand feet in length. commonly called Firedrakes. the Americas. a long sinuous serpentine body and a snake-like tail. The subspecies and families mar-have greater or lesser differences in appearance but still retain the basic traits that are common to all dragons wherever they are. and Spain. They are sometimes pictured as r'vingless. and had a varying number of claws' chinese emperors adopted the five-clawed dragon as a sacred ancestor. the dragon with many heads \\'as common in this region. A thild family dwelt in the British Isles.

F iv e-

Claw ed I mp erial D r ago n

from an embroidered cc'i::

:-- --!

i:ttg - n'n-I]:r.


De.NcrNc WtrH DnecoNs

According to tradition, China's history dates back to 3000 ncE,* although modern historians only go back to 1600 sct. A clal' r'essel from about 2000 scs is decorated rvith a dragon picture. The dragon symbol and figure still exist in modern-day Chinese art and celebrations.

The Chinese divided their dragons into
groups or classes, each with different characteristics. There rvere four major Lung Wang dragons, or Dragon-Kings. The names of these brothers rr'ere Ao Kuang, Ao Jun, Ao Shun, and Ao Ch'in.

Oriental Drason
of the

Ther-also had specific duties: the t'ien lungsup' ported the mansron of the gods; the shen lung brought rain; the ti ltmg controlled the rivers; and the fu-ts'an lung guarded hidden treasures and deposits of precious metals. The Lung Wang, or Dragon Kings, resembied the Indian Nagas, or sacred serpents. They were the patron deities of rivers, lakes, seas, and rain. They had valuable pearls in their throats and lived in Ski

magnificent underwater Palaces. Further divisions produced the kiao-lung, or scaled dragon; ying-lung with wings k'iulungwrth horns; ch'i-lungwhich was hornless; the p'an-Iurzgwhich was earth-bound. The ch'ilungdragonwas red, white, and green, the k'iulungblue. Chinese dragons were also entirely black, white, red, or yellow, with yellow consid:red superior. \Vhen it came to using dragons for decora:, -:. there were nine distinct categories: the p'u , - .''s carved on gongs; the ch'iu niu and pi hsi - :-::.:s and literature tablets; the pa hsia at '-: -:. r: stone monuments;the chao fengon -: :r .. :: temples; the ch'ih on beams of




Common Era," a nonreligious "Common =.-,: ::'.rsing BC. CE, or -. lr:-slanized AD dating.

Oriental Drason
of the Sea"


Dragons in Mythology and Legend


) *

Chihese Dragon

{r I



bronze mirror, Warring Sta:.

:( j4i
- -\4



ffi Sr

bridges; the suan ni onlv on the throne of the Buddh:r ::' on the hilts of swords; and the pl han on prison srt;s. Chinese experts \\'ere said to be able to tell th: ,:, -: dragons and their origins br their colors, \.--: ." -r:= - believed to be born from rello'. Eold a :lc->':.r ::. i ., dragons from blue gold eigh: :*:r::3; black from gold of the same .c,-.: : ::- -To the Chinese, dragons .. *-: r, : 1^:) ,til *-^--^ some ^^*^ of ^r-^-Li^L - ---- nc::.: which did laid eggs,



Wrrri Dr"rcoxs

occur, it was known because of great meteor showviolent thunderstorms, and great showers of hail. The number of scales on a dragon was also of importance. Some ancient dragon experts in China maintained that a true dragon has exactly B I scales, while others stated that the number was 117. They were never said to be covered with anything except scales. This is a characteristic of dragons worldwide. Chinese dragons rvere said to have the head of a camel, horns of a stag, eyes of a demon, neck of a snake, scales of a carp, claws of an eagle, feet of a tiger, and ears of a cow. Although, as one can see from ancient pictures, all Orientai dragons did not fit conveniently into this description, ther-all rvere said to have a lump on the top of the head. This lump enabled them to fly without wings. Although this flying-lump \\'as considered an essential part of Oriental dragons, it is rare to see it portrar-ed in pictures. Oriental dragons could chanse their forms by intense concentration or when extremely angr\'. -{11 dragons are said to have the ability to take on human form. One can see reasons behind a draconic being passing as a human; draeons are intensely curious about all things and may wish to directlr- erperience human life from time to time. It is a possibility that, while in such a form, a dragon could contact a human and establish a line of communication that could be continued after the dragon resumed its orr n form. The Chinese even had methods of protecting themselves from annoying dragons. It was said that they could be frightened away or controlled by the leaves of the wang plant (or Pride of India), fivecolored silk thread, wax, iron, or centipedes. It is difficult to imagine a dragon being deterred bywax or centipedes. Perhaps this idea grew from a single dragon who reacted in fear to these objects, just as some humans fear crawling things, heights, or mice. After all, dragons have very distinct and individual personalities, just as we do. In Chinese medicine, the skin, bones, teeth, and saliva were considered very valuable. Powdered dragon bone was a magickal

: hatching did


Dragons in Mythology and Legend


er Pt

ee Lt-






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cure-all. Old medical textbooks are quick to point out th:: i:tr:,r:s periodically shed their skin and bones, like snakes do. Sj:::. :r: skins glowed in the dark, presumably they were easr-to ---;::. Some of the bones were listed as slightly poisonous and cor.llc :,---, be prepared in non-iron utensils. How "bones" could be she'i. ls . mystery unless it is not reallr-bone, but something that lools iu: it. The shedding and regrou'th of teeth is known to occur amon: certain animals, reptiles, and amphibians. Dragon saliva was said to be found as a frothy foam on the ground or floating on the \vater. It n'as usually deposited during mating or fighting. One Chinese storv tells of a great battle just off the coast near a fishing village. The people rvatched the great dragons rolling in the black clouds and leaping rvaves for a day and a night. Their echoing roars were clearly heard by all the villagers. The next morning these people set out in all their fishing boats to the place of the battle. They scooped up whole boatloads of dragon saliva that they found floating in huge piles on the ocean. The blood of Oriental dragons was sometimes red, other times black. Dragon experts said it changed into amber when it soaked into the ground. Wherever dragon blood fell, the ground became incapable of supporting any vegetation. Although the blood n'as considered dangerous, sometimes deadly, in Oriental myths, European heroes bathed in it to create invulnerability or drank it to become wise. This transformation of the blood into amber co:rl: well be an alchemical expression of the manifestation of mae c-..,power and elemental energies into a desired physical resuli, Oriental dragons did not figure in Chinese creatic: :r-.-,---,-: Only rarely, and then only by accident, did the.v con: ::: :: :-:-:: with the gods or heroes. They tended to mind their :-';:. r .:., 3;; and keep a beneficial attitude toward humans. O:-;:.:.- ':r.'-,:ri had specific duties such as controlling the rveati::: .:-: i -: .: i llnt land and animals fertile, as well as assignm3:.:: :- ..=-: :-::-iin:ri




Jcf.tc Wmr Dn tcoNs

e*eemed in oriental medicine, these magickal creatures were not hunted down as were Western dragons. In the Mideast, there seems to have been a meeting ground for dragons, some being like chinese dragons, others more like western dragons. Phrygian history tells of dragons that reached ten paces in length, lived in caverns near the River Rhyndacus, and moved with part of their bodies on the ground, the rest erect. Islam gives hints of Muhammad's magick horse rising to heaven with the aid of dragon's breath. An illustration from a Turkish manuscript now in the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris shons this scene. The Egyptian Apep was described as a huge serpent-dragon that lived in the Underworld. The Canaanite god Ba'al is said to have killed the dragon Lotan and made the world from its body; the Hittites had a similar legend about the dragon Illuyankas. The Mesopotamian god Marduk killed the she-dragon Tiamat and created the world from her body. Ancient heroes of Persia battled

with dragons.
In the Classics, the Greeks told of their hero Herakles slaying the seven-headed hydra, a form of dragon. \\lhile still in his cradle, he slew two giant serpents sent by Hera. later the hero saved Hesione who was chained as a sacrifice to a sea dragon. Perseus did the same for Andromeda. As a baby, Apollo also killed a selpent (dragon) sent against his mother by Hera. Jason killed a hydra (many-headed dragon) to get the Golden Fleece; scenes of this story can still be seen on Greek dishes from about 480-490 nCE, showing a definite dragon creature. Both the Greek Medea and the Roman Ceres were saiJ to ride in chariots pulled by dragons. Ancient Greece and Rome considered the dragon both beneficent and evil, depending upon the activities of the creature. The Purple Dragon became the emblem of the Byzantine emPelols. There is a wall painting of a dragon still existing in the ruined Roman city of Pompeii' 1n legends from India there was ordinarily no conflict between the gods and the Nagas, or serpent-dragons, as shown by the sto-

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The greatly revered Indian god Vishnu was on good t. and rh.:::r: with Ananta.'. a giant serpent with eleven h=" .::.-:: him to create the world-mountains. a great s:::: .i Vishnu slept on Ananta while the serpent guarded him. . considered by the Hindus to be the symbol of cosmic is vital for creation.around the navel of the Earth. the gods was the slaying of Vritra.. .Dragons in Mythology and Legend Hydra from The History of Four-footed Beasts and Serpentsby Edward Topsell (London. -. holding back th. - -- The one exception to this friendship betrveer ::. .:.. Both of these gods had a fine workine relationship with Ananta. -:: : ries of Krishna and Vishnu..':. er::r '.4. the Endless One. king of the serpent-dragons. Nagas.

The Roman poet Lucan and other Classical authors \\'rote that African dragons could fly. The Celtic ram.. l]nfortunately. and beautiful companions. pestilence. also patrons of lakes. . lhere are stories of their creating drought.'hrch once belonged to Varuna. Most of them had two strong hind legs. like those of bats. two shorter forelegs.:. ram-dragon is also connected with the number The Nagas. lived in lvonderful palaces.. so much of Celtic lore was lost to -.'.:te destruction that we have only remnants of tales and frag-' : r : .'-." : I ::lEon. -:. a thick body and a long tail. gems that fulfilled wishes.:: s -:rering when humans broke their rules.'. the countrv of Ethiopia was said to be heavily populated with dragons at one time. and that some of them were so huge that they could be mistaken for hills when they lay asleep. They talked rvith humans by means of telepathy and were extremely cunning and ivily.'n tbr their great magickal powers and the pearls of great price th:: :hev carried in their foreheads.'.. The ancient Celts had traditions of dragons. ihe gods. u-ondertul :il-. r.:-. \\'estern dragons were different in physical structure from Eastern dragons. . Generally speaking.'ers. the Nagas '. that their brilliantly colored scales shone brightly..were kror.DrxcrNc WrrH DRacoNs Sometimes ::: \isas were pictured with serpent heads and human bodies. considering them -.ise. But as with all dragons in whatever form. rain.'e:: capable of killing people and causing problems when nnne\-il. is connected with Cernunnos.i :'. : . rilers. Their wings were membranes.: Craqon lore left today from that culture.. and had long ribs or bones. . besides their fiery breath. In Africa... --. the antlered Earth . and s:. and clouds.-ere said to live at the top of Mount Meru. In the center of this garden. stood a dragonguarded tree of life and reincarnation.but u. Their rvedge-shaped heads were carried on long sinuous necks. where thel hac : . ien palace full of music. Western dragons were fully armed with long claws and sharp teeth. often visite. The Nagas.

5e lhcree I'wuue - r :q .Naga Design for Balhstrait-2-.{rrrlrnugr iigjcm.-!ir. drawing by Linda Norton.:: .: .::i: J. Crorr-ell Co=l=r'.::... from a phot. s !r* New York: Thomas Y.: il:fu.

however. this being th: :.l.:.nce.:: '. Sigurd accidentally swallowed a drop of it and immediately could understand the language of birds. except where a leaf covered a tiny spot. 24 .: heads symbolizes the spiritual bridge : : between various planes . the description these From story calls a water-worm in ::-water-worms were probablr' l:l' :::. ::. A lack of self-discipline and self-knollec:. Conchobar of Ireland '... is part of the heraic:.. In Scandinavian legend.'.the solar .1 pt'event any seeker from being able to pass the dragon orlJ . the dragon. . the hero Sigurd (called Siegfried in Germany) killed the dragon Fafnrr... Scotland.::: -.-.1'J. ---:-: -:r England. .-:its.:.: \\'ttu DRacoNs eight.C-.. C: .: --:. : drason.':. -'"'-:lsh banner since at least The dragon has been depici.::. -:: -Lrur legs and the nyvern with two since the 16th centurr-. This made him invulnerable to weapons. the same name given to the four-legged varietl'. h:ritage of some two hundred English families and some three hu:dred from Europe. The Irish hero Finn \la. r have had both a divine and a -.-. This saved his life from the dragon's treacherous brother who was plotting to kill him for the treasure. r.r. the two-legged wf/ern is stili . alone or with other designs.r.:' silled dragons.: :. but as battling his own destructir': -r.:: .... He was bor:..::ing that bridge.:: : 'ropean continent. ::avel this bridge. and Ireland the dragon has been dra"'. \\hat few carvwheel is set in mo:i-: ings we have of the = .-.1 ram-snake belt about his waist. Er-:r :.: . The Celtic shaman-magician- priest knew that in o:. : -: the departure of the Roman legr:-.:r i .: = :am-headed dragon. Sigurd also was bathed with the blood when he struck Fafnir from a pit. This belt with its two ram-ir:-.:::"-:l:s as not physical.-rnter Solstice with what the human father.:-. This storv clearly details the benefits from a dragon's blood.-..:..'..ispokes on the solar ivheel. .-*.:nnos picture him rvith a bag of gold at his feet and a dour'---: -':. she/he must go inward to meet the dra.r-:r ::: realms of the Otherworlds.:\-.---.'i: ::.:s. Some magickal systems would look ": :--*.::.'.

.{*:.L:. ....:f Lir.# f.. 'as th r1- ..'ft . t t c n )r Iin a ls..

piaced carved dragon heads on the gables of their churches to guard against the elements. dragons lurked in deep underground caverns. and northern Germany. Nidhogg would be classified as a chaos dragon. and clouted his friend alongside the head for letting his big "fish" get away. who definitely took on human form. Although the first he killed was described as a young two-legged male monster who was raiding for food among the houses at night. though. it is quickly seen that he fought three dragons. dragons were not winged. In the original legends of Scotland. the Scandinavians. especially the Norwegians. Well into middle age at the time. nor were they totally evil. This one was a mature fltsrng male with a poisonous bite. it could have been a syyerr (who has nvo legs) or a four-legged dragon who walked upon its hind lep or a dragon in human disguise. Scandinavia. dragons were said to live in cold seas or misty lakes. The god did not feel that way about it. as for years they had guarded their ships with dragon-headed Prows.DrNcrNc Wrru DnecoNs The god Thorr once caught the World-Serpent while fishing' Considering the power and negativity of the great serpent-dragon. and fogs. up z6 l . coming out when hungry or when there was a thunderstorm. finally killed in her spawning ground.The third dragon came later in his life. when these were not available. The second creature was a mature female. one who destroys in order to re-create. Beowulf used himself as bait to draw the last dragon out of its lair so it could be killedProbably the greatest of Northern dragons was Nidhogg (Dread Biter) who lived in Niflheim and was constantly gnawing at the World Tiee. Thorr was fortunate that his companion cut the line. storms. and was specifically listed as a dragon. This idea of destruction-resurrection extended to the Norse belief that Nidhogg stripped all corpses of their flesh. Even after conversion to Christianity. If one reads the very best of translations of the story of Beowglf. In the Northern regions.

lrith an arrow tipl rre n. they changed :: = -: ' .:.=.: heads.ratically persecuting Pagans. the body of a huee se :: =:-: :-. always menacing anc . to reir Up common as migrating birds. -:rristians had grabbed control of nearlv e\-e:-..::-..'. . ::o rringed monsters... :.Dragons in Mythology and Legend g rt I- 1ll Viking Ship's Prow '3S It en on ns. By the Middle :. -:. of an eagle..r-::: '". They described some of then ..ere as .

destmctive dragons' dragons' all of them There are many Christian references to "down with Pagan negative. This combined si$uous izedtheambiguitiesoftheuniverse. The chrisiians also portrayed rulers as evil. After their own fashion. they itualpeople."certainlynotwithoutknowledge'culturaladvancements' were very spirani scientific studies.theprocessofdestructionand even the most primitive re-creation.rirutowledgeable beasts withdrew from the physical dragons were never Lpecially in Britain and Europe' In the Orient of Europe and so consublectei to the malicious hunting practices cosmic affairs. being as a whole gregarious extroverts' dragons' treied with much more resPect and honor than other with the In Mexico the dragons of the Olmecs were pictured jaguar' and feathers' This body of a rattlesnake.* u. subconsciously understood by t dthough these cultures were primitive by our standards' p*pt . QuetzJcoatl. another is described in the draqol losing' tian tales of saints and dragons always picture they have killed dragon The Christians want you to believe that and never will destroy powe6 but this is noi so' They have not' magick or the wilY.D. which generally speaking meant of Bel and the Dragon in iaJas:' One such tale is told in the book the book of Daniel' Christhe Apocrypha. and and hungry form symbolSouth America. the Feathered 28 .whowouldhavebeenperfectlycapableofdiscovering half-jaguar carvings rePLugon po*.fr"y*". a dragonof their continent. Christianitywas quickto equate r t I I b all non-christian and their Hell. oriental tinued to involve themselves in human and have generallybeen dragons. ihe eyebrows of a common among the combination of serpent-jaguar-dragon was certain portions of civilizations of Mexico.rt their strange half-dragon' of the dragons resJnt their understanding and acknowledgement serpent. elusive dragon' "christianity dragand its admonition to hunt down and destroy these for dragon sightings' ons brought about the end of common plane' g..qNctNc Wtrs DnecoNs dragons with their Devil wyverns. central America.

he has hypnotic powers. it had to be removed before the dragon was dead. PiI- ing :eP. All legends do agree on certain characteristics concer::::-l dragons.of . --TIiJg. it is very difficult to see through his disguise unlesi :: wants you to.kinds. nts. When a dragon does appear in hu::::":: form. For the stone to hold its powers. . Legends say that you should never look a dragon i:: -*--.:. Dragons have a precious stone.lt . his real name. however.'::i his the . This stone is credited with amazing powers of mr::-.€I rn- ral len rhe May an F eathered S erp ent ::_ ai. Several -::ends from different cultures speak of the draconic abilin.olrnd rive rds. called the dracontias.ons lon- serpent figure known and revered over much of the area. :: appear in human form.: eyes. A dragon is not likely to siv: i-.uch a 29 .Dragons in Mythology and Legend il J} m tn in S- o 'b' )n OV rO- 'b :se 1€.l-::= many of the same characteristics as Oriental dragons. il --::: forehead. that would give you power over him. There is a storv of _.

However. Eating the tongue gave eloquence and the ability to win any argument. For eye diseases dragons either ate ttnnel or rubbed it on their eyes. About 1345 the Chevalier do Gozano. Several tales tell of the magickal uses of a dragon's organs and blood. John of ]erusalem. as did various other parts.@ od E tr blood" was a gum resin. the water was boiled and drunk as an antidote to poison and disease. One herbal cure used by dragons rras the eating of "balis. Medieval medicine and magick mention the use of dragon's blood many times. The liver cured certain diseases. Since dragons are not going to willingly give up their blood. able to understand the speech of birds and animals if they drank it. a compound of mercury. about the size of an olive and beautifully colored. There were said to be several sources of this material. A few legends tell of dragons suffering trom illness or eye diseases. were both called forms of dragon's blood. This species of tree is still 30 .lc Wrru DnecoNs { stone being acquired and then kept within a family for centuries.cNcrr. One of Bothvar's companions. it was said that if the dracontias was extracted after death it lost its power. the most widely used "dragon's W iFr C @ q& & hn . of the Order of St. h-. an ore rich in iron. other than from an actual dragon. The "bloodstone" hematite. magicians had to turn to other sources. and the mineral cinnabar. killed a dragon on the island of Rhodes. became a familv heirloom.D. ate a dragon's heart and became extremely brave and strong. It was said that trees which originally grew from actual spilled dragon's blood produced a reddishbrown sap of great magickal value. who was later Grand Master {. This stone. In European lore." This unknown herb was said to be stron-9 enoueh to revitalize dead dragon babies. It is unclear how he managed to ertract the dracontias before the dragon died. On several occasions this dracontias was put into \\-ater. with complete recovery by the ill person. the blood nas said to make a person invulnerable to stab rvounds if thev bathed in it. in the Danish Hrolf's Saga.

hoarc rr:::-r: ::-j ::=' ::- .. ing in and out of the clouds.::-.thewiserheis..-r : manner with various forms of the four elemen:.: : :ouble-edged sword.. southern -L:r-r :--.sickal procedures today.. The only weapon c:is:-j respect is a sword.riies.-i . -: :--=s: .r r..nowledge. In the second place.1. j Dracaena . such as ghosts and other astral cri::*:::: Depending upon the behavior of the dragons uni:: : : n:'.:ir--. -. :. : . -.: :.-.:r.---i ::i are found in the East .---.:-i:ons have also been reported in areas where other . Do not make the mistake of trying to ph1'sical"'.ena have occurred.--:.r: -: Dragons have control of deeper curren:s .:. Incisions \\-::.:-.. r-:.. but only if it is wielded by a confident mai---. who are afraid to make a decision or tak. Dragon's blooc. Please notice I say respe .-.i.. not fear.:r is strli kr:.= Dragons are long-lived. --rr--.-:: . -:: :he and the sap collected as it conqealed into res-:. -"= -..Co:.-c.. screamin.Jeradragon.-.r -: :nough to have experienced human unre.:: r::..r : ---' ..".e.l s J S -e :e .'.:-.: .rtion.=-...r:"--:.:rary islands. balanced opinion of themselves.t 1 .n Id rd I's 1r' :li11 than is usually felt by humans. He may be i'.. ::-.==:rr:.::-": . but he is also touchy ani =. ' :: . .After a-.: breathing fire."..:i draco bv botanists.: ::-: -. Oriental dragon-watchers said that it was possible to tr::i-* --:= weather and fortune of any community by studying the :::: .:::s .:'..r -::-a healthy.. ..Dragons in Mythology and Legend :. In the first place a dragon could melt th: blade like ice in a flame. I believe this is because dragons like strong humans '.. ::-.: .. They are airvai's -: ----::':::". : .:nlessyouhandlehim correctly. Dragons tend to speak in riddles and symbols.:.: --: sky in which a dragon appeared and the way it behar-ec.!.: .s-..'-. attack with the sword.-::r :: .: r .: : -. their appearance can be considered an omen of q. --..--s=:. ::s. or : . They do not care L-: vacillating humans. responsibility. the dragon is an astral 31 . :. 1. who is prepared to stand his ground. i*-. straight answers whenever possible. fighting with another dragon..

dissect.DaucrNc Wrtrl DzulcoNs JI :l iltL Dragon Design from a Garment Hopeh.iiilulilt0ilfiil 'illfdMlil '. Ixril:ilrrlr-: 'i llliiilitrlltrt lll illlrllll0llllllllll[ . As one can see by the legends. Han Dlnasty J { 1nr .i The sword is only for magickal gestures. incapable of being actually harmed by a physical weapon. or vanquish everything they do not understand.10 . it is no wonder that they now choose to stay away from humans. Considering a dragon's intelligence. and even a lot of what they do understand. vast storehouse of dragon magick and power is still available if a magician will take the time to learn how to approach dragons and their deep magickal energies. there was a time when dragons materialized from the astral into the physical plane on a fairly regular basis.ll creature. rili . But that wonderful. Most humans want to control.lllllllllll|lrr l|lml ilurus J2 .

or should you avoid the partnership? I assume' since you have read this far. a belief in their llo\rers as co-magicians that is _lafor backed by r. should :eh. use So how does one go about JJ . exactly why they are choosing to work magick at any given time. \ piqued your interest enough to rtant to work with them. \\'ant to ierstand.n thar i hare a deep respect and lo'e -Ilt dragons. without any cover-ups. rick and :arn how finding dragons? And how do you their power? should you do co-magick with dragons. indeed every person who even uses prayer. This understanding is vitally necessary in order to assess the end-result of the spellworking.ears of personal e. Every magician. constantly walks the fine line between an overinflated ego and an appreciation of her/his self-worth.xperience. dragons rirly regrder that . And I hope I have -<. that you either already practice some form of magick or are seriously contemplating doing so. If you are experiencing any doubt about your worthiness (Goddess forbid!) to work in the area of magick. She/he understands. Han Dynasty rreapon.w Fnnhlng$ni iHllsrhing tuit\ Ftognns be ob'ious b'no'. any area of magick. the type of magick used. you have some serious work to do on your self-image and the programming you have undergone that created your poor self-image.

know it and oe ai rr'ith it if there is negative programming or intentions that are selfish and unjustified. particularh' in the areas of protection and the removal of evil. I have yet to meet an "evil" dragon. To re-establish a positive flow of this power. dragons will take advantage of anyone who vacillates in her/his commitment or who is unclear about their intent of a ritual. A gooo magician is neither white nor black. But. and eventually the entire world. She/he knows that all changes begin within the self. A good effective magician is n'hat I call gray. she/he has to be brutally honest about real intents and purposes for using any type of magick in the first place.r.Nctxc \\rtlri DnecoNs and the consequenc.D. What others think ot a magician's reasons is not important. a majority of individuals must desire and seek the balance and improvement. taking in countries. 4 34 . a disruption of the powers flowing from the Earth and humans to dragons and back again. when the self becomes balanced. or it will not occur.s that may be forthcoming for certain actions. they do not pay the penalties. the magician cannot afford any lingering doubts as to her/his right to ask help from these powerful entities.' iihat is deep within her/his own mind and heart. When the community becomes balanced. gain the advantages of the rituals. Like many other beings. the magician must kno'. physical and nonphysical. one who understands completely the consequences of actions and is willing to do what is necessary. although I have encountered a few who distrust humans so much that one must take special care when working with them. An effective magician knows her/himself like no one else does. but especially so when practicing dragon magick. However. this spreads further. the magician does not join every fanatical group out picketing and rioting. the immediate atmosphere and community are affected. Dragons become "evil" only when there is an imbalance of energies. as with all things. In dragon magick. Like ripples in a pond. or know exactly what thai magician may think and feel.

The laws of the universe do not allow anything to remain static.. Then you look at your reasons for wishing to practice dragon magick with an objective and critical eye. Change is one of the few constants of universal law. When you feel comfortable with these steps. b 11 rr t- :- v :s b )t /s n Iis re course not! But if you desire a conrinued companionship with them. If you could become that perfect. and learn from dragons? Of o . You perform certain actions that arou-. you must strive to better 1'ourseh. Every magician and spiritual seeker should be aware that there is no such thing as complete perfection within the human body and mind 100 per cent of the time. and only then. and make this etfort an on-going project.e their curiosity and will draw them to your vicinity. non-moving. therefore. some form of being that can continue to evolve to the next higher stage of life.": 35 . in order to confirm to the laws of the universe. contact. you would no longer inhabit a physical body. or nongrowing. Perfection is static in whatever form it currently has. balance the ebbs and tides of energies within you. setting aside time and place to communicate -.Seeking and Working with Dragons 1 e g Does this mean that unless vou are perltct in all levels of your being that you cannot attract. You bear: a mental welcome. that perfect form must evolve into something else. you begin building an atmospherr that will attract dragons. So how does one go about finding dragons? You begin by learning as much about dragons and their magickal habits as possible.

thought or deed. The only solution to using the pendulum is to let him tire of his game before attempting to g€t a reliable answer. nothing is cast in concrete. They may well have been there al1 the time.i l l I 36 . He and his companions like to peer over my shoulder during tarot readings. .rften appear as little voices or faces and forms in the mind. He either pats it with a claw or mentally sends it spinning in nonsense directions." Guardian dragons. as one would with a small.rnr: io simpiy touch your psychic "feelings. As with all magickal procedures. You har-e to cast aside social taboos on "seeing" things and know rvith '. They may even forego these types of appear. you just did not notice them. and self-discipline. Most dragons tend to be s. either singly or several at a time. one of our guardian dragons likes to play with my crystal pendulum. but there are certain aspects of these procedures which can- . \ientally invite the dragons to make their presence knorin br. but especialh' during meditation or magickal rituals. even if you cannot see them with your physicai eves or prove their existence to someone else. And you have to belier-e they exist. Since dragons are masters at concealment this is not surprising. One just has to be patient with them. if r-ou rvish to atrract draeons.:btle in their first contacts with humans. These smaller dragons detight in sharing the vibrations of tarot and rune readings and other psychic practices. muttering their own interpretations all the while. They love the power flow of ritual and will make an appearance just to bathe in the energy. the easiest to conteci.'our heart that dragons do exist.DnNcrNc WrrH DnecoNs them on the astral lei-el through mental visualization and speech. curious child. learning to work within a specific set of magickal laws in order to consistently attract and elicit the help of dragons. selfcontrol. They may choose to make l1 appearance in dreams or as flashes of movement seen in the i:ripheral vision. Drasons mav shon up unannounced at any time. You have to be willing to practice a great deal of patience. Be sensitive and extra a\\-are of what is occurring around you.

unless you have evil thoughts and intentions within yourself. But negative energy has received a lot of bad press. S e a rf rf not be eliminated or changed to any great extent without disturbing the flow of magickal power. The magician reahzes that sometimes. George and the Dragonby Carlo Crivelli t :l t . indeed for the universe to stay in existence. What most people mean by using negative energy is the deliberate use of this type of power against another human. Not all dragons are of positive magick. And the Goddess knows that evil thoughts and intentions exist within those who are totally against magick! It is easy for people to understand what positive energy is and does. Both positive and negative aspects of many things besides energy are needed to create.. I dislike using the words "good" or "evil. and after great deliberation of 37 .1 SmaII Dragon from Sr.li . Negative energies have nothing to do with evil.Seeking and Working with Dragons w !t*l 'r{." because negative power is just as important to the existence of life as is positive power.

pro_ vide encouragement and guidai.ration and companionship of dragons? Because their w]sdor' J. of course. E r.u. u'tr"_"rrdous force... dangerous fanatics. does not produce mirac_ ulous results without work.ugo. casting aside the magickar rarvs for rvorking with dragon pou/er is certain to get you into troubre..J....-. an extremery difficurt state of mind to reach.n"y . unemotional ---.. *"r"ns..lik.a'i t. involve_ ment.r. boundless. by means of their extremely long lives and unique thought_pro..rrii.._ental_type energies are unequaled.u. the human invorved must desire those changes.rght and puniJ. ::::: nesati'e energy can be justified.k. ciru-e dealers..r.r. calling upon and senci:.i* to make personal. and seriar hrre. ch'd abuse^. attitude after trying to work with humans thou. Arowing such er ir ro contin_ ue to exist unrestrained is potentiaty harmdr" consequence.y beast who' rike manr. rends ro rook out for him/her_ self first' Dragons rikerr-der erop.r.s.. the magician must end the ritual with detached. _ugi.sand..h.t...rr".a .o society as a whole in the final analysis.fr. are in the areas of rapists... uro urra finding that puny mortals were unreliable. Why bother cultivating thioop. E'en the most positive-dragon is aw.". to"drgotten 38 . oi1-. The besi exumpl. Tuning yourself in to dragon power for magick is discussed in gteater depth in later chapters..::: --_: ::s decision to use this type ot.:rl. amplifiring a magician's ability to new heights.u...li?"r.rr* back the magician into a d. But your attitude toward the exis_ tence of dragons must be the first big step in preparation for meet_ ing them. r. create opportunities.s and the true reasons beh.tpru . Helping to remove past negative programming or serf-destructive habits is welr within the abilities of dragons.. Dragon magick.humans. They have access.rr. The power of dragons i. beaters... .. often treacherouq allies..rp. .u.^n. . uff -ugi.. working magick to get these offend".-roour. io.. O. . possible Dragon power also helps tt. inner changes that may be necessary.information and knowledge. .'.

keeping what feels right to her/him and discarding the rest. But they will never. Werner (New York: Brentano's. dragons make excellent protectors. Once befriended. Dragon magick is only for the self-disciplined seeker who realizes the potential dangers. n.love. 39 . powerful fellow-magicians. knowledge-seeking magician weighs all possibilities for use in her/his magick.) rf e lr n k.d. and a desire for true friendship. It is an asset for those who can give trust (not blindly. but with common sense).C. never) do for you what you can and should do for yourself. Dragon magick is not for all. 3r Y'e es se rc- 'o- )a figurative corner so that she/he must face problems and make decisions.'\ \ Emperor Ki Harnassing Dragon Power from Myths 6 Legends of Chinaby E.T. It is for the magician who is serious about changing her/his life and the living space around her/him. A true.Seeking and Working with Dragons . yet dares to communicate with and befriend this vast astral power of the ages.

or try to manipulate and control dragons. although I have not personally experienced this. and partrcularly black dragons) are evil. If you pro\-e a danger to dragons..tith dragons. Explain carefully and politely that you are attempting to remedy the situation. In the matters of self-protection or bringing iustice down upon dangerous members of society. common sense tells you that such behavior will terminate the friendship and cause other magicians to cease their cooperation.DeNcrNc WrrH DRacorus If you use dragon magick for unjustified purposes.n mind rvhy you feel this discomfort. Perhaps the actual roc: of the discomfort is a bit of programming struggling to make itseli rert and keep control over your activities. become clear in . controiling your thoughts and actions when you least expect it.r. but at this time you just do not feel that the two of you can work positively together. The dragon will understand. The first dragons I saw were the huge elemental ones who appeared one night about a week before we discovered that some q . perhaps even to work against you. First. A black dragon produces this feeling in people who have been taught that dragons. -t a draqon makes you uncomfortable.ersation with the dragon. so I suppose it can also happe: -. it is very likely that \-ou r:e noi read'r'et to work with its energies. I have never known a dragon to stay where it is not welcome. I have absoiutely no second thoughts about employ'ing dragons. What if you have attracted a draeon or dragons who make you feel uncomfortable? I have knorr n '.s :o occur with other spiritual guides. The further into the subconscious'ou dig.-311 o-. the more you are amazed at what is in there. Perhaps the dragon's .oloring has triggered old conditionings. set aside a time for a brief meditation and mental conr. they are likely to enspell you to such a poinr that 'our magick does not work. As to manipulation and control.4 q[ 40 .r. you can expect a terrific negative backlash. If you still feel uncomfortable. one simply does not do that *'ith friends and co-magicians. Project as much good will as you can.

By the time the ATF forces. are u are tions A Black Dragon by Johann Melchior Dinginger. all color' . And. 1701-S ned:lully )ut at posiagon :itis rvho some bikers up the road were operating a meth lab. )-ou 'tisa ntrol d old rvho s. 41 . They are still with us. the dragons had put up very strong defenses around our propern-. joining in rituals and s:i.: : sizes of dragons made appearances. the arrests near us were quiet. although some of their members shot it out with officials in ano -ler location. FBI.Seeking and Working with Dragons ilti\-e io'. At no time did we have any problems with the bikers. and local law enforcement descended upon the area.:' ly hanging about the house. After that. lomtship e\-en Like\-OU 3 il-ituugh I )ou rqork .n-n rond :trol.

I wish you a safe journey into drag"dgo on countrr'.'on the unknown of their maps. Go prepared to wrest ntrat you nznt from the astral plane. and you will be pleasantlv surprised at the knowledge you will learn.. rvhatever plane of existence they were on. venturing no further. and willing to take the risk for the sake of discovering something new Like the old mapmakers who wrote "Here be dragons. others looked upon this as opportunity.br n€rl I teu thzt ifft andl urhd {h€n icke inp firnl ual a 42 lii ft di . Tiavel into dragon @untr!. Dance with the dragons in their endless round of energy. . pr Pnr ITG$ th€r s.rtith caution. profitable voyages of discovery.*t DeNcrNc Wrtn DRecoNs + # 4 il I * Ancient mapmakers drew dragons at the edges of their maps to denote unknown territolv that explorers entered at their own risk. Exploring trafus rto rrere rvilling to listen and bargain a bit always had the most slrccessftd. \rbuld-be conquering invaders have never been met with friendship. C'o prepared for a fantastic voyage on which you can make nert. and you may well (and very tikel!' rrll. and friendship in your hearc Theiourne\ rtill be rr-ell rtorth it. fully accepting the responsibility of their actions. an open mind. Some explorers took this quite literally.ffends and magick-working partners. and feel all areas of your life lifted into ne% powerful realms. ha'e an unprofitable journey filled with unpleasant qeri€nc€s.

Once you firmly have the event or result in your mind. consistency of practice.k. an absolute when working with dragons. for any type of magick to become truly effective. you must learn how to vividly picture in your mind the event or result that you wish to happen. The imagination and daydreamin g are a negative practice if they occupy most of your life and time.il'l.l"HT:.TI: ness rto in can disregard certain rules.]Li'. However. the most common of which is that use of the imagination and daydreaming are not productive and good.to . All of these are important components of any magickal system.. you perform your ritual and then release the mental energF for manifestation. ethics.ff :l.ff l?:. absolute truthful- with yourself. You need to know how to \lLilyou practice visualization and self-discipline. and meditation. if you daydream about what you want to happen instead of planning and taking action. And there must be an exchange of energies while working. Visualization begins with unlearning many so-called value systems shoved on us by other people.T::11. then you are avoiding responsibility. 43 . hsiOf he ro'D an be Frognnffistuer in ffiogich ith of est :r)' lnt ret crrad ?fl ff l#:.

propertr'.::::'!: . -'1 ::: n3ant tO lOVe yOU.::f I USe magiCktO make --:=::. will simply not be interested in helping. If it is a half-hearted wish with little emotional intensitybehind it... theyWOUld al-rea..'-:. Either way. dabble in controlling other people or indulge in questionable personal behavior. ..'::tt:o.:: . life.::.:::. If sci::. lust.'are not the love of your life ercept rn ---.-. The truth is never hidden from these creatures..:::.k h": :'=:::: ::^.= --..::::"::. and life On the SUb=.. truthful look at their ulterior motives.-:-" i'. it is not worth the misery. ---.il.s::-. A magician must sincerely desire what she/he is asking for in ritual. --:::: . These intense emotions tend to cloud judgment. One of the worst things a magician can do is take something arvav from another person by means of maerck.--. greed. In fact. either bringing an emotional backlash on the magician or causing deliberate harm to others.-'--.:e definitely not interested in started Self-discipline and ethics go together.: -:.agician considering such a dark use of maq:.:-:r: ::=.:l ::--' :.. r:. A magician should not.onlrOl arOtl:::'s :=:--":r. which in itself brings an eventual backlash on the magician.f :i -: :-. This includes h:alth.. 44 . : :::.::-.:eedom to choose.. how would you feel? The second part i: :::: use of magick is that the magician must release the emotions ani desire after the ritual is finished. for his/her own good. :-::-. and anger should not control what a magician does during his/her rituals.-=-:-::1. To constantly think about rrhat lou \vant accomplished after the ritual is ended binds the energies to \-ou and they cannot manifest.:--: . To con- '=.!-: :-----: r-::-.::'"" S-.--.DaucrNc Wrru DRecorus taking awa\'\-ou: :::s. these undesirable emotions should not control any part of a magician's life. or any other entities for that matter.: -:. And do not think you can put one over on spiritual or astral plane entities because they can see straight through to the truth.::---: -j'. ---. high fOf dOingthiSkind O: :::.::--.ld-SO iS the tfUglOVe :: :::-" --:= :-.". --:-.-a. ]ealousr'.-: :. or freedom.. the dragons. \ err ot-t::: i:d that beginning -. a long.:: . enry.--.-.

D )fe (e Id ld fe rk or ed el? rst nIis rIl- A Disinterested Wwern 45 .:- d )t n h rg 3S lo .

I have ne\-er knol'n any magician who reached perfection in this area. Playing at ritual magick. is eoine to do all the rvork for nothing and 1et vou sit tr -. ::'. we will not be able to prove "scientifically" what they are.'rtii r:nds.:. No entitv or companion.U DnrcOn-S stantly talk about your desires..-. \r-.'-:'. emotional involvement." \fe ": includes what is in both the physical and astral realms. -:-=:= -s :-: s:'. or you may not understand how these po\{ers and energies n'ork. or to talk about the rituals you are performing to get them. A magician believes in them because she/he sees the results of their use... whether of this plane or another. sooner or later comes to the conclusion that magick is a very serious practice. Dragons are attracted bv the enerci:.':11 -. But we magicians know they exist.:. and so on. dragons rvill not be interested in adding their vast energies to yours. riill surely keep them from manifestation.. To want something so much you can taste it and vet not care if you get it is avery difficult mood to cultivate.t.: :L:ll'.. particularly dragon magick. runes. dream analysis. They cultivate the senses.-.'ou re right. - -::J L .r. Without mental concentration.::. mental..1. and intensity of purpose.:. in other words energies. They learn to read their own intuitive feelings and the vibrations of others. emotional.'. crystal reading. Every magician who wishes to be effective in ritual and manifestation. f u . which *.. li. physical working.:.t. They practice what are commonly called the psychic arts: tarot. b:iie'. _. a kind of astral I .l rS impOrtant in anykind Of ::r":--..: '.:-i:... and spiritual planes for any spellworking to result in a manifestation.: -*:-ri :ilual.. but getting as close to it as possible is what is important.. There must be an exchange of energies between the physical. 46 .iitE: "If r-ou believe you can. They learn to set aside time for study and self-improvement through meditation. :---:: -::-'. will not get you anywhere. .:-'. especially observation. -.t*tSi. '. we may not be able to describe them to anyone else.n i... who desires to grow and expand in knowledge.'. the pendulum.'.

from The Nerv Golc=--.( )Vl. Andromeda. and the Sea-Dragoit by Sandra Tabatha Cicero. . - . lis Tarot Card Showing Perseus.] tr .-_l TI I].

I have known people who received messages to leave a spouse. improve the physical and mental. This tvpe of behavior brings us back to self-discipline and bal::r-: --r :h: n-rasician's life.-::.. Through magick and ritual the magi:i::: :.:. H.. . oftentimes the person loses her/his sense of reality and what is important at that moment. and spiritual can become unbalanced.-:--.:::.lll .::: ::-: :::: cesires is theirs alone. and a better sense of timing in Ofde: :.:S :a J:.4 .3." meaning since they are "spiritual" they need do nothing but meditation and ritual and hold out their hands. The physical. full of stress and problems.c: :ie :r:si. It is also a time for listening.-:-: : :. Having to live in a demanding physical world. move completely across country.ian r'-ith a magick lamp full of instant rvish fulfillmentr neither *'i11 anr other entity.: :*'.-. I believe that meditation performed from one or three times a rveek is very beneficial and not so much that it begins to blur the line between the physical and spiritual realms. We see this all the time with people who sit back and say "God/Goddess will provide. quit a job. a time rrhen spiritual guides and entities can bring valuable information. and that includes God/Goddess.lor 3Jirr-rr :.tllortunitres. or even through divination or other avenues of the psychic. t- 48 .*. Those who followed these messages without further clarification and the use of good common sense generally found themselves in a worse situation than they had been in before.-:-" S:: he knOWS the responsibiiitr. Shelhe uses medita- tion to relieve stress.::U:-:-:r.DnNcltrc WIrH DnecoNs Meditation is important for the magician. ---:::1.:-ll-. although some are.rievef.--: :. She/he ne\-ef e\p. mental. and other drastic things. Whatever advice a person receives during meditation. makes meditation a very enticing way to escape. alleviate emotional upheavals..-:--. I am not an advocate of daily meditation.---l-.l:r. and above all clarifl' herihrs needs into the proper forms. must be filtered through good common sense. The dragons rrili not proi.

for the sick rvoman). through use of the tarot and other divination. Rebecca was struggling along as a sometime mistress. you should not blindly follow such advice from anyone ever!The old law of "as above.i other which ended up in court when her brother had her charge. who was happily married. even though they were selfish. We have perpetrators of evil and malicious troublemakers here. She became so obsessed with this "love" that she began to use controlling love spells. Since the check rta' actually for her mother's benefit (Rebecca was totally responsiblewithout pay. their perceptions of physical life can often be totally unusable for us. but did not follow the ethical la-. personal guardian. so below" means just what it says. She and her brother had a long-standing dislike for ::. Too many people erroneously assume that once a person dies. and generally made a fool of herself. they turn into a good. The last I heard.u. She dropped all efforts to find a job.Dragon Power in Magick I call a fence-sitter in magick. There is no difference in whether you call this entity your Develop your relationship with your spiritual 49 .t it-' try to get what she wanted. caring.': magick. Rebecca hired a lawyer. moved into the lawyer's town. Not every entity on the spiritual or astral planes is of a high character. although she should have chosen another way to get the money.l with forging a check on her mother's account. she decided that she was in love with this man. one must take care not to make them into something they are not. She usec . She informed me that a spirit. uncaring. . in fact. Creatures totally born of the astral do not think as we do. You would not blindly follow such advice from just anyone in the physical. so obviously the spiritual and astral planes do also. To fight the charges. In the course of events. Being physically dead does not change a person's character. told her that this love was meant to be. unprovided for and unhappy. reliable spirit. and cruel while in the physical body. her actions were not without a Rebecca was what good motive. As to the departed spirits who once lived in the physical.

