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04.10.2013 NGOs React to President's Budget - Final

04.10.2013 NGOs React to President's Budget - Final

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Published by: InterAction on Apr 10, 2013
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April 10, 2013


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Reactions to President Obama’s budget by leading NGOs
WASHINGTON (April 10, 2013) – Leading NGOs respond to President Obama’s international affairs budget recommendations for fiscal year 2014: 1,000 Days “We are heartened to see that the administration continues to prioritize the reduction of malnutrition and preventable child deaths as a core component of U.S. development efforts. The success of the U.S. government’s Feed the Future initiative and Child Survival Call to Action depends on continued strong investment in nutrition. There is extraordinary consensus among leading economists that investing in early nutrition is one of the best investments policymakers can make to promote economic growth.” - Lucy Sullivan, Executive Director, 1,000 Days ActionAid USA "The president's budget shows his continued commitment to food security and sustained support for smallholder farmers, who own the task of producing the majority of the world's food. We hope that Congress will uphold these ideals and maintain adequate funding levels for successful programs like Feed the Future and the Global Agriculture and Food Security Program." Marie Brill, Executive Director, ActionAid USA CARE "Americans should be proud that our modest investment in foreign assistance – less than 1% of the federal budget – changes millions of lives for the better. Children live to adulthood because their mothers had a safe delivery, because they are vaccinated, and because they have clean water to drink. Women are able to transform their families by starting thriving small businesses. Girls avoid early marriage and go on to primary and secondary school. We should continue to support this life-saving investment." Helene Gayle, President and CEO, CARE InterAction “At first glance, I am pleased to see President Obama’s sustained overall commitment to povertyfocused development. Even in a time of belt-tightening, the U.S. must maintain its moral leadership in helping the world’s most poor and vulnerable. Foreign aid makes a real difference in people’s lives, and is an excellent investment, at less than 1% of our total federal budget.” Samuel A. Worthington, President and CEO, InterAction International Relief and Development “Setting a clear and effective budget for our nation, including strong support for America’s foreign aid programs, is essential to America’s future progress. U.S. development programs increase security and stability around the world and help to save millions of lives. I appreciate President Obama’s thoughtful budget proposal, and I look forward to the important discussions ahead as Congress works to put the appropriate policies into action.” Arthur B. Keys, Jr., President and CEO, International Relief and Development International Rescue Committee “The U.S. has long been generous in assisting those whose lives have been shattered by conflict and disaster. But humanitarian-assistance funding in President Obama’s budget is unlikely to keep up with global needs. We hope the House and Senate will provide robust humanitarian assistance in next year’s budget, and toward that end we look forward to working closely with Congress.” George Rupp, President and CEO, International Rescue Committee

Women Thrive Worldwide “President Obama’s budget shows real leadership in promoting equality for the world’s women. Women make up a majority of the world’s poor, and good policy recognizes that empowering women and girls is foundational to success. We applaud the president for making equality and opportunity key components to his international affairs budget.” Ritu Sharma, Co-Founder and President, Women Thrive Worldwide World Vision “We applaud the president’s request to work with Congress to tackle our nation’s fiscal challenges while seeking to protect programs that uplift the most vulnerable. As budget negotiations continue, tough choices must be made, but it is imperative to support robust funding for interventions that are both costeffective and save lives, like child maternal health, food security and emergency humanitarian response,” Adam Taylor, Vice President of Advocacy, World Vision

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