Zync Z930 OS Installation Guide

Before starting the Installation process     Download the required software Fully charge the Tablet Turn off the Tablet Take out the USB data cable that had come along in the box

Steps to Install the Tablet OS   Extract the downloaded Zip file, Zync-Z930-OS-JB (If required, refer to 'How to Extract a Zup file - Guide') The folder 'Zync-Z930-OS-JB' will be extracted

Open the extracted folder & run the application file 'G+MassProductionTool For GP330XX'

Make sure the Tab is in switch off mode while the process.  Now select the particular USB port detected & click on the ‘Start Download’ button on the top. You will need a thin rounded object to be able to press the button. which is located on the top of the Tab besides the Volume keys. close down the application ‘G+MassProductionTool For GP330XX’ & repeat the last 4 steps. The application window ‘G+MassProductionTool For GP330XX’ will open up  Now press the Tablet Reset button once. . kindly turn it off. If the Tab automatically tuned on when you connected it to your PC. You can release the key once the USB device is detected by your PC.  After that press & keep holding the Volume + key of the Tab and connect it to the PC using the USB data cable.

It may take 4 to 5 minutes to start up. . After pressing the Reset button. Downloading… (Do not click on ‘Stop Download’ or disconnect the Tab during the process)  At completing 100 % you will see the message. The Zync Z930 is now ready to use with the Android v. ‘Download Completed!’    Now safely disconnect the Tablet from the PC & press the Tablet Reset button.4.1 Jelly Bean OS. switch on the Tablet.