..':-. and are there waiting for you when you die.*: -. :r . The guardian dragon does not automatically come into this life with ).'orkinq r'-ith a particular dragon on specific issues in vour liie.ou as does your t' -u '. and only you.:-: -..:. Dragons are much the same as other astral entities. Other guides and teachers come and go as you progress and have a need oftheir special expertise. although I have yet to rneet an "evil" dragon.. ---:-.hat is vital to your growth and advancement may exceed your present abilities to perform.. After listening to their advice. : -. Before rejecting : ::.. :i draqons who are attracted to you will be the ones -"".i:::-..'-:.. Their view of rr.-Ll 'J i '-1 :t 't' il 'a . :-: . See chapter i3 for more in-depth information on this. \\'tr u DnacoNs guardian angel or your spirit guide or an astral teacher.:= :.:. And always look at the end results sure to occur from taki:: :. carefully consider if you can or should make the changes now or at all.D.rl -.-i:re vou received the advice you decide to follow.':. even though 1'ou tall short at times.::--*:: -:a :::Ching and feSUltS in large dOSeS.. the dragons will be patient.'-.: t:.i: :::isses trf immediate and upheaving change. As long as you are trying. Be certain that vou are not holding back because of fear of the unknown or simple l:ziness. You. try to guide you throughout life.tion. the physical is simply a hindrance that they tend to ignore.': :-:: ::--i::-r rrfter Vou at the present time. they will remain rvith r ou throughout your physical lifetime. Be brutally truthi.-:. . regard--s s . this can be done).. maxe an honest effort..-: -i:rL'rtional and mental inability to withstand the :r.. Unless you drive these personal guardians away by evil.*:-..1 50 . dur Si::. . . but your personal guardian can be a lifelong friend and companion. You can also acquire a personal dragon guardian. be pr:-:-s:.=. r \.: :t:: . totalh' se1fish behavior (and yes. but ilt :-: :. :::::::i lou need rlhat the dragon OffefS. !\tren r-ou do start :.". To dragons.-::::: . are responsible for your life. They help you through the birth experience when you enter this rvorld.1: rh: he has to teach you.a:e tbr a mOdified lesson pian.:-. -' :::..-:.l-.

influence. an engraving. they are very serious about protecting you and your property.Dragon Power in Magick s Guardian Dragons Tend to Be Fun-Loving Creatures from S/. just as one would choose a close friend. n. Although you can attract guardian dragons by cultivating certain attitudes and atmospheres. !:I 5 d tr s re lr In 1r spiritual guardian. George. You might think of them as a spiritual watch-dog with boundless energy. Cultivating their friendship helps when dealing during ritual with the other dragons. 51 . Although guardian dragons tend to be fun-loving creatures who enjoy a good laugh. it is a personal choice by that dragon (or dragons). they can show up without any encouragement at all. and power.d. who enjoy their own brand of practical jokes and the company of humans and animals. full of curiosity and mischief. They are gregarious little creatures.

and seeing them manifest. no more so than are humans. gives a budding magician greater trust in her/his inner powers. Water dragons help stabilize emotions. and point you in the right direction to discover love and friendship. according to the intent oi:he rltual. for example. with one la:ticular dragon-aspect predominating. When the physical body and the surrounding area in which the magician must live and work are well and cared for. Even individual dragons within a subspecies have identifoing characteristics. a nagician must knort'her. Their appearances vary according to the subspecies to which they belong. as draconic abilities overlap in many areas.Lbor-e all. There cannot be any self-delusion if ritual is to be effectir-e and positir-e in nature. Dragons connected with the element of Fire. when there is less struggle and strife in life. Working on physical needs and desires. heal emotional pain. Different species of dragons have different abilities and interests. Earth dragons are interested in the acquiring of material possessions and the accomplishment of goals. Wind and Air dragons are creatures of creative and mental aspects. the other dragon powers are not likely to be so cooperative. These are very general descriptions of dragon interests and abilities. and t-ace thern squarelr-. Not all dragons are the same. . It is best to work with a balance of types of dragons. as do their special talents. They each have their own personalities. markings. Dragons can be even more individualistic than we are. and this is not a bad or wrong procedure./hrmse1f. then the next logical 52 . or those of fire and volcanoes. all the good and bad habits.Dnucrrrrc WrrH DnacoNs If you do not develop the friendship of your guardian dragon. And why would anyone want their rituals to be negative uhen there will eventually be such a price to pay? The magician may choose to begin working dragon magick as an effort to better the physical life. are primarilr' effective in getting things moving or tearing down impossible barriers. and bodily appearances.

how we react to the choices of others around us) even to our being here in the first place. step for the balanced person is to seek spiritual rin )ns the .Dragon Power in Magick he ns. when the very foundation of magick and ritual is finally uncovered.of my ith the md :lurhy rill (as )ng ing rhis lin for. If you make a wrong decision. change it and learn from the experience. the magician finds that allritual and ryellnurking is meant to be a means for spiritual growth and developmenr Whether or not we choose to follow that upward path is an individual responsibility. \4re are each responsible for our choices in life. uy Pe- 3n- )ns erEre ing Air ag- enlightennenr After all. Dancing with the dragons can make this life-path a little easier and a lot more interesting. ical 53 . \\re have no right to place any blame on others for what is going wrong in our lives.

Set Slaying Apep 54 .

If you look at ancient Egyptian paintings of Horus and his Sun Boat sailing over Apep. The pictures show the god Set "staking" or guiding Apep by a series of rods driven into the ground. serpent of the Underworld and the dead or winter season. the dragon is always killed by a faithful saint or hero.p rugnn'xWrwthl in t\n 7$. you become aware that the word "killing" has another meaning. and the land in general. A similar practice is still used to control or change the Earth's energy in certain areas of the world in the belief that out-ofcontrol dragon energy adversely affects humans. and read the ancient stories of these daily and seasonal voyages. But a great many of the legends were in existence long before the christians came along. if you are a-)at u reading Christianized stories of dragons.urtL1 f)+t any of the old legends speak of killing the dragon.oF- . 55 . the real meaning of this term is clarified when one is l told that the dragon continued to live. therefore the term "killing" must mean something far different than destroying your religious rivals. Of course. animals. this is a less than subtle reference to Christianity "killing" Paganism. crops. Some4 ll Fl times. sometimes called Apophis.

DeNcrNc Wrru DRecoNs

The Chinese emphasized the importance of controlling the "dragon's breath" in architecture and landscape. This is still a respected belief in Hong Kong and other places having Chinese communities. There are professionals adept at finding imbalances of the dragon's breath, and they are in demand, not only by home owners, but by businessmen. If a series of unexplained illnesses or misfortunes strikes a business, for instance, the owner will go through the ordinarr-procedures to discover the cause. Ifthere is nothing found, or nothing appears to alleviate the problems, he will send for a person skilled in detecting a disruption of dragon's breath; this person is called a Feng-shui diviner. A visit to the premises is made. This Feng-shui diviner sometimes uses a special magnetic compass that has as many as 38 concentric rings around the needle. Each ring is divided into special traditional measurements of space and time. The diviner takes sightings along what are called the veins of the dragon. These veins are raised features of the landscape, such as trees, rocks, watercourses, valleys, etc. Within buildings, the diviner considers such things as doorways, halls, the directions of corners, and so on. Any iecommendations made bythe diviner are implemented with great s:r-o":sness. If possible, a small garden, aligned in certain ways, is Eac; c.i:s-ce tor the dragon of the region. Inside, a shrine is placed i' a p:r-it;ila: ;"-rner or area to accommodate the reigning draconic :;-:::. )::S,::r -nases are placed in both the garden and the shrine to i:c::..:::e cil:o:l. ald also to remind it of its good fortune to be reccs:r-z3i a:lc c'"'en respect br the human residents. Althougl culr-;.res :n t:e rest of the rvorid may scoff at this, the Chinese businessman r*-ill tell r-ou that the problems have ceased and business has impror ed. The Chinese rvord for dragon's breath is sha, a term which may correspond to what European dowsers call "black radiations." For the past 50-60 years European dowsers have traced lines of black radiation which seem to follow underground water-bearing


Dragon's Breqth in the Eqrth




or "black


These black streams produce an


energy imbalance in the Earth, affecting the landscape, its r.e*e-



tation and crops, and


he )n's




animals that lir-e frequent the area.

Dowsers say that this imbalance ofenergy can be caused br-quar-

rying, cutting through hills for
roads or building, landslides. etc. Feng-shui Ditiner at His Compass Like an acupuncturist "stakins'' a node on an acupuncture meridian to restore balance in the human body, these dowsers stake the black streams ir ith iron rods. In Chinese terms, they are restoring the Yin and \-ang of the land rvhere the dragon's breath has turned sour or norious. This staking or guiding the dragon's Earth energies may have been an ancient art rvhich both balanced and collected these energies within a specific place. Dragons are connected in legends with mazes, spirals,labyrinths, and hills, coiling around or within them. It is possible that the terraced and spiraled hills, the circles of stones, indeed the single monoliths, were a method of controlling and directing this dragon energy. With the spiraled mounds and labyrinths the energy would have been guided into the center of the structure where it would have been of use to initiates who understood its great potential and power. In legends this guideri dragon energy would be symbolizedby the dragon coiling arounc a hill and squeezing the hill into its spiral form, such as in the 1r.ends of the Wormington Hill and Bignor Hill dragons in E:--::The Vurm of Shervage Wood was said to lie in and out ar:::-: -*--: trees of its area, its winding coils marking the bound::-;: -: :.-: ancient so-called campsite. Archaeologists have io:: :.-=: -*--:x.



rter;uch ^{ny

;S, iS



I the forrts.

;, the



black :aring

D.irctrc \Vrru Dnlcors

spiral-marked areas ancient campsites, although common sense tells you that they could not be defended from inr-aders. This dragon energT- may be a form of static eiectrical energy flowing naturally through the Earth. It would explain the strange sensations one gets rrithin specific areas) especiallv in rvhat are calied sacred spots. The sensations range from tingling in the fingers' spine, or back of the neck to a grear sense of peace to an unidentifiable strange feeling. whatever this energy is, it is extremely strong rvherever it is concentrated into a contained area, such as the center of a stone circle or a spiral. There are other places, commonll'called power spots or power-sinks, where this energy appears to rise from the ground without any human-made structures. These porver spots cover a specific area ofground and have definite edges rvhere the energy phenomena cease to exist. Barrow mounds have long been associated with strange happenings. It may be that the priests of the original builders knew now-forgotten techniques of situating these sites over power flows so that they collected and stored the energy as would batteries. -\mong the celts, it was a common practice for trained seers to s:=ld the night on such a mound or grave and communicate with :5: :;,i. :rther to gain information from the past or predict the :*:-:.. -: :.s :::r documented several times within the last few C,-I:.:L:-:S. ::.::'"".':::t : ::::O.,t mOUnd tvaS Opened, Strange and ViO_ lent:h::::;=::::::----: - --*:::: sc.-: a*errr"ards, It rvould appear that there oras .::-:.s= :: s,-:_:.-:: .::tr:ieined ener-q\., and that the release .,r-as d.-'l= -:. i - -:_ I ,". :-. :_i -... :: u t'ri sate tor such a build_up. Many'old srir-=s::-- ci the ciragon using a regular path, whether by air or ra:c. -,',-1.ne\-er it journel.ed from one place to another. These paths-,rrre not necessarily in straight lines. it is possible that these dragon paths followed underground streams of energy that mo'ed from one sinkhole of energy to another. In his book Folklore of prehistoric sites in Britain, L.v. Grinsell tells of a mysterious light commonly seen moving from a cairn at


Torhou coverei ir-ould s


sat's tha grort- ;fi

Earth e: dragon




Dragon's Breath in the Earth






his lde rnd




the teiv


Dragon in Labyrinth



eto It is
ams r.




Torhousetie to a water conduit and back; the conduit had been covered with a stone slab taken from the cairn. In this instance it would seem that the cairn slab had become so magnetized that the energy set up a new line of flow from the sinkhole (cairn). Legend says that when the dragon's blood is spilled, no vegetation rvill grow there. Dowsers say that if something goes wrong with the Earth energy, the same thing happens. One story about spillec dragon blood is connected to the bare spot called Dragon l{jl . which lies just below the White Horse at Uffington in Berkh.:=





TheAnglo-Saxons spoke c:.:--,:r-- :-:. :- ::l<.fn Earth energywhen thev said dr:s::.. -'-:=: .r --:-.:-t :-::j:.r rrotect hoards of tfeasurc. Tf.=-= .::.' :. -. . -:L :::-..* :..- .-= ,..nne;ted with burral :r!i;:r:s-,.,:--: :-: --:._- --S'ti..:s called dragon hil1s. The C.-:s. ----:-- -'-i=:'-::r.. ;:c' lle \orse all said that lvere-fire burned abo-,': :le 5airor'-s r''here treasure was buried. It may well be that the ancient peopies knew where the energy streams ran and built burial mounds over them for some specific reason. The grave goods in barrows over such energy streams would absorb that energy, particular if they were made of gold or silver. In the Mabinogion, there is a story of Peredur, son of Efrawg, who refers to a Welsh barrow that is guarded by a Worm. The Mabinogion is filled with symbolic stories that can be interpreted on a spiritual level. On the physical plane, the burial treasure was considered to be magickally charged. Perhaps the treasure in the dragon lairs really meant spiritual treasure which could be discovered through the use of the streams of "dragon" energy. Physical treasure which has been removed from such mounds often carries with it strange vibrations which precipitate very weird events. The ley lines, which have been mapped in Britain proper, may well be streams of positive dragon energF, while the black streams would be imbalanced energy flows of the same type of force. I sus-

England. There is another such legend connected with a bare spot near Aller in Somerset. The conquering Christians were quick to take advantage of these power spots. They had a policy of building churches to St. Michael the dragon-killer over these old sites, some of them in very uniikely places. Both Glastonl *:\ and Burrowbridge in Somerset have churches to St. \i-::ael atop them. Other churches are built in the most illog:;.-. out-of-the-way places, areas far from towns or even roai'. ^ :e :e is absolutely no reason for siting the church in .*:.^ .:: rsolated place except to cover a power spot kno-,r-: :a : - a :,.:ns.

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Dragon's Breath in the Earth







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the ovical

The Old Straight Track

from The Ley Hunter's Manualby Alfred Watkins (1927)

rms ;us-

pect that these underground Earth energy streams crisscross the planet and can be found in every country, if a magician is willing to put forth a little effort to discover them. We have always assumed that such lines of energy existed only in Britain with only the occasional power spot to be found elsewhere. I feel certain that magicians



::lzed that there were specific.:::. th.t-: :t:.--j.the feel of real dragOn enerSJ'. a rela-. Diaination by Magic by Noud van den Eerenbeemt (york Beach.ssarily run in straight lines nor will you find that they are commonl-. ME: samuel weiser. exist e\-el. rr'hich -.ere identical in many ways to the energy put forth b. . Eaerybody's Doznser Book by Ona C. ." Therefore. Evers (San Rafael.-. CA: Onaway publications.DeNcnqc WrrH DRc. For dowsing" )'ou can use a pendulum or dowsing rods. it means that dragon energy has specific floi.::--.'? \o. The Complete Book of Dowsing €t Di. ::agonsidentical enough to call these underground s::.:--:--.:-: {r-roi\.r--.:::_: :'..:::::::r: . ley lines.:-li.' rLr r:ld these energy streams is to dowse for them.': i. . There are very likely others which I have not read that are just as good."t:-s tb. : .- neighborhorc.:3 porr-erfui yet. give yourself \0ur s. These lines do nor nec.iir erted by Crystal Pendulum humans or natural changes in the i.it-.'..' is merely random flows of Earth electricai enei. Water florvs ca: :..::: ::t:o these natural reservoirs of power. neither of which have to be professionally made.. rather like streams and rivers. 1985).'.'.-known. lines of iragon energy in your own .:d so can dragon energy. 1980).coNs around the world could uncover the information that energy lines.-': ---..:::1.rng ir:i: r-.' --::=s.--. t: -:--:. 1977).-.:L.' .r.::.r::---: :_: -.-. =::.:: _=.here.:::-.irirg by peter Underwood (London: Rider & Co. \\hen you are comfortable with .."r-: _: ::-:-::tt:o\-ement in these areas.-. . . if amagician learns to r:.. *pon to augmentyour O\\'n enefg\ tO: :-:*. iii!. unless you live in the British Isles proper where ther. ." "draeor :-: ::. .'r:iurl energy.: :: ::-:j. The pendu- *There are three books on pendulums and dowsing rods that I consider good.:::::. A pendulum can be a small weight or crystal suspended on a thread or chain. .onsider andputintopractl. . special energy flows within rh: :.ian mUSt leafn in Ofdef tO be e:tect. The best i-.-.:l: .:: *:.=:--::-:::--:::. 5*i':. An addedbenefit is the r:.har e been extensively studied and mapped. The ancient peoples :=:_-.::-:.-. Does this mean that "dragon e:r3:qr.:: --.: :hat *.'a'. she h: ..:.: ::: . :::.:he term "dragon breathr" "dragon fire..

. you can trace a power line's underground flow for long distances. Energy flows have been kno-^:. following underground water or electrical lins" ood. Holding a bent rod loosely in each hand. Dowsing rods can be made from tr. to shift position. cut off the hook and then straighten the remaining wire. for others back and forth. but rather cross it from the side.at- lof An )ur acbe '. By marking the ground wherever this occurs.ri i:. Bend this long piece of wire in such a way as to provide short hand-grips and longer right-angle bars.s Ha wn 3m. ME: rder- 63 . Don't try to walk along over the top of the flow. ind sles her )ea du- lum is held suspended br.Dragon's Breath in the Earth . wryions.vo coat hangers. The problem with dowsing in an inhabited area is that you rrill find every water line there.ith Di:o:-. the dowser walks slowly over an area until the long bars cross.ly rrs ike by an rat ere rrn v:' .the chain in . when an underground flow of power is crossed.tour power hand while you walk over an area. the pendulum will swing in a clockwise circle. Using a pair of wire cutters. For some people. But it can be productive if you combin: dowsing with watching for unusual anomalies in the vegetatiLr: growth or lack of plant life altogether. Back and forth working will allow you to be aware of any twists and turns the line might take.

.. Aithough r-ou first must qo throush the area nith a guided tour. At one time. When I stuck my arm in through the open window of the old assay shack. not to mention ancient Christian churches.:::. power spots in the U. cover the landscape. as soon as we left. Some people find they cannot tolerate the energl' fields .. However. they get headaches or nausea. rvhere you will not be trespassing if you go in for a pick-me -up. you are allor'-ed to freelr look about afterrr-ards. Since these peoples rarely built permanent structures on these sites. I experimented with a crystal pendulum there and had strange but wonderful results. It stayed in that position until I withdrew my hand from the window. perhaps rrithin \-our o\\'n yard. the pendulum came back in a straight line nearly touching my arm.:kes it possi:ie tbr you to know where to go to access a burst o: : --'.':r -t\-hen you need it.S. One such large spot with which I have had personal erperience is the Oregon Vortex. There are many such power spots. The radiating power amplifies a magician's ability to make contact with the astral. which range in size from fairh'small to large enough to lie in.vithin the Vortex. well-known in Europe and beginning to be recognized in the U.A. Other lines may run through city parks or r:.vhere. It merely hung straight down and quivered. You may even discover a power spot.A. this quivering n'as visible as well as being strongly felt all through my arm. Sitting on or rvithin such an area is a great aid for meditation or simply contacting your dragon allies. At first the pendulum refused to move at all. as we can in Britain where stone circles and monoliths.S. were probably wellknown by the Native Americans. can be anp. At no time could I get the pendulum to move normally within the Vortex area.iion areas. These areas. as are Mount Shasta and Mount Thmalpais in California.)iscovering such an energy line on your prop:::" :-. Machu Picchu in South America is such a power spot. there is no way to readily recognize them. 64 . it worked as it always does.

either within the spots themselves or moving along the lines. mr. Su intr'-j do not detect an existing break in the pon-er florn-ml. if you ftc. Ferv people take the time or effort to .If vou do find what you think is a black stream.nals and people avoid that spot in favor of other places in Mu mf: Have you had difficulties with Earth slippage or unusualffi'rc. 3!. consider vou have trouble growing plants within or near that area.n ground? Do you just feel uncomfortable in that area? Be ffi-:tul about designating such a place as a disrupted power i rou are more familiar with the idea. though. but you may discover that you find a disruption 'dffiM. A few carefully placed wte"J-ler rvood or iron. M rtru. be -d aLrout driving stacks anywhere near them.tend to be particularly visible at night. And use a lot of leiore rou do any major excavation or dirt moring.diinriminate. because first contacts orogon\ breath can give you some very strange sensations. dride that there definitely is a disrupted line of energy. can change the atmosphere in such if rou have underground water or other utility lines. Tftm. I know that dragons can be mrl. Most people are programmed with too much fear of fu rubject. use the projected power of these energt' lines and rymftr" rrobably in much the same waythey do energvgir-en offb1' Uilmms. il:ta: ciagon energ-F lines on your properft'. because you do not @ nlcrssr anr"possible existing problem. Flaving an energy line in your back yard is not a prerequisite ffir drngon magick.e active steps to help correct it. nrnr'. do not go anywhere near them during a l".are capable of acting like lightning rods! Take mtunnu' ie'eding about staking.Dragon's Breath in the Earth I plan to study further on the connection between dragons and ffiese power spots and energy lines. r$e iron rods.are seeing both disembodied and astral entities. It is not uncommon frr people to see "ghosts" in connection with these places. nith the dragmrs being mistaken for ghosts. \'ou can laqons 55 . ther. I assume fiet.

Stay away from plastics. and that energy can be drawn upon when needed.:ih a border of rocks. Surround this cenr.. Then . before placing it within \rour power area. you can place a flat stone.:'. 66 : = : . The best way to pror-ic: ior a l. . Make the path turn clockwise. The real stones can become power-sinks in their own right.. however.sl:c:d line of small stones that curves inward until a center is reacred. drawing in and storing Earth dragon power or even the power produced by repeated rituals.rr.\'our spiral path out from this at least three times around rhe center area.ou think you -aving do not have such energy streams.l. '. as well as on your own property.olding power that is raised around it. Several bricks set up in a square or oblong pattern can be substituted.coNs place much as the ancients did by out a simple spiral pattern with rocks..r.. Slabs of ' r : r r r: r:..: .:. is an excellent substitute for an indoor altar. Whenever you find such a stone.:an the simpler design. irs center.DelqcrNc WrrH Dnc.:o kitchen cutting boards are easiiy available..= l.. This flat stone can do double duty as an altar and also to stand or sit upon when you are working within your sacred place.:: neighborhood. It does not have to be verv large.x There are some human-constructed flat stones used for facing buildings that work quite well. A rock spiral can be as simple as a widelr. cleanse it with a bath of salt and water. In the very center of the spiral. ::ide the energy into a central Ld L I . center this over a po\r'er s:o: ii \-ou are fortunate enough to find one. leaving an opening on one side. but I cannot say they are any more effective :. Even if r. Marble is an excel. they are not very good at conducting energy into your body.::-:. One side effect of such a spiral is an --:r:iovement of the atmospheric vibrations throughout the imme:.orking center is to first establish a circular space bis ::oueh to stand and move around in. Be sure that the path is wide enough to comiorrablv rr'alk in.-.: can also be used inside in your ritual room as an altar or standing . a rock-patterned spiral may very rvell collect energy and concentrate that power inir-. :--: :.:. rather like the design of a snail's shell. . Much more elaborate labyrinths can be formed if you first plan :hem out on paper. It becomes a power-sink. however.

tanding Slabs of Ln excel- Circles of stones will work in the same manner. :r Pro- plan fective st lisan imme- . 1993). Although the mere laying out of the spiral or circular rock pattern will activate and center the dragon's breath energy) you might rer-sink. in his yard. Groves dv Sanctuaries (Llewellyn. ) your right. This circular structure would work on the same principle as a stone circle or labyrinth. 67 . Dan and Pauline Campanelli wrote of a man who built a wooden henge.Dragon's Breath in the Earth tid by rk you y very r- @@ 'small ke the I d cenand e @ SG @s @ Rock Spiral @ lunate rocks. In Circles. especially if they are built over lines of dragon power. rh out that e path :e c e@ o@ o*@@ rne. rath of rr and sacred or fac- ieveral ituted. as in Stonehenge. It stone.

However... May your powers become one with mine (kneel and touch the ground with the palm of your hand) That I..irh go odness. Stand in the center facing north and tap the eround three times with the staff. my country. saying: Arise. A door that leads to Otherworld knowledge. Tap the staff three times on the ground. my family.ish us harm in any form. O brea'rii o. If the energy stream is a positive one. my community.. And repel all those. the ehosts will not be troublesome. knowing you have begun a neighborhood ----a::3 in r. if the l::bs about your center 68 . Fill rhis int:o. some of the older houses that exud.e.. May thk sacred spot become a haven of center.f -':\ dragon. Bless me nnd nilr:e with your positive energies. Sprinkle the gift of space. Take with you a small gift of herbs.. using .vour staff..e an atmosF:r::3 of either welcome or repulsion are often situated on such lines. walk along the spiral path inro the center.. choose one particular direction to use as a consistent entrance place. A refuge that revitalizes.DarucrNc Wrru DRecoNs want to specifically tie it to vour own energy vibrations. May we work in harmony and in lor. lisembodied spirits. S:. May become whole and healthy again. and not just by psychics.rl thanksgiving. or ghosts. Exit the circle or spiral with dignity . are frequently seen in these buiicr::es. the worId.ho y. I welcome all dragons . This can be done with a simple rvelcoming ritual.'. If you have laid out a circle.*'ho corne to this place of power.edness.::etimes you will find a house or building that sits on a line of ci::: n's breath energ-y.ibrations for the better.

and a general set of negative vibrations thai r:r::. -:. No renters stayed for any length of time. so it helps the magician become familiar with the feeling of arriving dragons.: ---: family living there. evil feelings. a teen-aged boy had died in the room at the top of the stairs. one finds poltergeist ::::-. The evil that rvas felt on that stairway made everyone.': who stayed there. Tracing flows of "dragon energy" is an excellent exercise for strengthening your psychic abilities. I do not know..Dragon's Breath in the Eartit can {alk ft of tion cing house sits over a black stream.o:ir I rented such a negati\:h situated house once and fi€\-€tr i'-'. I found out that forty years before. :--.i-. What his reasons were for staying on after death. it is just plain. One of the trr'o stairways in that house uas always as cold as the inside oi a fteezer.--cious ghosts. but the noises. It mar t'e that these ghosts are trapF-: l negative energy flow or that thev use it to boost their orrrr p. The vibration of such power is quite similar to that felt when dragons are in the vicinity. Best of all. avoid going that way. able to stake the energ]' hne right or get rid of the hateful gi'r.: ---. and trouble he caused were unwelcome. even nonbelieving visitors. inexpensive fun! itt of gnity hood a line de an ed on :en in nisa if the 69 . even on the hottest days of the year.

\ )) m€d (NI T som T{XIT or eI e Fff] t ficr don not magi fl dtr bw I ahrr- .

Using the dois an erceilem method for increasing the flow of energy within the cast cirdeThere are certain ritual tools that you will find helpfirl for dragion magick. One white candle in a fireproof holder is better than nonq however.. aaq!fit your tools slowly and with care.pitual@. If you are already practicing magick. if you cannot have a candle. you uf. I have never formdrlm a little silver wand (these are really expensive!) could de m6ge rli{i a piece of dowel lovingly decorated by the magician. If you are just beginning to work in magick. Tools do not have to be dabort or expensive to work magick.l hme some of them. dedicated magician is always searching for lw tl fi ways to amplify her/his magickal power so that her/his rrEmumental-type power of dragons to help in your rituals ifestations will be more accurate and consistent. do not put off beginning your practice of dragon magi*. If your budget does not allow any purchases at the mment. And tbs bok do not have to all be acquired at once or before you can st:rrt rtnr magickal workings.strfi off with the kitchen table or the nightstand in your bedroom ro an altar. For example. substitute an electric ctndle 71 .ssIx j1+very sincere.

an I l*t+*. pht moling.DeNcrwc Wnu DnecoNs r'lf iF iinite tugee oxtto :Ft -^ i . q I LLII i . enous& find it il con$ort the elenr ma-eiciai despai.r. srilccess tsut it d irual tr conscic -{-n.ra-s r Standing Brazier Io iII rvhite car using bla.:a:: t ca*r b 'r-OLlf i-'-** !r. 72 . leg. one rna€: alized he she l.ltesrad. !uL Fr0sEre c.

RitualTools or small light. A glass can be a chaiice. A knowledgeable magician knon s :::. choose an altar that is a comfortable height while you sit. The color black is merel'"' --. To illuminate the altar. physical disability. chest. whether by a broken leg. while flat in bed for a time. do not despair. But it does work better and more efficiently when you have special ritual tools. An altar can be any table. A paring knife will work as a ritual dagger for carving script onto the candle. If you find it impossible to stand during ritual. Sit at your altar and visualize yourself going through each moving step of the ritual as if you were physically doing it. meticulously visualized her way through rituals and got exceilent results. or microwave cart that is large enough and of a comfortable height to stand and do magick.. For magicians who are hampered in movement. A pleasant cologne or aftershave can become an emergency incense. using black candles is not evil magick. Use your imagination and inventiveness until 1'ou can manifest enough prosperity to purchase Magickal Book better tools. I know one magician who. or confinement to a wheelchair. Colored scarves coordinated to the elements or various dragons can be used to cover the altar.r - 73 . I think this has to do with the budding magician's subconscious mind and the development of the magickal personality. Ritual manifestations have been successful with some of the most outlandish equipment in a pinch. although she was unable to do so much as light a candle. use a black candle on the left end anC : white candle on the right.

colleagues. 1990). -s ::.. the magician can use incense sticks or cones) choosing the scents to match the ritual.. -.:. purpie.. ::.:ch oithis programming is given to us at avety impres. friends. if you do have an aversion to the color black.r*-:: :: :. An incense burner is also verl'helpful for dragon magick.D. However. Incense Burner teachers. or simply society in general.trr *:l. choose one that is not too long or healy because you will often hold it out before you for long *Childhood programming is discussed in greater detait in my book Celtic Magic (LIewellyn.:. use a very dark blue. received and accepted undesirable programming from others. it can be cione. Unfortu:.-:-: .-:: I *i-t -: ::^:s iietermined ettort to undo this programming.not a\\. it signals a need for you to do some intense work on the programming you have accumulated in your subconscious mind. ::: ".'. -:t.rxcrNc WrrH DRecoNs opposite of rvhite. A list of these herbs and gums is given later in Appendix l. a religious group.are enough to reject it. at one time or another. If you feel you cannot use black. expensive sword. All of us have. In a pinch.1 -. whether it be from parents..-.::t:d beCauSe rve rvant tO fit in With a spectei . A burner with chains is best because the magician can move it about without getting burned.-'.. one can use the little self-lighting charcoal tablets especially made for incense to burn the appropriate herbs and gums. what we ::. 74 .: lr-.-::':. it balances the energies. just as in all magickal rituals. The prime ritual tool for dragon magick is a sword. It does not have to be an elaborate. or indigo.

However. a dragon is not impressed by the weight or elaborateness of a sword. long swords are notoriously clumsy and difficult to maneuver within a cast circle. when totally involved in magick. The sword is of the element of Fire.'.1 t. However. In fact. a i' t- t. as you can get a nasty cut when working. Men should also chose a lighter.':-:=:. a sword 18 to 20 inches in length is usually the right size. 75 . it does not have to be very sharp to do this. It simply seems more log:::.::. For a woman. although I would personally find it difficult to adjust my thoughts to the use of such a ritual tool. I love Scottish clarrnores and other large reproductions. the element of Air differs from that of some other magicians and '.e a is 5L 1e SC to rd se ot f. s. : . l. to sweep everlthing off the altar with a swinging sword.-*.* A double-edged dagger with a blade no longer than your palm and fingers is used to carve on candles and do other small jobs within the circle. but have enough sense to know that mr. just the fact that you have one. It is quite easy.:not a contrary assignment on my part. Swords do not need a sharpened edge.iic *My assignment of the sword and dagger to the element of Fire arLi --:. The very tip of the blade is the part you will usually be using to incise Ritual Sword :.Ritual Tools 't ) e It d e .alter a few minutes of holding it out in lront of me. I suppose the magician could use a painted wooden sword as a substitute for a metal one. shorter sword for the same reasons..shoulders would be aching miserabh. it is probably better that it is not.e .: i.o ng periods of time. Besides.

gJass it rate the saffr. The wand is of the element of Air. as rr-hen get new ideas or come 'ou across a ready-made lrand that rean'speaks to you. (See the chart in Appendix 3 for Dragon Script. a wand that is too long becomes a detriment. ing it can be staft^ br. ons is rhat na:er. However.Delrctxc Wnir DRecoNs anryay. black with gold markings if 1:ou. decr a-llorl'ed to sr. -. water. A wand can easily be made out of a piece of dowel. "Dragon Claw. such names will not help you when trying to gain the cooperation of dragons.E![-eerr or other rnag mentcolor or gCue a & side of the: mental dir -{ttach tasst rop end of r cannot find lou do notr. as with swords and wands..ryrtal ball to the directing end of the wand. good colors are black with silr-er markings if you are a woman. It has been my personal experience that shoulderhigh is quite long enough.*"ell crrr Ir usi purchase J.engrh of $e colon rhese are . nena lbr r.Wind Cleaver. or.. and salt. You can choose a piece of dowel or natural wood ubo"i shoulderhigh or head-high. I would suggest not using any name such as "Dragon Ritual DagS1er Slayer". If at all possible. It is best to have your wand no longer than the length of your forearm plus your fingers. are a man. glue or attach a crystar or a very r-uil . both the sword and dagger should have names. or rlhatet-er s 1ou choose a I When decc staffbecomes I connecting lin 76 . if you wish. Like a sword.. For dragon magick. sometimes this happens anl-\ra\. can be decr bons of the a4 near the top ir the bells.. the wand is used to consecrate the wine. paint your magickal name on the wand in Dragon Script. However.. The dagger is also of the ele_ ment of Fire. Choose any name that reminds you of their power and might. If you wish to paint the wand. there is no reason you cannot use what_ er-er colors appeal to The only problem with using other col'ou.o trong.Foe Slayer. Dragons love gems and cn'stals." '. you rrill either have to repaint r-our rr and or make another one.is appro_ priate. a staffthat is lo.''hen r-ou har-e gro\vn beyond those shades.) in dragon magick. as would be "Star Fire.. short pieces tangled in th . At some time you will want to include a staffamong your tools.

You can further decorate the staffwith small bells. or whatever seems appropriate to you. it can be decorated with dangling ribbons of the appropriate colors attached near the top in the correct order. use white instead. Attach tassels of the same color at the top end of each piece of cording. If you choose a limb or twisted wood staff. and dark green or black. (For information on other magickal systems and their element colors.e re )f ls. glass beads. use short pieces of cording to avoid getting tangled in them. these are red.RitualTools too long can create disaster in one movement. if you cannot find colors. glass beads. yellort'. etc. t I f e J . if you do this. blue. You maywish to attach a cnstal or small crystal ball to the top end. to the ribbons. If you do not want to tack or glue the cording. read the next chapter. Attach the bells. r:r- is using a smooth dorsel' \-ou can purchase four lengths of cording the length of the staff These should be in the colors of the elements. ) Tack or glue a length of cording doun each side of the staffto correspond to the elemental directions (see next chapter). the staffbecomes the dragon bridge. Traditionally. or the connecting link between the magician If 77 . it can be attached near the top of the staff by decorative brads or nails and allowed to swing free. When decorated in this manner.

.*g* 5:'ntmrffii rr . A small jar with a lid is best because you will be keeping your ritual salt separate from the kitchen salt after consecration. At times it can be used like easy to knock things over. if you cannot drink wine for whatever reason.lr:s [fil"]ftil. sometimes of Fire when used for "blood. or copper.DarucrNc \frru Dtrcors and the astral planes.flm rql'. Be careful when gesturing with the staff because it is very rflhcm.i! Mitt[ft -_" n " Il lrlxtryry tlnr t*r[-r. lB 78 .-* u _U*. one for water and one for wine. Or it can be laid on the floor before the altar. the wine chalice the element of Earth. if the magician chooses a wine chalice made of glass or ceramic. brass' bronze. The water chalice is of the element of Water. nrr :s1 irmm$qs j-n'*: llhlF.p. imsli 3g rc "*-+ fif Wb'm[ fffrg' {WnK[trr :: l(slN.ffiilJEt: For convenience. of course." A small container for salt is handy. J:l Ium. substitute apple cider. you might consider having some type of holder or a deep bucket of sand near one end of the altar to securely hold your staff rvhen not in use. The problem with this method is that you may tend to stumble over the staff when Chalice deeply involved in the ritual unless you are careful.. this is not a problem. right to call upon and work with dragons.- *e**c a. your \r-. grape juice. or even soda. The staff is a symbol of magickal authority. a deep bucket of sand is attractive to cats and small children. wine and other acidic beverages create a dangerous reaction with certain metals. The water chalice can be of any material. mljlfi lrg :ri Ll@. You will need two chalices. Experiment until you find what works for you.r : lF- r.!1ll1llqTrf tfl.: it. It is also srrnbolic of the center of the circle or the element of Spir- . frtfim .-flrl[trfiflt r. but it is advisable that the other chalice be lined with a good coating of silver if it is pewter..][dn$ ]s @ll'u drLni. fruit juice. Salt is the element of Earth. : pnrmllarc - . But then. an oversized wand.frm15 jf ls a. .r]ulb* st: rllhmrm'r s :.

rfti It is also useful to have a &!}rlrd furudgp that you collect or buy. FqErr (five-pointed star. someid is best iom the l.Ritual Tools isa rour with cen- Spitle an l ges.md€ct with customs before trfing rffr Remernber rhr e rlrJr srilrll amount of soil is all you ned. will b€ offt Cffi df. take an frtremel. These containers and their ffirrr fl tc d the element of Water.FCnp chase a number of small botd6 rift [d$ dd a tcrdrqrbtened.. Again. one point upwards) painted s crr$ail m it However. A pentacle disk is necessary for consecratiom adrfuflrC work. The pentacle is of the elements of borh Spirit md Earth and helps to control and balance all the other futs. you will ned a pottery glasa or metal bonl with a lid. Even rainwater has pm.r power. Whenever you :ue on an outing and fed rihfo tbe area a power that draws you.|t' label each little bottle so you can remember whcrrpgrt-Xfl explain later how to add these to larger amounts drqJrm for special rituals. ne.small amc d$e dirt or sand back for your dragon bont The last infonr*ln I hrt . create a ragician a prob- te apple lice is of I. or strong elemental energier I arn nd drlll ft -d 79 . ExpennlqpfflN@ ily any better than those you find q}-ffi ones found in a rock shop. This is usually a metal or wooden disk Hi6. there is no reason that the pentacle canrrot be mde m of cardboard.A'-rorrr*uil customs before doing this. you will be cotlecting cnrcmaf d water from various sites where yon fed tbc ntrdr dllr. 1ii. vely :con- rora nd of r staff rid on prob'umay twhen unless r deep rts and DU. Since you may want to collect very small amounts of earth from sites you visit.Thfodrp billJiiroffis will be used to empower obic h qfoful rbd-Ihhil -d its contents. legalities of bringing foreign water into 6e US. The hat the pewter.u that it is illegal to bring some fudgn sofu into tbc LLSdt. Thfo gnHb dlS because stones radiate polver a el llrffi bowl is of the element of EartbIfyou plan to work with ril&r(rrt#ff. naturally.

Around the 80 . the pentacle grounds Spirit in the ritual. A plain wooden or plastic frame around the mirror makes it easier to write on your magickal statement. This may be of any shape.) The dragon pentacle can be used as either a picture or disk. Another element of Earth and Spirit is the mirror. (See the illustration for the design.DeNcrwc Wrrn DnecoNs Pentacle Disk When used as an element of Earth. It is presented during specific rituals as a means of establishing your authority to call upon the dragons. or put it in a frame. and is also of the element of Spirit. You can copy the picture from the illustration and mount it on cardboard or wood.

. Spirit in rr disk. It hing your lement of lmount it ris maybe Dragon Pentacle he mirror round the .

more than one robe is not necessary. Gongs.is being iaid aside. cymbals. 5670 west End Rd. The personal apparel of the magician is just as important as the ritual tcols. t*Dancing Dragon. a black or white robe is quite acceptable. you can. They are easy to assemble and can be painted in any colors you wish. Grenadier Models* has a wide variety and a considerable number of dragon model figurines that work quite nicely for this purpose. see the ads in LIeweIIyn's New worlds of Mind €t spirit. P.times disruptive vibrations cling to your clothes. suite 4. comfortable fit and can be decorated with dragons. *Grenadier Models. substitute finger cymbals or a small brass or giass bell as long as the tone is clear and attractive. besides. Too n-ranr.pA19064. or bells are one means of attracting the dragons' attention during certain portions of the ritual. Arcata. Box 305. Role-playing figurines are excellent for this.r. dragon script. or decorative braid and beads-in fact.O.. astrological symbols. because sound is carried on air. the maeician wants herihis subconscious mind to get the message that the ordinar. They also signal to the magician's subconscious mind that deep personal attention is needed at that point.DeructNc Wrru DRecoNs edges in Dragon script should be written: "By the power of the eye of the Dragon. . The idea behind the figurines is that they help the magician to better visualize various types of dragons.** a mail order firm. SpringfieId. some of these are quite large. Another source of dragon statues (indeed of anything with dragons on it!) is Dancing Dragon. anything that appeals to you. It is not a -eood idea to wear everyday clothing into a cast cilcle. cA 95521. The gong is of the element of Air. however." A small gong is useful for certain dragon rituals. I capture and harmonize all airborne thoughts. However. over time you may want to collect pictures or images of dragons. Sometimes you may be fortunate to discover a ready-made caftan or robe already decorated with dragons or other symbols that appeal to you. For the price of their catalog. Robes colorcoordinated to the primary dragon porver being used are very nice and help the magician assume the magickal personality and confidence necessary when dealing with dragons. Last but not least. The robe should be a loose.

. substitute a strip of cardboard. or at least as much as possible.g1 ---.:i::.ai:r :i -e:s==i.are a woman.:r*r: drawing power for enticing dragons into your ritual rvork T!. realizing that lal:: ::a -.rrS are r:.i3:-.:se needed for a particular rite will be listed at the first of the vanc.I have found this particularly effective . Dragon headbands are rare) so the magician mav \rant 1s r'. at least have the cc rj :nong rour ='=:ll-i -::::--s. This also keeps other people from handling your tools and possibhleaving negative vibrations on them. :.-:.-:.e colors. you can use a plain metal hg"i* band. The cord is for rnc:= r-=. A gold and silver cord cai l: :l:d around toll: ra'i:j:-.:::iichoose other colors. I rua-.er o\ilong Air. it is important to magickal power to keep all your ritual supplies:eparate from your everyday life... and glue it on the ban'i" iitnr.. In fact.:u{reon rrr.Ei :r :.rrd r :l:&s:r claw clutching a crystal. bracel::-i :\=':i.-. rituals. the herbs are fully discussed in the Appendix.ered with aluminum foil. but that all ritual supplies should be set apart.--l. gold if a man. It is nice if any jewelry (headband.r'+ dragon designs. More and more pnmes :r jewelry with dragons on them are appearing on the mert* s@nl'i of them inexpensive.mn* one for her/himself.r cannot get a metal headband. :-..a3crnEr:r.----= magickal system within which I r". arlthat and lgon trag- th.=. -f vou cannot find a cord with bol: ::::.'*c es. both of which have pro".:pers or go barefoot. one ions rind :s or this.--.. chcn:nse pl*.::'--ff.. Keep your ritual supplies of herbs and oils separate from others vou may use for medicinal or ordinary purposes. oratrative times robe ) you. Fasten the dragon charm to this.y s the a lto )'ouI rd to olor'nice onfithan rable. -: l--=. The=:.ith a d:"3--. The magi.\'=:: vou will see in later rituals.r:m$* s. To do this. rne something tied about your ir-::i: is uncomlbrt-::-: if J-di rtrlf appeal to you.a:ri.r'R. All herbs and oils are useful but certain ones have er..nations for dragons and their energies. I have both a pendant rt. obtain a small dragon charm..rric --::r sary to change them..ns -. --j:i ::iE-:n:.Ritual Tools . 'e pnCe 83 . taught that magick is a part of everyday life.

I cannot say about dogs.tr:ne to further understand the value and uses of these tools. or oils. I have listed the names of various kinds according to color. As you read through the various types of dragons and their rituals given throughout this book. you do not have to spend a fortune buying precious and semiprecious gems.rc ou\d. Make certain that r-our equipment and supplies are off limits and safelv out of the rrar.ith some of the tools. be certain that the vibration feels right to you. put your tools under lock and ker-.gtr working with dragons. Althoug:h chil.DeNcrruc WnH DRecoNs The worst offenders for leaving negative vibrations are those who do not believe in magick and either openl'or privately condemn you for practicing it. unpolished stones you pick up in nature can be just as powerfui. Keep these in your gem bowl. If necessary. it is not an absolute necessity to have all of these things before you can b. you will . The regular b centers a also mw that r-ou r Talking a The onhIike-minc stronger i absoluteh ities and 1'ourself s oppose rr{ One ir magick io ptran n oa Tq$nqf.have small children in herlhis home. since I have had no experience with them. t\\oug\\\tr e 1 e\ \o tsr{. However.jren rareh' reave negative vibrations on objects. \o rcrore t\arr a\sor\ ritual energ.i then be guilty of the same offense of trying to contrc. but it is not always possible or desirable to remove'ourrel-t or the offenders from your environment. they canhurt therns€h'es *. The magician should talie the same precautions with pets.. a tat x\o .a: rto mar. somethirE. All of these ritual aids and tools are important to the performance of rituals that will entice dragons to help you in your work. and if possible in such circumstances. herbs. It r'ould be ideal if a magician did not have to contend with such people. Cats and dragons seern to enjoy each other's company with few disagreements. Horvever. Stones are also used in dragon magick.ai.F or be fascinated by a crystal. In the list of gems and stones in Appendix 3. like other weed out t Dragor you are sir heartily rri an extreme Celtic Magtr give examples + 84 .or:-i. Whether you purchase your stones or find them.qJt around r.. Most of these np* of conflicts stem from prior religious programming. a:"ci:tr* A word of warning to an1'mas..rplaying at erative or.S-ician cannot and should not try to change because she he -*.

two of my books published br give examples of how to meditate. but inwardly disagree completely. t@n )rPes will * Celtic Magic (1990) and Norse Magic (1990). Dragon magick and power are only for the serious magician. I strongly suggest that you be absolutely certain that the people with whom you share your activities and plans are in total agreement.RitualTools e t- if )t rs The magician must learn to practice meditation. Dragon power. IlsdFqr" 85 . Silence. in this sense. Stick to simple candle-burning spells. Then sharing can help to focus stronger energy toward your goal. Every mryidan also must learn and practice silence. rrb em rot md nds rin l'rne lase rt to rnce :ver. If you plan to only dabble in magick. m rd of ilve he P:ts. like other types of powerful spiritual and astral entities. If you are sincere about advancing your skills as a magician. quickly weed out the dedicated from the dabblers in magick. then I heartily wish you well. Dragons." Meditation stimulates the psrchic centers and teaches self-discipline and patience. means that you do not talk about the magickal rituals you are performinp Thlking about your magick dissipates the energy you have raisedThe only exception to this that I know is if you are working with a like-minded individual or group. are not something to play around with. Becoming acquainted with dragon power is an extremely satisfying experience. You can get a terrific negative backlash from just playing at dragon magick. at least or: a regular basis for it to be helpful. One important fact to remember whenever you do dragon magick (or any magick) is that it is definitely not a game. Dragons are not noted for being cooperative or patient with insincere practitioners of magick. or elemental-type energies. A person may say they do not oppose what you are doing. I strongly suggest you forget trying any of these rituals. Otherwise you will find yourself struggling to get results.

