The Place Beyond The Pines Contest!!!!

My very closest friend since we were 12 years old, Darius Marder is one of the writers of The Place Beyond The Pines, a new movie staring Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes and Bradley Cooper. Darius and i have injured each other doing stupid things more times than i can count. That doesn't have any relevance to this, I just wanted to over share. To encourage you to go see this movie, I'm implementing a little contest... First, you have to see place beyond the pines this weekend. (I would recommend going with lots of friends or family members. That way strangers will think you are in a gang.) In order to prove you went, take a photo of yourself (and your friends if you brought any) standing in front of the theater holding your ticket (s). Then, before you go to bed on sunday, post the photo on twitter with the following "#pineschallenge, @mishacollins" and any colorful adjectives you wish to include. Then, and here's the important part: Stand by, because on Monday April 15th between 9AM and 8PM PST, i will post a five different trivia questions from the movie that you will only be able to answer if you saw it. If you are the first to correctly answer any one of the five questions with #pineschallenge in your response, you will be one of our 5 winners! Now to the important part… Prizes: 5 winners will each get a signed poster from the movie. It will be signed by Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendez, other cast members and the director Derek Cianfrance. Those five people will also get a heart-felt, hand-written, signed letter from me. The letter will be smudged with lipstick and the ink will have run a bit from the tears i spilled whilst writing you. Please participate. As an added, unintended bonus: it's actually a very good movie. On your mark, get set, GO! -Misha

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