Title: Blind Man’s Buff + EXTRA!

Name: Sara Martín Work place: IES Pérez Galdós, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain Age group: Children and Teenagers Type of activity: Listening & Speaking Grammar and vocabulary involved: Directions and Instructions Level: Elementary Resources: 7 to 10 images of sharks/monsters, blindfolds (one per group) and a large open space.

Description: In an open space, a player is blindfolded and must go from one side to another of the room crossing the way, which contains different obstacles. Along the way another member of his/her group must guide him giving him instructions /directions. Method: 1. Divide the students into small groups (4/5 students per group) 2. Each group should choose a volunteer to be blindfolded. 3. On the floor we will place images of obstacles (monsters, sharks) 4. The Blindfolded Volunteer should go ACROSS the scenario (sea infested with sharks, jungle full of hungry monsters), not around it, following his/her team mates’ instructions. 5. If the blind man touches an obstacle the team loses. 6. Team members take turns to be the blind man and obstacles are moved. Each time they manage to cross without touching any obstacle the team scores a point. 7. Make sure all members have had the chance to be the blind man. 8. If you have any SEN student with mobility problems allow them to participate but let them choose to do it with or without the blindfold.

Variations: 1. For lower groups pre-teach vocabulary: left, right, turn, freeze, stop , walk, steps: 2. Allow the other groups to place the obstacles. 3. Have several group doing it at the same time, from opposite directions, so students have to focus on their mates’ directions 4. Have them do it backwards, on one leg….