Edward Kelly and Paul Waring time the rn ferent shal A mag with great with peopl from a lTth-century English engraving 86 . the "me prettr.€n oursehes Orhq This prq constanth Ifost pml ming.@\" FFrq"z* dl'r*' ickal Lcei*-esh. Thi others. It stone- Th Two Elizabetlnn lfagicians.

: with people who belittle what you believe and do. The single drop seems like nothing of importance. either to ourselves or to others. What we image ourselves to be. Others. to whom we give power over us. eventually comes to pass. but with time the water wears a groove in the rock so that it becomes a different shape. not pretty enough. Life is tough enough without surrounding yours:. A magician needs to learn to choose friends and acquaintances with great care. It is like little drops of water constantly wearing away at a stone. are adept at the art of subliminal programming. This programming can be quite open. or our beliefs. can do the same thing. fat. too thin. magician begins building her/his magickal personalin' as We create these types of images all the time by the way we think of ourselves: shy. This is a very insidious thing to do. our behavior.: 87 . Most people. The magsceives her/himself as a magician. with others or ourselves constantly harping on our appearance. whatever. and tell ourselves mentally we are. however.@\n $t"girha l' l3rrstrrrelt tg -ftvery tl fi soon as she/he begins to seriously work with ritual. Oftentirn:s .

. -. ..-. If th: . If you find yours.-...rs becomes fl€ceSS?rlr 11 . the actual working of the ritual.. : r-: point in their life. This is first accomplished br t-rrr:-'.::. . :hroughout your life. : : '..'. : ' -..:t.. . r-rot only at the beginning of your ' career. Er-eryone has received negatir-e or deroga- recogntz.-l-.:: )'.:.iously undermine all r our efforts.' r :.l.. :he magickal field.. Ho\r.-l: mind..i. -.ar\Lt Wrrn DmCOr. er really finished.._ r. . . -.: .. ioo1s. .. . --11.: '. ..:.r. Last. Your jervelrr and t'tr. \. the biggest -. .-- - 88 . .: advance is n..:.-.:' .. : irot in agreement with r-our goals. it is a signal that . .. you need to have a If you de .: .r-our image of your magickal self by laying aside r-. ..it it is and work at weedins it out of the subconscious mirt' -:unately. :' r-nagician catches those programmed thoughts as tlt-..r margickal name. they can consciously or s . ._. Success comes when as self-critical too often.rr-r::-... '. :..'hat is called the mag-.an do magick and that you have the right to do nr:.-.... : -._ . . is the choosing and assuming oi.[]... tory programmin. and your subconscious . there are no instant soiutions to this problem.:rd donning a special robe for the ceremony. Your magickal name is an important part of your tools and your magickal personality.. br-rt br no means least in importance..-. -\ : . . .. . : : -t r rr]aqick.er. ..-need to feel that you can do mag..:. ickal personrlrr ..:-long talk ri : r .. but ..-ti' rrtual area. Your inner self --' -needs to h: -:r that you have the right to practice maeick. '. ..e :. .gniZes them. . The use of this name rvithin your ritual area is a signal both to your subconscious mind and to any entities -: - l.. the casting of the circle. and rejects them.-.rnte u. :. . ail srr engthen the image you build of yourself as a magician..tr.:. -. '..r. or you believe you can. :'r' self.us magician soon learns that inner work is an on-goin. you need some one can i:-: inn-:.ire your practices and ideas with family and friends. t' evil unless you have negative inten:. ..e\. .

you could fini .. The name can be made up of syllables \\-r .lf :ntoI aspirations....r ple may place pol-er in the \rrong hands. .'. lr. Some people like to use the study of numerology to choose a name.. either to limit your magickal manit. with which you work that r ou are prepared to .:: sounds appeal to you and only has meaning to you alone. : to be by another magician. .- . Sharing it indiscriminatel'. tn to rk lst -l iu :a UI . Your magickal name can be anything you want. Golden Eyes. Cloud Shadow. thi-c :". )us f.: (1991) that goes into a number of ways to choose a magickal nar:: If you are already into the practice of magick.. It dor. You might continue to use it. irr magickalworkings..-:. Storm Walker. Orthodox religionists are exF.-everydaymode of thinkin.. have such a name. or decide that vo need a special one for working with dragons. Flame Dancer.:: -l or to control your life..: under psychic attack. to you and perh::s cescribes your desireS. -. . The table on the following page shows the numerical values of letters and is a common feature of anybook on numerology. .. As with anr o: -. .: iusing what they call prayer to control and manipulate others. ..". . .o- irst hat fur cial lof roe tin end Magical Name by Ted Andrews is a book published by Llerveir. .. have to be the name of a deity or even belong to the historr : _ particular culture. Wind Rider.'.Th e M agick aI P er s o nality.'--rur magickal tools.-. -" changed at a later date ii -' :: iecide you have outgror. you very like . :: . They use either the number of their birth date or their common name to select a magickal name with the same numerical value._ .: It f- appeals cometoyouduringmedl:::lonordreamsorsirn..' . or anything else that remincis you in some way of dragons and their attributes and activities. . : . Dragon magick names might be: Firebright.. - -: .-r only with those lou can rrust. This type of attack does not necessa i--'.:. tual ities 89 . Since this special naitli is a kev to your magickai s." .:. ..

1-A person with great individualiry. whatever. This person seldom if ever follows the dictates of the crowd. Works best alone. some numerorogists would break this down further. beware becoming static through not making decisions for fear of hurting someone. 1961. 2-A person. the day. giving it a value of 2. o. magickal name' add together the'alues of alr the letters.DeNcrNc WtrH Dnecorus r23456789 ABCDEFGHI ITLMNOPAR STUVWXYZ To determine the numericar value of your birth date.. add the numbers of the month. cooperative. This gives you the final number. pennypinching and nitpicking are the extremes of this number. but I was taught that the numbers il and 22 should be left as thev are.. works best in a capacity of serving others. or numbers as in the case of 1 1 and 22. you must use your entire name to come up rr. 3-inspiration and optimism are expressions of this type of slow but steady builder of a career. and the year together. u . In determining the numerical'alue of your name. February i0. For example. would have a final value of lr. Beware of talking too much and doing nothing. relationships. The diplomat who L. More often they are trend_setters.rr.ith the correct value. for good or bad. sympathetic person who delights in group projects and solving problems. but can become a dictator if not careful. 4-The 90 . business.hor. Also has creative and artistic abilities in some form.

bhl effective business and financial organir." o e nple.r trials and tests. They are efficient organizers and Watch out for too much pride in ability.v cen finfi I l-These help others. Compassion. truth" end iustic€ are Erf Lp:m number 6 people. You 7-These people often get offo e ro*r *ert in Ih nt ru. person has the stGrCLd. Your magickal name is avitalpertoftbemgft*el 9t . This pe556n thcyba.A them choose to withdraw from the world and pursue 9-If roup :ware rting pe of eware I&r fild scitp* inwardly.nd 6. they sometirctmd to be rrcrry-w.fufu and sympathS tempered by high spirimdiH.vice must be their keywords. rtionenny- 22-These are the innovators on an international--m or national scale.new ideas that S-This person thrives on change and newthinGr. roloI was losen grves .igrr.The Magi&al Pusonnlity can become such an advocate of. this person disregards the responsibilities ofherlhisrt. d the 6-Home.r-n e pain in the neck to everyone else. works best where human @dEstanding and kindness are needed. 8-This number lictates of bad. what your choice of name meirns to lw iumrdty b more important. a career of disappointments can result.. people are happiest when they are pursuinge career which expresses their religious ideals in some way. they should rbo hrfur with charitable events. r. but most of them work in areas where the. especiallyin learnirynmdrcqrlr ltccd for working their waythrough thesenm. They will do xtrrer is necesrryolree ble life. family.6fdf f!f&f r acquire money and position.lore. However. Having a so-called numerically correct name fo not ry5l to magick.

perhaps a s-.:. I am a magician and tnend of dragons.l contbrtabh.'. this is the real vou as far as dragons ar. You may find yourself having a onesided conversation with a person who has put you down in one way or another throughout your life.:-:::s. look straight at your reflection in the mirror and answer it out loud.:. =:d However.'::::." Ho*' did you feel as you faced yourself and spoke your new name? Did the name itself make you feel uncomfortable. most magicians have to do a lot of work on themselves so that they feel at ease when putting on their magickal personality. the image that you become when you 'ou enter your ritual area. If yelling at that person while looking into your mirror works. then yell! The important thing is . Instead of the usual ritu:i ::.::s and jewelry as if you were going to do a full dragon ritual. ..r-our altar with lighted black and white candles. Thke as long as necessary to squash these negatives.:_:st creature you must convince that this magickal personaL:'' :r'sts is yourself. In the beginning.--::r re-eular dragon ritual.:r ie:l:.. and your dragon mirror.-: -"1 am ". -{s '. Dress in'our :.1--et-smelling incense.:c:: a:i s. As astral beings. .DeNcrNc Wrru DRecorqs il personality that c:-a:-. that magick is evil.". They learn that time and ritual practice makes it easier to think of themselves as actual magicians with power..'=:-. Every time a negative thought such as these arises.:i. ::::::.-. When you have chosen your magickal namc. Look straight into your 'ou. weed out any negative"past programming that arises from the subconscious mind to tell you you are unworthy. This magickal personalir' is the one to ivhich the dragons res:ond. it is important that you not be i::::r:::: r: cisturbed during this time. on a chair or stool so i.our rnaEickal name . that magick is not real.:ci ci::. s. 92 .:: :. that you cannot do magick.t:::: inirror. seriously consider choosing another one. th: '. or was the uncomfortableness just the normal reaction of speaking to your reflection? If the name itself truly does not seem to fit.

:-.r(ni: greet them._!*c rcl.c speaking your magickal nan=." ii:.-.i: --:: field oirnac:i_ The ultimate goal is to:=":--" . u---: . :-e T* ..-:::= :: . 1.i-: --:=-' lt ''1F.s:mry :f your circle. ts :rspared.to 1'a-i: ::.-:rur =rEiL :. r:rr-:a:-x may find that your immec:::: ::.fl:-i-€you are strengthenins tie tnls:'. -u'uts rrJtr :rliuu rnrs&. share with them.:i.:= :: you can tell yourself that r"i': :.:=::" i::= ":.e .qt1t rrliir" :rrl.. n: --1i. desires. "We har-e n-:11.ni is an experience of friendship built on trrst and caring.-.r:_=:= j -.i-l=.i: -_::.-. -. Like Pogo said.. Bv tru:::itS'.o:: hox ro burld._.i:: :-*tu:(.=n. --:-: ..$E magickal personalin...-.'itn ti:.r ic:ting personal goals n'hich ::: :. ::.ously rk on gickal easier to get a clear picture of the risatt\-es hiding rrith:r -.-. so thel'rtill share with rou.:f programrl-tri:-::: -'.:!rtcg]{-1Frr ru .r:l'i:!ut tmlirr xw:rtr-rr rrf.:--.:-. -si ::-.: :*r*rsc ":. and dreams.Lr-=.':-'::--::--: :'--5 F:= =-r ig. goals.: -:i:-:! ::rrr*:qrf 'M-.':.:.t f:'l*::..': -:" ::-.-*::----t--r i. ..c $ilnm$: m::c ..:: ":: control placed upon you b".:: . r'o-. You are a un-. When you are comfortahii . .::::*:res m.r. :.: -: r':. -.a::-'.Th e M agi ckal P er s o nality tlou te to )u as : this )'our vhite mira tull that ad of rol so \-ouI dcian : : new as the vour ..f:.u*sd:sfi nrynumneiF ffi =.-: :.-*-someone else. :-'::t in -. ..il doubt yourself in more tha:: -:.-:s. call out \-a tr-.ubtle little and not so linle i:=. Dancing ".*::r..c.lth creso. when you are drs.-. m the annot time a reflec:essary 1 one- in one r lvhile hing is 93 .rl..

A Flying Dragon .

:: -.c c-:::::ntlv to different rhlthms and types of music.-r-d.".I _-:: -: _ ::: . as do a great many entities in the spirituai . harmony and music.\'oids.-:r: :::r. ::ats and note your -{e' ---:i$" \ 95 ..:: produces sound of r. Music is commonl'r. Dragons. rlanes. a vital part of music aii or-er th: -.e. Isnore :-i: '..:=..:. =:s:.. rnd what is considered to be musi.: --. j .-'me kind.tnanimate." h:.::::r:r:d bv each individ":al or creature." --i:h: mind by music rs to experiment on yourself. : ::-. "":rich emanate from all things. like most humans. l:-.-::. ani::t_-i:::--. The most o-:i-:::i rhrlhm-maker is the drum.:ered . i=. sense if one accepts the -:e a that everything.cns. Concentrate r-our attention on the drum rhythms or i-i:'i.s narmonious sound.-'urces over the ages have spok:: --: . to be an almost unive:r.. res:i:.: in themselves.lancing have been conby many experts in t:.*:---.:: :: .-chology and cultural -.. Vibration is movement.nc::. Many r.-.:.-r. _: :s-. On: -.:. Spend a week listening to various kinds of music.:rdr.':-.' :: understand these responses and feelings brought to the s-r::". even that '. The rhythms of music and the expressic: -. has vibra:..ffiuxir aili pance 7l t:l 4 ragons respond to rnus-. -: :::.

What has all this to do with dragons? A lot. *My . Write down your feelings of emotion prior to the music and how you felt afterwards.D. or did it accelerate your energy level? Did the drum. 1994) goes into the areas of the mind and all the consciousness patterns in detail. make you feel like tearing down the walls. it may well be responses to them.::3ntton rvith another person or project. it may indicate that you are tapping into your racial memories. as these feelings will determine horr. Crone (Llewellyn.onceir-ed notions or programming you have concernins cerrain irinds of music. irr the TW mrL book Maiden.':l-: '... with emotions of their own.o:t are totallr. Next. Mother. Now. or the unconscious. each person will also at different times in their life respond in din-erent rvays to the same music.concentrating on the music... listening instead to each separate instrument until your hearing becomes sensitive to your ivill and demands. since dragons were and are cultural creatures also. You may find that certain artists in r-arious caiesories appeal to you while others in that field do not. not sharine r. you must also be aware of your existing emotional feeiings prior to hearing the music. Are those memories from this life.* If it does not correspond to inherited background. or do they possibly stem from past lives or racial memory? Sometimes we are drawn to music that has a specific and definite cultural flavor. Trv to set aside a:-. try to tune them out. If you really want to stir up a dragon with protective urges. or did it make you feel as if you could regroup and take on the world? Each person is an individual and therefore will respond differently to various types of music and beats.erything in between. and er. -€ R ll il m TJ Tit qr {! M1 Ttd past-life memories. experiment with various trT:s of music.tr::. in connection with the rest of the music. Ii there are vocals.-\ee. Do your listenins --. from hard rock to easy-listening to classical :o \e-..'our f.qNcrwc WrrH DnecoNs In order for this to be an accurate experiment. strive to identifu the memories that may arise from certain music. Did the drumbeat quiet you. actually. If this music corresponds to your inherited background. you relate and respond to any given piece of music.

..'s:: : -. nhe: :-::::. *:r= fromTheHistory c.Music 6 Dance reni.. >::::= -: .r l-.':'1-Many New Age and classical pieces of n-s-: :-:.:'=s -: music very useful during rituals' alone 'irllr r--'::-. Some of this :":.usic. can create great destructive storms. Wind and water dragons.3s.* :r-n:{s quite literally.nt" ssibh' irTl to nusic : that rs. .---: ni--:--: from calming to invigorating. :: ::. :. = --. since ther ":::::. : .li. just play music with a heavy.'.-..fl '. though.. in fact..\i *:rrg with their activities in such circumstances: a::: '-. -"ir{.: r -r ". most n -' --.. march-like drumbe::.:-'.:--'.::- irrd and 97 .: l-"-' become quite popular with the general pub. One must take care in sttr:-::.1 J-dlmrur**. This does not ne.ii( being classified as anything from New Age:i ::-!.* --r :t.i ii.* If ell be drag- 'their urges.i-:-:ig ..r:..J music. rock rg in lg on Proming t cerr that :ning omes 1 CerGyp sy :gi:a-* --* Musical Inst-. The-. strangely enough. or [o elate :and tid it h the r did orld? entlv ifrer.:: :. .i-:: :::=s" :. : :::r:l:ri:ril :r.r!--riu tl rES not appeal to dragons.LLr: stirs the blood and emotions.=---.)1".s.i-]iJ sn{:tional feelings in drpgons.--- -.'t: :ij military music..--: :" n--: : --" being themselves) even if it is at their most a.':'.

Music can also include the vocalizing of sounds. eyes closed. This would be logical if one considers that the energy levels of the chanted vowels combine with the energy levels of the magiciant aura. thus amplifring whatever power and energy already exists. u level of sound that is comfortable for your voice. the creating of a temporary. sustained sound until your breath is gone. All sound is vibration. short-term source of energy. but experiment with many kinds. ilffir. vibrating the sound for the second time and enjoying the calmness that it brought to my mind and body. chant the vowel as one long. Since mv @!0h. as you begin to exhale. pleasant experience. I' o' u) can produce a form of energy that is sustained within the magician's aura for some time. with a little experimentation with the various vowels you will discover which ones work for what purposes. particularly if the chanting is done within a cast ritual circle. This can be repeated as many times as you like. The magician should not limit her/himself to one type of music. There does not appear to be any hard and fast rule as to which vowel is best for channeling what power or energy in ritual.e WM 98 . when I first began to use this type of chanting in connection with dragon rituals. do not use more than two or three sustained vowel chants at any one time.Drxcrxc Wmq DRAcoNs music. . I began to be aware of subtle movements and faint sounds around my feet. arms outstretched. however. A wide of styles 'ariety and categories can be used to interest the dragons and raise their involvement and energy levels. E. No particular note is necessary. that until you become accustomed to this practice. deep in thought while chanting the A vowel. I was alone in my ritual room. It seems that the use to which the vowels can be put changes with each magician. I had an extremely interesting. I have found that chanting prolonged versions of the vowels (A.hoor. Be aware. At that time i did not realizethat one could call dragons with that procedure.'trr " nlpd f t!filtllililxr |hm. in the beginning. Thke a deep breath and. it is very possible to get dizzy ftom this kind of chanting and breathing. As I stood.. fut: nuto E. So.

:":-: ' .:-: :.lmlmusical tone.::' :':'" : -: :.-:: r:: --:: ::-- :-:.-: '-------:-: the folk dancing of the common pit'r-= I l-: --' forms of movement used in temples.-.ilrl'-: because much of magick. 1'ou do :.-r : " . -:.: . are descended from forms of ce:=::::":. -..- to 1is he NS ) on ?e- ntcall :ves the "are 'tMrT lt .::.li.::-:r':r' my not use the dance form' Free-form dancing can be one oi ti:: .I : -: r' 'ir:'r 'r rrn.:':'' l a :I d :S d )f . i : _ r' ji -/r "_ lr :r.'. : 'i .l Wicca.r l' 1-*' : I 16i i ai="t:r+'1:1': singing does not har-e t.tr. T:=" so recognize the honor )'ou are beil= their songs with you.i --:.Dance scratched onthefloor: :.:'-'..-:..r']:!l. the i11 ot OI coordination r'it: ::::-:.::r. lilllr ' -..n re: .rl1li1'[ You are using the po'.: : J' illrlll: ! rWhen your dragot: ::: .-!: . -.:: -. .: -:"r il-i about your attem::a .:.:::::Something knee-high b:'-. but each draco..:-.-'. . .M rr Dance has always been connectei --l-.: " -'-:r a' : !.r' tu songs that express l.-l -l:i .. and Tinsel. --.-:-: tity-signature of musical sound..:'* !i "il u i* communicate rvith r'-. except for c:::'-: ' '-'-' :' :-:: : -''1 !"! -"'l--*--.I r :-.rL ons. :.--.. l:.th:-. lr:. -"' ir'r'F . : : ': -.:: 99 .'.l-r: -: youwiththeirs(yes.: :---: -:never learn about or use dance motio:: -:. .: -' . sPecificmelody.l: o.:. :* : :-:.Jltrsic d.'=: -.i' 1 ! :n1*lLri["rl.':.-' -'.

so do the vibrations of various arezu . lake. letting every move be different and unique. but moves with the music in new ways each time shelhe dances. melding physical movement with emotional feelings and spiritual yearnings. when powerful surges of these vibrations brrai hm. that previous programming. you are dancing for yourself. since one does not have to memorize steps.mftnm @r rntatdiffr Mhrnc.: 100 . After all. following the storm system for thousands of miles until it dissolves. The vibrations of various happenings have musical rhlthms c. Dragons of wind and storm will roll and leap with the air currents.DnNclNc Wrru DRacorus routines. they move with the rhlthms of the vibrations given ofrby that person or event. The best results come when the magician does not even try to remember how she/he danced the last time. but they do exist for a limited period of time.: their own. one does not have to make great leaps and turns. although we may see no movement whatsoever. which are a type of movement of energy. events and happenings become imbued with vibrations of their own. not just humans. water dragons will take advantage of the storm vibrations to ride the waves of ocean.f land and water. gives off vibrations. mlmfiru n ilhmmn fiimil ul uil-ll ff. Granted these vibrations only last until the event has completed its cycle. at least let the upper part of your body and your arms move in response to the rhythm. If you feer self-conscious about dancing. Break through your inhibitions.x fum lfu Unml rfug : . This type of dancing is self-expression at its highest. Even what we erroneously call inanimate matter has vibrations or movement. Even a gentle breeze becomes a celebration of movement and dance. if one listens. Everything in the universe. and enjoy yourself. Since every happening and event is created by the actions of both animate and inanimate matter. And dragons are experts at communing with and using all types of vibration. Why care what some narrowminded person thinks? When dragons feel emotional about something. or river. but can move gently and fluidly within a small area.

hms of Lreas Of s break through the Earth's crust instead of the usual steadr rac:a:-. rn . Dancing. triangles all over the world.g"-r Vortex.* Dancing during ritual draws to the magician the type of vibrational energy she/he is expressing by movement. or the pressure centers of weather are crossing over. and so on. If you are near a power place or energy line. then persuade them to aid you.*itt*:qmr:nrrn gl[ig:rrr:m* ribraI eIfO- ment.z :with it.. l0l . -*e find uniquely energized areas. is the most satisfying and accurate method of raising the desired vibrations and attracting dragons. Magicians neal::: that there are also myriads of smaller power spots on the surtace of the Earth. As with any entity. There is little you can offer a dragon that will enlist her/his aid except an exchange of vibrations or the chance to frolic in the vibrations you have raised about you. r hap:e and I with rtil the period ing all 'd leap Lnds of of the Even a e. one first must get their attention and interest. the O:. such as the ley lines. you can tap into that energy pattern.Music (y Dance ?e of roYe- does 'and :and n try h the -con- r and your After tTowSec. *See the chapter entitled "Dragon Power in Magick" for information on dragon enerq. Dancing also attrabts dragons who are interested in that specific type of vibration.. some quite probably in your neighborhood. ::c.Dr. coupled with emotional intent and purpose. physical or otherwise.ry.1. within the Earth.

aIship with dn discover that t02 . These udult dragons are less rikely to actually dance with the magician. the The little guardian dragons dearry rove music and dance.rg. It is quite easy' even for an adurt. the more rikelyyou are to see two or more dragons twining about each other in a complicated expression of dance.drugo. or fires. the ecstasy #possibili_ ty' Their movements are totally uninhibited.r. The guardian dragons can be found froricking around even very young babies.rri. even when physically dancing..*p.The magician. .. but it will happen. volcanic eruptions.h'dr. The larger dragons appear to be more stately in their move_ ments' Even when seen in storms. floods.he joy of life.. the easiest magiciant r flexible. the imagination.u' be found wherever ch'dren are having fun without the iowning supervision of adults. The transition is accomplished through certain areas of the mind and spirii Dancingwith dragons has a side-benefit that maytake some time to make itselfknown. these dragons move with grace and balance of motion' The more forceful or violent the event. dancing can alcomllished byvisualization within the mind. free-form dancing at its most unique.. For magicians who cannot physically participate. at reast at fiist.. th. Besides the unique rerationship the magician gains through this activity with the dragons.Da"rcxc \\-mi Drlcoxs way to communicate with these creatures is to invite them to join you in such activities. the vibrations of self-power and hope. the experience is indescribable. eul cenkated \l freely-gir. since young . In fact. to get one of these little dragons to dance with you. ur.rr.piritu_ al and astral realms of power with the physical body. expressive of every little shade of their emotions.in" . No disabilityof !e the body or restriction of living conditions can restrict the use of the mind. They are . anj visuali zation. earthquakes.en tle yet benefi When r-c you to becon on your Il. knows she/he does not .. uninhibited experts at free-form dancing. It may take many dances by yourselfbefore you attract a large dragon as a dancing partner' But when it does happen. littr. It is as if one is lifted out of oneserf into an area of pure spirituar vibration and magickal energy.r.

and movements help you to become one with the music. you will discover that the separateness built up between you and all other 103 . when you discover which music.Music 6 Dance . give to. as a magician. c. the magiciant mind becomes more open and creative. to lany cing able.\'eons) eof )"ou omlr. sound. emotional states more balanced. you ur. What you. spirituar goars more concentrated. France Ln'of se of eYen ritu.tt on your way to opening the door to communication and partnership with dragons. 1500. IOns f.vour attending dragons in freely-given vibrational energy is retJrned to you in a number of subtle yet beneficial forms. itual I Can Small Guardian Dragon from The Chariot of Minerva. and motion. vowels. When you reach this state of oneness.ln ito are can Ling ick- )'of riligat JNS. *. her/his bodymore flexible.ition :time rtions.

will be richer and more rewarding. And dragons will crowd into your daily and ritual life. ritual. m tr c0 ti{ rY!. on t€r thr oor rnt als( imp imp 104 . indeed life itself.DrxcrNc Wrru DRecorus creations and levels begins to blur and finally to dissolve. It is an exhilarating experience. Meditation. peering over your shoulder as you work.

the magician can begin to collect the ritual tools she/he needs to begin performing dragon magick.Before beginning even these.1fl for aid in magickal work. music. Do not feel that you must rush out and buy everything at once. These activities are also of importance to the magician. since most humans live lives firll of 105 . the magician must also make room for fun. Once you have established communication with the dragons. they will lead you to many of the tools. And do not fall into the trap of equating expensive with better. the magician can begin seriously . at least mine are. tver w axir BttuaLx (-/1y using the following riruals. dragons seem to be very conscious of a good buy. I suggest that you set aside time for work with chanting. and dance. Consider these activities the training exercises an athlete goes through before actually participating in the main event. Music and free-form dance can be very important in keeping dragons interested. how(srrs1. Take your time collecting what you need. as well as meditation.l1]|{ attracting dragons as co-magicians and fellow companions . While practicing these procedures.fta- ng. Although ritual magick is a serious practice.

Ask them for help in whatever you are striving to accomplish. Take time to be a child again. Some dragons will appear only during certain phases of the Moon.v dragons have taken part in rituals with total concentration and involvement. They feel no compunction to continue a friendship or be helpful or even nice if you mistreat them. But never. Other dragons hang around for days. and enjoy your time with the dragons. especially if the magician is going through a period of turmoil in herihis life. I never argue or press them on this point since I feel they have a right to their privacy if they desire it. Learn from them. Enjoy yourself with your dragons. never) treat them as commanded slaves or take their friendship lightly. such as storms. M. knort r-our real inten:ons for doing ritual. only to spook one of the cats when we are finished. etc. non-judgmental. Learn from them when to be serious about life and when to lose yourself in play and pure enjovrnent. long hot spells. and you will find yourself in trouble. The magician must learn to recognize them individually even if she/he never learns their names. Each dragon has a definite feel to herihis personality just as humans do. and you will receive honest friendship in return. Know yourself. Dragon names are usually never what they seem.Daxcrrc WtrH DRdcoNS sre"s and over-seriousness. Provide them with friendship and the chance to frolic in the energy vibrations you create. It is quite an ordinary occurrence for a magician to work the dragon rituals several times before becoming aware that she/he has Ir l!L! 106 . while others arrive during specific weather patterns. Dragon magick is serious business. Be an honest friend. It is helpful to the magician with dragons as co-magicians to keep a notebook detailing inner experiences while working this type of magick. since dragons are extremely cautious about giving their true names to humans. Dragons are not like humans. Tly to deceive and use them. Some dragons make brief appearances during a ritual and are not seen again for quite some time. full of x'onder and delight at the antics of dragons.

or you may consecrate those that you have at this point.Basic Rituals Drago n.ssice. the better the rituals are worked.: Irarnsi:*.c:: c.nc t 5. Dc lc! b. The stronger the power in a magickal ritual tool. A kiendship der-eloped slorvl.tse p'atient. Any jewelry can be blessed at the initi- tls SS if 1e as t07 . Others maybe blessed as you acquire them.s. to ask your dragons to add their powerful blessings to the equipment. pragun pbxxrng This is a ritual for blessing and consecrating all your ritual tools.firaeed :i"t:: er3 not immediately arvare of thefu pr. it is wise. as well as a nice gesture. All of the tools may be consecrated at once if you have gathered them. attracted dragon-helpers. This ritual is best done on a Full Moon or at bright noon. Whether your ritual tools are chosen specifically for dragon magick or whether you plan to use them in several kinds of magick.e good reason to be rr an' of hu'rnan-q' Frov' \ our trust\r"orthinesis a::ld friendship to them.:-.v and on a firm foundation lasts the longest.Dragcns ha"'..

chalices. ea_st. If you cannot drink wine.le on floor around your ritual area. the pentacle disk. salt dish. and wand.. a little goes a long way with gums.lrcrruc Wtrs DRncons ation ceremony. purple. -. I carr you puRrFrED.e of magick. 1\l quarfe Return to the altar. say: By nnecoN po\!TR.'o:: i:Eer at the floor and seeing great flames shooting from it \fore jo.:.r... tHrs cTRCLE rs sEALED.-:::edicable kind po\!-er is a totallr-diftere:r: ::_::: of magick. It is best to set the altar in the center of your working area so that you can ::ce the east. ifyou are timid about using blac<. substitute appre cider.:r:e on the right). grape juice. say: By oRecos pou:R. fruit juice. end by overlapping it in --:le east. or soda. Play soft instrumental music if r-ou . Light the two altar candles (black on the letr.iered the one with which you write). i. :::::* : iishedl you are deal_ ing with mischievous creair:ii -:-.:s:" ^r helps to create the proper atmosphere and mask mino: : r.-.. incense burner.. Remember. Tools that you will find useful at this point are the dragon pentacle.[ ! i:n- dlmn 'r'OUf F.a-: rl-ir-olous and half-hearted about 1-our it'o:AB€gm the n:r-:.iri-:. or indigo. \fo 108 . s:bstitute extremely dark blue. =: it can er-en be cian. which tend to smoke.. Have pure frankincense gum to burn in the incense burner. point your forefinger at the burner. Dragon =_i .'-lse around the circle with thls flame.trns:.. Fut a small amount of frankincense on the burning charcoal in the incense burner..:-. Arrange your ritual area with care. \\'ith the forefinger of your =:_::3:_. 0l 5. "draw'ro*r :ril. do not cross the boundarv unti.D.::--:.. Do this by pointing r.=e power hand tiu s :*:::. -: u. \\hiie drawing the circle.-s*" once the circle is cast. sword.

say: during ritual or as a cieansrng !. tr _. -r"--lJEr Sprinkle a few grains of . :nse on the nger at the Moving clockwise. Hold up the pentacle.: :_.. Say: DRecous oF ArR.rsomeone has messed about roirh your altar. re altar exlremely create the de is cast. )..:.rne afiether ter of your ivhich you ritual area. go to the eastern quarter.jn-: in ust.::"_: . BEHoLD youR syMBoL AND ALLy. go to the south. facing the east. .i_ l::-: :. BEHoLD youR syMBoL AND ALLv.nss u-iSe al:i:" :::-5 sprinkling purifies tle ajrar ani .:. PURIFIED. BLESSED SALT. Hold up the pentacle. slowly pass the pentacle c=* --:lrough the ErnMsNr op Spnrr. say: DnecoNs or FIRE.:::i :l: edee of the cast circle. I ceu you with the dragon pentacle in your power hand. iii-r:n the burner to the altar. ler. grape Lift the incense burner and carry it cloclrtise a:.. i Dragon rf magick. By DRAGoN pownR PURIFIED. :eat flames this flame. s:ir:4-. aa:i_r-i-_-. €on penh..::r-be j. r are deal- Set the dish of salt on the times clockwise with your :e:-:. Pass the dragon pentacle through the incense smoke and say: Ersraexr oF SprRrr.-ne ar arr ti.r forei::* :. sword. ine:-. beginnin-e a:ld ending in the es-. lf-hearted By oRecoN po\tTR. :.-: _-:: . 109 .1-: r.n.Basic Rituals l€ incense rmoke. Light re right).

Drrcr. -L. t: EARTH.l. When finished with the Call.. hold tl= ::l. Tc. h .oRo oF FrRE. --. FIolci up the pentacle. Br nnecoN powER O (name of sword).:se smoke.r. set it briefly on the pentacle disk.{\D ALL'.\'ER I Clrr you r10 .--\ :or.rG:I:. Hold up the pentacie. Hold the sword for a few moments before the dragon pentacle. Finish by goi:.utr before the dragon pentacle.Lay aside the dragon pentacle and take up the srvorc. BEHOLD youR syr4Bol -r*\D ALLY. (You will have to keep adding small amounts of incense ihioughout the ritual.uch it briefly to the pentacle disk and pass it through the ince. I cerr you puRtFrED. :o the north. BEH9LD YouR SyMBoi . pass through the incense smoke.rc WrrH DRacoNs Go to the west. By lRecoN powER I cerr you puRrFrED. Return tc :he altar. say: DRecoxs c: \\-.. Hold the dagger for a few moments before the dragon pentacl:. then pass _: :hrough the incense smoke. O (name of dagger).. !11Jl1L!. Put down the sword and take up the dagger. 'i ---. but not enough to make breathing uncorTrio :table. Touch it to the pentacle disk. and say: DeccsR oF FrRE. ) Say: S'. say: Dn.lER. For each tool.

1-::1 .__.-:.r-q::-:.thing Gem bowl: Bowr oF E. HOLDER oF RIVERS.- Wand: ntacle. .cRr:-.r.YOU PURIFIED.r-r:-=..{L IoU PURIFIED.rl a: pentaStaff: ::.\ -:-- Srepp or Serzu1 AUTHoRiry AND powER ARE youRs.. .. ..-L\----r DRj-G:\. BY DRAGON POWER GREAT sEAS AND rold the I CATT. Ti n _:_. - _. By DRAGON POWER I CETT YOU PURIFIED. :1 I C. -: : '- 1l POWTRf . _:1. AND NEAR' l':-l -:-' ough nts of . Dragon bowl: Bowl or (e uP E.. We.Basic Rituals Wine chalice: CHertcs or E. pass it Water bottles: CowtarNrRs oF WATER. 111 . PURIFIED. :ntacle. : -: 1.--. .

Hold the sword up in salute. Thlk to them about your hopes and dreams. DMGON POWER F Whenever you get new supplies of herbs and oils. O onecous cREAT AND wISE.qi Return and say: Dnr . they can be consecrated by circling them three times with your wand and saying: lr p-r Hrnss (ous) oF EARTu. Lsr us BE oNE IN MAGIcK. FARnwELr. This is an opportunity for close friendships to be forged. Go r. BY DRAGON PO\\TR I CALL YOU PURIFIED. By DRAGoN powER I cen you PI-IRIFIED. BEHoLD THE Tools CONSECRATED BY DRAGON POWER. Mirror: EyE . finger cymbals. Go to Dr Now is an excellent time to chant and use free-form dancing.DrNcrxc \finr Dnrcors Gong. or bell: Co You ErpurNT oF AIR. By I CETT YOU PURIFIED. Invite the dragons to share in the raised energy and your joy of being a magician. Fanr Lrr: DRecoNs oF AIR.l or rHE DMGoN. And listen to see if they have suggestions or words of encouragement for you. To close the ritual. crvEN By DMGoNS oF LrcHT AND DARKNESS. take your sword in your power hand. wHosE MUSTcAL NorEs RL{cH TO THE DMGON WORLDS. your wand or staff in the other. you ErEueNt oF EARTH. Go to the east and say: Lr: F. or MAGICK. Cut the c cle boundan: or around the may inspect tj t12 .

i " . HTcHEST oF DRAGoNS AND Mosr POWERFUL. CK' Cut the circle with a backward sweep of the sword across the cir- cle boundary. your Go to the Lnr us BE oNE IN MAGrcK. . LEr us BE oNE Ili 11{.l::: CO\SECar--l :: ::i---\ :'Ji\::.". 113 . : "'. FeRrwELL..-. DreCOxs c: L"-!=. Lsr us BE c\= N ]. FIREwELL.. say: v can be d saying: DrecoNs oF WATri. O DRrca:.l{G:cK.. :::-:__ :.. O oRecoNs cREAT AND wrsE.. Leave the ritual tools on or around the altar overnight to be further empowered.."-. dancing.:::r:-l . Extinguish the altar candles.'l Go to the northl sa'. Point the sword at the dragon pentacle and say: DRecoNs oF SprRIT.-: i r'-+r ll ]fi. The dragons may inspect them closer during this time and add special blessings.. :::*.:'CONSECRATED 3i' ] . FeREtrTtt._i. And ement for rged.-lR.- '" 158"..--!"..-{. Lsr us BE oNE N \.-Go to the west.*-. .. BLESS THIS ALTAR WITH YOUR FIRE.and. Say: DnecoNs oF FIRI. Return to the altar.-.ur joy of ams.Basic Rituals Continue clockwise to *: s:ith. . O onrcoss cREAr AliD wISE. .E TOOL_i :: l. O DRrGI':.i' CONSECRATED N-: . FeRtwELL.]. ].-"..

[ u -.. If you are performing decreasing magick. Do this by pointing the _. realize that you work ners and co-magicians.r. Set the altar in the center facing east.tul circle on floor around your ritual area. Begin the ritual by going to the east. _ugi.D'\rli\G Wrrs DReCOrus rrith dragons as partfirm in "..1. . A magiciar :ries to gain control over dragons at her/his own peril.:_'. intentions but willing to listen to their point of view. .|_i.-. Have everything you wilr need 'dIr-!*^:. With your sword in your power hand (the one with which you write).j tI4 . Another method of decreasing circre magic is to cast a clockwise outer circle with a counterclockwise inner one.::.t. il.turui ."" silencing the telephone and hanging a "do not ai.t"p.:. to set the mood and mask background noises.i or. i-riLr bsiore :: rii:opriate times and needed supplies for a .l::. any place in this rit_ uai that says "circle clockwise._. Make certain that you wilr not be disturbed once you have cast the circle. \bu have to be It is important to paxir pragrtt fi itrr:r..I - starting..^... you jodd circle counterclockwise. door' Instrumentar music utro -h.draw.yo. rnsrd: r our rirual area and make what preparations you can to not be disturbed..rg..

sfi{_. 115 . FIRE. EARTTI. THrs CTRCLE IS sEALED. rrd in your r magickal ointing the Serr or EaRrlt AND sEA. Lrr us BE oNE rN MAGrcK. in this ritdoclauise.) With the wand in your power hand. The . Return to the altar.q dance. set the dish of salt on the pentacre. O oRecoNs cREAT AND wrsE. HTcHEST oF DRAGoNS AND Mosr propriate ingmagi: personal Eremony.-se clockwise around the circle rr. BLESS THIS AMAR WITH YOUR FIRE. end by owrlrypnqg m in the east. say: DnacoNrs! DnecoNrs! DnecoNrs! atyou will may mean .ign on the and mask Sprinkle the water lightly around the circled area.ith this flame. cir_ cle the chalice three times clockwise plies for with the *urrd and say: a will need AIR. rL POWERFUL. DRacoNs or SuRn. HEAR MY DESIRE. BRING PowER FORTH. (The water used in the chalice is not to be confused with the water you collect from various watery power spots. beginning and ending in the east. IURIFIED BE. FIRE. point the sword at the dragon pentede and say: gick. While drawing the circle. say: By tnecoN powER. IURIFIED BE.s Part- lnsbut Fin con- sword at the floor and seeing great flames shooting ftm t. ran to not Werpn oF LAND AND sEA. clockrvise Hold the chalice high.Basic Rituals i. Beyond set the water chalice on the pentacle. circle it three times clockwise with the wand and say: WITER. ATR.

Mentally. Put a small amount of incense onto the burning coals. Frns op EeRTu. Return it to the altar. Continue this for several minutes. Awers rHE DMGoNs. e uecrcrAN wHo sEEKS DMGON MAGICK. Circle the incense and herbs three times clockwise with the wand. Say: INcsNsp MAGICKAL. Bnruc powER FoRTH. You eru puRrFrED. dedicate yourself to the studyof dragon magick. ALL DRAGoNS AND RULERs oF DRAGoNS.ise rvith the wand. 116 . I cau You PURTFTED. Project your interest and love of dragons as strongly as you can.DascrNc WrrH DnecoNs Sprinkle a few grains of salt to each corner of the altar. Lift it high over the altar. I eu (magickal name). beginning and ending in the east. AS oF oLD. circle the incense burner three times clockw. say: Dnacoxrs! DnacoNrsl DnecoNrrs! Then carry it clockwise around the circle. Lift the burner by the chains and touch it lightly to the pentacle. I eNtln tsr REALMS OF THE DRAGONS. Kneel before the altar with the sword in both hands. INCENSE BoLD. Then rise and point the sword at the dragon pentacle and say: BeFIoto. say: Fmr op DRAGoNS. Wrru (name of sword) rN My HAND.

r\ . lower the sword. ANo ewalt youR BLESSING AND GUTDANCE. Point the sword at the eastern position and hold up the dragon pentacle facing outward. Draw an invoking pentagram with the sword (see illustration). l'".) When the flowing power of the blessing has lessened. . Say: tt7 .**. Still holding the sword in your power hand.r?.u i. Continue holding the sword outstretched until you feel the blessings of the dragons.--3- --*i..Basic Rituals 1I t\ rl q' rr--r!--tt. O DMGoNS ANCTENT AND wrsE./L!. BUT FoR KNowLEDGE AND I cnnrr you.! \r pHysICAr BATTLE. (Now you know why you do not want to use a heavy sword. take the dragon pentacle in your other hand and go to the east.{Nor ron POWER..

Return to the altar. When the flow stops.-: THE NoRTu.er of water. (At this point in your ritual.-ii. Lav aside the sword and dragon pentacle. CovEs cLEANsTNG Fnr rRolr DRAGoN MourH. go to the west' Again hold up the pentacre. say: 'n --. Hold up the pentacle' Dra*'an in'oking pentagram with the sword. go to the south' Hold up the pentacle again. when the flow stops.q--l- Colrcs rHE po\\. Go to the north. say: Fnov GnaEr (grail). THs powrR or EeRrn DoES Now coME FoRTH. RULER ot DRAGoNS oF :. Feel the power of Fire entering your body. Add the appropriat. RuLtR oF DMGoNS oF rr. RULER oF THE L{sraR\ oNs FAIR) DRAG_ Coum No\. Draw an invoking pentagram rvith the sword.ruut incense to the incense burner. Drarr. Feel the nowel olAir entering your body. Draw into yourself the po*.*. THREE TIMES BLEST.- FRorr Nepryau (nail'_yon). i. insert the proper chants and workings for the particular spellworking or mediiation you have cho- ll8 . sen.. RULER oF DRAGoNS oF THE SourH.. say: Fnoira FarNrR (faf'_near). rr.DeNcrrc \\'rru Dnrcovs Fnou Sarnys (sair'_iss). an invoking pentagram with the sword.ER ol WattR.l \\rts1 rlul-.v rHE woNDRous powER oF ArR.) Draw into yourself the power of Earth.

1i9 . DiiG:\a l-: -:-\l \\rISE> Or Eenrs -l. Circie it three times clockwise with the wand and sav: Cup or Po\lrER. Invite the dragons to share in the raised energy and your joy of being a magician.-:1 \iE.k the dragons now for adrice. FoR sHeRxc \\tsDo\1 H*.mes and chant: I rueN< You. . :-. cuP or lvIIGHl DnaCON MAGICK.* saving back some to be poured outside on the ground later as an offering to the dragons..'. :(:s. This is an opportunity for close friendships to be forged. : Always approach dragons equals' not as a force to be ordered pen- or conquered. say: Drink the wine.rn F:. And listen to see if they have suggestions or words of encouragement for you. will be able to give you ner' rnsight into ways of solving it.. leave it on the altar for about an hour. as .' physical means or by magick."::L. To close the ritual. Drarv a [tar. As wr wtLL. Hold :d. (If it is not possible to pour the offering outside. . BE HERE THIS NIGHT. \\. tap the staffthree ti.e :-.I::-. take the sword and go to the east. Talk to them about your hopes and dreams. LaY e herbal rdworkave cho- 3:j:: >:-': ishing pentagram with the sword (see illustration on next paee -Apple cider or grape juice may be substituted. so sll{ll tl::.tops.) Now is an excellent time to chant and use free-form dancing. Cont:'-= to feel their power and dire'rion as vou write down the instrustion-s' oPs' ring When finished with the sp:li-"'orking.Basic Rituals If you have a problem that r-ou have not been abie to tl*. Set the wine chalice on the pentacle.

