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Education Lesson Plan Teacher Candidate: Whitney Brown L#:00169129

Date and Time of Lesson: Feb.28, 2013 8:30 am Grade Level: 1st School: Mathews Elem. Subject: Science Cooperating Teacher: Betsy Owings Lesson Title: Play Dough Experiment

Description of Lesson: The teacher will begin the lesson with a discussion over safety rules when preforming an experiment in the science lab. Once the students have finished the list of rules, the teacher will print off a copy to carry to the science lab. The students will travel to the science lab. The students will be placed in groups at four tables. At each table, one student will pick up and measure each material, which are 2 cups of oatmeal, 1 cup of flour, and cup of water. The students will then place materials at their table without mixing components. The teacher will then discuss process the students will preform to mix the components. The students will then follow the steps. During the mixing of the components the teacher will walk around placing a couple drops of food coloring into the bowl. Once the students have finished the experiment, they will break it up and be allowed to play with their own play dough. The students will then travel back to the classroom. They will be assigned to write in their journal about what the process was to preform the science experiment. Curriculum Standards Addressed: SC Visual Arts: I. Understanding and applying media, techniques, and processes.

c. Use art materials and tools in a safe and responsible manner.

SC Science Academic Standard 1-1: The student will demonstrate an understanding of scientific inquiry, including the processes, skills, and mathematical thinking necessary to conduct a simple scientific investigation. Indicator: 1-1.3 Carry out simple scientific investigations when given clear directions.

EEDA Standard 4: Students will demonstrate a positive attitude toward working on science experiment and the ability to work together. Cross Curricular Connections: The student needs to be able to pour materials into glass beakers by using measurement. Visual arts will be integrated in the experiment because they will produce a texture using their different components. The students will also be integrating health education because we will also be going over safety procedures in the science lab. The students will use ELA to write their process of the science experiment.

Instructional Objective(s) Criteria: Students will preform in a positive and safe manner in a simple scientific investigation. Assessment(s) of the Objectives: The students will be evaluated with a rubric (attached). The components on the rubric are how well they preformed with others, if they followed safety rules and if they completed the scientific process. Materials/Resources: Computer/laptop SMARTboard White board Expo marker Science Journals Final Assessment Sheet (attached) Pencils Ziploc bags 8 cups oatmeal 4 cups flour 2 cups water Glass beakers Food coloring (blue, orange, yellow, red) 3 large bins 4 large bowls 4 large spoons Prerequisites (Prior Knowledge): In Kindergarten, students compared objects by using nonstandard units of measurement. Procedures: 1. The teacher will ask students by table to go to their assigned carpet spot. 2. The teacher will begin the lesson with the SMARTboard by asking the kids to name what they believe are some good safety rules in the science lab. 3. The teacher will write the rules the students agreed on. 4. The teacher will then print off a copy of the rules. 5. The students will be called individually to line up. 6. The teacher will then lead the class to the science lab. 7. Once in the science lab, the teacher will call each group to seat down at assigned seats. 8. The teacher will repeat the safety rules that the students made. 9. The teacher will then talk about the procedures the class is to follow. a. One student pours the oatmeal into the bowl. b. One student pours the flour into the bowl. c. One student stirs the bowl. d. One student pours the water into the bowl.

Accommodation(s): Students who do not behave while we are in the science lab will be moved to an empty table. The misbehaving student will not be allowed to finish the experiment.

e. One student stirs the bowl. 10. The teacher will ask the students: a. What do you think will happen to the flour, oatmeal and water? b. Do you think you could stir everything together? c. What do you think the flour, oatmeal and water will turn into when you put them together? 11. The teacher will then assign each student in charge of gathering a material. 12. The teacher will go over to each station and show the students how to measure the components in the glass beakers. 13. Each table will be called on individually to collect their materials and return to their tables. 14. The students will be advised not to play with their materials. 15. The students will then be allowed to conduct the procedures. 16. The teacher will tell the students she will be coming around with food coloring to add a couple drops into the experiment. 17. Once the teacher notices the students have formed a ball, she will tell them to take it out of the bowl and onto the table. 18. The students will then be able to break pieces off and play with it. 19. The teacher will finish with passing out Ziploc bags for each child to gather play dough to take home. 20. The students will then line up to wash their hands before returning to the classroom. 21. Once the students have returned to the classroom, the teacher will assign a writing activity in their science journal. a. Students are to write the scientific process. 22. Science Journals will be collected at the end.


Final Assessment Performance with Followed Safety classmates Rules

Completely Scientific Process

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