. Go to the south.. DMGoNS oF THE Sours.:-jt-' -"T.q . | say: .:. DRAGoNS op tse Eest ANo RSTURN AGAIN IN THE RITUAL HoUR. Draw a banishing pentagram rvith the say: rffime htt ilm' fficr ![ritrl[n ommfl r @0r 120 . Go to the west.DeNcrNc Wrru DnecoNs tl'rr -. Draw a banishing pentagram with the tu ffi r:I rW.t= !i ll' t'I l1 .'.i)r.m. i -:.^2r_\.! J : Banishing Pentagram ruI Go nv rEACE..6 Go tN PEACE.-. ANo nrruRN AGArN IN THE RrruAL HouR.

However.rs: A:tTOCffHgn \\T t.t-r. !ffirt d. say: Go tN PEACE. burned up all the houses and crops of a town as punishment and a warning to leave them alone.Lrctcx -\-\l _$icFir L0R"L Dnecosrsl Dnrcost_s] Dtrcossl Cut the circle with a backward sweep of the sword acrors the boundary line. Raise boch m. after being hunted and/or provoked to extremes.nnn ra"l: FeRrwnu ro YoL. Finish by going to the non:.:=ANo nstuRN AG1B.i R:::e-x 3!'r.G -!_if q:tff -NE[: By powrR DELp -L\: :$*&f. DR{c{\i a: Ti{E Wrsr. )rarr a banishine pectag:-a= -*-rS the sword. WATen. pragatr d.3 r"&_-\frq To rracg \fE I.iq::ncs gqmFRe.BasicRituals Go tN pEACE. ANo RnrunN AG-{h.ti sg"L IN peecr Go \c1. clear the altar of all tools. there are a number of stories of dragons who.. Extinguish the altar candles.*fReturn to the altar. A great many dragons are attracted by physical fire.] t= tr:Ij{* :1_. This fire-breathing from the nose and mouth was and is usually employed as a warning or a protective measure.. which produces a form of energy.s:= trrL-Ar HoLR. Almost all dragons breathe out a type of energy we humans call fire. LlR=. DR\c-o]*i l.0 :. Burning candles in a ritual way is certain to t21 .t ll-:: 5:.

choose a metal or non-flammable holder and set it in a safe place. opportunity.f. If you are new to the fierd of magick. { good magician constantly seeks to expand her/his field of kno'". A cast circie rs not imperative with this ritual. can-e \-our e\act rvishes on the candle. time the burning to the correct lunar andlor solar phases. choose appropriatelv colored st. For banishing or cursii:. however.. or energy to perlorm a comprete dragon ritual.ou desire ro -rr-r311.andle. For increasing and obtaining desires. w' mrm -l i. To further strengthen the spell. arrange them about the altar. To increase the potency of tte . roll the candle in crushed herbs chosen to further correspond to the spellworking. For moving something away from you. This is a candle burning ritual using dragon magick. Either tapers or votive candles can be used.D. begin with candle iurning and work up to the other. irith the Full Moon being strongest. For obtaining something. It is the quickest ritual to learn and to do. anoint from the end up to the wick. and substitute candle burning for every magickal c. Dragon script is very good for this. cundL burning is a quick. Then anoint the candle with an appropriate oil. burn during daylighi o: :he rvaxing Moon (from after the New Moon until the Full \foo:r .ccoNs attract dragons. but if it proi-es too difficult to carve into the wax' use your ordinarv language.rcrea 122 . make a wide circle of your robe-cord around the candle on the altar.lxcrxc WrrH DR. Do not become iazr.nes to draw the attention of the dragons with which r. For safety.asion. anoint from the wick down to the end.-Xedge and expertise. aurn during evening hours or the waning Moon (from after the i:iil \roon until the New Moon). more involved rituals. with the New Moon being strotgest. With your ritual dagger.. effecti'e tbrm of magick. To further concentrate the appropriate power into a candle burning. If the magician does not have the time.

f'r" DnacoNrsl Dnacoivrs! DR.:lr increasing magick (three times counie:. So lrorr tl :.{-. BRING My HEART'S D:..Jl€ i. Dnacours! Dnecoxrsl Druccr._ TnRnr rrMES I uan you. circle the candr: ::::_ l--irl{T irLlri$*rn"iic i. . THts caNorE's FLAME IS LIKE \o::. ----t .. DMGONS.rr {g. :::.:r :l.:AfiILf ..\co\ : -s ::=. covr ro trrl Hsen r\4y woRDS.*Mi:n* -..LnTrl :-_-. Hold the dragon pentacle facrr: With your wand. DnecoNI powER. 123 .i__..:-::. Lisrl\.Ba:ic Rituals magick).

. pick up your spirits when you are down.^. To a dedicated -asrcian.have learned all there is to know.-is not considered either adequate or a sign that nothirl :::::::: is needed in the way of -. le a srrnbol of initiation.. the candle shou:c completelr-our atrer the ritual is ended. enlightening e_\r::-::. light the candle.-dic. pro'ide you with new insight and goals.DaNcrNc Wrru DRecoNs If you have been gi'en a dragon's name and :articularly want to call upon him/her.t-rnstantlr seeking and being initiated.::.o*-ed . if you put nothing of your energ.1 :a. The magician is driven by an inner rearning for growth on all levels of her/his being. ongoing experience. Since a magician on the ultimate spiritual ::::: .t rs a rirual that can be repeated whenever you want. at the end of the Call in the above ritual. tner.:::-.. The experiences gained during this meditation-type ritual can help you make changes in your life. of course.rr' Enteringt\t fiwt\ sf t-tre Er:rqun Thls rirual. . -r_<elv be one of the most interesting. visualize dragon po\ver and fire streaminE irom the dragon pentacle and entering the candle..:::::-::-.. The magician follorrs the other. a striving for greater contact ilt::. Many of the ancient tri..:.1_--: powers that has no end.: ci r-our magickal career if you approach it with the righr r::-:*:=.. r". she/he never ttel. After severai :::::ents. a single initiation . .Draconis.:-.. this path into other planes is wellworn. as mrl.r-ill she/he be the last. :_-:--. For the fullest benefit.:_:=i and carvings of humans being devoured by dragons ina.l b. knowledge. it will be rare that a magician comes out of the experience with nothing. Initiation must be :. nor .. It is difficult to know rvhether su1=r3-rir3 is entering or leaving the dragon's mouth. Entering the Mouth of the D:..F into the experience.uord ..rvorld path confident that she/he is not the first to do so.j as r-ou rvish. :: . you 124 . use this name instead of the-.

'ant us Iolr the urn eof :kal can cea and her -^f lul Etd -- ring difons .of \-ou The Entrance to HelI Seen as a Dragon.s Mouth from Liyre de Ia Deablerie {paris- :: r .ellThe ) not Llen can )-ou rare .

DeNcrNc Wrrir DnecoNs

little in return. Remember, drasons work as comagicians only when there is an exchange of enersr..
During this initiation ritual, you will be sor;rg in meditation into a huge cave shaped like the mouth of a c::gon. This is best
done on a Full Moon or bright noon. For 2-r hc-.r:s before the ceremony, try to remain aware and conscious of dl:r.-;r Dorver. you will

are likely to get

find it flowing through all kinds of people, ob,;e:1s. und happenings. Just before entering the ritual area for iniri:::::r. rake a.i.urrirg bath with at least some salt and perhaps a ii:---. i::gon's blood powder in the water. Be certain that you har-e .,-o-.: ::t:S:ckal name cho_ sen. Dress in your ritual apparel. car:-,' ::'.- s:iecred magickal jewelry to the altar; do not wear it untrl i: ias l:e:r consecrated. Supplies: pentacle disk; dragon r::r::;ie: .,rater chalice with a little fresh water in it; dish of salt: ,,ri:: cl.ralice; black (left) and white (right) altar candles; su,ord; i..'ari: incense burner; initiation or blessing incense; dragon's blc..c :nd th'me; dragon mirror; gong or bell. set altar in the center facins east. \fake certain that you will not be disturbed once you har-e cast the circle. This may mean silencing the telephone and hangins a "do not disturb" sign on the door. Instrumental music also helps to set the mood and mask background noises. Begin the ritual bv going to the east. with your sword in your power hand (the one rvith which you write), "draw" your magickal circle on floor around your rituar area. Do this by pointing the sword at the floor and seeing great flames shooting from it. Move clockwise around the circle with this flame; end by overlapping it in the east. While drawing the circle, say:
By tnecoN powER, THIS CIRCLE



-- i

,1 -:.:


Return to the altar. Point the sword at the dragon pentacle and say:

1 ';r_lr _



Basic Rituals

best celer

:-!Sl OF DRAGC\S POWERFUL, :- =r: ,:- r ..--.r'R. \\'ITH:C -: LEr us BE oNE N r.-1.,. - r' - ---.:{GO\S Gi*iDRacoNs


S.:: :.

Set the water





chalice is not to be cor::-:-: ous watery power spc:>. . . : cle the chalice three



rsing powchorickal
'l u.


-- -,--.

AIR, FIRE, E.lR---

ii-, . r

Weren oF Ll-\l .r-r;- :i-^ I



Hold the chalice

: -:


iation Lirrorl





';,, Ii,"'



ili not

door. back-

Sprinkle the '..'.::: --:::--. :::;:ld. :r: -tcleci area. L'eEinnlng and ending in th: :.-.:. Set the dish oi satrt on the pentacle. Circle it three times clockwise with the n and and say:

n YOUr


rgickal ng the

ping it

Sprinkle a few grains of salt to each corner of the altar. Circle the incense burner three times clockwise with the wand.

Ftns op DRAGoNS, Fne op EARTH,

You enn puRrFrED. BnrNc powER FoRTH.

Circle the incense and herbs three times clockwise with the wand. Say:


DeNcn'tc Wrrn DRacoNs


Awerr THE DRAGoNS, AS oF oLD. I cen you puRrFrED.
Put a small amount of incense onto the burline coals. Lift the burner by the chains and touch it lightly to the p:nracle. Lift it high over the altar, say:
Dn ccoxrs! DnecoNrs! DRecoNrs




Then carry it clockwise around the cir;le. re*inning and ending in the east. Return it to the altar. Kneel before the altar with the s*-ord in roth hands. Mentally, dedicate yourself to the study of dragon rnaeick project your interest and love of dragons as strongh- a-( 1-ou can. continue this for several minutes. Then rise and point the srrord at the dragon pentacle and say:

BEHoLo, ALL DR\co\s -i.\l i-1ERS oF DMGONS, I av (magickal name . -{ \TAGICIAN wHo sEEKS


WrrH (name of srvord) rN My


I tNrnR tHe

Nor roR plfi'stcAl



---;_ _- *.i

continue holding the sword outstretched until you feer the
blessings of the dragons.

When the flowing power of the blessing has lessened, lower the sword. Still holding the sword in your power hand, take the dragon pentacle in your other hand and go to the east. point the sword at

Jr 3r






Bo:ic Rituals

the eastern position anc : - -: -: tre dragoi ::::"ward. Draw an invoking :::::::::t -.t-ith the si, _:: Fnou SetRys (sair'-:s. r ,

CotvtEs Now rHE


Air enten::: , - -: : go to the south. Hold up the r=-;:.: pentagram with the sword; sar-:
Feel the power of

Fnov Farun (faf'-near
r, )r l-

.:---:; , i



ii -*l:

SourH, Cougs CLEANSTNG FrRe rnct.r _ i_.
Feel the power of Fire entering


i-c'*t t"-,-i -,,,^arrt :rrc {i :nu il:,i:".. go to the west. Again hold up the pen:.--= l:;-, l: -nl',:ili:lrrs :ir:,tagram with the sword; say:

Fnou Nenryeu (nail'-yon), R.--':-:


- i-. _,


Coues THE powER oF WATER, THR::

- _1,a:.:




Draw into yourself the power of \\'ater. C: : - -_:-. _ : :-*-- Hold up the pentacle. Draw an invoking pentagr3::- i"-,-_r. -_-_: ;1, _-:\i: sa\':


NoRru, Tur powrn oF EARTH

DoES No\\-



:o the altar. Lay aside the sword and dragon pentacie. -{di :i::: ;::gon's blood powder and thyme (or other appropriate inceis: :.- nhe incense burner.

Draw into yourself the power of Eari:.



DewcrNc WrrH DRecoNs

Lay any magickal jewelry on the pentacle disk and touch it with the point of your sword. Say: By oRecox powER, I can you puRIFrED. By nn tcol,t FIRE, I CALL you BLESSED. By nRecoN MAGTcK) I can you powERFuL. THnoucH DMGoN wrsDoM, I wstcol4e you.

slowly pass the jewelry through the incense smoke. Then put it on. Take up the mirror, the Eye of the Dragon. Hold it before you and gaze deeply into it. Picture yourself as a confident magician of dragon magick. Say:

i ev a sEEKER


I couB wILLINGLy FoR rNITrATroN. h.rto tFrn MourH oF THE DMGoN

I co

op My owN



DnacoNlsl DnacoNrs! DRncoNrs!

Lay aside the mirror and sit before the altar. Either lay the sword across your knees or at your feet during this meditation.
Close your eyes and mentally see before you the mouth of a huge cave. It is shaped like the mouth of a dragon. Inside, from some deep terrestrial fire, comes a red glow Long drops of stone hang around the opening like teeth. Enter the cave and folow the

dim passageway deep into the Earth. After many twists and turns, you will enter a circular subterranean chamber with crystals embedded in the walls. A gem-encrusted altar stands in the center of the floor. On the altar is a jeweled chalice.


Basic Rituals

At the four cardinal poii:s of the circular chamber 1-.: s:3 deep pits or cracks in the llrl:. irom these pits comes the reo g- ---"' of fire from deep under th: E::::r' The chamber is lit by their i1=:-: alone. Sometimes you see :::= s:adowy forms of dragons arourj
the dim edges of the charn:.:. Stand before the altar :: j :::ounce to the dragons that you have come for initiation' 5e s::: :: call yourself by your magickal '."ou from all sides by the halfname. You will feel porter s::: :l seen dragons. Listen for an", i::.:::i.s that they may give you' -, Finally, you will hear th: ;.:: -- -;: of a dragon saying, "Drink of the cup." Visualize r-ours;-: --::-:= the heavy jeweled cup and drinking the contents. \.'.: rr--- :::- dragon magick coursing through your body, seepi:- ::-:- - -r --t1IrcS. Thank the dragons, ''ra;1 and follow the dim corriCir -f -:::'- '' ou reach the cave oPening. Open your eyes and :::-::' :: '--:: :-:= :rd now. Rise and set the rtlne;:a-i;: .:l:::3::rtacle. Circle it three times clockwise ivith the -'r-and anC

Cup or Po\\;R., c"P oF \liGHT'



Drink the wine, saving back some to be poured outside on the ground later as an offering to the dragons. (If it is not possible to pour the offering outside,leave it on the altar for about an hour.)
Now is an excellent time to chant and use free-form dancing' Invite the dragons to share in the raised energy and your joy of being a magician. Talk to them about your hopes and dreams. And listen to see if they have suggestions or words of encouragement for you. This is an opportunity for close friendships to be forged'
To close the ritual, take the sword and go to the east. Drau' banishing pentagram with the sword; say:


DRAGONS oF THE NoRrH. Extinguish the altar candles. AI-D RETURN AGAIN IN THE RITUAL HOUR... Finish by going to the north. a FaRrws[ To you) O lnacoNs rerR.:h the sword. Go to the rvest.pL{cE. say: tools. Draw a banishing pentag:rr:-. FtRr. DMGONS oF THE EAST. Ihe within your nr your modvatio and enjoyment of no true maE To perform a i. are expended. Dnacoxrs! DnecoNrs! DRecoNls! Cut the circle with a backward sweep of the sword across the --r. Clear the altar of all Notes: perfoi increasing magic evening hours or I New Moon beins This ceremonr. WeteR. Draw a banishing pentas:::r say: -. ANo nsruRrlt AGAIN IN THE RITUAL Ho--:.a extremely sensid Iu precr co Now RsrunN oNCE MoRE To rEecu ME MAGICK AND ANCIENT LoRE. Go to the south.ou r more dragons a make their acqu= beneficial u. Draw a banishing pentagram with the sword.. Raise both arms. I do not kno"_. Go w PEACE.-. When ).Dexctrc \\-t. or astral enir. \bu h an initiare i mastery of n Go rN PEACE. - D. The manir likely.'ith the sword. say: that there is n. DMGoNs oF THE Sourr. such fascinafi feel the unque There is al. ANI netunN AGAIN IN THE RITLAL HouR. ANo neruRN AGArN IN THE RITUAL HC _-:.... EARTH.. Tocprlrnn wE MAKE MAGICK wELL By powsR DEEp AND DMGoN spELL. eNl AtR. presence. it will be thc 132 .i:dar\'line. say: Go n.co\s Go IN PEACE.". :. DMGoNS oF THE \\-tsr.ir' tation. Return to the altar.

.:t -. a complete waste if one has no specific goal in inr:i.. the stronger tl'l: :. Use in conjunction with any ritual. are expended.---: --: -.: :'---::: orastral ent:i.i_.r:..:--.-:-: l*i.-.: .. treat them with the greatest respect.: -i .::--: -i.-: :: : ::. Idonotknorr-::-::-:-.Basic Rituals tools. Magicians per.o:::: :-:. : .'-. r." i:..:: To perform a ritual properly.: --:r---: There is also a greater reasLrn i:: :. more likely. : :.:*. treat them with respect.:-.".: :: ..-.. :-thatthereisit.-c_*:!:--t. You have now elll:]: .di:--:: --!E: -'. . This ceremony is primarily to summon the dragon for a manifestation.. Take time to make their acquaintance before asking their help. .: 3erng an ini::.. _ -* n --:r-*:: within your ritual circle.-:..-:. When you use the dragon call and feel the presence of one o: more dragons about you. they perform them for special inren:..:.-:.. during evening hours or the waning Moon for decreasing magick.. such fascinating enrir-:s" -::r! :--: n ---: *l. The manifestation may be the rare physical type or. with the Full Moon being strongest. .i . it will be the sharpening of your inner sight. Notes: Perform during bright noon or the waxing Moon for increasing magick.:-.-.i _r i your motivation for the ritual.:. ::ginner o: ::-: l:. The stronger the auric i--::. 5::qur: ---:._ ::.r_r _ " of no true magician who does rituals for no purpose i1-::--i:r:.:: .l-:-.: . 133 ..-lille C:i-ir:::i-. ----r ! r. with the New Moon being strongest.-:'t-:.rl presence. beneficial and helpful. but all draconic temperaments are extremely sensitive. a great amount of time an.:-: -.-..and enjoyment.--: nouth of the c:..r-".. Most dragons are feel the unquestionine pres::-:= :::-:-.-.

(tap staffthree times) By youn wISDoM ANCTENT AND cuNNrNc. Use the Basic Dragon Ritual up to the point rhere r-ou insert the necessary chants for specific spellworkings. Paper and pen to write down any messases..!F {t. sword. -L. a prickly feeling between the shoulder blades.(5tnT i lu:l . Stand facing the altar and tap the staff three times on the floor while holding the sword pointed at the dragon pentacle. (tap staff three times) Co\tE.. unusual currents of air. dragon mirror. If dragons are pleased with you. wine chalicer bjack (left) and white (right) altar candles. wand.lig: phenomena. I suMMoN you.-e.ffifi._ ltle ry It'' ffir -.irc.dT -hi thru:l*e --:: ll : rmauri: ia nrfflfi. Hold the sl'ord in your power hand.mff: trl]ti. DRtcoxls. the staff in the other. dragon pentacle. almost like an enormous cat's purr. dragon's blood and mugwort.r*' 'ilflmF: r.i -- l t!r. Chant in tones that r-ibrate through your body: CorrE.u5. You mav feel their presence by a sudden temperature change.. a 134 .h:tf ${lxlr. Listen for any messages that they may give you. DnecoNts! By rouR ALL-CONSUMING BREATH. r'- T_ ih'r. incense burrer. (tap staffthree times) By youR MAGTCK DEEI A\D oLD. staff. and other . \\-ater chalice with a little fresh water in itl dish of salt.. To \{y CALLI You rr. I suutaoN you.DexctNc Wrru DRecoNs Supplies: Pentacle disk.-r-* x!q J . gong or bell. I suvuoN YOU.Urnr*irgi ill.. appropriate incense.ill feei porver sent to you from all sides by the half-seen dragons. . I suMIvtoN you.q 1q{11|/" r I (tap staffthree times) By youn eIERCING GAZn. they often sound deep vibrating rumble. (tap staffthree times) By youR MIGHTv STRENGTH. -hiLi 1F-m \{ :. . I sur{NroN you.

sr*'ord.r'u". gong or bell. it is rather hke =e :rush-ing touches to spellworking. dragon's blood powder and mastic. NaeKs MAGICK FAIR.e Fs[ ]"[om lffS cqmrrys* &nnog miryr'tr umfu Se evening hours or the uaning !. Hold the sword in your power hand. It is useful for concentration to plan what exactlyyou want to use before beginning this ritual.a iust as n'ell be aalled the Chal-m ot To cRsern DESIRE BY EARTH AND FIRE. 135 . *. AtR.r =e ury bil.:':-':.wn' !n-r increasing magick.ith tb.entration use. wand. Cfarm uf Suhinu Manifestation into the Fhts:.l sctffiCes vour intentions into embryonic tor= ::: ::3 sp'irituai reil=s -{ist all creation begins. Chant five. Use the Basic Dragon Ritual up to the point where you insert the necessary chants for specific spellworkings. Bv MooNstAM's LIGHT THE SPELL Is RIGHT. Tbe . talisman bags.i[on and tc:ec*pLc:tg io * 5e:nrsical the spiritual.-dgc@ Ftcfrq:r rod nn'rrgi'+ for bringing your desires into t'emg: Supplies: It is bettff to hrre r Feutrde 'lish dr€w Fcntdt water chalice with a lftde resh h?r€r in ic dkh of salC rnine chelic black (left) and rrtite irighti attar candles. etc. dragon mirror.r-. staff any candles for spells. The Charm of Making.-':. incense burner..[slc ["r $ry New Moon being stronsesl L-xe = .Basic Rituals @\. nothing c:rn rnenlts Notes: Perform during bngS! &1iE . Stand facing the altar and hold the sword pointed at the dragon pentacle. appropriate incense (such as prosperity or binding). Without thiq $. or nine times in tones that vibrate through your body: Bv crow oF SLrN THE PowER's BEGUN.1. WATER. the staff in the other.ctm$rrusfloffi u'dft rww ric@r]This ceremony is prirnariw :o ::$e g. seven.

right it and let it burn out completely in that position. usually stuffed with herbs or cotton soaked with 136 . who was at first apprehensive about what we would do.rd ur. these beings are nondisruptive u.. Listen for any messages that the dragons may give you. or e\-en \-our own special room within a house where you are living rsith others. these bad vibes w'l eventually disturb both your personal and magickal life. If using a tallman bag or poppet. Br ronuno! . nrra yourself host to an unwanted astral entiry who has decided that it likes to feed off the energ-y raised in your surroundings.pet :-e '. Some entities are benign.G. While chanting this. If using a candre. you _uy . she has been seen or felt by rr. doil. l t e s n l"( ffirfie/rinn sf firruxt sometimes it becomes necessary to cleanse and sear your house. When we moved into our present home. no problem to have around. Make certain that the dragon pentacle is reflected in the mirror along with the objects. You wil feel power sent to you from all sides.ibrations can become negative and dis_ ruptive through the emotions of those ivithin the hoJse or left over fromnegative peopre *ho risit. ::::o. Place the candle. or whatever you are spelling.D. talisman bag and contents.lrcrsc \\'rrH DRAGoNS PowsREur cHAR\t oF MAKING. we found we had a little elderly lady. we discovered that she had come to the house as a young bride a very long time ago. between the mirror and the dragon pentacle. Continue with the rest of the ritual. the house was built around r895..irry everyone '-d tr dc sic od dl+' Th )'ou the' toh thl'l it is all State essar tt Unex peopl relater disple :o. spreading auras of love and helpful_ ness.rr.* leave it on the altar overnight. concentrate deeply upon drawing on the dragon power. cREATTIT \{AGICK LINDERTAKL\.iate a smalr cloth oil. apartment. gray hair drawn up in a bun. \.

These entities. that is rare!The horror stories you see in films and ol l-i. For th:. : it is always through the emotions. Decide if you still feel guilt or s\-r:r:: thy for them.: -:: State firmly that you no longer wish any contact with ther:: ' ' : :' essary. Uncover . Since the rre'.:. are comrnonlr' called ghosts. Very rarely.:'. Positive ghosts do not create problems ior people.: --:1 all the deeply held emotions that may bind you to :::: :: . except to startle you on occasion.r: did in the way of repairs' -r': -": she closely monitored 1\-:rr: satisfied that we loved th: :---lse.: "':.. - i''1* r37 . she decided constant alten::::was not necessary. one will encounter demons and der-lls.' ' l Unexpressed anger and hatred are two emotions ""-:': ' people together through many lifetimes. :s humans. This latter effect is of interest to spirits who have usually knorvn you in the physical and have remained jealous or dictatorial alt:: they died. there is a reason they can affect vo.. or you cannot be certal: :'r'r-:': : rur r displeasure as you would with any unwelcom: ' -:. but we alrta-'-r welcome her when she co:l:s Other entities are eithe: :--:der-negative or totally negatiye. whether positive or negative.. Negative ghosts can do er-elthing from creating unpleasant odors to making )rou uncomfortable in certain areas of your dwelling to mentaiiy influencing you in an effort to ruin your life.and read about in books should not be accepted as ordinarr l:::enings.."-i :-: related but still negative. Her r-is-:s :lo\\' are infrequent. I personailr' have found that the Yast lrl3. these are troublemakers I'cu ::i:ltelv want to evict. if the e::. The very first step in getting rid of what I call related ghos:' '' to have a talk with yourself.)- ind rl it rui1a\-e rad irst had ouse 1'ona who comes here. : -rt I repeat. express your anger by yelling at them. Deep inside.-ious renters had trashei '-1: '-: -r'it was understandable th:: :::-s Lady was worried. Chances are minuscule you will ever confront anr-denol or devil. isi: 1. .Basic Rituals 'I it se. Apologtze to them if '1.:::' oi negative entities have at one time lived in the phr-sica. -.

-a jr. bell.:f.j rrd your magickal workings' The sealing part of the ritual u'il. It is not necessary to coordinate -t :: l.: L ti e::ei."i - - 'l'tl.. J"-a.ou must work alone.an take the dagger and incense while you carry the bell anc '.ull..'. Go to your altar and call all your dragons to help you.=i-l: - ry +"q-_ -F-- r38 . Humans are not peri:. tP- -r::lt-r:l - <'---L-_ _-.. Ca.l:":r phases. It is useful for smooth procedure to plan what erac-. It becoi:::. " r' additional incense available in case it is needed-which it rvi. unless you bring them in on vou:s.f .': or allow someone carrying such vibra- J sqll \t"-l u oo not "-our .rlunge il: .L --3 _ i: t --_ t: u __" .:'. incense burner. dish of salt. '". living life is tough.irei:-i. Ir. . Ii x&F:f 'l*-:fl. tra--. this . any appropriate binding or exorcis::incense.. Since humans e\F.vou first use a room you are designa::::: tbr ritual purposes._i:TF-+ frFr.--< -_=:- you go through the house.:. r. .-:-.: I -- tions to enter your S?-:= j .:. l'ater chalice with plenty of fres: water in it.1=.::.rrr1'them through the house.irr: tr-f --- Dl. If you have a partner.tie proL. 1a 1 ::= ---.l l&u. SIl.ur.: . Supplies: The pentacle disk.::::i:r: JMI|T f*c*: ::.e emotions on a daily basis. l.i::: out disruptive vibrations. black (1eft) and white (right) altar candl:s' dagger.-" li 'M.:: :: :::Iormed at any time.-.:-:::. rvith ple::. We open all kinds of astral doorrt:'.::sing will remove any vibrations that are not compatible with r t. A vibrational emergencirequires immediate l.'s ::.ce.rgh our exPressions and experiences of emotions.: un' M rrr-. o. :::d re-seal your house periodically. it will be necessary to re-cleans.. that tre:scr . Set the chalice of water on the pen--:Jf disk with the dish of salt beside it.:-. gt_ a:{ <. This is also an exce l.*: : :::_::. set all your supplies on a trav in o:c:: ica i. Notes: This rituai .i6r1. . In a room set aside totally for ritual.= :l.r-. . : :::sonal responsibility to clean up our own area astrally just .: u -r.it ritual to perform before.. or vice versa.-< {. Light the incense.t: *: la-.: :=-:gs.\-3ter chalice.' you want to use before beginning this ritual. Ligh: :-'-t black and white candles..DrNcruc Wnu DnecoNs about performing this ri:ual to clear your house and reform positive energies within it.' :-::n it physicaily.

-. C\ ].i. As serr DISSC_...x Next.SO\ OR PROPERTY on your tray. Ifyou have a partner....:::s t39 . stir it clockwise three times. P. put three smail piles of salt into the water. '-r :-irror because salt is corrosive to metal. is oftentimes used as a focar point or dwelring prace for astrai ::.S :::: t' :_- _ : i_ '. (Remember to carefully cleanse the dagger blade when you are finished with the ritual. moving clockwise. dagger.. This is followed bv drawing the banishing pentagram at each window. and burning incense (along with additional incense) using the tip of the dagger brade. the other person rings the bell before each window. each ofyou can carry specific items. '.) Now place the bell. p.:s NEGATNT. coor. then each side of the opening is marked with an \ bv the forefinger of the power hand dippeJ irrto the saltwater. s.qGCl:. :-.Basic Rituals O cnrer Dn. chalice of saltwater. The instructions are given as if there are two people involved. Begin the ritual within the room where you are.rson carries the burning incense around the room. and nirror.\l S\-:i _:::: Plunge your dagger of water. and mirror...i. door. and begin your circling of the room at the door.. r. First Jrr.sr-*i__ Ii{E HOLD OF ALL DISSOLVE.

-- with the saltn'at:: ':-: ihe banishing pentagram' If you har-e : ! ".:--'. ask their aid in protecting you. .: Immec:. pull the smoke over your body until r-or. basements so::--:-:t1:s ::.:s: of the closeness to natural Earth energies..r c-eanse the entire house. Call r-our guardian dragons and' with great love and friendship. -: ::d a problem with attic spaces -. i =:. soon you will feel the great adult dragons returning to your ritual area. :. or other negatives might find their way in.'.DlNcrNc Wtrs Dntcotts The incense may have to be replenished from time to time during your ritual movements. Li= . . Move on to the o'i:: rooms you wish to cleanse' If possible. open the "Be gone!" Shut the door quickly. Using r-our hands. be certain to include it in your cleansing and sealin:. and loved ones' Be sure to include the names of any pets you have. Spend some time singing and/or dancing with them. good vibrations while you say: Ltcsr cALLS To LIcHr. it is an excellent idea t. seal this door last.iould use at some time' unless th€-'' --t-::= -:-" . and seal it -" outside door. Greet them with dignity and thanks for what they har-e I40 .-.:]S before you all the negative or bad energy and entities withl:-. your property.-.cxr equipment back to your altar. Stoke up the incens: ag:in.:::lent. Plan your route so that you end up at ::: i'rtside door. I cws MY GREETING oNLY To rHE LtcHr.---.-1 begin to teel a lightness of spirit. Magickally speaking.:: -: i-l: salnvater dort n the drain and clean your chalice. ONrv rnosg oF LIGHT MAY ENTER HERE. You do not want to leave it this way.:':: house. Your house or room should feel quite empty now. Project very positive..--:::: safe havens for entities during cleansing rit-:. you are c::-.:. THg wav IS BARRED To ALL wHo wISH ME HARM.:::: :-lp.. anc . When you are finished.

: : x:. When the dragons and rou have finished your communica_ tions. WetrR._ i:- Be sure to clean your dagEer biaie ot the sah.- _. -{s: -{-.tR.. Flnn.:3. EARTH.Basic Rituals done. O oRt_:s>:_l.r 11-:: To rrecu ME MAGICK -4-\: Dnecowrs! Dnecolrs! -!_\.cater in uirich rou dipped it. Rgrrax l\. Finish hr-saving: FanrwElr ro you.-::_ By powgR DEEp Ai\iD DR{Ga\ :.: -IN ppacB Go Now.G':K i. more incense on to Lrurn as a special thanrr-r-ou r41 .. Put offering.TocarHrR wE MAKE IL4. Listen closely in case the'offer any suggestions as to what caused the problems and *hat \-ou can do to avoid it in the future. Extinguish the candles. thank them again.l Di.

r Dragons of the Four Elements .

the four winds. element of Spirl :--:-*.:. and magickal pur_ poses. fr:_'. Each element has assigned traditional rulers and boundaries to their kingdoms. Fire and Air are traditionally positive (male) energies. and the four quarters of the magickal circle.inr-r as a In Crag:on ff-fThe \ magick. the four quarters of the universe. specific drasons rule these elernents balance. or may at times appear female in male directions and vice versa. Because the magician calls upon each element and its ruler to protect a certain quarter of 143 . --. natures. Each element and its dragons has certain qualities.:: -1_-!e:s. This leads one to surmise that dragons may be androgy'nous creatures. These four elements correspond to the four directions. water and Earth are traditionally negative (female) energies. Male and female dragons may appear in the elemental directions in the traditional places.. and can influence our personalities as well as magickal procedures. and help to create through their porr'ers.rr-r11r:.. each has positive and negative traits. :i: . They possess form and force.1-aia:-:ff::. L-: rn. :: :: !:: rllsaid to be made u: -:::-: =-::::=:-i: -i:. moods.f Ftl" rsgnnn uf t\r TilemnttE all forms of rnas---.

elemental dragons join their great . The element of Air governs the eastern quarter of the circle. To the Zunis of north America. renewing. mountains and forests. south. Hower. north. They have proved compatible with dragon magick. south. they may or may not be the actual names of the element dragons. mental quickness. red. The names of the dragons of the elements and the spelling and pronunciation of those names came through in trance several years ago. fickleness. Negative associations are: frivolity. At times they join forces with the dragons of fire and volcanoes. whether in magickal endeavors or physical activities. any kind of helpful air. yellow. west. In China and |apan these colors were: east. forgetfulness.coNs the circle. The traditional Pagan colors of the elements are: east. white. breezes. The Hindus listed east. To the Celts this list uas: east. Its dragon ruler is Sairys (sair'-iss). hurricanes.r -: J ----- -__. gossip. west. black. yellow. Knowing dragons. west.er. south. north. tornadoes. red. west. north. who oversees the dragons of breezes and winds. the wand. the breath. dark green. seas and other waters. joy. north. Just as no one element works totally alone. what they are and what they do. Dragons of the element of Air belong to a family of draconic beings whose subspecies include those of wind. inattention.--_1 r>- _(- / ---- . south. windstorms. white. it is very important to understand them. it is considered warm and moist. clouds. red. blue. yellow. blue. Its color is pure yellow. east was white. silver. If you feel that one of the other color lists better suits you. incense. south.:-_:-fi 144 .DeNcrNc Wnu Dnq. They work as a focal point. adopt it. storm. optimism. black. gray./ / ^ < . and chaos. destructive air in any form. and weather. spring. bragging. the gong or bell. The positive associations of Air are: sunrise. blue. red. and that is all that is necessary. intelligence. blue. west. there are other colors given to the elements. The following definitions of the elements lists the traditional Pagan colors. north. red.

1 Dragon of Air .

but mostly the elemental dragons work in harmony. Its dragon ruler is Naelyan (nail'-yon). autumn. These dragons are connected with the door of the imagination. jealousy. producing great atmospheric and environmental disturbances. and those of chaos and destruction. change. peacefulness. Its color is pure red. summer. candles. daring. @ q family are those of fire and volcanoes. passion. any kind of helpful fire. Many Vietnamese pagoda roofs are decorated at the end of the ridge poles with ch'i wen dragons (mouth drums). lakes. forgiveness. Positive associations of Water are: suns€t. any form of helpful water. will power. The element of Fire governs the southern quarter of the circle. activity. ego. Several of the temples in the ruins of Angkor Wat have what are known as makaradragons carved on the lintels above the doorway. R The element of Water governs the western quarter of the circle. leadership.De. enthusiasm. courage. The subspecies ofdesert and arid-region dragons. harmful fire of any kind. lightning. Its color is pure blue. who catch and distribute the good vibrations. The positive associations of Fire are: noon. and at the eaves with the chao feng (dawn winds). the water chalice. who oversees the dragons of the seas. who swallow evil influences. conflicts. peace of t46 . incense burner. ponds. volcanoes. calmness. springs. blood. the dagger and sword. it is cold and moist. necessary for spiritual growth. war. the Sun. Sometimes there is conflict of elemen- tal powers.NcrNc WrrH DnecoNs powers to accomplish tasks. anger. an actual doorway carved near these sculptures. Negative associations are: hate. but also a metaphorical doorway. and rivers. it is considered warm and dry. compassion. often work closely with draSubspecies of the Fire-element dragon conic entities of this element. fear. Its dragon ruler is Fafnir (faf'-near) who oversees the dragons of Fire and the sunbeams.love. intuition.

€ <_/ .. re ls- Dragon of Fire of .ri .

thoroughness. stubbornness. or those of destruction. and moonbeams. Negative associations are: floods. respect. and rveather. laziness. stability. making it safe for humans to live beside it. The white (light) and black (dark) dragons rule the center of the circle and balance all the other elements. minerals. In chinese legend.DnNoruc Wrrs DnacoNs mind. insecurity. slides. ritual salt. The subspecies belonging to this element are the dragons of the mountains and forests and those of desert and arid regions. The subspecies of the element of water are those of the seas and various waters. dark green. earthquakes. Earth-element dragons are the most placid. indifference. responsibility. this dragon-king put the Primordial waters into order by digging dikes. the first emperor to take on a dragon form was Fu Hsi. rainstorms. mountains. Its ruler is Grael (grail). dragon mirror. unless they are required to stir up great disruptive energies such as earthquakes. unwillingness to change or see another side of a problem. instabilitp lack of emotional control. and irrigation ditches. soil. the wine chalice. mountains and forests. it is cold and dry. prosperity. gemstones. who oversees the dragons of mountains. Positive associations of Earth are: midnight. Its color is clear. gem bowl. dragon bowl. the element of Earth often works closelywith dragons of fire and volcanoes and those of chaos and destruction. land. vacillation. In cambodia. any kind of harmful water.lack of conscience. Negative associations are: rigidity. caves. It is not unusual to find this element working in conjunction with dragons of wind. The element of Earth rules the northern quarter of the circle. Through invocation 4 4 148 . land of nagas and dragons. storm. purpose in life. whirlpools. endurance. canals. winter. As might be easily guessed. he also tamed the yeliow River. gems. each reservoir has its temple where its divinity is worshipped in dragon form.

Dragon of \\'a:'et 149 .

are comfortable with the way things are and do not anticipate with io' anv upheavals. I do not say this is pleasant. she/he win protect themselves and their loved ones when necessary. And universal law will not tolerate static conditions. more productive form. if everlthing alrvavs ran smoothly without hitches. we think we would be happiest if there \rere nel-er anr. This family of draconic creatures works with ail the other elements. Most creatures. the magician is able to mix a blend of elements that will bring forth the desired manifestation.DeNcmc WnH DRecoNs of these dragons of light and darkness. old ideas. But a static life would be r-en'boring indeed. but particularly with those of chaos and destruction. or positive power. At times it can become overwhelming. or it is recycled into another. I was taught that the most effective magician is one who uses a balanced blend of light and darkness. It may seem paradoxical for dragons of light to join forces rvith those of darkness and chaos. Ererlthing is required to keep growing and changing. Every element. A magician cannot possibly understand and work with the light without acknowledging the existence of the dark. The negative current of power is just as important to life and magick as is light. we are not talking about satanism. { $ r50 . has a negative side. in order to create somethine bener. The element of darkness has a definite place in magick. because this does not give a true picture of the actual forces. old forms. if properly used. that is a totally different type of magick. What she/he does with either light or dark comes down to understanding her/himself and practicing self-discipline and good morals. and downright frustrating. and especially humans. but will not go out of their way to dominate or harm other beings if at all possible. unnerr. including light or dark. I dislike using the terms "good" and "evil" when discussing light and darkness. sometimes. certainly no magician worth the salt on her/his altar is going to be a doormat. and never has anything to do with the balance of elements.ing. but it makes perfect sense to the knowledgeable magician.negative occurrences in our lives. and old ways of living must be broken dorrn and re-created.

if tant <ing ever ses a 'orth proI not POS- h the What nding Dragon of Earth .. e- rh Ve tIrtlt sal reP 1C- er- ing the tive .v )f le s.

It is not unusual to find these dragons holding their tails in their mouths while sleeping or resting. These keep the elements within the control of the magician. the black altar candle. rvhite. To do this properly. the white altar candle. the pentacle disk (a five-pointed star on a wooden disk) and the dragon pentacle are kept on the altar. the staff. they stand ready to use their vast powers for creation. Their color is sometimes black. psychic guidance. i-have-the-only-way attitude. seeking the truth. the Moon and stars. rule positive power currents in magick. When light dragons release their hold on the tail. or dark of the Spirit. they are considered moist and cold. they are considered warm and dry. working either for or against the magician. a place where Primordial Matter is constantly being formed into physical manifestation. reaching toward the spiritual. the salt dish. the pentacle disk. Positive associations of light are: all forms of day. a female energy. rule negative power currents. bettering life on all levels. J_ ad io' :fr iALLtriItr des s"i c! t52 . the dragon pentacle. seeking the truth. helpful light magick. The dragons of light. !-lt u -{r: GJ-l{ The dragons of darkness. the pentacle disk is used with one point upward. Dragons of light exist within a space where light is completely separated from darkness. Positive associations of darkness are: all forms of night. the Sun. symbolizing that the dragons of light and darkness (or elements of Spirit) always rule over all elemental kingdoms. a symbol of continuity and stability. or light of the Spirit. Negative associations are: self-righteousness. dreams. balancing karma. psychic guidance. the dragon pentacle.DeNcrNc Wrrn DnRcoNs Since elemental-type dragons of whatever color can be unpredictable. Within their jaws they hold a precious gem that metaphorically grants wishes and desires. positive attitude toward all things. balancing karma. the salt dish. Their color is symbolized br. rest. the staff. a male energy. the pentacle disk. This tail-in-mouth symbol is represented among humans' earliest depictions of dragons.

i. hate. or unformed matter. were given the title of tad ekam (That One). helpful dark magick. As with the dragons of light. we would call this destroying. darke disk. working against karmic patterns. where physical light and darkness are actually not yet separated. unjustified re\€nge. they break down forms of energy. Dragons of darkness rest with their tails in their mouths. However.conjaws jr-or. when they release the tail. --+l= -.t -=l-:ri! -t"s*. the dragons of darkness and chaos. In Sanskrit.. This dismantling of energy is necessary so that the dragons of light can re-create it in a new form.ns' l*:w .Dragons of the Elemmts e:le . The negatir-e associations are: deep anger. fiuth. These dragons exist in a place where time has no authority.le of .ne CSS A/er Lale sof gon Ling ring ddghtEtely 'J. harmful dark magick.*-irgrur-!.:xr-r. dragons of darkness hold within their jaws a precious stone of fulfillment. mentally distorting psychic messages so that you hear what you want to hear. as do those of light.=---c =.-*51 and ils in bol is mbol 'ld on gative nergy. 153 .Jjn-. fear. t dish. where Primordial Matter waits to be formed into physical manifestations.

pushing the clouds through the sky. If you have ever closely watched a wood fire. ) There ofthe r of \4/ar selfflq No herbs a R. imitate the movement of flames. Choose herbs and oils that are listed as of the element of Air. Tire In your dance and singing. within a cast and sealed circle.) QuIcIcN lvfy IIND..DRNcrNc WrrH DnecoNs The following calls and brief rituals are meant to be included in your other rituals. whistling over the mountain tops. They are used to add greater power to any spellworking because thev specifically call the elemental dragons of Spirit.T pragutrn sf. r t54 .os RLIER oF wiND AND clouD. hert l pragan x nf btt Choose music that represents to you either storms or light. Sanys! (Ritrg gong once. RL\E\v \ty LIFE. Ashumat often diff creative. Repeat this chant three times. Dnac. Your dancing and singing should make you think of wind blowing across the land. stirring the plants. I cenyoLT sECRET NAME ALouD. Senys (sair'-iss)l {Ring gong once. Choose music that helps you to reflect this mental imagery. GnaNr ME loy FREE FRo\t srRIFE. breezy conditions. for instance. This taps into a vast reservoir of power current which can ampli$' any other po\r'er raised within the magickal circle. depending upon the atmosphere you wish to create. Notes: use candles or other objects of a pure yellow color. you become aware that fire dances and sings in its own manner.

Dragons of the Elements .'r Er:qr:r5 ri Iffi.r:': ::i--:. Repeat this chant three times.l in dto call ir of thin rej -.-. Netryeu (nail'-yon)! (Ring gong three times.i. Nesryex! (Ring gong three times. ing ntain . Let r-ou::e-: :.::r:.) Tnecn ME THE psycHrc.':::: . Perhaps 155 . Notes: use candles o'tjects of a pure oi . Choose herbs and oils that are listed as of the element of Water.:.--*jtli oftheoceanorru::.::1--. --: ihe element of F:.. '-:tose herbs and oils that are hs::c ".artL1 As humans. feel t-our-:1 self flowing alons.olor. . SEAS AND I-IKE.) . slower than those of the other elements.::r. we are so familiar with the feel of Earth energies that it is often difficult to imagine what being Earth is like. Ceru wArER. maternal.-1:i.:-::=. Ifyou !ecome : music pragun n sf 7$.--::::i-.1 s::a::l-ec c: ri. Gneur ro ME cALM ANn ptacs oF MIND. Repeat this chant th::: :-::--".".ing the ocean waves.-i:--i!r:3:Titu--LTETI[ -.:':X of water. Thefe afe Several -qc. MovING wArER.:--. Earth energies are creative. -::3-i-3-:.ut:.: c:ji--e and singing.i:::* --:. coMpASSIoN wARM.l::r-: feezy :eate.-: Notes: use ca:ldies u-ir other objects of a pure blue color. I carr uPoN THE wATER DRAKE.

HErp ur ro BATANCE ArL KARMA AND FoRCE 'TIt I RsecH To rHE TRUTH oF My LIFE oN rrtrs EeRrH.) pragunx sf -{tg\t The music for this element should be the astral. Choose herbs and oils that are listed as of the element of Earth. Lrcsr oF THE Sprnrr. a parent rvho cares for her/his creations. airy kind. Music should be slower and perhaps heavier. Repeat chant three times. BB GUIoB ME AND TEACH ME. and vis- iting the stars. Notes: Use lvhite candles or other objects along with your other chosen element color. GneBr (grail)! (Ring gong four times. O DMGONS oF LIGHT.DRNCn'ic Wrru DnecoNs you can best identify with this element by feeling as if you are the mother of all.) LBep Nas ro RICHES. circling the Sun. (The Charm of Making may be chanted here. s\l{Bol oF StrN. It should make you thinli of floating through space. puRposE TRUE. oN You.q. ENouneNcs srRoNG.Rrue My MAGTcK Thi g"e was wITH powER oN THIS NIGHT. Notes: Use candles or other objects of a pure dark green color. Repeat this chant three times. Correspond the herbs and oils to the other primary element. pause. wnu ME NO\\"TIL THIS spELLwoRKING's DoNE. I cerr. the dance more statell'. GneBr! (Ring gong four times. NORIHERN DMGoN. Sp. Lpress vourself in dance as if you were dancing through the unir-erse itself. ring five times.) rusl and refle 156 . FRoM youR sLEEp.) (Ring gong once. Fnou YoUR MoUNTAIN CAVERNS DEER RISn.

Let your dancing :ei-lect your desire to be reborn in a new and better image. George and the Dragon (Itaiy. Dance as if you were awakening from a deep sleep :nd stretching for the first time in your life. It :i'es a sense of floating in the womb. Choose deep. l5th century) pragutt x nf purhnexx This element "feels" heavier even than the element of Earth.Dragons of the Elements Drooling Dragon of Darkness from Sr."as being created. r57 . of the time when each of us -. somber music with occasional :ushes of energy.

oR TEAR' a I FoR paRr IS RECEPTTvE. ring once.:-. YOU BALANCE OF LIGHT.cg ME youR Nor ro FEAi. Nor Dnreus oF THE Spntt soAR wITH THE NIGHT. L 158 . with your other chosen element color.: DnacoNs oF DARKNESS. SECRETS.:. Wnap ME IN GUIDANCE. (The Charm of Making may be chanted here. THE DARK TERROR TEe.) (Ring gong five times. Corresp.) (. YouR PowER wILL RLli UNrn rHE TItv{E oF MY MAGICK IS DoNE.Notes: Use black (or rerr dark) candles or r:. Repeat this ch":. pause.: : .:-: oils to the other primarr ' element.

=.i :-.* =_ .o__ - .: . .. .. They are a r-:::-:.... movement._.-J _u Fregnns uf thr Scilg eni F*riuus llleters ating.. In tact..r. . that type of power.ri._.. changes. They are o? th.ll_ .. These dragons can be very large o. .:_ -.: .-fluid. both to get . _= . especially those people who control us througf..1.::: .. "irn....l-.= . ou.l. . some shade of blue predominanr o: .__ : blue-green.nt.:: . thei: s.:-. .0. broiei: . 159 .: have large horny eye sockets set in a ::r:=: _.::._l feathery fringes about their mouths ar: : _-. Dragons of the seas and various _. their dwelling place. calmness on all levels"of beine u. them. ._:-::j either calming them or breaking thro-. ..i .-which they rerid. _ :.-.

in South America. As recently as 1981 Herman Rogustus and several others saw what is called "Mokele Mbembe. who spent a great amount of time on water of some sort. Lakes Erie. This reddish-brown resin. Ontario. It was said by mariners that the only effective detense against sea dragons was to sprinkle asafoetida powder around the ship. A lake in Patagonia. In Africa such dragonesque beings have been seen in the Congo. has an acrid taste and strong onion-like odor. the British Isles. When these raiders and explorers returned to their home ports. This was to avoid frightening the landvetti6 the local peaceful and protective countn'side spirits. the first recorded sight of Nessie was in about 565 cE. Sea dragons have been seen all around the world. they pulled down the dragon-heads before sighting land. as well as in various lochs. have all had sightings..S. such as Lochy. and North America. 450 miles up the river in the jungle areas. Scotland is not the only place to have a consistent sighting of what are erroneousl'called monsters." a 3S-foot-long creature in Lake Tele in the Congo.lakes. Fine. has its monster. Utah. and rivers.ott the coasts of Scandinavia. and many others in the U. The one in Loch Ness is far from being the onlv one around. enough to repel anything. Denmark.Drrctxc \\-. Other Scottish lochs.! . Quoich.. thus reducing their risks of having to fight off a dragon attack. obtained from the Ferulafoaidaplant.A. The Skrimsl of Iceland was sighted r60 . squids. and the Gareloch all have stories of such creatures.a- -. Nile. Arkaig. Scandinavian sailors. Oich. must have decided that the dragon-heads on their ships would announce their kinship to the sea dragons. Such a creature was seen in Sweden's Lake Storsjo up until the end of World War II. or other common water creatures.umented that one can dismiss the skeptics' observations that people are only seeing dolphins. but especialll. and Zambesi basins. -r5i Sightings of these creatures is so well do.

Dragons of the Seas and Various ll'n:,--.

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AWinged Water Dragon
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; sighted

recently as 1860. The dragon was also found ?riinS -_rl.: it;ixl:urs of South America, where he could be either an e:.::_-, :- itrrl -ilm god Chac or his helper. In 1931 Huang Wen-chich, an official of the rJ:-::s* :rir:ri*rr"rii:..j of Kiangsi, reported many people seeing a drago:: _: ::: ::i_im {;,,'s Even more recently, people at the Lan Xans::::, _: , rrr['rrirr[€.. Laos, repeatedly saw a dragon sharing the \lei::.. i_.,g ,rw,rjr r[* giant catfish. With all of these sightings bv so::-_::'. :ui-rL-rrs rrr*1 types of people, how can one refuse to belier: ,::: :rrr {,. :ll-.l;r In China they have a tale of a prince rvhos= ::r:i M zu E!.i"rrr: by a dragon that lived in a local pond. This C:,: - : - :' -1*r'r {r*,r.i,:-Ls: the palace but supplied rain to the surrounc-:-J - - *-r-Tr liirj:!j- -1'ir:r,t::. the prince became ill, he decided that he r::::: -r-: :*i-,:. r i _',u,oas a cure for his sickness. The dragon insta:-----, ,--:-* r'-_:= :1-.:-. i treachery and fled, causing a terrible thun;::;: - :::- -: ;i.: : :- : : _,: :-:


DeNcrNc Wrrg DRecoNs

before the prince's ene:::ies stormed the palace and took over the area. The story does no: sev what happened to the prince. The Anglo-Saxon ',"'td nicor also means dragon. Both words, nicor and dragon, are :s:d in the epic poem Beowulf to describe the first two dragons thai r: hero encountered. This tale rvas probably written down in the -:j: or 8th century cE. The king of Denmark was plagued by a d::: --: :hat assumed human form, came into the palace every nigh:. ':-: illed his men. It became such a danger that the king aban: ::..: :is palace for twelve years, until Beowulf and his Swedish .,:::--:::--,lns arrived. The Swedes spent the night in the palace ani ,,.:= .::.-ked by Grendel, the dragon, who had assumed a serni-:::::.:- :::r. Beowulf tore off one of its arms and then follorved d:. :- -'- :-" ::::1back to the shores of a lake. Thinking they \\'ere :-:', ;.:. ::: Danes all returned to feast with Beorvulf. But::::.;r.,: :.-::-: l-iendel's mother, who was more terrible thar. ::. ::-- ,:: -: .::d dragged off one of the Danes. Beor'1,::-----,":: .,:: --:-r t, -:: lake, dived in afterher, and discovereo ::- *:l:l-,,:i:l ',.--.-: ;hamber. There was the body of Grendel. -{-i.: : ::::--:-: :::---.. :.,-."rulf killed the female dragon. [n Greek ira]i- --r::-.:- I.:.r-3s encountered a dragon as he passed through th: ;-:.' :: l:. - - : iing Laomedon had chained his daughter Hesione:r ::--:-.: --". :li sea in hopes of placating a sea dragon that u.as terrc:r:-1. -----: ---t-.'. In return for a promise of some extraordinary horses. --:=:--=s :.s;ued the girl and slew the dragon. When Laomedon re:js:: :r ieep his word, Herakles
sacked Tioy.

petinoi:-; :-,' : <rag, possibly of Ethiopia, to kill a dragon sent against the coun:r' D=, tne sea god Poseidon. In an attempt to stop the terror, the Hng chained his daughter
The Greek Perseus was

- n

-E5^-5-= i=
.-\ r

^" -- ----


Andromeda to a rock by the sea. Perseus and .\ndromeda had fallen in love, so Perseus had an extra incentive to dispatch the sea beast. When Cadmus, the brother of the kidnapped Europa, wanted to free his sister, he went first to the Delphic Oracle for advice. She

;"-_ft1 -- - :- -:-.
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directed him and his corpanions to go to a spring near Thebes. The spring was guardei trv a dragon who was a son of the god Ares. After a great bai.-: and the death of several of his friends, Cadmus managed to r-:he dragon. One of the best .':, , -.',-n Norse stories is about the god Thorr and his fishing exF::-:.:n rvith the giant Hymir. Disguised as a common man, sinc: .::orr and any giant did not get along, the god claimed gues:-:-::::. lrom the giant. The two rowed far out to sea early the ne-ri ::- - ::r-ns. Using the head of an ox as bait, Thorr cast out his line :r - ,r :,r3d impatiently. He fully intended to try to catch the \\Iorjc S.::=:: -ormungand, but he had not told Hymir that. Suddenl-, -:= -::.: :erpent swallowed the bait and set the hook. Thor: :--,=: .".,:- .:11 his supernatural strength and Jormungand tl::..::: :: --:-3 surface. Hymir was terrified. While Thorr r.-as b:.r -.r'-i: ri: S:rpent, the giant hacked the fishing line in frr-o ',ri--:, :-. .*---. - * - :: ,,.-as furious and knocked Hymir out of the boar rc s,!--::r :.:- :- ::--rie as best he could. Losing his catch was for the h:::. r:-;-!: ::-= \orse said that when |ormungand's tail came out o::-s ::-,- j:-:. ::. rvorld would no longer be held together but rroutc :-!..-::l:::: ,:l chaos. Some magickal si-s::::-! - - :.: ::on all dragons other than those of the elements as ie-.'-: -:: :-::-:-. lle Deva (pronounced DAyvah) of a place is cons-ee:.i 'ir l;:::r presence, a Nature intelligence. They consider Lr:s: c;lsons to be less poi,verful. This has not been my experience. Fa;h magician must judge by her/his personal experiences in magick. When working rvith \\ ater dragons, select herbs and oils for the element of Water. Stones should be of a blue color, whether intense blue, a paler shade, or one of mottled coloring. Collect a small amount of water from a particular dragon habitat in a lake, river or ocean, and take it back to be used within your circle. Always ask permission before taking any of the water and leave a gift of herbs.



and or



Dragons of the Seas and Various Waters

The Great Seq Monster Leviathan



drawing by Hans Baidung, 15i5

Chant at the power source when collecting water. I esr youn BLESSNG To REMovE THIS wATER, O lRecoN oF THE (sea, lake, pond, river, rvhater-er . I r.Eevp you rHIS GIFT,{\D pR.o\tISE RESPIc- :ai. l-{-s

r r




Sprinkle this collected rvater around -,-o'ir ;:l:ir;ial circ'e and/or over any candle or spelled obiea',0-113lr';.-11-Aanl to u'e tile power felt at the collecting point. \\hen vou sprxi.:le this ro ithin a
cast circle, say:


DeNcNc Wnn DnecoNs

Dnqcou oF THE (sea,lake, river, pond, whatever), I cen uPoN YouR MAGTcK PowER! Rersp vY SPELLTNG To NEw HETcHTS
IN rHrs RrruAt HouR.
ENDrnss, ETERNAT. EvrpowrR

Powrn or Waren, MovING AND BRrcHT, rurs Nrcur!


those of



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i: * r*. .. those of forests. long-range goals.:.::.. " Forest dragons inhabit stretches of deep ic:=. After the belligerent Christia:. the heavier body.:rrr. :.{* . depending ur.*r"rrand sometimes belligerent if their forests dre r:nr : r: . sometimes not.: -.: conflict..:* : -" I:...: .."i:. sunlight through the branches and leaves. . huge wings. S. . l:..-: u Mountain dragons are much heavier looking i:: --. stabr -:.prugnnx sf t\n 6@orrrtain= ani !furextx . Bothmountain andforest dragons har'":.-.-:: .. :.i r. endu:::. responsibility. four legs.ing foundations in life.r..:".:::rrx" Dragons of the mountains and forests help t-.: mental endurance.: -. .: .: success that come through personal effort and :.'. .5"-l* Lir...r -: r:-: .r stand up under existing responsibilities.:r --:i--: 15- .'fhey generally have the look ofWesrerr ::::.i:"L it areas close to human towns and farms.rr. They like the -. :j. . _. TI.: *:.rrT.:-: without a good explanation..: _ : . tu i _ -r"r .ttrf ragons of the mountains and forests are oi ::= : :"* 1tl Fl Earth.:-_.: ..:. :-.ttimes solitary clusters of trees.-.-. n-. and oftentin=s ::: .* -: .-._ . loni _. : :-:::.rL .=:.::..: ----: humans.!.

especia_-. even burning the royal pa-..i: crept into the mound and stole some of the treasure. L_ "-..: -r-tr i. ardly Regin did not sta'to help. As Fafnir came down to drin.: _ -: :_:: : _--..-. They also advised him to find the sleepin.t . urrJ a drop of :: entered his mouth.. : r: the tale of Beowulf..." r: !n. -: ----."nrs treasure inside.:sln talked sigurd intt going after :i= dread dragon Fafnir riho l. the dying Fafnir rvarned him of Regin's treachery.: "fT -.i. -{lthough Beowulf was quite old by this time.i ::TLIT young man *i:i::lnltelr'...-NJF r-. r'as being taught and befrie:::'''ho. . lr".: -: causing undue distress to the neighborhood.-: i -. but the one that appeared when Bec .. .-:J.:__:.:- "rn t...:. However.. i.. Beowulf killed it.l 168 .i i _. he prepared to i... The earlier two dragons in the stor".-arCs trom the poison in his wounds.*-: the creature along with his servant wiglaf. sigurd was an exceprio:"- the physical plane.. One of the best known stories of this kind of dra:: : . he d:=: soon alter'.. Sigu:: found the dragon's treasure lair but decided to dig a pit near ::= river in order to stab the dragon as it passed for watei. The dra. and scandinavian legend tell of the hero S.. den rrhere' after a long fight.. Some of these dragons are of the variety that ..-:= .Tr in or around barro*'s or burial mounds.. The co-. urd (called siee::r:r in Germany).-. They tracked ir rc -:. As sigurd struggled out from under th.. sigurd also discovered that he now understood the ianguage o. birds. Both Teurcir.were hunted with great determination.r the mountain or barrow variety. until th: :.ously water dragons.on's hot blood poured o'er the young -urr._-.-. Birds in the trees round about warned sigurd that Regir: planned to kill him.-.'ed rn the forested mountains. Furious.!: become king of Geatasland in south sweden late in his ire . ed by the evil Re.ein. until a runa*'a.:-.. drugon's body. sigurd stabbed him from his hiding place in the pit.. This dragon had guarded th: : *:ial mound of an ancient king for several hundred years *. -: dragon ravaged the countryside.: : _ .

169 . Ormiston. Drakeford. Ormskirk. Drachenfels and Drakensberg in Germany. the alace. Following Fafnir's tracks back to the lair. and Dracha.Dragons of the Mountains and Forests trom lii'ed 3 WaS rld in obvilf had . and Draconis in southeastern Europe. Wormingford. 1589 lrink. One can trace past dragon activity in the Western world through such place names as Drakelow. and Dragon's Hill in England. drag- of it drag: Sigge of Regin eping warrior maiden Brunhilde who would teach him all the wisdom he lacked. Dragashani. fight to its :died i Sig- ional iend:r the igurd rr the cow- Mountain Dragon from a French engraving. he packed great bags of treasure onto his super-strong horse Grani and left the area. Draga. the young man dispatched him. When Regin returned and tried to kill Sigurd.as : of burthout slave s. Wormsley.

:::-... as they did large rocks and cliffs.." . -:-:*:-. They considered mountains to b:':-":. -: ire vibration of Yang..:.'] :J. . dragons.': upright rows of sharp scales down their necks dnc r:--r-: \\hen -. the stones in the gem bowl on your altar.I.'. ' :.. I ::-. rocky peaks or rugged c*:-::::.: :ermission before taking any of the soil or stones ani --='. ..:r*. i l . and take it back to be used within your circ. Chant for moui:'-:: ing material: I eSI< yOUR Mountair: . !--:--- -* 170 ....which means dragon. :.-orrn. select herbs and oils for the element of :r:---: :..: -.... .--. The stones can be set around candles or talisman bags.-: THIS (stone. :: a ferv stones from a particular dragon habitat in " ::. .:. \orse word ormr.: :t. :.-:s.-:.J' i'SPECT FOR THIS PIECE OF YOUR D\\-:--l... These rvords appear to have originated from ::..i----'r-r-. nnacoN O oF -a: t.::-. I T-NEVS THIS GI. lsually are found in the high.r:. Some of the older ones have staked out their do.DxNcirlc Wrrs DRecoNs Humans called Britr:t land dragons by various names besides the word dragon: orli:j.:. -:::rbs.uid be of green or brown colors.i"--.. . -. Chinese maps e:: :::dition said that the Green Dragon lies in the East..'. .i-.:::red even more powerful if the site faced the south. :s. soil)...i .r -. whic:..i .irv top where the wind and snow caress th eII g::r: l.'-l 4 q :: the porver source when collect- B^':::--'.-:.: .t t'. Collect a smali a::-: ':.::.ti. -_- Put the soil in your dragon bou'I.-: rcrest.: : :.-]. or vurm.I . ---\---^-:jr= :rountains and forests are shades of greens an d b.'. The Yang energy \\'as : .

Use this chant within the cast circle when using the stones or soil: 171 .Germanengraving. Objects or candles can be placed in the dragon bowl with the soil for a brief period of time before finishing the spellworking.c.. 1480 etc. they will soak up power. to further filI them with power.Dragons of the Mountains and Forests Forest Dragon fromMosesLeadingtheChilrrenof IsraelThroughtheWilderness.

Herbs can be used in talisman bags or burned in the i.L-*. stones in your gem bo. to further fill1}1ss1 -. O Pnaccs l: -:'::li:sl.L j AxcrcNT SgLr-essunaNcE. SLITHERING' GLIDING. Sntxr AMONG THE FOREST TREES) STRENGTH WILL YOU PROVIDE ME' REST AND PEACE.-r'::' Put the cr. Stones are used around candles. Remember to ask permission before collecting and leave a gift. AMPLIFY THIS FORCE..:rb> ".DeNctNc WrrH DnccoNs Dne. *. DnecoN oF T= I'ioL ITAINS.::sE RESPECT FOR THIS PIECE OF YC": l .ncense burner to release more power. herb).'-:---f ':.rith pol{er.lt r.ith r-our other herb supplies.:l'd ragoc :llf-r'i _ryfJ he=lf. i e"!7i g&'je: 172 . ::: _itit :t l'].*-l on the aitar.coN oF THE ]'lotrNTAINS wHosE Roors RLN AND DEER DARK GneNr rHIS sPa-: ?LRPosE' STRENGTH. ffin{i:. I eSr vC.r :-::jsc TO RE\{ovE THIS (stone. Ergnr-lAr KElp Pou'rn DEEP -{s l'IOL\TAINS' NEVER-ENDING soLT. I tEe\T _ j:_-. *T --. etc. Chant for forest dragons at the collecting point when gathering material.cE. This chant is for use of the collected herbs or stones within a cast circle' & ?n-: f*'*. Lr€rL'! "urdlffr f Scr l:rr.e!L -* lT FOATST DRAGON.

and weather ale Erqdlllsnrulr ilrrfimn61 control excesses in the weather.mhill thin fringes of membrane tissue. Dolvn the ryine s{ 6t frrue." ous eyes surrounded by The Hedr. flexibility of the mind.r. purpl+ or b*nchfudh.rs emu& SfemM dssrllitfrFd e.thering rd leave f -?n tn - rugnnx sf ffiilinb. in your : to furl bags or ichant is gmiflb&Gm u CEofu emmsome of them with great gauzy Hin€s o&r!T *"uft M ragons of wind and storm and rreatiu rm subspecies of Air dragons.. Long. openness to nff uiffi nqm6 away obstacles.rhug i. frtorrw &nh Mcs&cr .h being only about nine feet long with tdsr @'i"feathers. which was well documented in 1669. storm.tection. dragon.a@ erym Fffi rtr repeated appearances before a great nu:nber or *serre T firr *evsma-tl -*-ingn ailid ur eral years before it disappeared.ilXt* ilfrnqr num'* round their eyes and necks. Such a dragon rq-a. They tend to be ph r * lnd blues.m call up storms.{ i. "flyttg-lump" on their foreheads. Ther are lry. most often in a dramatic fashioa Sometimes these dragons have feather-lo. 173 . get things rnom'iry mnn ryr tfliK' especially in the areas of creativity and the rnecrd puqrm glnul. but change to angry red-orange. feathery antennae rise abore treir ffiilql* Dragons of wind.

rrhile the cry of the female makes it calm again. The greatest and Lord of all Dragons was the celestial Lung. dragons fighting each other was an omen of a rough journey or approaching storms. causes great storms and downpours of rain. celestial Lung had power over the fertility of all creatures and the Iand itsell human a. The chinese still hold dragon processions to mark their New Year and to ask for rain and fertiliry. thus accounting for the wide diversity of weather in any given region. Some oriental rveather dragons live in pools and ponds. thereby creating tornadoes and hurricanes. For instance. The ancient chinese writer wang Fu wrote that dragons scream like struck copper basins when rain is near. The chinese believed that careful observation of dragon activity in the skies could predict the future and the weather.lightning and thunder occur. riding the breezy air currents or roaring along with a rvhistling gale. These festivals are accompanied by lots of noise and dancing to give the dragon and spring a good welcome. When they roll together. Sometimes two or more of them join forces. since he lived in the sky during the spring and summer and in the ocean during the autumn and winter. They are in almost constant motion. deer's horns. He appears to have been a dual-element dragon.DeNcrNc Wns DnacoNs These dragons inhabit cloud banks or very high mountain peaks where the winds never cease. either in play or a temporary dispute. chinese tradition says that the cry of a male dragon makes the wind rise. seen a larg ish Ringer These can" of constanr also portra (Gothic dragons Janet Fl h ah ofgolden *s in a strange 174 . and a snake. Their breath became clouds. Their mid-air mating.s tail. After the fourth month of summer. He was different from others of his species as he had five claws on each foot instead of the usual four and had a pair of wings. The chinese celestial dragon with the name of Fei Lin was said to appear as a dragon rrith a bird's head. rvhich is more frequent than with western dragons. something missing from most oriental dragons. the dragons were said to divide the land into territorial sections. building Manv Elemenl.

He . play or a rrricanes. Above the gate of Kilmainham jail in Dublin can still be seen a large carving of entwined Celtic serpent-dragons. giving the illusion of constant movement. I Lung. such as music. She describes it as a fiery ball of golden "serpents" which looped and writhed around each other in a strange dance in the morning skies. ridling gale. :es and the janet Hoult. accountThe Chiin in the nce. A buckle from the Sutton Hoo burial site also portrays these aerial serpent-dragons. Storm and \\-ee:. tells of seeing such an aerial display of these dragons above the houses in London. twisting shapes are full of energy. the military. .Dragons of Wind. dragons :ir breath : dragons . 1990). literature. Many of the Celtic intertwined serpent-dragons were of the Air Element.€- nountaln r dragons tion. Their tern dragn u'as said d a snake's their New accomPa- d spring a land itself. The Danish Ringerike style of carving shows the same kind of dragon. These carved.fS OIf e?Ch something ave been a the spring nd l'inter. bridge building. He appointed other oriental dragons to control areas of human activities. law. and architecture. in her book Dragons: Their History 6 Symbolism (Gothic Image. drag)urnev or Persian Dragon malies the ain.

with multicolored scales and bright feathers about his neck and head. one of the very few remaining is carried each May as part of the Helston Furry Dance. and limitless energ-F of dragons. Quetzalcoatl left the land. when Tezcatlipoca. it fails into the category of both weather and water dragons. the loving father who produced fertility and ample rain. turned the people to sacrificing living human hearts.rsihe arts and crafts of civilization and gave them the gift of fire. he chose the form of a handso^me young man attired in a cloak of feathers from the quetzar bird. Since even the vilified christian dragons had at least one loop in their tails. this may have been a symbol for the great which is t[ thorpe Snq Throug spring festir horseshoes opened and and fire. O. The Australians say that when the rainbows arch across the rand. there are stin a few remnants of ancient dragon processions for good spring weather. and west Africa. he i down. the Rainbow serpent is traveling from one water hole or water course to another. At one time there were a great many such festivals. He taught huma. the deshr show a man s and identi& tl 176 . god of war. North America. euet zalcoatl was the god of wind. to sugl leg. he r'as an awesome sight. when he arched himself across the heavens. From the desertsof Arizonato the peaks of the Andes. the great Feathered or Plumed serpent euetzalcoatl was known us a kirrdly benefactor and rainmaker. Two very old dragon effigies now hang in the castle Museum at Norwich. The Rainbow serpent is known as a rainmaker in Austraiia. Even in the British Isles. the centerpie In Centn initiate. Although one does not usually when the Ringerike sryre went out of fashion in the Middle Ages and dragons began to be more realisticaily portrayed.ugo the dragont fla dragon callec also responsil Huracan. when he appeared among his human follorn-ers. Th. Most of the significance has been lost because of the extreme propaganda by the church. In Britain many of the dragon figures carried in the processions have been destroyed. this looping movement was retained in at least the tail if no oiher part of the body.DexcrNc Wns DRecoNs think of the Australian Rainbow serpent as being a dragon. The civic snap. creator of all life forms.

. The rd.rr. Throughout the Middle Ages. hurricanes were named after him.Dragons of Wind.i. In olmec and Mayan carvings of Huracan' he is shown with two foreregs. effigies ic Snap. Out of which is the older of the two. dragon called Huracan. ?o.rt.s e'e on its top with the dragon's flaming eyebrows. 1 and identify this person as Huracan's brother. th. Storm and \\-eati:er 'liddle d. to suggest his spinning -or. In rns have rch May . horseshoes for gums that made a cracking noise as their mouths opened and closed.. dates from about 1795. other can-ings show man sitting inside what was called Dragon-mouth cave. ir is more likeiy an initiate. spring festivals were very elaborate.rrio. In Central and South America and the Caribbean there was a 177 . one crooked up. these dragor. They had wings tilat flapped. the pockthorpe Snap was made by the people of a neighbo.rg rriilug". the other down. this 3r part rt least r great Rainrf both rnasa a. 17th centun- kindly css the les and among ng man alcoatl rer who rrts and en Tezhuman Lants of ne time mce has rrch. Dragon-mouth Cave has the dragon. the destructive leg that sweeps across the Earth. the course le great Winged Serpent from Americaby Crispijn de passe. He has oniy one hind leg.. the pupil of the er-e is an X.dgi. He was also responsible for earthquakes. and gunpowder that made them belch smoke and fire' They were painted in bright colors and quickly became the centerpiece and most popular part of the pro.-.

a hundred dragons. Hor+ colors. do not go outside. In ancient Greek culture Typhon was one of the children of the goddess Gaea and Thrtarus. and many wings. legs of coiling serpents. B nhites. are nearh. This subspecies of dragons is petitioned for weather changes. in. The magician can easilywork outside with this dragon force. but he can entice them by using a small drum and the gong or bell to draw their attention. chant while beating the drum or striking the gong with a slow. destructive whirlwinds called typhoons. dragon. such as bringing rain. or calming wind. He was pictured with a human body. Tur wBeurER rs cHANGTNG oNCE AGATN. Thr elements.fl: # prostr !the. crouts ARE MCING 'cRoss rHE sKy. Gnrar DMGoNS ARE pASSING By. particularry under trees or with any metal objects. wind chimes and wind socks also attract them. a symbol of ircth rain and the fertility of spirit. By rHoucHr I rorrow youR ArRy DANcE Tunoucu MoLINTATNS oF cLouDS ABovE so HrcH. abating a storm. However.a-on. He created powerful. obviously. carved near this cave mouth are four sets of concentric circles. GReer DMGoNS. pASS oN By. steady beat: Fr nJ. Dragon tend to be E are Fire. Fire glittered from his many eyes. the magician cannot collect any substance from their dwelling places. during a thunderstorml Such action can be potentially dangerous. the south American sign of precious jade-water (spiritual moisture or blessings). heads. BRTNc US GooD WEATHER FoR THIS LAND. because lightning could strike you. a perl hide under th to aroid detec These dn slender tails n often hare hu1 srnall desert c 178 .DeNcrNc WlrH DnecoNs :he cave mouth issues clouds of mist-laden breath. THs wrNos THE ARE HowLtNG THRoucH THE TREES. and Generallr" th.

and other colors that match their dry-land surroundings.rib &ngisns ragons of the desert ani . Dragons whose territories are dry and rather on the cold side tend to be Earthy tfpes. The larger desert dragons often have huge. l:e pht. manifestati. :3i-:::. more so than any other kind of dragon. Basically these dragons are shades of browns. a perfect camouflage to avoid detection by humans.::--=: element of Fire or Earth. but there are subspecies of small desert dragons who have extremely small wings that are '7-f t Fl -.. cr :'. dry climates are Fire. There are a few of these dragons who are blends of the two elements. sical realnn" and uthe removal of obstacles.--i. with long slender tails rather like those of lizards. They hide under the sand or in wadis and gullies when hunting or trying to avoid detection. -*th prosperity.: *=- .::. they also have chameleon-like abilities to change colors.. while those who reside in hot. t79 . These dry-land dragons are serpentine in shape. especiallr-in coniunction rrith Air dragons. membranous wings.:s ir:. tans. Generally these colors are mottled in such a way that these dragons are nearly invisible if they lie still. whites.Frugsnn nf Fn*wt anh $.]ese c:-a3ons help.. However.

': :-:. it is possible to watch the... there.i-. Thev run quite fast over the sand or desert and can easilr r::.5 of sand and dust that confuse their enemies and p'r:--. If you are very cautious an.s ir-r ot iour legs rvhich are very powerful' enabling them to rr-"o''-: :. Tightly overlapping scales keep out the sand and fine dust. van der Weyden.l-:. The larger ones are more reserved. They use these stubs of wings to u-Tea:e -..]-.Do ic*"-"i::: i'i::g:urposes. rolling in the sand to clean their backs and sides of debris is as close as they get to frolicking. r ::-:-*:tr :-' l{ -i:r-:: r'?: :r:-.DeNcrNc Wruu DnacoNs _i-*. Lnjes region has co.J remain still for a long period of time. These t approach and of hunting ti species. giving shade from the hot sun. Heavy ridges of bony eye socket overshadow the deep-set eves.i.ih. night as durinr Desert dr". They have a powerful hypnotic gaze that can immobilize their prey or cause their hunters and enemies to forget that they saw the dragon. They har-e ei*..istance a horse. They are nothing befter tI the sand by -l ture hardens to under heavy inc acquire treasur€ combination of deep in areils ( The ones who I 180 . 15th century Desert dr on vegetadol oases or $?t actuallt. some shiny obiec ration equipma tion.r:-.e srnaller varieties frolicking in and out of the sand as if it $'ere 1\ ater. :: i'oger . The short flights of the smaller dragons are mr'rre rilie long hops or jumps than flying.tr:^:---'::.

. far away from huma.Dragons o. gems. George. since they have been the *rys of hunting for centuries. irrt. swords.armor.t*uo. rvho like nothing better than the challenge of entering u . They are skilled thieves. nis *__ ture hardens to produce super-tough walls that will onlr. and modern erplo_ ration equipment' anything that glitters and catches their artention.nw there. late r*. They have a magpie-rikedesire to acquire treasure or anything shiny. Desert dragons wil bu't their lairs in rocky outcroppine or deep in areas of sand dunes. rather rike pack rats. If thqdo frewsur oases or water holes. these dragons move around as -*.-earien under heavy incursions of water.u-p and srr-iping some shiny object they covet while the humans sleep. Desert dragons can exist off the moisture in their prw ffrc s{:qr on vegetation if they have no access to oases.eq?r meeting fornnerr.. probably more than others of m species. unless the weather turns cold and stormy or their d*e region has cold seasons.r.v. These types of dragons are the most difficurt for lio-"=o * approach and communicate with.r/ Re{jo"t F t Wingless Desert Dragon from St. they are cautious about l8t . The treasure in their lains m a combination of ancient.f Desert and -j..oThe ones who lair in the dunes themserves build a cave deep *:thin the sand by mixing the sand with their corrosive saliva.{ ar night as during the day.

their distrust of humans makes it very difficult to get then :o cooperate with anyone except a sympathetic. they have very long lives and exceptional mental abilities. what humans died there..hich is now the Chinese province of Yunnan. where ancient records can still be found. great eyes. O on- tl+l ol r82 . claws like a lion. had something that the dragon craved and needed for its s)'stern. No dragon is so stupid that she/he would not know what selves tc promise. in the 13th century. It is quite possible that the herbs in question. desert dragons know the locations of was in a all ancient. enormous heads. In the :a:. Tiadition says that the magicians of Ethiopia killed and ate their dragons to such an e\-tent that they began to lure European dragons to their countn-. well-trained n:ar." Marco Polo ta'* *:se which he wrote were ten paces long and as thicoi :-i 3 . Herodot In t: dragons winged sr desert dri Deper unpredicr caution o1 Particularl as they pl needed to is excellenr ever.d. like all of their species. Friar Roger Bacon.s ::lenacing to early-day travelers as the sea dragDuring the 13th century.re head. never mentioned b1'narne.::" "serpents. Chant I point wher before colle. what -. They have been observers of the expeditions and actirities of humans for thousands of years and know exactly rvhat happened within their territories.rater cask..DeNcrNc Wrru DnncoNs These dragons are r.r as built or discovered. through Cara*.-3r-er. but it is more likely that this suls:ecies simply evolved that way. f{6i". Since.an. while journeying ons \!'ere to 'a--r:s. .hga: ot Ethiopia produced this effect. All dragons were said to consume poisonous herbs in order to make their bite more deadly. he also said that the Ethiopian magicians saddled these stolen dragons and rode them home. -. It has lon-e bea: :.knorn'ledged by dragon-watchers that those of Ethiopia were rno:i Foisonous than those of other regions. because oftl hol in an1'tc I I -rifr 5. He described them as having two short forelegs rns:: . however. Presumably the inten. spending their lives in one area.:.. ifyor anything tl Desert: ritories oft given arid carefully. long-lost cities and civilizations that are now covered with sand or simplr-rr-ere deserted. was complaining about this practice.:::d deserts of the East this variety of dragon was considered i::-<:t . and a rnc:::h capable of swallowing a man whole.ery territorial.

the magickal heat produced by these creatures is excellent for manifestating desires into the physical realm. He described them ru winged snakes with feet.stc::=. are not inter*:r: _:: r. he w dragons that were presen-ed as specimens. if European dragons did agw ::DEmselves to be lured arvar-. rt those ns. soil. that the them 'de ow what O onecoN oF THE DssrRr. il. desert dragons can be unpredictable and difficult to work with. I Paces ingtwo heads. . To REMovE THIS . Depending upon the element-type. if you are not careful. During the 5th cenrrrrl. these dragons tend to do as they please with a spellworking. Particularly if they are of the Fire element. point when gathering material.:*:. You will find that certain areas ot a given arid region will exude more power than others.. Desert sand. when Pierre Belon traveled through Egfpt. Remember to ask per::::*i5-. In 1554. Prebut it is Jl dragke their uestion.*because of their hot.hol in any form.: before collecting and leave a gift of water. it rvould have been because tb rrors'e promised safety and a bener life.-a.r. searing awav anything they consider an obstacle. even herbs may be collected in the territories of this type of dragon. I r-ravs rHIS GIFT AND pRo\{ISE OF YOUR DWELLING PL{CE.e carefully. stones.-" century.Dragons of Desot and Arid Reg"r: n one :s and oDs of )vered of the rs and trmans 'ds can :ry dif- 'thetic. Since heat in some form is needed to create life. However. so choc. These dragons.n:. ln a was dragneying unnan. whether good or bad. RESpEC: :: I ::* rF-: lE3 . they can be quite literal. It is safer to take the precaution of dealing with them only within a cast and sealed circle. Herodotus reported a similar traffic in dragons. He rvas told that it was common for these desert dragons to flr'out oi-{rabia into Egypt. and ate uroPean I esr youR BLESSING sand). dry dwelling places. r craved was in a magician's mind. Chant for desert and arid-region dragons at the col-l=--::.

It is possiblr 184 . but 61*. As with Fire dragons. dragon pentacle in the other. AID ME.levels ot he: a mra appearing to grov. hean-boa they once a**.t. - 7ff:i*H / . { Nountsg rHIs sEED oF MAGICK spELL THar I MrcHT GArN MY sPoKEN DEsrRE. unreliable_ acd: then onil. Fire and r-olca or_er result. DEsgnr HEAT.ir forest fues and. perform your chant within a cast circle. O DR{coN BoLD. ReIsg uy MAGICK PO\\TR HIGHER. *" Dragons ofF on all.NcrNc Wnn DnecoNs At home.*:rtm please lr cir witlr linish projects. re want their help ir tnrough and results can be srrif. Amplifyyour connection byburning a pinch of frankincense gum with your incense. I -ls<. greet the desert dragons with your sword in your power hand.D. -. O DMGoN BoLD. por4/er.q. sJeeF. ArD \{E. Use a candle that reminds you of the colors of the dragon's area and anoint it with frankincense or myrrh oil. L DmERr HEAI AND wIND so coLD.I asr.{liD \\T\-D so coLD. BNINC LIFE TO THIS DREAM.

and then onlywithin a cast and sealed circle. Be ver.€ it t'e lr prugnnx sf !{irt &ni palransen (7t?ire ' |H da ielloi. but may "burn" their way through everything to get there" Dragons of Fire and volcanoes help with personal purification on all levels of being.'g"r.certajrn rt : want their help in the barrier-removal. if not properly handled..c finish projects. and difficult to work with.eds. unreliable.of .s.n r-'our ou-n ire- and volcano dragons are of the eiemenr ot Fire and are in 185 . stamina to pursue goaXs ar:. ".. They are very unpredictable. They will achieve the asked-for end result. courage.p^+ have thick.lj heavy bodies and long snalielike neds and tails.o'1. for these dragons *{ gc through and over anything and anyone to achieve the goai 3c results can be swift and difficult to handle emotionalir-Fire and volcano dragons are capable to chanEj-ns their s"*appearing to grow as the fire or volcano gains in strengrh alc power. remove obstacles and barriers. ail shades. fire dragons will do as they please with a magician's spell. It is possible to see very tiny Fire dragons i. energy. Some of them sleep in dormant r-olcanoes ior long periods of time before they once again become actil'e. These dragons are also visible in forest fires and large structure blazes.

what gave the Fire dragons delight. Remember to ask permission before collecting and leave a gift of good wine or alcohol. or if they do not want you to take any at that time.emember.ery observant and patient. Anything less and Fire dra-eons Eet tesn. and lava rock may be collected from volcanic po*€r spor. I . sculptor. R. to sav the least. *unfortunately. or so the legends and folktales sar-." that is exacth'rvhat theymean. Try to communicate further with them to see if they just do not want you to take any from that particular spot. These tiny creatures were called salamanders by early alchemists and dragonvial6hg15-not the salamanders that we know living in water. romping through the vast areas of flame. and visible for some time. In his autobiography. Any competent magician could see and feel the great Fire draeons that came to these blazes. They mav say "yes" at another time and place.. tells how he observed such a Fire dragon as a child. known as a goldsmith. and alchemist. Benvenito Cellini.rsr Ooi I r_lr c At hom. As if one would not remember such an amazing experience! For several years in the late 1980s and early 1990s. sometimes precipitating battles or-er rerritorr'. He watched the tiny creature moving about in the hearth fire. I do not know of any substitutes for an offering to this type of dragon. the West Coast was plagued with severe droughts. frustrated and anno'ed the forest dragons.* And do not take chances by going into a dangerous volcanic area. the older Cellini beat the boy so he would always remember what he had seen. Unfortunately. often rolling with the Air dragons above the superheated inttrnos. anointed wit incense. do not take any! If volcano dragons say "no. Forest fires raged summer after summer. When he pointed out the firedrake to his father. Ifrou ger a t-eeling of the slightest hesitation about taking anv of the stones. this is one type of dragon that requires a gift of a l-irtle eood riine or alcoholic spirits in return. Or i time to the I your porver t 186 . eating coals.DeNcrNc WrrH DRecoNs I i : place or stove if you are r. Obsidian" purnice stone. Chant for Fire and volcano dragons at the collecting point when gathering material. but more of a firedrake salamander with skin like asbestos and an appetite for eating red-hot coals and cinders.

and add a littre at a time to the burner. RESPECT FoR THIS PIECE O lnacoN oF FrRE.-41 4 . or break pieces of cinnamon bark.W ill t if tl . ' i5L : --ll-1€I --Jri . - . chant within the cast circle.-:lY I _ _ -- i: J an -: -_: .--'. At home. Dragons of Fire and Volcattoe l: :): . dragon pentacle in the other.:.. Use a red i r87 . candle anointed with cinnamon oil.1. Burn a pinch of cinnamon with your incense. I TEevI THIS GIFT AND PROMISE OF YOUR DWELLING PLACE.3St : : -:31': -: .illt -\\= _ _ --t-:- Salamander from Scrutinium Chymicum (Frankfurt.. Always greet Fire dragons with the sword in your power hand. l6g7) I asr youn BLESSTNG To REMovE THrs sroNE.

p: @d$tr magenta. pufd black. diyi will hinder yourf One ofthercr in Babylonian rru the GreatMotherr 188 . Bnntc cHANGE wrrHrN MY RANGE. Enorrn _ When draSo help in rituals. Lnr uy rlroucHTs HrcHER. TReNsronu ALLAT MY cALL.DeNcwc Wrnr DRecoNs CRecrtB. Theirt ofall dragons-I Their serpentin the ends. Smro coor MY wAY. BURN. NIcHr ro DAY. BURN. LIKE youR CRACKTT. SrNo cooo MYwAY. DRAGoN TURN FIRE. DRAGoN TURN Nrcsr ro Dny. d limited viewofh be certain )rou cr dragons work wi breaking of barri on past lives.

drfida. changing luck. vast cha::=.ran to dissolve problems and sweep away troublesc::= r*r{irrrd- They are of very dark colors: black.::-:ji :. relatio:::-:::"i" r. xm the ends._-_. .r..r.-.. the confining of en.. be certain you can stand their help before you c. The goddess Tian:. Their bodies are heavy and huge. on past lives. r: :-e{ ftrLrr limited view of happenings. breaking of barriers. t: _:.. reds and greens so dark that ther . the Great Mother Creator who built order : -: : : ::.: ---:..n. o. straight to the hearr .r : : _ .] . _:::. purple. in fact. ::ts:. gray..t ilr4Tr: will hinder your forward growth or movemer::" One of the very first recorded descripticns _-: . Their wide wedge-shaped heads sit a::: : rri€ .lmu magenta.:: *r"8. ln. ::d .-: --ri"sr. help in rituals.:*. &rlrrrr.ir-usr of all dragons. l_*_=-. th.. .p rugnrrx nf 6\"ss anil Fn*trurtisn hese dragons represent the negative power curren-*< :...*=.** **. they do everything in a big war.rnesc dragons work with re-creation of lives.. Enormous wings carry them on swift ili:_-:s When dragons of chaos and destruction m:-..::qir u r€ black.r". divination.irrrt .***.-..1s.. pe\\-t-:..r -..{rrf. in Babylonian records.n:s" :: l:=: -*- t89 .Hi**ir Their serpentine tails are either barbed or with a si_rs: s.. _ =.... I .lrg..

When there x as a solar eclipse. Although dragons in general were looked upon as bringing disaster.i: .-.{]nI :-ro. After the creation of the world and the universe. or the end of the world. of Fi-Crtlts* . which every soul had to pass through on its way to judgment.- El.. in the Underworld. After her spurt of initial creative activity. whether deliberately or by choice is not certain.-_-__ -. a great brood of serpents was created. the Egyptians believed that Apep had broken out of his Underrvorld realm and had come into the physical world to do battle rrith Ra. These serpents were very long and had only two legs. One of her offspring. treating with respect the Oldest and his wife rvho reigned there. The Egyptians advised that the soul should tread carefully on its journey. and horns on her head. She was called a dragon and was said to be a monstrous creature with a scaly serpentine body.-a_ _!r+-i+ fLj " :. 190 .q. constantly gnawing at it to destroy it. as he was also called.: *. Tiamat spent her existence in repose. four legs. r . the god lvlarduk. In Nordic mFth. Dread Biter. depending of course upon their actions.-:-m-fi-. Thev called these the Oldest of the Old. -.D. "I *"-ii.lay coiled about the root of the World Tiee.- .Cf . The god Set who rode in the boat uith the Sun god battled Apep on each nightly journey. This is a symbolic description of the activities of a chaos dragon: the breaking down of a static life-form and re-creation of another. Another of Dread Biter's tasks was to strip the flesh off all corpses.fi.NcrNc WrrH DnecoNs body.---. But when Ragnarok. The ancient Egyptians said that before heaven and earth appeared.. chaos dragons are :-fn gu t:9.!\_n S[:C . 4 Ilirltie.: -ke sc -- -.L! . comes. the Norse say that Nidhogg will fly over the Hills of Darkness with the bodies of the dead on his wings. *"< :- - --5 *! r. these serpents were confined.ies.bL+l< -.g:a.i r t -. Nidhogg's attempts at destruction were countered daily by the Norns who sprinkled the tree with water from their sacred well.*4J. mre. _ . eventually killed her and build the earth and sky out of her body. Niflheim rvas the lair of the great destructive dragon of chaos whose name rvas Nidhogg or Nidhoggr._g::fC d*r-. The Egvptians also had a legend about the great serpentdragon Apep rvho daily threatened the Sun god Ra when the Sun boat had to pass through darkness each night.

:-_:- ::::=fPent. . and desolation when humans have gotten things out of balance.:r ::s rr'ings' .: . The : magick power is vital to the magician. unfortunately. :sh on ::lou1d --.". B. : mode.ents. they are not e'il.-:lsisa ::-: lreak::.:: \\brld .. -) --vc :. ::. . at -<.over . :-.._.-l :'h.:Se Sef- -:: .:::\iS::::lall| :.COTPSeS' . your luck stuck in a n3s: * . l:s: :. ::-::ing dis. Babylon.=.: i .:. Dread -: . .--:d earth these :: :rd : \t ' ...r-.. Of the -. or circumstances or people are making you feei heir-.-: certain that you are prepared for the drastic chanqes tha: -. They can be seen in r:r--: area of disaster when other dragons create such things as grea: storms.: lhe Sun :r:r*i- i.]J -. or floods. 191 ..:::ad.-.: -your life and plans have become static. Although the dragons of chaos and destruction create uphea'ais and complete transformations and rebirths.. Ishtar Gate. it seems to take such occurrences to make hurnans want to find a better r'arof doing things.Dragons of Chaos and Des::'. They require as much t.'.:.: :-- - -: -. bloodshed.::. plagues.:-.l .i --neinto ": i:S:rUCtiVe : . then these dragons will turn the tide of er. : : .Set who ::-r nightly :t.L .:. earthquakes.-.. '::-: rle d the r i:rEons are often quite literally omens of catastrophe.ed that .r-'! only -6t'lLr i'. _ hopeless.. .:nPtS ::-. but their power lies in creating or precipitating wars...:=.thought and caution as when working with Fire dragons.:-St and Babylonian Dragon from tile reiief.

Wrirttembergisches Landesmuseum. Use black or the darkest of purple candles. She did not specifr what they should do.oNS As with many kinds of dragons.TIr of deMtr had bq soluti<n The mT accept al Thcn rmove h forrrand p sciousmir dryftftr thatSepr min4 Dot cathartic e tirc ftding Notes with ft€ N 192 . when riding the dragon in an attempt to destroy barriers and remove enemies. A wooden coffin from Zobingen. but the dragons let her clearly know. Finally.DeNcmcWmr DRAC. not of her making. she called upon the dragons of chaos and destruction. This connection with death and rebirth can still be seen on coffin decoration well into the Middle Ages. heard an audible crack. she only stated the problem and the fact that she wanted a definite end to the situation. Louise had not been sure exactlF hort she rvas being attacked and had only a suspicion by whom. with another magician. more so than others offfi species. she was given a glimpse of her attacker. or a binding incense. one finds oneself face to face with oneself-the worst enemy of all. Often. the chaos dragons ffc (cnected with death and rebirth. Greet these dragons with the sword in your power hand. has a beautifully carved and coiling serpent on it. The dragons of chaos and destruction must be called only within a cast and sealed circle. The attacks stopped. and dragon's blood. This ride can turn into adramatk rebirth for the magician if she/he is willing to accept what is b€iry shown by the dragon. there were no specifics given as to what should be done. As she was working with the dragon mirror. The positive results of this ritual came from several important factors: the cause was just. Up until the final moments of the ritual. All movements and gestures within the circle must be counterclockwise. A close magician friend of mine had a problem. basil. The attacking magician must have had a shock upon finding her ritual mirror in pieces. Burn patchouli. Louise's problems began when she married and no amount of magick seemed to lessen the mental attacks. Stuttgart. t ridiog Enen treTEr I rlraoc fr. the staff in the other.o'm 1 x trepro and tbc forthel of -irt rrard b Too because distubi I@. in fact.harm was not intended. as well as the little guardian dragon who plays with her cat. and 'saw' a second mirror shatter. Louise now has a huge dragon that protects her home.

calTed only Fstures within uli. t never safe to take any dragon for granted. Notes: Perform during evening hours or the waning lvtom" with the New Moon being strongest. The ride also can impress upon her/his subconscious mind that elimination of problems has occurred. the subconscious mind will continue to believe that the problems still exist because. The main reason for riding a dragon is so that the magician can remove barriers and obstacles. and espailp chaos dragon. :s€en on of- r coffin from rftgart.. that impede forward progress. according to the literal conscious mind. The limgher ritual r has a huge ardian dragon mlcame from rgre were no not intended. re. solutil-{ dragmfllr for the heart of the problem. A chaos fher attacker. The magician should be able to release all negative feelings about the situation by the end of the journey. withoutthis deep-felt realization.Dragons of Chaos and Destruction @mM- ffiEG' $"tltng t\e pragun Even to an experienced and accomplished magicim.and dg5trusnly stated the lto the situahad not been ly a suspicion :was working tr. ft rhe riding a chaos dragon can be formidable and frigbrl. If their request to the chaos dragm had been worded differently. inanimate or animate. and their lives are in that predicament siryrr because they did not deeply consider the true nature of their pmb lem. Too many magicians who end up with solutions that arevrfr disturbing to them. 193 . your thoughts on the best shlb d!ruwil wdh d ii . they could have avoided the drastic solution by bringing back balance in a slightly different mann€f. has a not of her qanwhen she n the mental . basil. Riding a dragon should ideally be a cathartic experience. The magician should be really certain that she/he is prepared to accept all the results from a dragon ride with a chaos dragon.. with full intentions of kno&iryae of existence or disabling it in such away that you can morb the problem you planned to zap may not be the best and the dragon will instinctivelyknowthis. and the darkest of in your power ward to your goal unimpeded. You may find yourself on a flight murt. r shatter. fu from what you had in mind. They accepted the surface appearance of the problem insrd of delving into the heart of it. nothing has been done.

to be more comfortable.wine chalice.HOLD. When you kneel before the altar with the sword in both hands. Chant in tones that vibrate through your bodY: CoMe. incense burner. (magickal name). Then say: BT. ALL DRAGONS OF DARKNESS AND CHANGE. DRecouIs. staff' Use the Basic Dragon Ritual. I Ci.I \oLI.De. Close your eyes and visualize yourself astride the back of 194 . Take the sword in r-our porrer hand. basil and patchouli. dish of salt.black or dark-purple altar candles. BUT FOR KNOWLEDGE AND AND WISE.. water chalice with a little fresh water in it. sEEK YouR DRAGoN MAGICK' Wtrs (name of sword) IN MY HAND' I sursR vouR REALM. dragon pentacle. O DRAGONS ANCIENT I -r"'. DnecoNrs! Colral. wand. gong or bell. Continue this for several minutes. remembering to cast the circle counterclockwise and call the element dragons in reverse order. project your interest and plea for help from the dragons of chaos and destruction as strongly as you can. the staffin the other. binding incense and/or dragon's blood.tc Wns DnecoNs Supplies: Pentacle disk.Nctr. sword. To MY CALL! DnecoNs oF cHAos. Continue uith the rrtual up to the point where you may add any spellworking. PO\\ER.R PRESENCE. \OT TOR PHYSICAL BAITLE. sit before the altar. HEAR MEI DnecoNrs! DnecoNrs! DnacoNIs! Either remain standing or. Stand facing the altar and tap the staff three times on the floor while holding the sword pointed at the dragon pentacle. I.-r-: roT.

^f ..:O fe Riding the Chaas Dragon -.-\ Ul .

Open your eyes. Cut and slash. blowing great billows of smoke and fire. AND cHAos ARE wrrH Wt oestRoy ALL pRoBLEMS AND EVIL coMrNG FRoM rHs wEst! Finish by going to the south. and feel within yourself the power of the dragon. turning them into ashes. THn otecoNs op ME. CHAOS ARE WITH 196 . hi*it. Feel the excitement and rush of joy as you realizeyou are now free. scattering them. The dragon is swiftly winging through the night. s.Derucrruc WrrH DnacoNs I I I I dragon of darkness. DESTRUCTION AND CHAOS ARE WITH a great Itt Refurn t take the staf Tncti L-sr Irur Ws ossrRoy err. cut and slash at the east. Cut and slash at the west. say: Tnt oucoNs oF DESTRUCTIoN ME. AND cHAos ARE wITH EVrL coMrNG FRoM We orsrnoy ArL pRoBLEMS AND rnr Nornr! Go to the west. Know thatyou are going to win over all obstacles. Thke the sword in your power hand and go to the east. Cut and slash at the north. while chanting. say: Trte nRecoNs oF DESTRUCTIoN AND ME. do not specifically intend harm to any person. say: Tnr onecoNs oF DEsTRUCTIoN ME. zooming down on your problems. rHE eesr! PROBLEMS AND EVIL COMING FROM r Or Er Fcn E As nr Finish rrir to dismiss the Move to the north.. Remember..

t97 . sKIEs.Dragons of Chaos and De-<truction We oesrRoy ArL pRoBlE\{s AND EVrL coutr\:c tRoh{ THE SOUTH! Return to the altar. ts tft I\ILL. Fon sneawc wISDoM HERE wITH ME. take the staffin the other. Finish with the rest of the Basic Dragon Ritual. remembering to dismiss the element dragons in reverse order. Usg youR Po\rER \tY DESIRE DRAC. Still holding the sword in your punu l*nd. To FILL. so SHALL IT BE. Or Enrru aND FrRr.ONS OLD AND WISE. Tap the staffthree times and cfirns TReNsronvalo\ I TTIA}IK YOIJ. As wn wILL. WATER.

the little guardian dragons are supervised by one or more adult dragons..J s. therefore the juvenile stage could well last a hundred or more years. sometimes barely discernable. ffir ::e 4V Alittle scales of a guardians are colored in pasren or fiEfrter shades icth rej-.mFiad of hues. This is their time of "schooling. The older adult dragons range in dimensions from tiger-size to absolutely huge.-i_--. you may or may not see these teachers.Eragrrmg J-r:i . and of strengthening their individual powers." of learning about humans. :: -ea*q smaller than other drason-i.-. This smallness and color varietr s€exn ro point to the possibility that these dragons are more or less sening an apprenticeship.Guarlian .c q*.::le ln afi conors. Dragons age very slowly.:i-: i:: --*:.c". their scales are more pronounced and harder. while the little ones have softer scales. that they are younger dragons."e=es rl.-q +ftersonal guardian drai.lhE-. a relatively short period of time for long-lived dragons. Guardian dragons would appear to be serving a type of apprenticeship by working with humans.-:s tl Fl and usuallv ibut r:'. :=r-. This supervision is for the safety of the little r99 .:.: : -A. And as with all schools.

With guardian dragons' there energy' They are cleanup. and sometimes actual appearances might cause their friends distress or harm in any way' Mostoftheselittleguardiandragonsarequiteplayful. and property. love. quite heavy Nip and Tuck are our knee-high dragons' They are have never seen them through the body and have stubs of wings. one of our of our cats' but guardians takes delight in startling Finnigan' one little f.urth hrr. divinalion. focused u. th She is a shadr interchangeably..e treats the other cat." Tinsel rr. Having a has guardian or guardians from the dragon kingdom distinctadvantages. runes) or and general the development of psychic abilities.a 200 .DeNclNc WtrH Dne. household pets. of larger dragons. deep ro: Tuck are likel found nestled ornament. ihor.sinceitisdifficulttoknowthesexofdragons unless theY tell You.coNs dragons can get ones. rituals.Theybecomequiteprotectiveifyouare or less astral friends with them. as well as your protection' Little guardian quite exuberant at times. with respect.IhaveneverbeenabletotellwhichoneisNip joke' More lnd which is Tuck.uncomfortablevibra- to those they feel tional feelings. All of our about with great guardians love young children. at least to the senses of most theycananddomakedisturbingnoises. but they run at top speed up anf d-own gold and deep forest ored in metallic . Callisto.Indescribingdragons'onecanusethePronounsheorshe than one tim to have a nor are as real tc down rightb Tinsel. friendship. following them interest. singing. as strong or Although the powers of guardian dragons are not with protection. they seem to think this is a great almost as lon blue. These little dragons are more In this period watchdogs of both your proPerty and your person' indeed any Person' of history with crime rates soaring. a magician' help in protection of is foolish not to take advantage of any offered is no sell family. or long hours in because often night while dr sel. dancing. I the stairs' They are colfly. such as tarot.They little frolic with and often Lur. they can help crystal reading. with flashes of greenontheirscales. feeJs them on love and created people' However' invisibie and quiet. on.

11g down right behind me. After working long hours in front of a computer. almost as long as she is. :. soft as silk.. draped over one of my ears like an exotic ornament. he started to laugh and said. r1est .. while Tinsel can be found nestled in my hair.::i l. while commentine 201 . \lr dr. and silver like a gem_studded vest.. Tinsel. with tra"nspareni *r. She is a shade of spring green. I often need my neck adjusted because of tension. . t . deep rose.Guardian Dragons S LI d L )f o r." Tinsel was sitting on the dresser watching.: :. 1L1 A u'tttttt'l" I tttr1. gold. or snoozing on top of the bookcases. is only the length of my hand..ip )re than one time I have found myself stepping or. rt tat NS '.. -\ -..rg.cr one rra:_1::_ _ _ to have a nonbelieving visitor give me a strange look. Fortunatery.-a *-'a--. are as real to me as my cats. the tiniest of the dragons. Nip and Tuck are likely to be anlwhere in the house. who also have a bad habit of r.Listen to Tin_ sel. Her belry scales are corored with electric blue.:::: r : . orr" night while doing this.ti. myhusband does this for -.

instead of primarily defending a house.. tendencr-to :r::r. especiallr ii::. They are interested in stcries.': .-.: Sometimes. If you are having trouble visualizing your dragons..:. yellow-gold er'.:.4--_\ --l:- l_ most fun-loving.s l red mouth. It does not have to be flawless. thel'r..{\cr\c \\' with a constant stream of talk.' -. Her father finally gave her a rock crystal anr :old her to put it against her foreheaci.. she sar.--': is rortrar. s:'. ::. nor does it have to have points. :: riiiu-l Ouch! Does that hurt? Don't hurt her now. very relaxed :i:uals such as these are an excellent u... and general fun. "I don't need n:-.. Quicksilve: : cious sense of humor and a delightful laugh..-as c:-:e upset about it..:. ::.'"---: s:lulder while you are reading carc. They enjoy simple impromptu rituals il- include dancing.so she can enjoy this new way of "seeing" her dragon friends.tl'. :-: instance. When you have mastered the technique 202 "& .r'.. and no: defeated by punr :: : ::.: caushter was having difficulty seeing her dragons and r. l::.. Therefore.'rnterested in divination and har-e .= .D. try using a piece of rock crystal. verr-qood rr'av for adults to unrvind and release stress. is black except for silver on his wings.ed as powerful. Immediately.'hei dragons.:-. it is entirely possible to h:".-:'. Guardian dragons generally love to participate i: :.:-:. -_ -_ -. wily. . It is also ." A dragon-loving friend has a guardian named Q *. It u'ould appear that this type of crystal acts as a kind of magnifring glass to the psychic through the third eye in the middle of the forehead. ": Thes: Cr:sons are attracted to einger and sweet-smelling ar:: spicf inc::r':. singing. Simple. Now it is common for her to keep a piece of crystal handr.----. or practicing .. Like most guardian dragons.ay to introduce children in:: the field of ritual and getting acquainted with dragons. * ::::: themselves to a person.. A friend's 5i5-r':::--.: eral guardian dragons to a family and even several to a perso:Guardian dragons are the most friendly of their species anc :.::: qr:-'.

BzucHT.Llr-. t a s ct b 'e t. o a it as in Lle 203 . JorN oun RrrL'At^s IIERRILv.\ND Wntts AwArc oR wHILE AsLEEpTunoucH youR LovE AND \. Pnorrcr us rHRoucH EACH DAy.. Remember. Chant: with rock crystal. NIGHT. R{_Ntso\i. dragons haie individual tastes in fihgr. experiment with other kinds of r. Gool SpNo FzuENDS oF Tiiis FA-\fIt! cooo \!-IsHEs ro us.'mnfrm*em LtrrrE DMGoNS.lT@ffi tc humans do.IGILANCE Do ruts FAMILy sAFELy iiEEp.Guardian Dragons rocks.

stem..' .. i plan to d 204 .i!i i.11" n .i itrt:i :1:lr!l i..ll'i.::.0. i | 'i:iitib..i: i:iii.ir1.'t' @ti energies this is r read tht etary hr Son experier Book of Maglc with Illustration of Saturn-Dragon Being Ridden by the Angel Cassiel fuom The Magns by Francis Barrett.a.( spond to sl.\.iunt 2ltulal.. 1801 I suppos The connect element conceft Wefe [JS( \tenus .ttrtl. til..ijii Y"'q'. ii:l p rr i11" ".

Remember to adjust for daylight sar-ings time. That has not been my experience. To use this system. Venus (Q). I suppose it is all in one's perception of other levels of beings. If this is to be part of your rirual methods. and Saturn (T2).il days and in certain hours.prsgsns sf t\nlFlonetx CZA t I I f\|} he dragons representine rhe :. That is like saying there are only gnomes and no faeries. As the elements are the substance of the universe.:s ::: used basically for per- ts:4. find the planet that corresponds to the type of ritual r-ou plan to do. These correspond to the days of the week and the hours of each day. The idea behind using planetary days and hours is that you are connecting with a stronger energy for use in your rituals. Mercury (H). Moon ()). formins ceremonies or ritrals o:: . Only seven astrological bodies were used by the ancients: Sun (Q). the planets are more concerned with action and process. some magicians feel that planetary dragons are onlr."::.":. I sugsest you carefully read the charts on the next two pages for both riar-and night planetary hours.ersonality traits. lr to acquire certain phrs:cai Lr: .elemental energies and not specific beings of any kind. Mars (Cf ). Then select the proper day and hour in which to do i:. 20-i . Jupitet (4).

? ? -. tl o d c d 5 9 10 11 10 % ? C fl e v 2l ? t1 d c i s & 2+ d H 2t ? fL t? .r+ouRsOF-f@ Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su H 1 1 11 C d 2 tl e eJ p el ? lL e ( d p 21. J 1 5 d e H ( ? t1 e C p e+ ? f1 C d e ? p C v ( 3 4 5 d e ? p C v ( e+ tl 4 ( 6 7 ? t1 2t d ? p C 6 7 B ( tl e e+ d ? p ( c 8 d tl e e+ 9 11 1".

Y Su rlorJRs 1 Mo Tu \\'e Th op'rffi Fr IGT_ tT o ! ( o + 2 ? p C Fr tl o 2+ Sa lSu C d c ? H C ?1 p ( 1 ? t1 H ( 3 d o p C Tz d c ? H ( 2{ CT FL 1 5 2t L e+ 1 ? f1 2+ e ? p ( 6 7 d e ? H d e ? p d e ? p C d e 1 fl e+ 8 d 2l ? tl e C 10 C d p 2t ? ?l 9 d e ? p 11 tz e ? C d H C 2+ t1 TZ eJ tl e d .

leth. Finil Byc BrI Toc \t-AI Po'io: Ll Br pc problems for yourself if you do. from the wick to the bottom to bring something to you. with noon being strongest. perform during the evening hours. All planetary candles should be left on the altar to burn completely out.v constantly performing the same rituals for the same characteristics.surrounding the candle with stones chosen for their specific energies. mental-emotional. When you reach the part of the ritual where you insert specific spellworking. pen 208 . why should they bother to join you? Chose music that reflects what you feel about the chosen planet. You can get overloaded and create worse oil. carve your desire into the candle. Invite the dragons of that planet to join you in dance and ritual. from the bottom to the wick to move something away from you. rosemary st Rituals Invoh. with midnight being strongest. and growth. Use the Basic Dragon Ritual as a foundation ritual and insert the chant for your chosen planet in the proper places. For the Sun. and spiritual aspects of grorvth. Carve your desires into the candle with your ritual dagger. AIso part of each ritual should be the choosing of planetary herbs as an offering to the dragon ofthat planet. this would eventually produce negative aspects. These chants are to be used in conjunction with candles of the appropriate color. Let your feelings be sensitive to the atmosphere around you so that you will be aware of the dragons'arrival and participation. rvhile the waning or decreasing Moon is the time for decrease. For decreasing magick. Metal: Gold. Oils: Bay laurel. Each planet has a dragon ritual chant for the phvsical. Consider carefully the reasons behind your choice of planet characteristics before you do these rituals. You can enhance the power more br. removal. building.DeNcnc WnH DnecoNs The waxing or increasing Moon is the time for spells of increase. the bright day'ight hours are used for increasing magick. oak. anoint it with the When fir Dragon Riru. An example would be using the planet Mars too much. Plants: Acacia I cinnamon. Day: Sundar. destmction. And never go to extremes b. such as an explosive temPer and impatience. Lightd chant. and binding.in vitality. Stones: Zircnn. Anoint the candle with a planetary oil. patcho Rules: Leo. if you do not extend an invitation.- Color: yellow.

ginger. j acinth. lplu" rrnffi.\GICK FAIR. T n tr. complet. patchouli. mastic. cassia. personal fulfillment. immediate family. benzoin. Dragon Ritual. Light the candle and surround it with stones. MAKING. rosemary. By MooNsrAM's LIGFTT rHE spELL IS RIGHT. b n WerER.THE porrTR's BEGUN. healing. FGxi&: Oils: Bay laurel. 209 . patchouli. frankincense. Say the planetanchant. bay laurel. ffi To cnnaro DESTRE sy E{Rru aNl FtRn. prosperitp vitality. ginger. swe€t cice$ cinnamon. mrrrh. yellort' rc l&r rfrc hgt : dhe brnc Cbnt diamond. Rules: Leo. chamomile. cinnamon. CREATIVE IL{G::K rd rfu m ItE rfoc Br poruvmo! When finished with the spellworking. chnso- leth.1e*c Elr- Ld&rn Fnrt Day: Sunday. juniper. confidence. Stones : Zir con. storax. Plants: Acacia. Metal: Gold. frT Color: Yellow or gold. styrax.Dragons of the Planets G b Ii oil. Powrnrur CHARII oF I. rosemary. clove. frankincense. top az. hope.INDERTAKNG. life-energy. i[6 . clove. goldstone. oak. AiR. Finish by chanting the Charm of Making: By crow op Stl. lL dhe futuals Involving: Health. t'uKE IL.

blue. Rules: ( Oils: Bi Ritrrnlc aspc satx !{cntel-Emotional Chant: I ugpp A Boosr oF coNFIDENCE. or lavender candle. silver. with the Full Moon being strongest. mn oF Srrnogrn BoDl vITALITY. Stttq onecoN! Fr Al Th ft Spiritual . SUN rnecoN! SpIRITUAL pATH. A cIRcre FIRM oF FRIENDSHIPS rRUE. G P HaRKEN.NcrNc WrrH DRecoNs money. I lrSr lW THAT YOU GIVE TO ME. honor. Nrw uope rHAT's BASED oN TRUTHFULNEss. Metal: Silver. Srnr onecoN. favor.De. FoR THESE I oo rHexr vou.Suun Notes: Perform on a Monday andlor during the waxing Moon. promotion' success' support of those tn Power' friendshT& Physical Chanc Stones PIants. Srx onecolt. 2t0 . MentaI-E Gnevr ME succEss oN My BL$s ue. LooK oN ME wITH FAVoR Tnrr powrn. Color: Lavender. blue.{ Spiritual Chant: I sepT YoUR GIFT oF PERSoNAL FULFILLMENT. A silver. ( Vu Wr Isn TTL Day: Monday. lorq Physicel I . pearl-white. RICHES I trlev sevoR.

e. I srlr youR rNSTRUcrroN To uNLocK My DREAMS THar uy sprRIT MAy cRow AND THRrvE. rosmrrs_ sandalwood.as- Plants: Calamus. fangiptal.Dragons a.ar-illa. camphor.-i: hsgo6. h?ter. Spiritual Chant: ODr d€r Wurlr rHE sILvER Mooru RrDES HrcH rN THE sKy. feminine aspects. ros€marr-.aru. I seer \L{cicK DFrp -LxD oLD. VITws oF THE FUTURE THAT CoME IN THE NIGHT 211 . tlang rlang Rituals Involving: Trar. r_isions.el. pearl . ben4. nangrp.LD. clary sage. dreams. theft. magdg love. binh. rrurr rrlr(l --!-'v' mint. henna.:. dornestic life. Physical Chant: H. mine. psycmc crFTs To _trD REBTRTH. rristeria. lotus. camphor. luck.{\-D EARTH.--:s se irl Stones: Moonstone. O poweR oF THE MooN.f fie i. AlL rHl ro\-E -\rtr FE{RT c-{\- Mental-Emotional Chant: EnaorroNs AND TrME ARE so HARD To coNTRoL ANo ro FATHoM. divinations. sa n. emotions. Rules: Cancer. iasmine..lgal. Grues rL{GrcK oF THE pLL\Ts. medicine. agric"lry. dme. ca. Tpacn ME youR MAGICKAL RrruALs AND wAys Tuar I MAy LEARN coNTRoL vERy sooN. quaru. Oils: Birch.

multicolored' Metal: Quicksilver. Notes I thel caod Day: sandalwood' styrax' Oils: Lavender. healing of Physical Chant: TRADE' MECTCT. pale yellow' C-olor: Orange. sandalwood' storax' Rules: Gemini.iu wednesday and/or during the waxing Moon' ItrlheFullMoonbeingstrongest.DermreWmtDRAGoNS fiwnug Nc?.lily of valley' nutmeg' vervain. cataway'cassia. alloYs' Stones: Carnelian. Virgo. violet. writing' Poetry' inspiration' nervous disorders' improvement of mind fo*tt. speech. THE ARIS.Anorangeorvioletcandle. n 2r2 .lemon. fire oPal.r vetirnr Rules: Thrn Buswrss wISDoM AND DTvINATIoN' GRowrH Tuess GIFTS I woulD GAIN FoR MY PHYSICAL ANP ro HELP IN MY coNJURATIoNS' Oils: Arnh valn. divination' prediction' of tongues.m on a Spi. creativity' business' Rituals Involving: Intellect.fif. memory' science' eloquence' gift magickal conjurations. agate' dittany of Crete' lavender' Plants: Anise. SUCCESS IN MY Fri Color: G Metat Cl Stones: Al Plants: Al bena. nrpWe{tnesdaY. club moss' licorice. speed. vi Rituals Im Mental-Emotional Chant: Tsn s:rceov FIRE oF INTELLECT Tnn rtcur oF cREATIVITI INsPnertorq AND ELoQUENCE' I esr rHer You sEND Now To ME' artistic r itual ha Physical ft Mr. parsley.

red saunders. violet. friendship. compassion. rIH Oils: Ambergris. jade. partnerships. violet. apple blossom. savory. ylang ylang. stfrax' Color: Green. ME THE usES. Plants: Ambergris. wi6 the Full Moon being strongest. spiration' rrders. ver_ vain. children. pleasure. imagination. thyme. yarrow. cherry. mint. [. pale green. fertility. Day: Friday. pink. sandalwood. marriage. beauty. Rituals Involving: Love. GRe\rr rHIs. peridot. sex. gift stones: Amber. DRAGoN oF MERCURy. artistic creativity. deer. or pink candle. Hterwc Trecn powER FoR THE MIND AND soul. tuberose. 2r3 . catnip. THr powsR oF pRrDrcrroN To ArD My FELLowMAli. vetiver. malachite.s tongue. emerald. rose. Physical Chant: My gpent AND soul LoNG FoR TRUE LovE AND FRIENDSHIPS.Dragons ofthe Planes Spiritual Chant: lloon' ndle. turquoise. wild cherry. rose. Rules: Thurus. spiritual harmony. light blue. lemon ver_ bena. Metal: Copper. A pale green. Libra. mugwort. light blue. O DRAGoN cnsAT! ptnux rvender' Notes: Perform on a Friday and/or during the waxing Moon. business' ence. coral.

ruby. pine. squill' Rules: Aries. patchouli. . ScorPio' 214 ..:::j -\ ALL DISGUISES' -i:. . " . Metal: Iron' steel' red agate. dragon. \-. EVgl :.-:' aeing strongest' Day: Tuesdal'.: (-r lu Color: Red.: I\{i.-.s blood. !1:U! . ... pePPer' plants: Allspice.{.:lilAlFERTILITY. Mental-Emotiona.'. TEACH ME SPIRITUAL HARMOI'IY' i.l:-ant: c:r Bmuii ' .. -. . \ntrt1't. { ffiwrx and/or during the waxing Moon' Notes: Perlo:::: ::' ' luesday A red candle' with the f :''' l"l . red loPaz. l. I sgell STRONGE]' Oils: BECOME -i- Rtuals liltrl: ^ _ Tnecs ME lr-: IYS oF TRUE PARTNERSHIPS' -Phr-s. sHARE THESE GIFTS' Fon runouca :rIERIENCING THEM.DANCING WIrn Dne. _\letf a". -l. Stones: Garnet. basil. bloodsione.\us. : -:E SOUL IS A TREASURED GIFT.-:'-ITY.: --\ YOUR GREAI WINGS' S. . :.l: :IIGHTENS THE LIFE' Gl. ::1 -\LL BEINGS IN ALL PLACES .tr .coNs DnecoN oF \rE\ls. ginger.

Souernraes rHE coNFlrcr wTrHrN My owN soul lJupitr:r ?epPer.-_aaj. Color: Blue. Mental-Emotional Chant: I pRrpane FoR BATTLE AGAr\. courage. coriander. Ltpr rur vErL. conflict d. patchouli.f THRO\\\. Day: Thursday.-r"hE1a$cu_ Iine aspects. BURr\ MUCH HIGHER. Rituals Involving: Energy. surgery physical strength. RED SraNo ut-:NrfiE$. oppositirm" deftn$e' endurance. 2t5 .IRE. purple._sl BESIDE ME. Tocrrrien \\T sH-{:: B: \tcrory&x- DR{3:\_- m ('trm- Spiritual Chant: Moon. battle. A purple or blue candle. with the Full Moon being strongest. Tnacn ME srrll To sr MysELR ABoyE AIL ELsE. OUR pErtusE d\D \:. Physical Chant: CouRecr_r. pine.i3 aqr{Eqm. AND LET ME sEE THat optrN THE NEGATTvE rs ME. Maic ME FREE Or orsrRs'wu.Dragons of the planets Oils: Allspice. Exrncg coME. Notes: Perform on a Thurs day andlor during the waxing Moon. Kleps ME FRoM REACHING MY sPIRITUAL GOAL.

betony. luck. the heart's desires.n.n'c PL{CE To rHE rIr-ND.oi' Plants: Anise. Goers FoR tL{\-D -l. SEND.\D r\:TELLECT. Pisces. accomplishment. cedar. turquoise. bergamot. strawberrY' Coior: Metal: Stones: _ futuals Involving: Honor. friendships. trines Physican { C: D- B: Spiritual Chant: Sl Mental-Er tesr I cas eccoMPLISH Wtru YouR AID. legal matters. amethyst. sapphire' etri. sl{e' Notes: rrit Day: & jasmine' lavender' Oils: Anise. religion' trade and employment. O oucox m. honeysuckle. treasure. fir. jasmine. Rules: Sagittarius. JuPlrEn DRAGoN' ANY Splntruer PATHS oPEN BEFoRE ME' Srr uv FEET oN THE RIGHT PATH' 216 . orris.r f --- -:- S:ones: lapis lazuli. Physical Chant: Plants: Patc Rules: C GneNr CseNcs MY LUcK AND MAKE ME BoLD' Grve IraE RICHES AND HAPPINESS. ATT TOU GIVE MY LIFE CAN HOLD. nutmeg. ME HoNoR AND succESS' Oils: Ba mlTr Rituals L gener tectir Mental-Emotional Chant: Goers rl LIFE -\RE \EEDED To sR. cinquefoil. lavender' yerba santa. riches. health.

. BtNo up My ENEMIEs. yerba buena. Mental-Emotional Chant: RrspoNsts[ITyAND DUTIES sHouLD Nor wEIGH DowN THt sooy AND MIND As MrNE HAVE DoNE. patchouli. boneset.Dragons of the planets F atutn oak. t -^ e /ohn Rituals Involving: Knowledge. cypress. high the conqueror. pRornctroN SeNo rnov youR GREAI FoR ME AND My LovED oNES HERE DARK HALL.{oon. 217 . Stones: Onyx. BRruc rN THE GooD. A black or indigo candJe. Metal: Lead.o_irg curses. jet.u*. duties. Aquarius. star sapphire. cuRsEs AND ALt. irrRuen. . il.r-"g. sage. binding. protection in retribution./or during the waxing .- ff::::t. ao. Day: Saturday. with the Full Moon being. oils: Balm of Gilead. Rules: Capricorn.r.. death. bistort. mate. Ssow ME THE KARMA THAT I MUsr sMoorH So ruE BATTLE MrcHT BE woN. indigo. or. responsibiliti. reincarnation. Notes: perform on a satur day and. juniper" patchouli. familiars.Jr. storax. pearl. lavender.ty. the heart's I employ- Color: Black. musk.s. Physical Chant: CrreR our THE NEGATTvE.. myrrh.. balm of Gilead. pro_ tecting buildings. Plants: Aspen. rnrrh.

# L dragons.8"^:'.D.NcrNc WrrH Dnecons Spiritual Chant: TunoucH THE corts oF MISTS AND TrME I ssgr My KARMIC pATHS To KNow TH T I MIGHT REACH NEw HEIGHTS sUBLIME ANo spnrrually EXpAND AND GRow. Many tim for a short per magician can a she/he must fa \IoNever. I har sonal experiem Sometime under which r ties.hirE 218 . no r too long or sh thereby overh As with pl should extend that reflects to Steven Halpen *A deva is sometime ticular place or .q. Ftt ?tr there are .

peopreHowever.kut energies.orrL very beautifuI IfrTAF Eusic *"* r""?" . rrp too long or she/he.. As with planetary dragons.r lessen the negative quali_ ties' Many times we need the quarities and energi.f* .fr""1 under roa.*r. the magician can addto "uJr rnugi.ui*iii arm.ometim.may develop "?.m sonal experience to decide the situation. oFoin. sometimes we need to enhance the good qualities of the sign under which we were born. no magician should *frn tn" po*. indeed all dragons.prugnnn nf tW Zolilxr 4$l*iff-1f-****t*.r.r.ri.ursign.tlulfimffi looked upon as a nature spirit or dnry*i ryriri F- 219 . too much of a particular porr& thereby overbalancing.. a. By using.-t_ should extend a mentar inriitutio'to join the ritual cho@nrrrir that reflects to you the zodiac which Steven Halpern has recorded . . rigr* for a short period. the n"-t.* **o *r-hra b. . particularrywhea flvhis she/he musr face a sticky situation o.

Response to music is a very personal thing.n_.s H. these zodiac rites use candles. but these may not appeal to you. and environmental situation. physical health. What feels right one time may not be appropriate at another. Si. herbs.DeNcrNc WtrH DRccoNs Lse aPPropr spellrror chant r-r chant ro qualities "r. --L---:. and oils of the appropriate sign to connect with dragon energy and draw on it. Bc:: Tr.. eer Chant: s specifically for the zodiac signs. Your responses can even change from time to time.. ting.t\ Notes: Fe tl Color: Rer Ruling pla Stone: Dia Flower: Ge iirlt'l Dragon from a Zodiac Diagram Descriptiol pered.X'tl A *" ing "* '.- Dir: 220 . Like the planetary rituals. depending uPon your emotions. The colors in parentheses are those given by the astrologer Noel Tyl.: '1i * $i t.

Tllesn ARE THrNG I waNr ro HoLD. Dance with your dragonq *g'*ifrffi@ chant vowel sounds with them. Insert these chants i" e. egocentric. €s can otions. herbs. BouNorEss LUCK. witty. *.orrge* Color: Red. rd&. Stone: Diamond.ffi# spellworking is called for.. HErp ur My DESTRES To FILL. ffi_. DRecoN RED oF LUCK AND wILL." $._ ting. feisty. fit one . ENERGY. with the Full Moon being *. Chant: SueRppwEn MIND. BRING To ME. :gy and by the 22r . lacking in foresight. short_tem_ pered. impatient. sarcastic. adventuresome.Dragons of the Zodiac use the Basic Dragon Rituar as a foundation rimd. etc. at ihe end of whichemun mdtrc chant you decide to use. luckS demanJing. herbs.rl.E rre appropriate colors. . Flower: Geranium.o you.a. Ruling Planet: Mars. meditate on absorbing the *W_m qualities for which you have asked. Anrcs DRAGoN. Description: Energetic. rt uri__i. and fu_ ing the waxing Moon. Listen irr*uriry ro.riex Notes: Perform during bright noon or the hour of Mars. ADVENTURE BoLD.

sweet. Description: Patient. Ruling Planet: Venus. RB Color: Multicolors. oRGANIZED. organized. TE Trr Flower: Lily of valley. possessive. Stone: Emerald. and during the waxing Moon. MUST BE PART oF MY LIFE. Color: Ruling s Thunus DRAGoN. determined. calm. with the Full Moon being strongest. materialistic. cREAr DRAGoN! Stone: F I wouro BE PRACTICAL.@. Snow ME THE wAE EMERATI nnecoN! Flower: I Descripti retenl Gtmirri Notes: Perform during bright noon or the hour of Mercury. dur I ssAncn FoR A cALM. security-oriented. and during the waxing Moon. plodding. Desc a Chan Flower: Violet. swEET SPIRIT. 222 . stubborn.a:urux lriotes Perform during bright noon or the hour of Venus. emoti Chant: lv{. Ruling Planet: Mercury. emotionally stable. cotvts! I Peuei{ct AND STABILITY Tucu ME. Stone: Agate. Chant: Notes:. practical. loyal. dependable. with the Full Moon being strongest. Color: Pink and blue (Tyl-green and turquoise).

curious. Chant: cbanF MeNrar euicKNEss. THaNr you. a flrrt. moody.ancer Notes: perform during bright noon or the hour of the Moon. @.Dragons of the Zoiliac addurFlfi. Description: Versatile.':ff. -it". vERsATiLE wAys. white. Ruling Planet: Moon. superfi ciar. communicative. anxious.#. high strung. . pastels (Tyl_silver.'::. Tnrsr I asr ro FrLL Mr DAysCouuuNtcauoN slcus so srRoNG. Color: silver. fickle. Flower: Larkspur. Dnacou. So MorE rr BE. 223 .. Stone: Pearl. nurturing. *irt ruu Moon being strongest. able. emotionar. petty. WAYs. dependen! ta4a . sHow ME Rrcril FRoM wRoNG. Chant: cury. ractical. dark blue). lodding. cringing..packras Rrcrprrye wrrH GooD MEMoRy. and during the waxing MoJn.. and trongest. Tpacn ME coNTRoL oF EMorroNs AND LrFE.**olil::::Jx:"+:lT13i: MeTE ME CARING wITH NURTURING f#:.

colorful. Notes: perto during C Color: Ligfit Ruling plane Stone: Opal. For =. optimistic.s: I xrEo YouR ASSISTANCE. and during the waxing \foon. flamboyant. Description: artistic. Description: Positive. dramatic.l Flower: Pansy. fussy. Notes: perform during the rn 224 .Dexcrxc Wrrs DRecoNs -frno Chant: Notes: Perform during the day or the hour of the Sun. workaholic. dark blue). efficient. \\-{R\1 THoUGHTS AND FIRM PERSISTENCE. warm) dogmatic. worrier. retiring. conservative. performer. organizational. and during the waxing Moon. dependable. r'ith the Full \Ioon being strongest. I Nre-l Gr. logical. Ruling Planet: Sun. with the Full Moon being strongest. hardworking. Go ARi Err: Io: Flower: Marigold.v blue Ruling Planet: Mercuri'. persistent. analytical. Color: Gold and scarlet (Tyl-orange and yellow). Flower: Rose. Arr r= Ltsrt i Htrp t. practical. generous.-.. OUTGOING TO ALL. iTvl-brotns. rust orange. I "".TO BE GENEROUS. Stone: Sapphire. studious. Color: Gray and nav. ge Chant: Socrr.- Eirgu Notes: Perform during bnght dar-or the hour of Mercury. Stone: Ruby.". arrogant.r-Ir. inspiring. Description: Neat. Chant: Posrrrvr ourlooK I weNr IN MY LIFE.

with the Full Moon b"iog srrongest. social. LtsRA oRAcoN. I llepp ro BRTcHTEN up My DAys. pink. ro ME. ErrtcnNcv. $rrrr'yit \lotes: Perform during bright daylight or the hour of Mars. Ruling Planet: Venus.ocrc AND PRACTICAL. Hrtp \as AS you KNow you sHouLD. cMCIous. gentle. Description: Refined. DIpLoMACy. NEATNrss. with the Full Moon being strongest. gracious. Ane an rRArrs oF THE srcN oF VrRco. 22s . diplomatic. flamNotes: Perform during bright daylight or the hour of venus" and during the waxing Moon. peace loving. Stone: Opal. As you KNow Tf.Drapns of the Zodiac Chant: lning Gooo sruDy HABIS. I ossmr rHEsE TRIJTS. artistic. vacillating. soft rose (Tyl-blue-greenl. GeNrmNnss. cblue). ARE GooD THINGS To HAVE. ARTISTIC wAys. Chant: Socmr sKILLS. vain. ARn NscEssARy Now nd dur- pst. Flower: Rose. tactful. and during the waxing Moon.ttua tional. cooD. r. just. Color: Light blues.

and during the rvaxing Moon. psychic. Flower: Chrysanthemum. opportunist. manipulative. Rulingpt A ueCICnN NEEDS INTELLECT STRONG AND FIRM. cold. outgoing. such Ruling Planet: Pluto. Stone: Ca Flower: C ionater Descriptic fiagilturi:ux Notes: Perform during bright daylight or the hour of |upiter. passionate. athletic. inspiring. spiritually oriented. resourceful. deceitful. (lvl-dark blue). well-organized. stubborn. Chant: Notes: F durir Color: D Msrnontcel SBcnscv A SKILLS ARE GooD TooLS oF TRADE. warm. vindictive. Tlu Tot Iurc THe Flower: Narcissus. Description: Secretive. coME To ME. Chant: FRggoorrr LovING. freedom loving. with the Full Moon being strongest. Stone: Tirrquoise. cal choice 226 . p Chant: Color: Purple and deep blue Ruling Planet: jupiter. WARM AND FREE. tenacious. Stone: Topaz. as maroon (Tyl-red and black). DMGON. strongest preferenc However.DewcrNc WrrH DRrcoNs Color: Deep reds. WITH THESE GLADDEN MY HEART. Description: Outspoken. Notes: perfo and duri Secrrrenlus DRAGoN. intelligent. independent. methodical. NECESSITY roR rug Alr.

practical lG. cold. and Chant: THe soumo oF MoNEy srrRs AMBITIoN To sg PRACTICAL AND PERSIST. sarcastic sensc of lr"rrror. O spnruer DRAcoti" lcrst lre BoLD. since the Moon rules water. ionated. mtttioos iter. and during the waxing Moon. Notes: Perform during b.ffid4 mforrlf.tht &r@ or the hour of saturn. o?rn. and during the waxing Moon" d& fre F:I lfoon being ffiongesr- Color: Dark shades (Ti*-bte*L Ruling Planet: Saturn. with the Full Moon being strongest. nssiondictive.. Description: Rigid.Dragons ofthe Zodiac INsprRt ME wrrH DEF :FG:TS oLD. p6dd. Stone: Garnet. out- $. However. pngest. I woulo BE PMCTICAL AND EFFICIENT Tner uy LIFE BE FULL AND BLEssED. pessimistic patieng nililcss.ilN!-i4 p:*prrr. Flower: Carnation. I feel that. The choice of the hour of the Moon is strictly my preference as there is never a planetary hour listed for this sign. ll.guariux Notes: Perform during bright daylight or the hour of the Moon. rm. ring 227 . this is a lo 'cal choice.

it is considered the exaltation of Venus. dark orange).erratic. However. ffiixcex Notes: Perform drlinS bright daylight or the hour of Venus. impractical.' out-going. Flower: Water lily. shrewd. impressionable. BRrNc Snu-ExpRsssroN FEEDs rHE sour. Chant: ImvpurtvrxEss AND rNSrcHT DEEp ro ME wHrLE I. Char Flower: Orchid. gouiori*ila. Ruling Planet: Uranus. ifurf"f. Again. cool. con_ artist. impersonal. detached.M asrcnp. this zodiac sign has no corresponding usable planetary hour. self-expressive. tie Full Moon being strongest. nagging. Color: Sea greens (Tyl__dark blue). so I chose this planet. Description: Refined. dreamer. witi. Description: perceptive. or ganized. escapist or drifter. Stone: Aquamarine. intuitive.--_______r DeNcwc Wns DRecorus C-olor: Iridescent blues (Tyl_rust. parar noiac. Stone: Amethyst. Ruling Planet: Neptune. unconventional. ingenious. and during the waxing Moon. compassionate. Herp ue FrND A RTcHER coAL. unstable. 228 . temperamental.

share with /ou i"...u..begin by aski.If you are a d. an rntens experienc empower ma.-r Dragon from a painting by paolo (JcceIIo ( j jg7_ j475?) Everything in our imbued with life sider the event or ber in 230 .i lJ That is when fhe re The very founc realms of existen. learn. found.f&nr hen a rn. encountered. will drarn. is . €rnoh.rg r you will find your the mental. Their abi and forward.

Their ability to see through layers offtr' both backward and forward. she/he discovers un intensity of power untrycdh&e. If you are a dedicated magician. for all realms of existence are connected through the spiritual plane. Elerything in our field of existence must first be formed and imbued with life in the spiritual realm. bs been normally empower magickal rituals far bryd ft encountered. 23t . your intuitirn'fom derire to learn. to call upon dr4ru" Yon may begin by asking them to better your physical lifie.youThat is when the real journey in the company of dragons b%ins' The very foundation stones of all magick are spiritual. Their grasp of ancient ttrillctF it deeP and profound. will draw you.It is an exhilarating a spiritual trigh Dr16D r co-magicians can a magician dances tilt & h T with you what they see. is astounding and quite acom4 trtr Y choose to share *a+]hen fugoos. hr erentully you will find yourself more and more asking their h"lp to iryrore the mental. and particularly the spiritual parts of. emotional. Whether we humans consider the event or being as positive or negative makes no difference.ffi V f unraryruilh Ft"gnrw tl tr il \ALUexperience. thcrc ac no equals. sooner or later. As protectors.

Dragons will never let you slide in your responsibilities or draw back from new experiences because you are afraid. they can become the best companions a human could ever want. It was identified with kings. Th evolvingme side througl The nrm youmaynd a lot of drag of this booh had joined n was a warnil ing her on h the compuh arrival like ft dark graywid 232 . As the chinese would say. And worse. nor should it be. dragons have no mercy. In The Evolution of the Dragon (Manchester University press. Under dragon tutelage the magician has the opportunity of constantly learning and evolving her/his knowledge and magickal ability. we wish for more positive events and surroundings to bless our lives. I9l9). we must seek a better connection with spir- itual forces. G. the Yin and Yang (negative and positive) were out of balance. Sometimes this friendship can seem harsh and demanding. gods. when you have been abused and maligned. It took greedy. trust does not return easily. it was considered only evil because the energy it represented was out of control or not properly balanced. If you hesitate to go forward. The dragons themselves will decide the worthiness of a seeker on an individual basis. Elliott Smith writes that originally the dragon was thought of as a beneficial creature. Andnc habits and though d€q on all leve& card it. as magicians. If you have taken the time and effort to forge a friendship with dragons. powerful dragons of the astral plane. but it is always in your best interests.l before- You m Th thinkingal Sometimes status quq ing. The study of dragons will never be a magickal "science'available to all. It will take hard work by Pagans and magicians to re-establish lines of communication with the ancient. When a dragon became evil. and advanced. they programmed humans to believe that dragons do not exist at all. They tend to plant themselves directly a behindyr hesitants A lifei dragons ir the uses t "kindelga you gradu healingr- o And justr know Sq newviq. It is the responsibility of each magician to present her/his case for dragon companionship. powerful magicians. except in their hell as their devil. cruel men and orthodox religions to brainwash humans into believing that all dragons were intrinsically evil and nntrustworthy. Every magician who continues to expand her/his personal growth and knowledge will eventually find themselves on path more of a spiritual nature than of a physical.DewcrNc Wmr DnecoNs If.

_ the uses to which they can be applied. rinr. even though deep inside -.. Sometimes this can be bitterh' :. . healing. -. The rr ondertul thing is.ll-:: :.""'e . around you may well grow into large numbers. they will be bv your side through the rvhole ordeal. : . ::.." where you learn to manifest ph.-: :-.: :-.:.'..::_::' : * :. emotional balance.er bo:::-.thedragonswill surp::r= .":. i suspe* rrom his coloring..-:.riting of this book.._::*_ -. ... Rudy settled himself on top of the computer monitor._: :. :-._ :.T:j _: . you graduate into more complex and demandin: :::.*: :. especially guardian dragons. _ =.-': '. : -l. The first inkling I had of Rudv's existence was a warning hiss from Tinsel to not dare even thirk about joining her on her perch on my left ear. gently nudging until r. .r::-: :jt: fact that there are still habits and traits rtithr: :. _ "kindergarten. The opening of this door rvill :.You may well find yourself facins :: __ .:= :.: And just when you think you have learned e. I was delighted to find that another ven. It is personally painful on all levels to hauj our this garbage.dragons is a constant exploration of various f. .-s-:. :"::.i A lifelong dance with draeons is ner. j:::.rnd rou. newview.i .::s=--.-:::_.ou find r-ou:..-s: n-. What is the proper term for a lot of dragons? Herd? Flock? Swarm? Crowd? During the rr.:: _ .-...-_'o:: --:r3 comfortable status quo.. mental disciplines. and discard it.:o-._ .. and trumpeted his arrival like the cocky little male he is.: ..'e:-. that Rudy mar-be a babr-chaos dragon. .-:-.:.---:-::._.: =::. And none of us likes :.. a dilre:=. I . dark gray with a silver belly. The number of dragons. ::ii.ur thinking about yourself and er-er." _: : -.: _ ._-_ ._= -l.:_ -.:_:. flapped his wings.dragon had joined my group.somehiddenknowledge.!:' :.. knowaboutasubject. although dragons will force an evolving magrcian to undergo this experience.:: :::::etbre the frightening.\' t:is to be rrue.: hesitant step into a netr phase of life.behind you.: ::_:: before.:r --._: : .-_: ._:. see it for what it is. Ther--". changes brin-e th: -: i:_ I . :llat need cleaning out..:: ::.:.

Rudy te's"me he is here to help me understand. Dancing with dragons can be a joyful.--. _"r. .. dragons will be encouraged to once more have"i. riot frightened. ." The magicians who are true explorers of the unknown w'r be chalrenged. by these signs. May that journev always be one of continuing interest and growth! I have always been hesitant about dealing with chaos dragons. deep within my subconscious mind.ur' tt tr.---. as I have had so much personar chaos in my rife.-and .__. The more magicians seek out the compan_ ionship of dragons. They rviil forge a friendship and partnership with these astrar crea_ tures that r'ill read to some of the greatest discoveries ever made. positive relationship with humans in general.aily experience. that it can be wonderful and invigorating. At the very edges of our mental and psychic realms are signs 234 .--- DeNcruc Wiru DRecoNs that read "Here be dragons. one that is eagerly sought and enjoyed by at the participants. a closer.. The mutual sharing of energies helps both species in their evolution and spiritual growth. d. that change is not always devastating. work with them.

bl and B One s. The fution mPan- emore 'ositive e signs plorers e signs.ls'asl rheis rnind. gowth! bffenlirtx . rl crea: made.

when candles are anointed with oils. Herbs can also be added to poppets to increase their potency. horc-erer much you think they deserve it.Herbg to realize the magickal of the herbal kingdom. etc. sooner or later.values iles of herbs and their traditional values har. some scents attract dragons directly. or nervous breakdor. And stay as far away as possible from the temptation oispelling someone to do something against their rrilll Hort u-ould. come . To avoid rebounding negatives. financial ruin.e come down to us from the earliest cultures of humankind. protection. Herbs and gums can be burned as the sole incense ingredient or in conjunction with other ready-made incenses. Herbs can be used as part of your incenses in dragon magick. The A. in fact in most magick. I strongly suggest that you do not malie poppets to control or harm another person. they can be then rolled in specific crushed herbs for added power. prosperity.vou feel if a U magicians.n. There are a number of creative ways to deal with bothersome people without spellin_e for physical harm. love. Poppets are cloth dolls made roughly in human shape for the purposes of healing. This is not a new science. others aid in persuading them to put in an appearance and help you.

When magickal books speak of clear. they are referring to this type of bat: .: -... * ferent from those of other herbalists. Darkness. The effort needed to control inc:.Da. Some of mv element designations. growth.. on Dragons of the Planets and Dragons of the Zodiac. I have reached my c. see the ch":. also be hung in cars or houses. absorb herbai energies. gum. watch out! You may well have an emotional and financia.-==::. and powers ii. once you start controllins ! . Tvpe of Ritual: Protection... rvhich I am sure others har'. these are usually made for prc:=:tion and good fortune. your hands. protection...r.'ork. and found itveryeasyto keep her h-:r . : . T:-. baths before rituali.ater..: : someone else? Besides. Guardian.--:.NctNc WrrH Dl:. These usually fall under the headings of health. -- -:r: - 238 . wood. or good luck.: soaked in bath rr.:::-. Element: Air..sions from personal erperience. For herbs that apply to pianets and zodiac signs.:--most people struggle subconsciously to get away.:. : :: -. Planet: Sun.. Light. Herbs can be enclosed in small leather or cloth bags with a s:. Small amounts of herbs can also be tied up in gauze bags . ACACIA (Acacia senegal) AIso Called: Cape gum. Parts Used: TWigs. gum arabic tree. Magickal herbal baqs -. If you did spell to make sc::.a: you discovered that the choices you made were beir. These are either worn or car:-. clairvoyance.: must keep at it. for instance.: sandalwood to stimulate the psychic centers. prosperity. l-. :: ...--.-larlytrue in relationships. The wood ca: -. Bathing in this "tea" is a relaxing \\'a'. either for yourself or someone :-s. spirr:-.: : control them in the first place. Egyptian thorn. : you..::: .. Air. cific ritual-blessed purpose. .: bv the person for whom they are made.-. planets. Getting rid of them may take more effort than -: -.

In the U. Chaos. Type of Ritual. Light.!furrl. ASPEN (Popuh. carana. Populus candicans.This herb has a licorice odor to it.-t s:=. Dragons: Air. quaking aspen. Use in battrs :c: . protection from thieves. Dragons: Earth. nigra.. P. sometimes \[ercur.Fl:e.Ftee tresh in the ritual room or burn as incen:e ro ?:D. Kno*'ledge.x:Laion.frd ra. Planet: fupiter. of Ritual: Protection. such used in cooking.e. Parts Used: Immature Planet:Marc. -:-. or P. sometimes \{ercury.r* ANISE I I t (P impinelh c:ri. reilcarnation. Gsardian. Element: Earth.A. aniseerlParts Use& Seeds. balsamifera are tsed. Dark.r. pimento. Mecca balsam.ir-o'* ined u-id it rerlll ward offnightmares. can be n s tn:bi \blre n rn t as is --.cL :ea::e. t ) g Typ. smalr shavings of this wood can be added to incense. |arne:.S. Commiphora opobalsamum) Ako CaIIed: Balm of Mecca. sometimes Air. poplar buds of the Populus candicans.ri- E a:'::. BALM OF GILEAD (Icica h Parts Used:Brds. Guardian. Air. Element: Fire. An aspen tree in your yard is said to repel thieves.rl- Also Calbd: Anner:s. t- s Parts Use& Bark. balsam of Gilead.s re:nl:yla in Europe.t Ako Called: Clove pepper.D::ir. Light.lea:scg. P tremuloidesin America) Ako Called: \\hite F\rplar. Type of Ritual: Energr-.Appmdix l-Herbs ALLSPICE ( P im ent o o. The ground herb. r*-ood Planet: Saturn.a p€pper. fruir rnotsrl -:.:i::i:e:*r. 239 .G:ri€. overcoming curses. or bdp cail up astral entities. D rago : Fire. Element: Air.

Dark. healing. Wind. manifestations. Forests. Seas. though. and purifies intellect. Scott Cunningham suggests steeping the buds in red r-ine for a love drink. Dragons: Fire. Water. Burn to enhance visions. be careful. sometimes Venus. Type of Ritual: Protection. sometimes Water. Place beneath your pillow to produce psychic dreams.DeNcrNc Wrru DRecoNs Phnet: Saturn. . Used in purification baths and sprinkled about the house. Air. Earth. Element: Fire. basil can create a bond of sympathy between two people. exorcism. protection. Thi Dragons: Air. sweet bay. BISTORT (potygo-.l-. Indian bay. as rvill burning bay. Dragons: Earth. purification. Type of Rituat: pro produce a pn while you are a protection. Parts Used: The herb. love. Added to love sachets and incenses. Add to magickal bags or burn as incense.. Mountains.. Element: Fire. WO( betonica) Ako Called: Bisha Parts LJsed: The he Planet: Iupiter. Light. red I Parts [Jsed: The herb Planet: Saturn. Chaos. Element: Earth. Roman laurel. witches'herb. BETONY. Volcanoes. Hang wreathes or branches of bay in the house to ward off evil. love. as burning bay leaves have an extremely strong odor. these will also drive out bothersome entities.E:r. baie. Type of Ritual: Protection. Guardian. St.. *\t: BAY LAUREL (Laurus nobilk ) Ako Called: Bay. Chaos. Type of Rituat: I burned as p BASIT (O cimum basilicum) Ako Called: American dittany. Desert. |oseph's wort. will purifrrou: Dragons: Fire. intellectual stimulation. Dark. Guardian. it dralrs powers during dir around your hotr Dragons: Earth. Guardian. clairvoyance. wealth. sweet basil.\\al Planet:Mars. Mour 240 . exorcism. healing. Parts Used: Leaves. Element: Earth. Volcanoes. BENZOIN (sr Ako Called:Ben Sun Parts (Jsed: Gun planet: The Element: Air. Type of Ritual: Purification. Carried in the pocket. it drives out negative entities. Planet: The Sun. Mountains. Type of Ritual: Claut bistort if you rri burned. Fire. Ako Called: parieno Element: Fire. it attracts money and busiress. Volcanoes. \rolc. alabahaca. serpentary. Grecian laurel. The buds tend to be very sticky. Chaos. bay tree. Light.

Dark. old traditions say to carry bistort if you wish to become pregnant.r- r and ouse. I ighq DaJt.eer Ea* e.ed S@*fl.-" :rosperitr: Beca. \\ater. planted around the house it makes a barrier of protection.- Element: Air.odr. pathy Parts Used: The herb. purification. i&al es- basii. Dragons: Fire.. trn to IYe an in the rtities.*se. Planet: |upiter.-::.mur betonica) . sweet dock. Guardian.-. Planet: Saturn..T. Dragons: Earth. praced beneath your . Burning rss::i. Planet: The Sun./as-. wood betoqr. English Type of Ritual Protection. Frrpteb$ril. and purifies the a-"sseg* .-. Light. Seas. "washing" the smoke of burning betony over your b. S.eling. Burn it with frankincense to increase your powers during divination. gurn benzoin. Dark. noes. Parts Used: Gum.::::* s. snakeweed.s to Also Called: Bishopwort. ThL hert'-*{ also rrac trfitfr!-r Dragons: Air.. carried in sachet bags or burned.E +e BETOhIY. Element: Earth. Parts Used: The herb. serpentary.Appendix l-Herbs BENZOIN (Styraxbenmin heal- wine Ako Called: Benjamen. Volcanoes. Light. will purifr your aura.::_.a:c. red legs. An infusion made of betony and sprinkled around your house will drive out poltergeists. Guardian.e1f. it draws money. WOOD (Srachys officinalis Ba. Mountains. Type of Ritual. lVater.::ornriingx intellest. ind- 24r . sweet pillort it *fl produce a psychic shield that keeps others from influenci-og nor: while you are asleep.Jears s. Element: Fire.n:s xually burned as part oi a: .:5. Easter giant. Intellecrr:a-. Desert.. dragonwort. root. Type of Ritual: clairvoyance. fertiliry money. Chaos. Siam benzoin.:{ :1. lousewort. \nrndBISTORT (Polygonum bistorta) Ako called: Patience dock. :-.

: P. Storm. sweet sedge. Air. Guardian. aromatic rush. orl CASSL Dragon Parcs Lis Planetl Type of CARAWAY (Carum carvi) Ako Called: Careum. The odor of this herb lessens sexual desires and also wards off colds. \Vater. Type of Ritual. Seas. Guardian. can be added to other incenses to increase the binding power of your rituals and give protection. Keep away from children and pets. Dark. Anti-aphrodisiac. Earth. Protection. knowredge. Wind. sage.DerqcrNc WrrH DRAColis BONESET (Eupatorium p erfoliatum) Ako called: Thoroughwort. Volcanoes. hearing. W" ol Element: Water. Type of Ritual. divination. or ro Dragonr Guan 242 . agueweed. exorcism. Put plel Elat. the herb. Added to incenses for tarot reading. Parts Used: Seeds. Air. Planet: Moon. Type of Ritual:Binding.':.luck. sometimes Water. Dragons: Seas. sprinkle an infusion of this herb to drive away negatives. Planet: Moon. small pieces can be carried to draw good luck. Desert. Chaos. sweet rush.e!: Mercury. binding. feverwort. Chaos. carvi.. Dragons: Water. W t n Element: Water.. teasel. The powdered root a Dro& CAS( Ako Parts C r? Planee Elemen t- CAMPHOR (Cinnamomum camphora) Parts Used: Gum. Parts Used: Root. lndian Parts Used: The herb. Elemem I for c i. Dragons: Fire. This is a poisonous herb. True camphor is rarery availabre. CA . etc. Planet: Saturn.-:. Burn with other incense to produce a binding Drt effect on entities or people who are harassing you. Light. T1' Element: Earth.:. Air.{&6 CALAMUS (Acorus calamus) Also called: sweet flag.

r. Type of bark.1.. use in incense or roll oiled candles in the powder.W*_-Lm* ----E-ry CASCARILLA ( C ro t o n e :ta :{-. I\ien used in cooking. Srr_eet Ako Called: Srveettood barli. ther.'Cse_ Parts Used: Dried ripe sesds_ =::s Plan et : Mercu ni somedrnes \-e::-r_c- Element: Fire.. Mountains.. ca:ca=c* *. Dark.Appendix i-Herbs Type of Ritual: protection.. use in the bath water or burn as incense. capalaga.r.rd t:e_.:he see. -j'n :_:. CASSIA (Cinnamomum cassia) Parts Used:Bark.ls or hang them about in bags to drirj sffgyil entities a. Air. Earth. Dark. some'. Seas... Type of as a substitute for cinnamon. di\_irali. and sharpens predictive porre:sDragons: Fire. success. wine or used in baking. Element: Fire. Bunec" lie-o-5. Fire. mental clarin-.. drev . Guardian. Guardian.a:--*.rr '.-es. Dragons: Air.o_ :reg. magick. Seas.. Element: Water. healing. :: m. 243 .. Dragons: Light. although cinnamon is easier to obtain. Aromatic quinquina.*._ Also Called:Ebil. Desert. False quinquinaParts Used: Dried barkPlanet: Moon. Can be used Dragons: Fire. Planet: The Sun. passion. Chaos.:r rye :rrrr . Guarda:- creati\i. Desert. Storn- CARDAMO M ( Elma* . the mental faculties.2_i€ . divinations. Ritual protection. Canr.exual desire. Ritual Psychic vision.1ae.d:::r.mes \lhter_ Type of Ritual:Love. sometimes Mercury. Water. Elutheria. Light.e: ..3.La._fri*fl=___" * incense or soaked in bath \r?ter.

noblis. Light. Guardian. Planet: Jupiter. catrup. CHI AIso &$T -scli The herb.r l-6rr'fi. oil. meditation. Cedar chips or shavings burned as part of your incense purifies the vibrations of your sacred area and house. F CI\D{ Parts Ako C Plancx L Desert. Storm. ground Parts Used: Flowers.{MP t. Mountains. Fresh cedar boughs are used as brooms for purification. Can create a psychic bond with certain dragons. and to clean temples. yellow cedar or arbor vitae. catmint. animal contacts. get the Roman chamomile which smells like apples when cut' Dragons:Water. Type of Ritual: Prosperity. it will also attract every cat in the neighborhood. Chaos. Use in love sachets or add a small amount to herbal teas.g'!cs \enus. v T Dragt CEDAR (Cedruslibani. even for small children. Guardian. Use in incenses. Thuja occidentalis. cedar of Lebanon. t{. Growing chamomile in your garden also draws good luck. driving out all negative entities. Seas. catnep' cat's wort. or baths to draw prosperity and aid in meditation. Dark.s. cedar of Lebanon. Mountains. Light. T. Water. exorcism. Fire. Draga ire/\'\hter. Matricaria chamomilla) Also Called: Roman camomi-le. Elem ent : CICE ALw C Para i Phnd EIeme \pec.o Ca Parts L1 Plan* Elenen: 244 . Earth.a:- -r[ryrt cataria) Fidd balm. luniperus virginiana. Earth. Dragons: Fire. Light. Parts Used: Wood.pe of Ritual:Love.G. Planet:Slun. sachet bags. t Parts Elemr Ierzenx Water. Type of Rituql: Purifrcation. arbor vitae. nip. tree oflife. Chamomile tea is an excellent sleepy tea. CHAMOMILE (Anthemis apple. rvild chamomile. Plant W Tradition says that growing catnip near your home will attract luck and good spirits. the OldWorld species. Seas. manzanilla. Dark.Ql AL. red cedar) Also Called: Tree of life. exorcisms. whig plant. Dragons: Water. Element: Water. Eblnn Tp" q hig Pc the Dragon cni-. purification. Wind. Volcanoes. sleep.

Type of Ritual. Dragons: Water. oil. Planet: Sun. Protection. Planet: Venus. Parts Used: Bark. P. Dragons: Air. sunfield. Surround a love candle with it. hcr- Itm trk. Cinnamon has long been used for ritual purposes in the Middle East. Dragons: Fire. reptans) Also Called: Five-finger grass. *ur G@ illmrrm. Planet: The Sun. Guardian. canqdensis or P. Type of Ritual: Creativity. Water. SWEET (Myrrhis odorata) Also Called: British myrrh. healing. dur tutu &E h" CINNAMON ( Cinnamonum zeylanicum or C. qp*.S. five-leaf grass. P. sometimes Fire. The bark can be burned as incense or added to sachets. Type of Ritual: Love. This herb is not often grown in the U. CINQUEFOIL (Potentilla Parts Used: The herb. root. AIso Called: Black cherry. Chaos. passion. Earth. _+l . Parts Used: The herb. Burn ryiu[ to raise vibrations to a high spiritual level. see Cassia. Mountains.s dlmurnd Element: Earth/Air. In the Orient they say to tie a strand of your hair to a blooming tree and you will be led to your true love. chokecherry. virginianai Parts Used: Wood. CICEIY. fruit. Seas.A. sometimes Water. Mixed with myrrh it makes a good general purpose incense. Planet: |upiter. health. Volcanoes. Element: Water. bark. serotina. Element: Fire.Appendix l-Herb CHERR! WILD (Prunus atium. tA [m" 1fiu Element: Earth. lauraceae ) AIso Called: Sweet wood. Water. seeds.

incenses.r. or Liatris odoratissima) FRA}IG Parts L-x Planex\ Elemmt' Type o. Earrh. Guardian. Elent* Tlpe q q-a s. Add to incenses and sachets. magick. ual. cloves in incense stop gossip against you and drarr eood luck. i:re out curses and bad luck. Caryophyllus aromaticus. af Ritual: protection. Planet: Mercury. memory. dreams. Chaos. Desert.-Es your way. Water. Parts Used: The herb. A bag of it hung over the bed helps with pre. sometimes \\ater. this herb will attract aii gaod rn. Desert. Planet: The Sun.-love. Seas.:ogrur. Water.y precog.3. Chaos. PIa Elet T)p. Add to sachets. Type of Ritual: Protection.copcaiiim . carried. Element: Ftre.3. Dark. Dark. Dragons: Earth.{ R and I Dragor-. rr-olf clarr-. sometimes the Moon. CLOVE (Eugenia caryophyllata. oil. Fire.L tl'Ori CLUB MOSS (L4. and baths. Dragons: Air.arum ) Ako Called: Foxtail. healing. Planet: Moon. prya Eletu Ttw ^i u aromaticum) Parts Ltsed: Undeveloped flowers and buds.j d:ea:sAn infusion sprinkled around the house and on a p€rslr _*il. Dragons: Air. Dral CTARY SAGE (Salvia sclarea) Parts Used: Seeds. pl@a Element: Water. Mountains. Add to incenses or wear to drire a'''a\. Guardian. or Syzygium Dragr DRA( Parts ALro C I Planet Wind.: 246 . prosperity. Mountains. staghorn._. Element: Air. a5I alcc inr-i Dragow DEER'S TONGUE (Frasera speciosa Ako Called: Wild vanilla. Type of Ritual. prosperity. Light. Dragons: Water. DIT --tu. Chaos. Dark. Lieht.'Love. spores. Type of Ritun/: protection.iai. Parts Used: Leaves.negative forces.

Type of Ritual: Love. When burned it is a po_.e IL Planet: Venus. (Origanum dictamnus) Also Called: Hop marjoram. Parts Used: Gum. J. Add a pinch Dragons: ground gum to incenses to increase potency and effectiveness.. To -uk"ihi. Type of Ritual: Love. protection. Deseri Cf. This ink will be armost invisible when writing. Dissorve this in alcohol and store in a tightry seared bottre.lipn. sometimes Venus.uor.. Light. grind a small amount of dragon's blood into a powder. Element: Fire. Type of Ritual: Energli purification. sometimes Water. Parts Used: The herb. but the legibility is not where the power ries. Earth. Roll anointed rove candles in the crushed florvers and further surround the burning candle with them. Dragons: Fire. '\'r-eaf cainst . Element: Earth/Air. manifestation.Ytum Dragons: Water.e *irgs Fia. The powder can be used to draw symbols and protective sigils during rituals. Water. Planet: Mars. 247 . Seas. Dark.. Type of Ritual: cleanser of vibrations.ernr_l . Guardian.a s=oke. Light.haos. Dragons: Fire.. Water. ink. lark. of the All dragons. Wear it to increase psychic powers. dragon's blood ink is very good for this. DRAGON'S BLOOD (Daemonorops clra:c. Element: Water. Element: Earth/Air. Arso produces spirit manifestution. FRANGIPANI (plumeria acuminataand p ruba) Parts Used: Flowers. sprinkred on the bed or worn attract men. it wir DITTA\rY OF CRETE Divination. Seas. Guar. D-a. the psychic.Appendix i-Herbs r-: i*l:. Planet: Mercury. sometimes Mars. sometimes Fire.era draco) Ako Called: Calamus draco. Planet: Moon.

power. Elemr Parts Used: Gum. Earth. Type of Ritual. Planet: The Sun. GINGER (Zingib er officinale) AIso Called: African ginger. Dragons: Guardian. healing. olibans. Burr Dragons: tEMoli Also CaIA Parts Us. inermis) Also Called: Al-lGanna. J. flort'ers. mehndi. Type of R afEac 248 . Parts Used: The root. purification. Type of Ritual: Offertory. Dark. Egyptian privet. uncrossing. sometimes the Sun. amo Element: Water. Jamaica mignonette. jessamine. can also be added to sachet bags. Burn to draw power. success. Dragons: Light. sprinkle the powder in your purse or wallet. consecration. Burn in incense for exorcisms. {.DeNcrNc WrrH DMGoNS FRANKINCENSE (Boswellia carterii or B. Dab the powder on the center ofyour forehead to relieve headache. Planet:\i Element Parts Used: Flowers. W". sometimes the Moon. The als{ tAVEh Ako Ca. Type of Ritual: Exorcism. IASMINE (lasminum officinale. incense. jessamin. Desert. Protection. odoratissimun) Also Called: Moonlight on the grove. Element: Fire. A very ancient and powerful incense ingredient. Mountains. to inc Dragon root can be placed on the altar and around the circle as an offering to the Earth dragons. HENNA (Inn'sonvt alba. Planet: Moon. Eleme W"q het Element: Fire. Fire. L. mendeeParts Used: Leaves. al-henna. black ginger. Planet: Mars. Grow grnger roots to attract success. Drago t( I[ IUhiI Pars Plans" Dragons: AI7 dragons. thurifera) AIso Called: Olibanum. exorcism. Planet: jupiter. Parts L\ Planet) Element Type ven-' of. Chaos.

Guardian. or burned as ilcense. exorcism. Type of Ritual:Love. Burn or carry the flowers to atL. Make sachet bags of the dried flowers and store I dnr among your clothing to both attract love and give protection. rm Dragons: Water. Planet : Mercury. Dragons: Air. The scent of this herb is said rc :"attractive to the opposite sex of the person who has a bouque: :: _: 249 . Seas. Dragons: All dragons. Desert. money or prophetic dreams. Parts Used: Flowers. sometimes Saturn. A very old European protective herb that guards against theft. grown next to the house. Planet: Venus. vera) Ako Called: Spike. it can be hung on doors. odoratissimuna* --. Type of Ritual: Purification. Water. branches. Type of Ritual: Protection. lavender purifies. Guardian. Burned as incense. L. Seas. cedron. Element: Fire. The burned berries & D r@ also drive away curses and increase psvchic ability. sometimes fup iter. purification. sometimes Water. h JUNIPER (Juniperus comntunk) Parts Used: Berries. Element: Air.. love. lore. sometimes Mercury. Type of Ritual:Love. 6" Element: Air. Wind.a.*: to draw a spiritual ripe love. Parts Used: The herb. m- TEMON VERBENA (Lippia citriodora) Also Called: Yerba louisa. Chaos. Burn as a sacrifice to the very ancient dragons. The berries can be added to incense by men to increase their sexual prowess. Earth. The flowers of J. Planet: The Sun. protection.Appendk L-Herbs Element: Earth. elf leaf. prosperity. LAVENDER (Lavendula officinale.

l*. witch herb. sweet licorice. sometimes Water. Add to bath water as purifier. Chaos. Dark. Dragons A rituals. Earth. Dragons: Desert. Light. Air. Type ofRitual Protection.-:r-. Seas.. Seas. sometimes Venus. prophetic dreams. gum mastic. ir Dragon::Fh PARSLEI" Ako Calted( Parts Use&R MUGWORT (Artemisia vulgaris ) Ako Called: Naughty man. Planet: The Sun. Parts Used:Root. artemisia. Fire. Guardian. muggons. Chaos. sweet wood. Rub fresh leaves on crystal balls to strengthen their powers. sometimes Earth. Type of Ritual: Clairvoyance. of Ri*: pieces cr Element: Air. Add small amounts to incense to increase your prophetic dreaming. old man. TICORICE (Glycyrrhiza glabra) Also Called: Licorice root.DeNcrNc Wrrn DRacous in their home or grows it in their garden. Parts Used: The herb. Planet \ta Elemenx ffi Type Parts Used: Gum. Burn also to gain psychic vision. Dragons: Air. Wind. N.: Light. a MYRRIT Also CaIIe Parts (Jsa Element: Type o-f Planet:Th . Dark. Chaos. Light. Planet: Mercury. protection. Type of Ritual: Love. The odor is supposed to open the third eye. Use a dried stick as a wand in protection raise : . If used in sleep-pillows. Chew on a stick of the root to create passion. Water. Bunches of mugwort hung in the house repel negative entities. manifestations. conSe( Element: Earth/Air. Pole. clairvoyance. Air. it will give prophetic dreaming and increase your clairvoyant ability. Dragons:Ligfi PATCHOLL Ako Calle&pt Parts Used:Th 250 . I ill amounts. Dragons: Water. Dark. Planet: Venus. oAr( Q{u Also Cafrsi Parts L-*& MASTIC (Pistachia lentiscus) Also Called: Masticke. sailor's tobacco. Add ness" to incenses where G a acorn manifestation is desired. Wind. PlanetNlera Element: Ear increase against Type of Ritua) Element: Air.

'l. and bless objects.oJiK PORIIEY ons. Type of Ritual: prosperitr-. Ako Called: Tanner.o*". \ Io unrains.=ffffff plant. power of any incense to which consecrate. Dragons: Light. protection. pieces of wood a Planet: Sun.s bark. Eating parsley is said to fert'ity' wh'e its pr"r".ll: .*ffi.. gum myrrh.Appendix l-Herbs MYRRH (Commiphoria myrrha) Also Called: Karan.ir _i _." on your prate is for protection against illness.a:. The ancient Romans associated it with death.''"* acorn in the dark of the -\Ioon to incre D r a go n s : F i re. h1.rr. ar um p etro s elinum. purify.. patchouli) alled: Parts [-)sed: The herb. seeds. wood acorns. 251 rrir:lili.nt"l"::. Parts Used: Leaves. . Acorns or sma' ness car.u-_:-::. Chaos. Type of increase Also |1{T9HOULI pucha-pot.iIiiii:l . Element: Earth/Air. Dark. n:c:e--:i::. exorcism. (C Ako Called:Garden parsley. sometimes Saturn or the Moon.€: :: Ail dragons. mirra balsom odendron. o"r"r.ty. C (pogostemon cablin or p. The su:.r. Earth. white oak.:ffiT :: 3"u.i:. IT. Parts Used: Gum. ) . Element: Fire.il. O. sometimes /upiter. Fror+-er. rock parsley. it t. use small amounts of the dried herb as incense when meditating on past lives. ^ t' 'f. lalls 1tud and the Ritual Fertility..*K (Quercus robur and atba) e. Planet: The Sun. reincarnation. ck of ction hetic Dragons: _ raise the vibrations and drive away negative entities. Often used witfr purification. petro s elinum sativum Planet: Mercury.:=_:tr :: l:r*'"k-* :::: is added. Type of Ritual: protection. Parts Used: Root.. Element: Water.

Burn only tiny amounts mixed with other herbs. sappan' lignum rubrum. Dark.) . Light. use it in incense when meditating upon past lives. Purification. Type of Ritual: Passion.! ROSE R& Parts L& PEPPER (Capsicum spp. Chaos. frement: Earth. Add to love sachets and baths. exorcism. Per-. Usually used in the oil form. Dragons: Fire. Element Fu Type of Ritat ancient spells. The dried herb improves with age. The Hindus burn it with their dead to protect them in their journey into the spiritual. capsicum Planex\tw Elemmx rg Type of Rin Parts Used: Berries. Light. Carry the cones to improve fertiliry Dragons: Mountains. Dragons: Fire. protection. Element: Type of t Rit and an incens{ Dragons:. Volcanoes. Element: Earth. Storm. Planet:Mars. Chaos. Wind. Seas. sometimes Air. Air. Dark. death.DaNcrNc Wrrs Dnecoxs futtet: Sun. Use a small amount in incenses when performing divinations. SAGE (Sa]et Also Cqlled( Parts Used:T Planet: lupiu Type of RED SAUNDERS (Pterocarpus santalinum) -\ko Called: Red sandalwood. An excellent purifier and energizer when mixed with equal parts of juniper and cedar. Type of Ritual. Use the needles in baths and to burn as exorcism incense. Element: Fire.I Dragons:\tit ROSEMAN Also Calle& Parts Used:1 Planet:The I PINE (Pinus spp. Dark. fertiliry energy. 252 . red pepper. nuts. especially when venturing into areas of previous deaths. R roselllar Dragons:F'tr:. and inc home.Llso Called: Cayenne.love. Element Ear talin'anc monev 5a Dragons:Dtsit Rinn ?. Volcanoes. because the smoke can be stinging to the eyes of humans and pets. sometimes Mars and Saturn. Volcanoes.: Used: Wood. Chaos.::* \-enus.) Parts Used: Cone. Type of Ritual: Protection. Planet:Mars. ruby wood. divination. red santal wood. needles. exorcism.

Red sage. White sage. . clairvoyance. Element: Water. Element: Earth. Light. love.. sea dew. oil only to wine. Purification. prosperity... Parts Used: The herb. rosemarie. purification. Dragons: Desert. sometimes Air. Rosemary yierds its rosemary oil often relieves headaches. Drink a tea of rosebuds to improve clairvoyance. guardrobe. Mountains.: :: lIre I[L. Dark. Element: Fire.. _: money sachets or incenses. -\ brood-red coior and an interesting scent. Planet: The Sun. Use to enhance and increase ii: incense. These will arso reduce tension home. Dark. sachet bags. it became an additive to food.". love. and incenses to draw love. Type of Ritual: ZJJ . Air. healing. protection. Parts Used: The needles. ROSE (Rosa spp. The scent of :_i-E officinalis varieties) Also Called: Garden sage. Desert. Type of Ritual. use in bouquets. Earth.. Dragons: Water. and used in religious incenses and magickal spells. SAGE ( S alvia wisdom. Highly valued by ancient magicians.'& Dragons: Fire.. Light.Appendix l-Herbs t itL Element: Air. Add :ire 1. Because sage is a symbor of L-n::-: :tality and wisdom. inteilect. not water.& Dragons: Air.. Type of Ritual: Love. Earth.) Parts Used: Flowers. sometimes the Moon. incensier. Planet: Venus. Dark. Planet: |upiter. Air. Wind. Type of Ritual: Protection. within a 1n Tfti ROSEMARY (Ro semarinus officinalis ) Ako Called: Dew of the sea. baths. :r. Guardian.

sometimes Water.lu Element \\'z Type of Rixia light.e: 254 . Planet: Venus. Ritual: Protection. creativity. white sandalwood.t' Planet:\-tglr Elemer: k Type ot Ri*' ickal ro of SAVORY.Amencanspecies.-'i:: The Sun.SeeRedSaunders.\. Place VIOLET 1 inajarwithmoneytodrawprosperityandsuccess. \f.of and rose oils or sandalwood powder and rose petals for an excellent all-purposepurificationandanointingoil. maritime squill' Parts Used:B:ulb. Dragon::1. Light. Element: Air. sandal. Eat it. Earth.tr Planet:Mars. pieces of squill Type of Ritual: Prosperiry success.Burnitwithdittany of Crete for PsYchic visions' Ako Calle&1 Parts Use&F Dragons:Air Earth. red squill. sometimes Mercury and Saturn' ='*-----. inner bark. Planet:\-er. Parts Used: The herb. or sanda in lore sr Dragons: -\. also called sweet gum) Pa-ts lJsed:Wood. ?. healing' Combine sandalwood Type ' . Type of Ritu ancient If 1'ou a Dragons:Fr TITN}IE Ako Callei Parts L-se. Slightly peppery taste and wear it. SUMMER (Satureia hortensis) Also Called: Bean herb. producing vibrations of protection and healing. Firc said to: good iu. Element: Fire/Water. Dragons: A1l dragons.DANCING WtrH DRecous SANDALWO OD ( S antalum alb um ) sanda-ii' Also called:santal.Burning'puie sarrdalwood will purify an area. Dark. Type of Ritual: Intellect. VETTVER Also CaIb& Parts Use& tr Planet:\bnu SQUItt Also (tJrginea s cilln ) Element: Ea Type of Ritw Called:White squill. psychic visions. smell. or burn it' Dragons:Air. Water. sometimes Mercury irclei:e i:i Venus (red). thrx with dn Dragons: AN Element: Earth/Air. yellow '-ci" Parts [Jsed: Wood' planet: The Moon (white and red). purification. Desert' SToRAx(LiquidamberorientalisorL'styraciflua.

arc b frEE mag_ E3ftct Euir VETIVER (Vetiveria lt it. Add to incense for exorcisms.of Element Air. Dragons: Water. serpl. Seas. c€ntes a pure atmosphere rvherew it grwq it b r with dragons and fairies. Desert.ltdd mtmc. Blend with other herbs in love sachets. Element: Earth/Air. Root smells rike faded violets or sandalwood. Water. Type of Ritual: Love. dit- Parts Used: Flowers. Associated with sunset and twilight. 255 .wild thyme) Also Called: Common drrne' r''dlrd&rnxeParts Used: The herbPlanet: Venus- rn- . srlcc€ss see styrax oil. Planet: Venus. add it to your incenses. vetivert. and incenses. Grow the flowers in your garden to bring good luck. I ight. carry to attract luck and money. Light. Planet: Venus. Type of Ritual Passion. Guardian. protection. zizanioides) Ako Called: Khus-Khus.L. DejerL )od ent THYME (Thymus ru&une"grrdEo dn:us T. prosperity. protection. Element: Water.aclose relative ofbenzoin. vertivert.llum.l of thyme. Dark. Mix with lavender for sachets that create passion. Sweet violet. Wind. The scent is said to help with sleep. baths. ancients is not rhistree Note The storax of the b. Dragons: Ait Earth. Parts Used:Root. cies. Guardian. md If you are fortunate enmgh to ser stwax oil.Appendix L-Herbs Type of Ritual: Purification. Earth. Dragons: Air. Dragons: Fire. quill VIOTET (Viola tricolor or V odorata) Also Called: Blue violet.ffinare. Type of Rinal soffiim$kr' Oairrrynaq puificdin- h A ickal rooms of unwanted vibrations. sleep. Dr*. Seas. & r.nfutrg. Fire.

Use in sachets and incenses. Earth. Type of Ritual.oxs YARROW (Achille a millefolium ) AIso Called: Seven year's love. caffirnicum) AIso Called: Mountain balm. Brazil tea. Parts Use&I-aves'Planet: Saturn. Chaos. Earth. Planet: Venus. exorcism. Chaos. Jesuit's tea. snake's Parts Used: Flowers. E. Seas. Hang bunches over tre bcd for long-lasting love.DeNcnc Wmr Dner. mat6. Riches. A disagreeable odor. Burn as part ofan incense to both cast out n€gative entities and increase clairvoyance. gr:rc 'nel. Burn small amounts with other ingredients to bind people or entities. protection. Carry the herbs anr leaves to protect you. and extra YERBA SANTA (Eriodictyon glutinosum. ffi I . Element: Water. devil's bit. 256 . Use Brnts (I) in baths for health. Dragons: Water. Dark. YERBA MAIE (IIex paraguayensis) i Ako Called: Paraguay herb. Ritual Hexing. gum bush. Chaos. soldier's woundrrort. draw honor and good health. some ln Other fil Sim Ritual Cursing liading. Scatter across the outside entrance of your house to repel unwanted visitors. Planet: Saturn. Element: Fire/Water. health. honor. Element: Earth. Planet: |upiter. Type of sffi frrger r nance. I belirr the real t from oi: Or-lsr bags. Desert. wound wort. clairvoyance. tarweed. Dragons: Volcanoes. Volcanoes. Mountains.* saturared I i. specificl consune S@fi Parts Used: Leaves. Type of Ritual: Love. Type of 't. Dark. protection. bear's weed. Dragons: Watel Fire. Dragons: Earth. YERBA BUENA (Satureja dougJasii) Parts Used: Leaves. consumptive's weed. ladies' mantle. arrow root. military herb. binding. Element: Earth.

1989) gives a list of substitutions for various herbs and oils that may be difficult to find or too expensive to use.n"rg. oil is a smbol of the element of FireOther traditions use oil for the elerngnl of Air. herbal bags. I believe that good synthetic substitutes can be just as powerful as the real thing. Do not consume or drink essential oils! Scott Cunningham. Oils are used to anoint candles before burning. Oils (y Brews (Llewellyn.itbil. poppets. in dragons as rvell as in hr:rnan< In dr. in r'as€k kents figger various centers in the brain and briry dun into donninance. such as real civet or ambergris. Please do not buy oils or essences which are made from animals.*nu The rate of pJlvibration of an oil deterrrines ito . Since the magickal power of perfumes and oils lies in the scent. bear's qr the 257 . catter itors. and even the physical bodywhen a magician wishes to add an extra concentration to a ritual.S@ magi{r. as in some traditions of \ficca. tities. L cbed tneg- z @ils lffiagickal oils work through rrbrati<ms rrrd s. in The Complete Book of Incense. Even stick incense which has been saturated with a particular odor can add desired vibrations of a specific kind to the home in a very inconspicuous manner.

Expels negativity of emotions. wealth.AILSPICE: Enhances the psychic powers and gives adciec and energy. BERG. good fortune. CEDAR LEAF (Thuja) or CEDAR WOOD: A iupiter oil used for peace.: : spiritual energy and draws the purest type of love. exorcism. meditation. Use on candles. An oil of |upiter. Also drives away all evil and negativity.: divination. =:- . thus aiding in clairvoyance aj-.. BAY LAUREL: A very powerful Sun oil used for protection. The ancient Greek Delphic oracle inhaled the odors of bay to stimu-ate the psychic for divination. purification. sometimes Mercury. = . CARNATION: A great energy builder. An oil oi -. Use small amounts in incense for protection and manifestations. Resonates with -_i_: . BALM OF GILEAD: A Saturn oil. BIRCH: An oil of Earth and the \. visions. APPLE BLOSSOM: A Venus oil worn to promote happiness and success. A Mars oil. CAMPHOR: Wear when breaking up a relationship and either of you find it hard to let go. this oil makes new beginnings. happiness. ANISE: Stimulates the psychic centers. As an oil of Venus it brings peace) harmony.: . divination.':rtuals. _ r. Anoint the inside of a purse orwallet.. relaxation. _. An oil of the Moon. and good fortune.loon. it also helps in ior-e affairs.-. . Also said to strengthen psychic powers.. especially if recovering from illness. AMBERGRIS: The artificial oil works great.. . Anoint candles during love rituals. 258 . contentment. _. wealth.{\{OT: \\rear on the palm of each hand during protection and prospe:i:.=:::. . An oil of |upiter. can also be burned or used on candles to protect a lover and smooth romantic difficulties. CHERRY: Especially good against loneliness. and power in general.

Also for stimulating the mind and creativity. protection. ootr HIGH JOHN THE CONQUEROR: A Saturn oil for prosperity. and protection. healing. problem solvilg. ts. meditation. Use for exorcism. 1nificdirq Hessing meaitation. Greeks' Rornrns. it is good for clairvoyance. []o.rnlT FRANGIPANI: A Moon oil that is totalty strong purifier used in e'rtrci$m.yfricprotection. CLOVE: A Sun oil good for driving away evil influences and disease. and visions. and attract and hold a lover of a high spiritual nature. IASMINE: A purely spiritual oil of the Moon and Jupiter. Added to any incense.Appendix2-4ik iin l-" tB i CINNAMON: Gives personal protection when worn. GINGER: A Sun oil."ntr Folbn. Can attract the opposite sex. A Sun oil givingg€dps. 259 . prayer. The ancient Egyptians. ftc eftq. CYPRESS: A Saturn oil used for blessinp consecration. wealth.. dof lrrss. Will ease childbirth. Iupir 0L Aib @ntact with forest im. A Sun oil. balance. CORIANDER: A Mars oil used to draw purely physical love. that attracts Earth-type dragons. it increases its powers. en em. Vibrates on a high phne.I{eb to control the self-willed. EraL FIR: Peace and contentment. LAVENDER: An oil of Mercury and ]upiter.. peace- k" Ere" . ird ir'" l9Ess. FRANKINCENSE: One of the moct punrfrl rd d d{ *. purification. it is a good vibration home. *. noil HONEYSUCKLE: A |upiter oil used in prosperity rituals. peace.md crut fh fuiltizl brrc. astral projection. sleep. and Chinese knew its uses as a high spiritual oil that brought Hcs. and brft h rirys E LEMON: A cleansing l\tlercury oil that prepares the mind end bo{f new endeavors. restful sleep. Brings good luck and helps to control troublesome neighbors. Use for psychic protection. sometimes Mars. Ihr yourself and to anoint magi&rl bob. a dragons.

chic awareness. . harmony. put some on your dc-: to keep away unwanted r.= ORRIS ROOT: strengthens determination and power..f ir rvith frankincense and other oils.'e artistic creativity. Wear for protection and guidance if astral travellirE. : _ : psychic protection. dis:e.-: ^ -. Often mu.. Also aids concentration and creativity. this is purifying. A Jupiter oil that r. PATCHOULI: A magnetic erotic oil of the Sun. purification._ _*: - PINE: An oil of Mars and the Earth.. sort.s. blessings. C: MINT: A magnetic scent for attracting money and good fortune. balance. used to soothe the nerves. Also gives psychic protection. attraction to both sexes. a Saturn oil when used as a divinator.:. _-.{_ _:.-i.. exorcism.s l!ar. SA\-I * STR{I STf-n -. health. used for sexual attraction. happiness.t (:! :1. fertilitS good :. prayer.times the Moon. AIso good for exi:cism and defense. Use for powerful protectri. r rLtsER "-: :-' MYRRH: A very sacred oil ruled by Saturn. Promotes beaun-. NUTMEG: -{ tLn'amount on your third eye aids in meditation and .dealing with past incarnations. good health. -\n oil of Jupiter.-__ \\TSTER.::.-:_= peace.J. .DeNcrNc Wirs Dzurcors LIIY OF THE VATLEY: This brings the highest blessings. doors and window sills with this oil of the Sun.isitors. healing and money. ::-= 260 . An Earth oil rtl. healing. ROSE: A most sacred and powerful oil of Venus._ magick.-_. peace. sometimes Mars and Sa:urn. meditation. An oii of Venus. sometimes Mercury.i.: VER\-{. ROSEMARY: Use to exorcise and protect a new home bl aroinri:s :. bring peace to both the spirtional levels. good health. Anoint wallets and purses. MUSK: Universal sex scent. so:-ie:imes \{oon. Use :: increase business. - VIOLIT .. but also used for a peaceful separation. lc'. LOTUS: A powerful oil with high vibrations sacred to the l.

Very powerful in any kind of divination. illumination. spirit journeys. STYRAX: This oil of Mercury. wealth. astral projection. meditation. d the Moon to raise your vibrations. exorcism. or psychic work. An Earth and Venus oil that is supposed to be an excellent aphrodisiac. vIoLET: An oil of venus good for breaking down barriers of indifference. visions.VBERRY: Helps in the acquisition of wealth and good fortune. A 1 |upiter oil. Use for good health. \em!t. Can also make you calmer and help in finding a job. VERVAIN: A very magickal oil of Venus and Mercury for protection. TUBEROSE: Also known as Mistress of the Night. material good fortune. Although it can soothe problems in marriage. A very physical type of oil. it is considered a bridge to the higher planes and unlocks the door to the spirit world. purification.d r SANDALWOOD: A very p owerfu l. YLANG YLANG: Sometimes called the flower of flowers. STRA\. protection. l- r WISTERIA: A Moon oil. it is an oil of the Earth. Excellent for self-anoinring or rr. the Sun and Saturn vibrates on a high plane and is good for ritual anointings. open the doors to past incarnations. it is mainly to attract the opposite sex. Venus. Also use for protection. achieving peace in marital problems. good health. 261 . attraction. Wear only when in complete serenity. and the Moon. It also stimulates the mind and intellectual creativity. This is the same as the herb storax. good fortune. spiritual oil of Mercury. and iove.e on ritual objects and the altar.

the planets.3 finnex he actual type of stone is not as important as the color itself and how each individual stone feels to you personally. and the Zodiac for more specific dragon use. gives offindividualized vibrations that may or may not feel comfortable when combining with your own personal vibrations. whether you pick up the stones in nature chase them. using stones set about a candle or even around the edges or at the four cardinal directions of a cast circle will intensif. This is why a knowledgeable and aware magician will handle several stones of one type before making a decision. stones attract dragons of similar color vibration or ritual power. as they have power natural state.i the magickal power the magician is creating for a manifestation. regardless of its color. Stones of the appropriate colors are set about on the altar to help attract and hold the attention of the dragons upon which you call. Stones do not have to be polished.colors vibrate at different rates. But each stone. 263 . make certain that the vibrations feel good in their or purto you. thereby traditionally regulating their magickal uses. Since circles of stones tend to concentrate and amplifi' energy raised within their boundaries. Also read the chapters on Dragons of the Elements.

set the stones in a rvindow where they will be bathe. _moonlight. Choose your stones carefully. is an excellent place to keep your collecric:... Dry them with a soft cloth. -.minutes. Remo'e any flecks of dirt (if you h.1: over and around the crystals until they aLe cor::_. Tu:: on the water in a iieht srream so that the bowl fills.: method if the crystal is set in a mounting of any kind. which should be a regular parr .-. C hcc.r _: _ . and this does happen on occasion. But even c--. (Don t rti: -. then gen:. toois and aids always seem to end up where they belong..: from the others.: . at a rock show.-. Sometimes you will make a choice of a stone knowing it is not for you but puzzled as to why you feel an attraction.. . plenty of space between them. . If you make a choice in a hurry..: picked up the stones in narure). Put a thick layer oi sa.i-ii ha'e to cleanse one of these.. On the night of the ne\r : * Moon.--.-which you work should be compatible with your personal vin:=tions. It is quit: likeh'that you will feel led to gift that stone to someone else in th: tuttrre. set in the crystals so they do r -. or from a: indiviciue :' rll not have to be cleansed of vibrations. :_. .. the stone-i . magick. . You may be the recipient of such a gift yourself. set them on your altar or-ernight. Magicka. overflows for a fe*. Take your time in selecting them. you may find that you have to discard the stone when r-ou do take the time to sit silently with it.* _-: . A quick and effectr-. = method of cleansiir: is to put the stones in a bowl in the sink. whether you buy then : r r. Like all your magickal tools. . Most of u'ha: you discor e r ior lour'self in nature will be acceptable. : .r cial stones in another bowl or a separate box. Crystal quartz can be cleansed in another way.. ..: -: tom of the container. th=.: . \ e:'. -- hl . your feelings tell you that particular stones should t: ::r :. container large and deep enough to hold the crvstals.D.rctrc \t The gem bowl. occasion )'ou -. kee: . . ferv stones bought in a shop." _.: . . -: them up in nature.

:_ :: :€ ::-.-e the crystals. and zircon.r'=t i. Moon magick.: ::tErammed with specific vibrational energies. you certainlv do r.. DeVorrs. Many of the correspoiti::. are gir-en in the chapter "Dragol. Many stones. On the next Full Moon... If you fail to do tirii '.: j"s:o its ritual purpose.r-ei-er.:.s::ied some stones for Neptune: aquamarine. Examples: diamond. but rather a gem of steadfastness and purification. ::ing in contact with a person. pearl.*.-er. ther ::-.-:: altar for at least two days. spinel. Rock crystal. Place the salt-filled bor''i c:r -. The diamond is connected with Fire. _: . In modern America people carry white stones to attract good luck and fortune. :_::::r.:=_-.::.:i.. . and tourmaline. Those of Pluto are: amethyst._::.:: :.-r:.::::-.:: _-j t: --. the planets referred to are the anciel: . \\4rat a:g .:: -i:". white chalcedony. : _ :-:= :-=:-:L. 1983 h:'.:. Since all negative ribrar. diamond. either c. azurite.--:. :.: : r:-_:-: in moonlight. The diamond is not a love stone. rinse them under t:] t2 lil CI :1€ L4- id: :-rE :lf -:_ rle n"l cool running water. opal.: :_: : .-:-:::':r not as iridely known. :: :.:.: :r: : --_ : _:-rrurities will have gone into the salt..::: : iilal that " is not compatible or even in r::. moonstone... beryl.. is discussed later in this chapter.::-. white quartz. If you choose to Fr. Wally Richardson and Le::. White is ruled by the Moon. kunzite. corai.:-. visions. jade. not listed. a widely known form of this stone. also have stone corresponi::::. . set them in a rrincc-. white opal.:: _-::::r llanets. be sure that youseparateitfrom all oth::_. r".:::-.: it for anything else.-: . such as !-:-"-:::_ :.':::.i . After this "soaking" time is o'.-.Ji::i : ::*-:--: : _ : -::stance. ::::: S:iritual Value of Gem Stones. WHITE Use for spiritual guidance.-:. Quartz comes in many colors and forms.nstal quartz.r. .:. Dispose of the salt. dreams.: _=. divination. :: :---r :-. Rocks with white quartz predominant in them would be in this class. A particular shade of the stone turquoise belongs to Uranus.::: 3 soft cloth..-e :-. lrs €a JL oted- Diamonds have been used in speliworkings to increase physical strength.:_-:'-. spinel.Appendix 3-Stones tn u eck.

rhodochrosite. also known as the blood agate. Red is ruled by Mars. death. The pearl is connected with Water. red agate.-:-:s:heres of peace and calm. particularly the deep purplish-red ones. sf. As the color of blood. and an increase in energy during rituals. and the Moon. Dee's beryl sphere on display. Its association with misfortune was started by the writer Sir Walter Scott. They are of Mars and Fire. but has within it flashes of other colors. At one period in history. It can both absorb and repel energies. but I have found that imitation pearls work with dragon magick. and the psychic. astral traveling. at Redft en Rho& a( Rho& of Pi tll Chala Berytr PINK Healiq bui White chalcedony is useful for banishing fears and promoting calm. strength. and rebirth. are wonderfirl sources of extra energy. Developing psychic powers. YELI. ston *Self-lovt yourself 266 ship. healing. The British Museum has the famous Dr. the garnet was considered a protective gem. light rhodonite. fluorite. known as speculnrii. red jasper..o char It can Power a Cefend the magician by returning negativity to the sender. chalcedony. ruby. were used by Irish scryers in about the fifth century. Examples: garnet. courage. way beyond my budget. red symbolizes birth. defense.DeNclNc Wrtr DRecoNs called Herkimer diamonds are really double-terminated quartz crystals and can be substituted for diamonds in magickal rvorkings. protection from all enemies and spirits. Garnets. Beryl spheres. power. beryl. a balancing of the inner forces of the magician.cd agate.t that vih Pinkffr inte PiokW Pink rt sool jects. a gem of Mars and Fire. is a Fire stone. working on past lives. It promotes curT . the ruby promotes success in business and money pro- flor Piok. Red jasper. a stone of the Moon and Water. It also protects against psychic attack and negative magick. is a gem of energy. especially against demons' As a Fire stone. fl. is an excellent protective stone. Real pearls are expensive. Spirit. The white opal is not entirely white. Dia- Dark monds promote inner searching and seeking. physical love and sexuality. White beryl. qur Rose qr and RED Use for energy. dark carnelian.vou r .

i:LtrI:. beryl. lsi::PINK rl -'* . something that is often needed to over::ie -ie mental blindness caused by intense emotions. but also helps io shut down the psychic centers. true love.. happiness. This is particularly helpfill if r-ou :iei \-ou are being bombarded by the vibrations of others. \'}n-i." : nr1': yourself. I: r:sick. Red fluorite helps you to get rour thoughts in order and free yourself from emotional decisions ald atuchments that may be hindering you.i::ts and intensities of red.* peace. Pink fluorite helps you to be anai.Ll- ' Healing.DIO- Pink spinel can be used in magiclla. cbc= renE--n+. make changes where you c2:.::.'e.r =- Fer.ess in lawsuits. is worn to gain courage e-:-r: self-confidence. rellorr diamond. s:-:e1. communication skills" Lr.C =elcship. If 1'ou rvant friends or a close ::-. r€as€ in !e" YELLOW Power and energy of the mind. Examples: amber.: ship. Pink rhodochrosite has the s?rn€ rie-rirlies as pink spinel. Mercury rules yellow. Rose quartz is a stone of \ enus. calming. It counteracts negative thoughts and defends vo:: against others who are tn'ing to read your mind.is 0: ion-. travel. Rhodocrosite. not narcis-qism.:ed e-.. Rhodonite comes ir manr.. and fidelity in friendships arc :e-a::onships. it creates peace. agate.a-ration. sudden changes. sunstone (sometimes called goldstone . you must first see yourself as you reallv are. often banded with oiie: c-. friendship.rellow jasper. Examples: rose qtJartz.-. ::i Er -. is basically a Water stone that vibrates to rituals on Iore an. It draws energy without stress. It can romotes *Selflove means liking yourself. rhodochrosite.{r:{irgs to increase physical energy.e build self-love. Beryl can strengthen the attrac:o: berween lovers or simply attract love. \'enus rules pink.fi ::ri ELI T:f mlr: n[r-5. fluorite. It helps to get rid of doubts. fluorite.. . Darkcarnelian.about relationships. but also is soothing to the emotions. *. although usuallr-a pink color. Chalcedony creates energl'aci s*. crea::-"itt of the mental type.is.Appendix i-Stones T\"r!. roi nr :-. hap:-::. 267 . -: ar be used to balance the energy flows through the chakras.-lis. can sometimes be found in a deeper shade nearing ihe red tints. citrine. Pink agate.. It 6r=-. 1€!. a gem of the Sun and Fire.eiEhren r-isualization.:-- irltC.t5 ---r-. topaz. :e. smooth difficulties.

It was a sacred substance among the \orse. jasper. intrigue.v charged and will attract pieces of paper. rion: bY b"i"t tr. By itself. Orange carnelian is a stone of Mercury and Air. B rhe ORANGE Changing luck. was at one time thought to make the wearer invisible. unfortunatelr'. and a great many other cultures. attract luck and success. orange sunstone. grants eloquence. anger. bqrn BLUE Healing. It is very effective against negarive magick. Greeks. True sunstone is expensive and rare. Yellow jasper. a gem of the Sun. it helg buiog innti Labradori Fluorite with a yellow tinge ro it helps to eliminate anger and straighten out thoughts. a Sun and Fire stone. Carnelian protects. mental imbalance. It attracts good luck. is a stone of Mercury and Air. or with other stones. When rubbed. This shade of carnelian is excellent for procrastinators as it creates a desire to get going and do something. especially in connection with use of mental abilities. Crlts. Fire. Orange ligl Sapphire. Azurite is a healing vibratio level. there is a rfpe called Oregon sunstone that is quite useful in magick. is a Sun and Fire stone. accidents. az Blue fluorit calmnes Sodalite is a Iazuli nn wisdour_ 268 . Topaz. Yellow diamond gives off vibrations of courage and victory and draws good luck. an opaque form of chalcedony. power. or titar face. It also strengthens visualization of prosperity. An all-purpose protective stone.a po*erf is ruled by the Sun.. is really not a stone at all. a form of yellow qaartz. Sometimes one rt-ill find a piece of amber containing insects or plants. The ancient chinese said that the souls of tigers inhabited amber.eNcnrc Wrru DnecoNs Amber. protection by control of a situation. personal power. illumination. 5t0r tive magick. zircon (jacinth). depression. building self-worth. and can increase sexual energy. citrine enhances psychic awareness. while drawing money at the same time.enu times It draws money that can be accumulated through ideas. however. and Spirit. topaz wards against nega- Orant eit I hale rha a gl)!. Examples: carnelian.D. Citrine. and disease. these are Iacint co cb quite expensive. Sunstone is a Sun gem. but fossiiized tree resin. ePpl The \. amber becomes electricall.

Sapphire. also adding its calmness and clearing thinking to any situation. sapphire. Orange jasper is really a hghter shade of the red variety.---'- i i:e-cs r€::::: M---. harmony. 269 . I have a beautiful piece of goldstone in a ring. helps r*:rt changing luck through spiritual influences. purification of the inner being. It helps with defensive magick that comes through the mind and spirit. according to Cunningham. Azurite is a beautiful deep blue stone that can be used for divination and healing. this gives it beautiful points oflight on its polished surface. azurite. The journeys or moves it helps to create are those which will benefit you on all levels of your being. Labradorite is an iridescent blue stone sometimes mixed with magnetite or titanic ore. but not so deep as to be disturbing. :----- ret gcng tions.. peace. has long been considered a very powerful. wisdom. Examples: lapis lazuli. and by Iupiter. fluorite.-?E ffi[-i: !ilEgr. Its vibrations are especially easy for a beginner to handle. a gem of the Moon and Water. azurite cleanses and purifies. It is not a stone to be used lightly. also called sunstone. It is a stone of Jupiter and gives harmony and healing. Blue fluorite can strengthen the power of other stones. calm emo- lT A:: trEltr::. It can be c: either Mars or Mercury'. Sodalite is a blue stone with white veins in it. restful sleep. potent enhancer to magick. it is very powerful. especially star sapphires. labradorite.Dr? mur: rilr|. An expensive stone. this is orange-brown with gold flecks all through it. BLUE r u:::-- Healing. more spiritual vibration. It looks much like 1a:lazuli without the gold flecks. stopping nightmares. journeys or moves. It increases psychic powers and prophetic dreaming. It also helps you :c e:r control of your own personal situation. The purposes of any ritual in which it is used will be raised to a higher. would attract good luck through clear use of the mind and bursts of illumination. The color blue is by Neptune. blue quartz.s: &mf I E. On a spiritual level.Appendix i-Stones 5 U'|il-[ uf. This color of goldstone. according to others. understanding. &J-- Jacinth. r*5. sodalite. Fire or Air. as a stone of spiritual insight. chalcedony. Blue and green colors move over the stone when it is turned in the light. The Venus/Water stone lapis lazuli has been known since very ancient times.-. Use it to help in meditation and :: . also called zircon.

As a Venus and tion. fiuorite. tourmaline. ground. good health. The magician must be very aware and very careful of her/his emotions when using malachite. The Mercury and Air stone of aventurine is said to attract money through increasing your perception. Jade comes in many colors' which can be used under their color-category. relationships. The emerald's power is through making others aware of your business. a tranquil green-blue stone. r and plo that m. Pro:e Green qr atFac BROItr}{ Amplifies Earrh. giving off vibrations of peace and tran- quihty. As a Venus/Earth gem. Tourma and havo shaci GREEN Growth. Emeralds are one of the most expensive stones there is. especially the beautiful apple-green coloring. Malachite. BTACK General dete Exarnpnie forms ar Iet is real_li-fcr you bu-r-: is onlr gh wore rel ' 270 . chrysoprase. if this is too much for your budget. your talent. whether it is business. so you may want to purchase a low-quality one.r. creativity. the emerald is valuable in magick. it both draws and preserves wealth' Chrysoprase is an apple-green translucent chalcedony and a Venus and Earth stone. excelle Smokygu deprel Brown zin centeri monelTopaz has Earth gem. grounding and balancing. The emerald attracts mental wisdom and helps to correlate it with spiritual wisdom. or whatever. that helps when gambling. Green is ruled by Venus. emerald. Examples: jade. it guards and protects its owner in both love and business success.e drarvs u Jasper in a b intensei. schooling. malachite. use a substitute stone. aventurine. But green jade. marriage. is particularly powerful for money and any type of growth in the field of business and success. a stone of Uranus and Earth. and intelligence. amazonite. The term gambling could be applied to any new venture. fertility. nephrite. has bands of various green and white hues through it. This stone has been used around the world for magickal items. Nephrite is closely related to jade and is a lovely soft green color. Itwas said that Thmerlane's burial monument was built of blocks of nephrite' As an Earth stone. green quartz. olivine. or your worth in a field. as it will absorb both negative and positive energies. money. It is a Venus/Water stone. Olivine: th-r.DAlicnic Wmt Dn-rc.oxs Blue quartz is a receptive stone. Amazonite is a bluish green feldspar. It is considered a lucky stone which attracts success in anv new ventures and better monetary conditions.

e r This rs said BLACK General defense.ilf. zircon. you keep your feet on the ground if you tend to live too much in the spiritu"i . urrJurrg. fear.us€a o6en L The 'ryirirx)ney Brown zircon..... onyx. topazjasperSmokyquartz is sometimes mistaken for exceuent grounding stone. . and ent to rn .h u.r. repel dark magick. black and glassy looking. ...r.Appendix 3-stones tamc- nite.:K:H# Eltr.pi". that may arise within yourself . rt money and_prosperity from earthly pursuits. The ancient Greeks who worshipped the goddess cybele wore jet' It is often considered a companion stone to amber and has _ . Topazal-so helps to remove negative emotions 'rness..rre$- . us and cess in fet is really fossilized stone. is also excellent for grounding and centering your emotions and your life.rr. po*J. E"uTples: jet. saturn rules the color brack...::il". binding."_r.l i' money and prosperity spells. B."J ::.. reversing thought_ forms phrite. depression and negative emotions. B ffu- {rt€Lry... Examples: smoky qourt ... e is fidd BROWN Amplifies all Earth magick and psychic abilities.u. Bron:n Earth.. cursing.. .fur that you buy from a reputabre dearer. hematite (silver_blackl. injury. Topazhas many uses' It proiects against negative magick. and plots against you.i.^ 27t ..ei i"r::e q Sat l. known as malacon.uur" much that is iabeled as jet is only glass. b". pr. obsidian. depressio"rr.".r.i*f. ti'"tp. and spe's into positiv. rt i. a3: gfle--ii n and ftcts trlt b€ rnala- rs . _ draws Jasper in a brown shadingis especially good for grounding after working intensely in ritual or the psychi..

DaNcrNc WrrH DnacoNs its static electric properties. Small balls or flat "mirrors" of onp can be used for divination. these are especially good for past-life work. This protection extends to traveling. Obsidian is formed by volcanic action. Spinel also draws wealth. Onyx gives protection when you must face adversaries in any kird of circumstances. Examples: amethyst. Beryl strengthens psvchic arcareness and helps in divinations of a spiritual nature. It enhances psychic at'iliries. ben-i. Hematite is a fascinating silver-black color and is sometimes called "volcano spit. higher spiritual growth." Hematite is valuable when working to stabilize the life and ground the emotions. The ancient Aztecs used flat mirrors of this substance for divination. ]upirer and sometimes Neptune rule purple. quartz. Amethyst ranges in coior lrom a blue-green to a very deep purple. Fluorite of this color reduces any emotional involvement you may have in a reading and enables vou to make a clearer contact with other levels of being. lifts the vibrations. Iti Ver Ku IN] Dis Tur PURPLE Break bad luck" protection. It is also great for protection. Black spinel is rather rare. success in long-range plans. but also the most beautiful. fluorite. protects. or even subconscious attack by others or your o\{n subconscious programming. -\methyst is also known for its healing energies and the ability to atrract rrue love. r:ro donite i reddish-purple with black lines). Apache tears are really only small globes of obsidian. l I BIue a e I Ama o 5 The r g t' The very darkest. They break bad luck and protect you by repelling negative energies. kunzite. dark rhodochrosite. This protection goes beyond physical confrontation to psychic attack. purple-shaded garnets are expensive. protecting you against yourself by making you more balanced. especially in foreign countries or strange places. d b 1r tr 272 . garnet (very dark). fet increases psychic awareness but aiso protects against unwanted dreams and nightmares. spinel. calms. It is a grounding and centering stone. sharpens mental po\r'ers. It amplifies physical and mental energies during times of stress or crisis.

-r. Meilie Uyldert (The Magic of precious Stones.Appendix 3-Stone: .illlL i:l I riill nlry]- a piece ofdeep...- 'ruqilllrl tl illlillilrlilt ._ _ : _spiritual nature. Kunzite is a very erpersrr-e stone. I have a smal scarab of this coror of amethyst. aquamarinewas once sacred to all sea deities because of its biue-::en color.. amethyst. especiall' eambling. l"fllijiilllll fiilllilililili.:: relaxed but also no:: cts. Although it protects against many things. some people's vibrations do not mesh welr *i. ou. amazonite is an attractant of good luck and :'. I have a beautiful aquamarine that is a clear :--e.. is sacred to many Native Americans. *: . Turquoise. it protects. !milil||ili] INDIGO oI TURQUOISE Discovering past li'es or karmic problems... When traveling on o. It is considered a lucky stone.-r. This stone can be used to purifu . -::r' iirough the conscious mind's : --.--. barancing out karma. Turnstone press. aquamarine. . working with turquoise is one thing. It helps a person to be:_:: r:. To magicians. 1981) says fflln iillltii r4i that the sky-blue shades belong to the sun and venus.arough. but no less valuable in magickal workings. so check your feelings carefully before wearing it. purplish-pink shade of this stone exudes peace . stone. However. the ice-blue to Saturn. This very dark brue or bruish-green coror is ruiec by Uranus.: . and the green-blue to Uranus.: _: . It is veryunusual to find : llli1lIltfilililill llrui0(fltt. vibration.1 CCeSS. it arso attracts wearth. ne-.ji:lllllll]l|' and unique ideas. Examples: turquoise. known as thyites to the ancient Greeks.. . 3-ue-green amethyst is cheaper than the purple shades. it is a powerful little stone when working with past rife memories. amazonite.. lilx..i irnn 273 .-=:. the color of deep lake water. . Very deep-colored rhodonite is useful as a centering src:.. wearing it another. especiaily in the southwest and Mexico. " tf- TLI I lL rltri . It appears to be Earth_gr-. darkrhodocros::e . -Lrnazonite is of particular value to those who take chances. However.ipirned. Perhaps its most fascinating power is its ability to fear programming and let the i.: ::ra and soothe emotional problems..: involved in ritual and magick.n tu.ill.-"1" lill]lil'll.

oNs "ADtttunaI PYRITE fitrrntx sf palue 1 I Also known as fool's gold.\I -{: a-:i'E: raeickal power. It is good for enhancing the Moon's powers over gardening. Money.D. rising above problems. and the moonstone is obviously a Moon stone. especially attractive to the dragons of Light.. c'-rstal qrra. Chunks. crystal qtJartz can also be'programmed" or used as power-sinks of energy. moonstones are my favorites. psychic work. my grandson accidently erased a set of computer disks by leaving several rarge crystal points on a shelf directly underneath the disk storage boxes.h .ik*'es around the r'orld. emitting strong fierds of energy.clear crystal was known as the star sone in ea$. or points of crystal acr as amplifiers of magick when set about the circle. Moonstone also strengthens divination abilities.cNcrNG Wrr-s Dnec. Ruled by the Sun.Brirish c'ltures. it intensifies good luck. spheres.. in that it reflects whatever emotions . one can use a flat surface of pyrite as a scrying mirror.r'. The rioonstone is a reflector stone. Mountains. G sl MOONSTONE Gaining occult power. and the Earth. attractive to all dragons.eq'powerful stones. combined with toD Draw a other stones. totar success. both in and r**ren fashioned into spheres. on one occasion.r". I was fortunate that I had printed out HOTED I Stones rrjd the hol and fo 274 . prosperity. so be very aware of rchat you are doing when working with this stone. Ail dragons are drawn to ": c-. Its protection powers are of the gentrer hr atl rh EYE S These e kind. This is understandable since I was born on the Full Moon near Bertane. but very effective.rr r-ibrations are being given off by the user.J_ragons especially. pieces hung on a silver chain make scellent pendulums. I think of all stones.u i*:s bren us€d in magick and spirituar endeavors in a great manx.xa-. It has been used for scrying. Accordir kind n2m incre eye s pofuted $ap its ulati( Tigert er coura those thery pori-et crystal quartz are ''.: E. ad shir d-r d"q SUai ROCI( CRYsI. Ruled by the Moon.

helps with healing on the emotional and mental planes. and courage while helping with protection and the gaining of money.:=. Representatir-e o: ' : a:. EYE STONES These are represented by hawk's eye.--Jle r:E utrttrl. cat's eye has a shimmer down the center. :nergy. For those magicians who are well balanced and willing to truthfully see themselves as they are. Genuine lodestone is a fascinating thing.r-r According to Scott Cunningtu-m" tire nerrre cet'$ ere epplie$ to sseral kinds of stones. however.: :: i'nme $ary. 275 . Anything magnetic attracts. lle rari r' nputer underted out HOLED STONES Stones with a naturally formed hole in them are valuable as a symbol of the hole through time and space through which dragons move back and forth from their realm to ours. cat's eye. I have found it to be satisfactory. r&e .:!::s -: ecnerafi* etnd !58 :t:j€ guardian dragons in a gen:r: -. It promotes energy. r' dragon eyes.stone. The rtions ftYn to 1 great re star r in its n a sil- ints of )rystal :nergy. usudh. tiger's eye is a great stone for focusing the power and vision of the mind and the inner eye.vl is another name for it. ability to attract what you want. It protects and increases wealth. . which have always been associated with dragons. but if you cannot find one.As with all eye stones. Many magicians do not like this substitution. Any form of €\-€ Sltrr3 -i i'":.*tr lle eryeshimmer of these stones is remarka':l. . luck. tiger's e'r-e- stone Entler orYers s" e:. Lodestone sends out vibrations of attraction accordire to the type of magickal working you are doing. Tiger's eye stone has a golden flash in it. a dragon's eye resembles a cat's eye rvith i-*.xrg u:E dragons. r-e:-*:a. ln ancient Asia it was a form of chrysoberyl.olir-e-green quara Chrfsober.Appendix 3-Stones the section of manuscript in question and did not have to try to reconstruct it from memory. gives protection and insight into problems or speculations. Representative of stars and meteorites. and with ilracdable LODESTONE or MAGNET Drawing-power. substitute a magnet.

polishld. one of the ord names used during the uiJdle ages was "draconites-" The British know them as snake . past lives.o fou with_ out being harvested. Fossil stones. A balance of forces protects.tio' to the past. etc.ion. IAVA The for ing ing qpe PETRIF Ancient repla silizer FOSSIT STONES There are a great many kinds of these.enter hotow lined with crystals when split open. have long been considered to be sacred and magickal. violence. something . There is a srightly different vibration of power in each one that makes them varuable when traversing ottrer worlds or times. or holey stones.. but the skeletar remains of a sea creature. u center focus for returning.lr"tr. good luck.ur.ry _ugi. with their unique . accidents. rough-rooking rock which usuaty reveals a .tiig *l ntgoo. money. sometimes intricate 276 . The staurorite is symbolic of the four erements with which the magician works. guide through other worlds. These four arms represent a balance of the four elements known in magick. METEOI Smal] mer of exis while a ation e CORAT coral is not rea'y a stone.talance on utt t.) and Jorrr".u.orrrr. negative magick. However' it has a rong history in magickar workings. Their particurar value to the magician rr4ro r'orks wittr dragon magick is their protection while r*rr. and acts of GEODE i' geode is a round. "na m b€ res an STAUROTITE These naturar stones look like an X or an equar-armed cross and are arso called faery crosses. any stone having the fossilized remains of a plant or animar would fall within tii. It guards against unwanted astral entities. stuurorite also attracts wearth and good hearth. coral is helpful because of its protective qualities. strangely enough. protection.DeNcnqc Wmr Dnecors Holed stones. .ian must learn sooner or later. It is best if it has not been worked (that is cut. protection. are valuable for working with past lives.gory.r. . balancing with Earth energies.

ij resemble the dragon cave of iii:::---::" IAVA 'r L n The formation of lava rock is accomplish.rn:niffr ft6" silized wood.0=. Protection. i: --.a: -=1"--nnncr rm nmnru ing with dragons of Fire and voicanoes.a: :. Ias thnst ..<J.-::-: -*-t:-LtS Ssgrn rrrg.nnm- n.mineral patterns are erpc. Defense. Although lava is of partici:.ip s L PETRIFIED WOOD Ancient trees which slowly had their fiber dissolrec ::r imm$ nru.:rrnr. traveling rrc.ei :i ':e :alr ipm nnmqlrnwrrg ing together.-Ki--_-r*: are excellent stones for maqi. replaced by minerals turned into petrified wood.:wr S-'rru of existence to another.rrrquL r -.t. --..]:frs" r4em{i 4*tr:. Meteorites give off vibrations o: lr:mmrnrmuwhile also helping the magician to understand anv des=i.:C nrnrmFnnq t[ &lL types of dragons.ffirr.:eE:ms . Ge:. i**.::: -^::-::.of Iolv cate 277 . METEORITE Small meteors that fall from space.. as they all breathe destrof-ns-. tr br of ler ation experiences which she/he may be experiencing- Je. setting up barriers. exploring d )-E5 tes ljrrffi.i.rjS i:: beautiful and fascinating. x n.

This choice of clothilng color can extend to the normal.-hg ::: You will attract every good. Red is one color to be treated with respect. For dragon candle-burning magick. But then no two lists on candle colors uru ever alike. everyday clothes.c: Lf are looking for companionship and attention. This list of colors can also be used to coordinate colo:s employed for other ritual purposes. you might decide to use spe_ cial altar cloths to enhance magickar power. especiallv if rou find yourself needing to project a specific vibrational atmospheoe.9 .slsrx called "Dragon Fire" in the chapter on Basic Rituals.. and ugly active libido L :::" ':sr. Everyone is arrare . bad.c color to add to your personal vibrations..-f the sayingthat a certain shade of red car is a ticket-catcher. Keep to as true a shade of coror as possible and avoid the indistina blends until you become more experienced in the uses of color.::l:l M ng lists in most books.___. Purple is another color that can easilybe overdon:-: -: i l:**erful spiritual color that can cross over the line into =:-:::-i i. I would caurio:r -. to be very careful about projecting that vibration while rr-ea. .4 (4anll e @.cism and dogmatism unless the wearer is in con:.-:-= . read he following list of colors is slightry different from the average the ritual 2. or a robe of a specif. The colors in parenthesis are a further clarification of the shades.

Taurus. affection. purely physical ser Drasons of Fire. Dragons of Venus. progress. Mountains. healing of the spirit. RED: Physical power. wisdom.l er influe! BLUE: Truth. togetherness. Chaos (dark). balance. Venus (light). Wind. Concentration. control. divination. inspiration. stimulation. peace. Earth. Virgo (rust-orange). will power. Cancer (dark). strength. Forest. Mountair. attraction. break bad luck cycle. Sagittarius (deep). sudden changes. money. |upiter. balance. Leo. Dragons of Water. por Cancry" MAGE}ilTA exorcisr: usua. inspiration. attraction. Mercury (violet). Seas. good health. PURPLE: Success. marriage. Wind. Guardian. Venus (pale). gentle persuasion. ORANGE: Encouragement. Forest. BROWN: Attract money and financial success. Moon. wealth. GREEN: Abundance. good fortune. Scorpio (deep). fupiter. Virgo (navy). fidelity. Aquarius (iridescent). WIIITE:ft itr. Libra (light or blue-green). concentration.DeNcrNc Wrru DnecoNs times. ESR intuition. Mars. Pisces (dark). power. romance. happiness. Storm (dark). Dragons of Sagittarius. Guardian- BI/. Guardian. Leo (scarlet). Pisces (sea-green). patience. Aquarius (dark). Lakes. occult power. generosity. Taurus. imagination. Dragons of Mercury Leo. honors. SILVER or Vi st*b Moon. Aries. \-irgoAquarius (rust) Guardian. success. spiritual awakening. Even then the experienced magician knows to use purple only for short periods of time. Mercury (pale). sudden changes. creativiry confidence. Taurus. drive arvav evil. Dragons of Earth. Guardian.CIG I strengl protm Dragor PINK: Love. action. fertility. spirit contact. change luck. renewal. wisdom. Ca tory 280 . Fire. harmony in the home. protection. understanding. Dragons of Venus (pale). Guardian. study. Fire. idealism. adaptability. Moon (lavenderi. Dragons of Air. Storm (dark). Sun. Libra (soft rose). YELLOW: Intellect. protection.li ons of\i GOLD or H understa. power of the mind. to draw good things.lir l INDIGOoT' gossip. higher psychic ability.

on.fifHf..| ffi ironf Ji1iT:T.. #ffi ::f. Dragons Cancer.. rr .i...iltt.:rT. virgo (gray). 5t.".#."r*j:::":"louti. Guardian.*:'.. pro rect i o n.attractshig'- Moon. stabiritr. o.gfl s.".z.1:tiT:iH:1...1*rmentsorrire.. ff corD or :'yi"::'"::. ui' Dragons or li.'g1ffi SILVER or VERy CTEAR LIGIIT GRAy: Re tory. ai'"g'" :r.j.ffi vERy. of Light Spi."ibrational exorci sm.l::: tJ. in so INDIGO or TUReUOISE: Meditation.* ". 281 . "*rJi*lthaos (pewter.it" *:i. Jllji rn. protection from strengrh..sincer:ness. rorces.113ffiT:?t*..tit.T. .t**A' m". benents.Appendix 2_Oils BIf.g*r'1ur".. power.".fCIC Discord..:Hf"'I":H. wlr power."J'JT$:'#t?Sffi h*? thar tends to rrcrrrrsr h..l. Moon."f. ner .T*.1 T:::] lr.r..ftr. cancer.rruth. sa tu ffi .H:j::l.

a. It was through Fionna and her companions tirat I first rearned to contact dragons as co-magicians during rituars. r. in dreams. the Theban used by the wiccan. is ffpi_ cal.Erugun f. . for she never told me.unreriabre and greedy the average human is.y my seeking fo. and during trance.. This makes perfect sense when one realizes hon.rrirrg which she lived.iy'in direction along the?aganpath. both of a magickal and personal nature.wiyt I have no idea where or with whom iiorigi. I had e. in medi_ tations. The dragons. have spent considerable time acquainting themserves *ith a -"rtii"".T"'*: ."f*.. not rt uri'g ilir.rut. Iohn Dee.rvars to the angel_ ic alphabet obtained by Dr.ff .jlnr. ff 'l*:. Pluqo" Script appears to be similar in man.r. has proved to be accurate and helpful on a great many occasions. dragons do not volunteer help or information until ther.xperience with dragons as friends. spirituul "u. *.ourd help in magick. Fionna is a spiritual entity who appeared.5 . She says she is of Irish-certic origin but has never specified a time period i. Information from her. but was unaware that thei.. Before that. the ogham. and several other uncommon gl:.l#'$::'H: this Earth plane.:fr 283 . the Runic.

u.rpond to their use-.. But. in my experiences. candles.a to write it out.r. requests to specific dragons. one of the goars of everv magician is to fi' with as much power as possible all his ritual tootr.. .rl.. Dragons are acquainted with all these alphabets and...w'r.o**on use around the world. ""r. dragorr.. .p"" the occasion and temperament of the individual d. Use of this magickal alphabel or any magickal arphabet. ir . increases the power placed into an object by the magician because of the concentratiorr l".tt*or*u. etc. deplndi.a.:T:H:ilil'#: magickal methods.of..icrNc \4'ml DR-rcoss ll'il:.i"g s I / 1 284 .ts..rg ou. or other rituar and spe' objects.D._ to pay more atten_ this sc'rift than thevJo." used when *riti.'.writing..ugo. I. rp." Dragon Script can be used for writing on tools. as they do to ordinary' everyday alphaiets i.

x "f + PR o.K "r-\ b EFG +<o--( D wz b c H fi+.Q T \ItM v N F -@l JL Z Lrrrj NZ A Y U.ABC.-f.V W rrr V v 6 X A S ct--- END OF SEiVTA{CE <++ fr Drapn Sa:rp 285 .

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249-55. 118.i-{. l9I Beowulf.14. 257. 214.4-5 Anglo-Saxons.22.54*5.82.J nlex Africa.162. 143-6.176 Air. 135. 176 Conchobar. :39_4_i.18. 14. 209.168 2II. 20. l::.52. I44. 160.221.7.lI2. 217. 39. 227. 217. 14. l?1.24 293 .190 Aquarius.109.22. 173-9.24 China. 179. 290 Alchemy.280-l Capricorn.176 Babylon. 16I Cir-ic Snap. :{_--.280 Australia. Cancer. ily-:_r:" -.1i5. 14I. 269-70. 16. 26. 1Il.20 Cernunnos. 7. 2. I54.223.227 Ceres.60 Apep.75-6. 8. 280-1 Aries. lg6.

212. Fire.DrJ{r:f.226' |upiter. r. 160 2U 294 . 62.239-56" 258.l'83 Ethiopia. 224. 118. 55-7.127 .179.162 aud* Sagmill Sairr"r. 146. 239-57.272.$5-7.280 Leo. Nodcs-l Numd Pendrq.225.24 13' LI5-6' 1 18-9' r2l.iG \i i:: Dmrsing. 67-9 Mabinogi Marco Fo Druids. 11.62-3 Dracontias. 22.1 lv'Iercury hrth. 20. 14.197'209'. I I 8-9' I2I' 139-41. 280-l Egypt.222 Grael. 209. I 15-6. T Mars. 164 Saturnti :'a Scorpb Sigur4. 129. 260-1. 59. r35. 61. 253' 256. I 154-5' 179-88.177 Hydra.280-1 Loch Ness. 129. 213.209. 60.146-8'. 265-9. 101 ls lc* Sun.129-32. 27 6. 20. 155' 168-9 Feng-shui. 27 0-7.151.7. 52. 65.280-l Ley lines.215-6. 7. 148. 63.176 Herakles.4 -!-llr& j :8{}-l Sagas. 52.r l t" il{oon. !234.143-4.167-72. 27 4.269. 277. l4l.29-30 Dragon's Breath.182 Fafnir.: 127' 129-32' 135' Medea-. 23g' 241' 244-5' 248-9' 25L' 205. l0g-10. 7 8-80.20: 266.162.16 Il8. !3g.20-1 Ireland. Spirit' a 258-61.148.56-7 Finn MacCumhaill. 27 9-81 Nidho6.4Taurus Libra. il Htracan. 197.143. 212. Pii^rer'I! Pbilod Gemini. 7 5-6.24 )ormungand. 24-5. 156 Helston Furry Dance. l0g-13.

135. 152. 25g_6 273.Index Mabinogion. 269-9. 21-2. 148 Nidhogg. Sairys. 252.156. 17 6 Sagittarius.t. 111. 290_ 1 Thurus. 227. 226. 248_5 4. 146.238.290 Medea. 154 25 Saturn. 2 43 _6. 26. 280 ll8. 156. 280-l Sigurd. 249. 154. 25 4. 105-. Nagas.:b--Moon. 259_6 1. 21. I40.222. 180. I27. 222.60 Marco Polo. ".280-1 Sun.49-50. -_:_:. 216. 30. Spirit. 205.20 :: -. 266. l[r-. 247 _8.:_: :_r : i :10-5. 266.4 Numerology.109. 2rI. 277. :l_: l_r g-{0. 216. 261. I43. 27 L. 158. Mercury. --:: -:: .78-80. 7. t+5_1. I_2. r7g. 240-t.4. 4.280 Sg Quetzalcoatl. 55.280-l 295 .::a. 247.7 Philosopher's Stone.269.205. 28. 4-5. 225. I52. 214. 28|U_-1 ::1-8. 254. Pendragon.190 Nodes.2gI Scorpio. I02. 113.::. 16. 213. 239-42. 21 7. 144. : --::. 2A8.25841. 2rg. 254. 25g_60. 224. 205.7. I90.20g_10. 256. L37. 182 Mars. lI5. 92.228. 267 _9.168-9 I. 24-5. 5 Pisces. 4. 27 3_4. :+t-i. 129.

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8-J *:---::. The Shapeshifter Tarot kit is your bridge befir een humans. fire.i - .-:n. and.to use the cards.. instruction book $29. \-ou ca: nif ". J.1 prec:lce the shamanic art of shapeshift_ ing and access the knorvledge erf the eag:e. The accompanying book gives detailed explanations on hon. water and earth. animals and nature. Exercises in shapeshifting.Shapeshifter Throt D. allowing you to hone and accentu_ ate your magical understanding and skill. moving through gateways.. doubling out. The cards in this deck act as merging tools. along with their full esoteric meanings . call 1-800-THE MOON Prices subiect to change without notice .r-ours and resroes rr-lrhin \-our very being. alJoninE \-ou to tap into the many different animal energies.: TP ":-I:: rrm r!!!! :: :: - :ra Like the ancient celts.-*': Iltr:11: ?e n --_:-. tne oak tree or the ocean: wisdom that is inherentlr. Coxwny AND SrnoNa KNrcHr ILLUSTRATED BY LTSA HUNT L_-!d-- : -: ao :-.- u:s.:-L !.- ucrn*:.9s f39 e: To order. 1-56718-3844 Boxed set: 81 full-color cards. meditation and guided imagery give you the opportunity to enhance your levels of perception and awareness. mythological and magi_ cal roots. together rt'ith the elemenral qualities of air.

illus. Mordred as the King of Swords and Arthur as the Emperor.Legend The Arthurian Tarot ANNa-Menrs FrncusoN Gallery artist and writer Anna-Marie Ferguson has paired the ancient divinatory system of the tarot with the Arthurian myth to create Legend: The Arthurian Tarot. as well as the book Keeper of words. The exquisitely beautiful watercolor paintings of this tarot deck illustrate characters. which lists the divinatory meanings of the cards. the cards. places and tales from the regends that brend traditional tarot symbolism with the pagan and christian symbolism that are equally significant elements of this myth.. but never with this much care. four_color $34. The natural pairing of the tarot with Arthurian legend has been made before. caII I_SOO_THE MOON Prices subject to change without notice . Each card represents the Arthurian counterpart to tarot. symbolism and the teiling of the legend associated with each card.9s To ordeq. 1-5671U2674 Boxed set: Book: 272 pp. Accompanying the deck is a decorative layout sheet in the format of the celtic cross to inspire and guide your readings. completeness and consummate artistry. such as Merlin as the Magician.s traditional fig_ ures. Morgan le Fay as the Moon. sofftcover Deck: 78 full-color cards Lavout sheet: 21 x 24.. 6 x 9.

r.and across culturei. and happiness. they call.l rrrtdl-.rrt.95 CAN Llewellyn Worldwide il llllil'ffi][Llilll St. From their homes on thJ urtJ'plu. health." 'A unique.ragons have been sharing their power with humanity throughout history. arouse our fears.knowledge.' -Total Eclipse 'Dancing with Dragon and magick.'." -The Four Winds Journal isBN I-sb7Is-Ihs-I ttililmfltl $14.com PRINTED IN THE USA . us. -Magical Blend -Midwest "Dancing with Dragon s is academic work of a Book Review the'*oH{!'. one-of-a-kind tome and a welcome atldition to the growing body of metaphysical lore. MN 55164-0383 www.to." s is an excellent collection of Dragon lore -The " Crystal Moon Well- res earched an d imaginativ e. No* voi .s most prolific and readable metaphysical *ritrrr.95 US $22..r^gon personal devotion and an chronicre (uK) 'An excellent introduction to the works of one of today. D. I highly recommend it.un call on their legendary wisdom for increased spiritu.llewellyn.. Fourctorr. pique our curiosity.. "Ht1hly recommended for all lovers of dragons.. Paul.

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