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Area II FACULTY PACUCOA SUGGESTED EXHIBITS 1. Faculty Records Academic qualifications No. of years in services 2.

2. Recruitment and Selection Policy Hiring of qualified faculty members Appointment, Retention and Termination Policies 3. Policy on Ranking, Promotion and Remuneration Merit system Just Non-Discriminatory A Machinery of appeal 4. Fringe Benefits Basic and overload pay Fringe Benefits 5. Policy on Evaluation and Loading EXHIBITS Faculty Profile -TOR, Diploma, Certificates, Copy of License -Certificate of recognition Faculty Manual -p__ -p__ Faculty Manual -p__ -p__ -p__ -p__ Faculty Manual -p__ -p__ Faculty Manual -p__ -Copy of the Performance Evaluation Faculty Loading Faculty Development Program Corporate Plan Departments Score Card Departments Business Review Copy of the Training Needs Analysis Research


Faculty Development Program


Research and Publication



Specific objectives of the institution vis--vis the objectives of the institution

Goals of the Institution

Planned periodic reassessment of the curriculum Assessment of Learning outcomes

A. Co-curricular activities -Co-curricular activities of the current year

B. Instructional process -Classroom activities and teaching methodologies -Instruction methodologies emphasizes the acquisition and development of proper work habits, attitudes and values -Instructional equipment and materials -Compiled course syllabi(old and new) -Sample test papers/requirements -Research of the students C. Classroom Management

EXHIBITS Course Syllabus MCS DEMO Prospectus Objectives Departments Objectives Student Handbook MCS DEMO Goals Student Handbook MCS DEMO Minutes of the Meeting(with the faculty members) Minutes of the Meetings(deans council meetings) Minutes of the Meeting(with the faculty members) Minutes of the Meetings(deans council meetings) Documentation of the cocurricular activities Listings of the activities Pictures Attendance Evaluation Chairmanship Listings Modular Course Syllabi Group Discussion Reporting Projects Course Requirements AV Materials Thesis Test Papers

-Copy of teachers class records Recording system is complete and accurate Monitoring of attendance -Records of the Attendance of the Faculty Members D. Academic Performance of Students -Communication informing teachers and parents about the system of s evaluation used in appraising students performance -Copy of tests showing the development of psychomotor, cognitive and affective skills of students. -Class Records to show the grading system -Criteria for computing of grades -Portfolio of students E. Supervision for effective instruction -Evidence of attendance to seminars and workshops -Records of class observation -Minutes of supervisory conferences/meetings with the dean/department head and teachers

Class Records

Daily Time Record

Communication teachers parents Sample Test Papers

Class Records Faculty Manual Students Profile

Certificates Class observation results Minutes of the Meetings

Area IV LIBRARY PACUCOA SUGGESTED EXHIBITS Records of Chief Librarian and Professional Staff Organizational Chart showing the functions of each personnel EXHIBITS Chief Librarian Profile Library Staff Profile Library Manual

Participation of the Chief Librarian in the faculty meetings Staff Development Program A. Financial Support -Library Budget -Library Fees VS Expenditures -Library Budget showing that it is not less than 5% of Annual Operating Expenses -Evidence showing endowments, gifts and exchanges and donations B. Holdings -Comparative figures between number of titles/volumes vs CHED standards -Listings of Books, References and Professional books -Listings of Encyclopedias, Indexes, Dictionaries, Yearbooks and readers guides -Listings of newspapers, magazines, maps, filmstrips and AV materials -List of available materials for curricular and non-curricular activities -Evidence of sharing holdings with other schools -Evidence of regularity of book acquisition, announcement of new acquisition C. Library Staff -Data on Educational background and years of experience in administrative and technical library work -Records of number of Library Personnel vs number of clients -Evidence of upgrading library personnel -Evidence of Involvement in

Minutes of the Executive Council Meeting Copy of the Staff Development Program Library Manual Library Budget Computation of Library Fee vs Expenditures Copy of the Stockholders Meeting Report Listings of Donated Books Listings of Donors Comparative figures Listings of Books, references and periodicals, curricular and noncurricular activities

Statistics of Outsiders Researchers Listings of Schools of Outside Researchers Copy of OR, Sales Invoice and Purchase Order Library Staff Profile Library Staff vs Number of Enrollees Certificates of Trainings and seminars

faculty meetings D. Services and Library Utilization -Evidence of adequacy and quality of services as : Selection of books Utilization of library facilities Assistance of research activities -Leaflets and brochures informing library clientele of new holdings and services -Evidence of availability and accessibility of library collections -Evidence of accessibility of library to students and faculty during regular hours and school days -Evidence of cooperation between the library and faculty to promote library usage and services E. Selection, Organization and Maintenance of Library Collections -Evidence of faculty participation in the selection of library collections -Evidence of easy and immediate access of the clientele to : Library materials both print and non-print Film, print and other nonprint Library services -Records on number of: Bound periodicals, newspapers, journals and other print materials Periodicals, newspapers, journals and other print materials currently being used as reference materials by clientele -Evidence of measures against

Minutes of the Faculty Meetings

Bound Statistics of usage Pictures(reading area with students) Log Book(topics being researched) Receiving copies(distributed list) Pictures(open shelve) Library Hours Student Handbook Lib Manual FLC Minutes of the Meeting

Book Selection Tour(Documentation) Statistics of usage Record on AV Reservation

Bound periodicals Summary of Bound periodicals

Pictures (fire alarms, and fire extinguishers)

risks like fire, rain, theft/robbery and vandalism of library materials F. Library Space, Facilities and Equipment -Location plan of the institution -Floor plan showing layout and floor space of the library -List of library equipment and furniture -Adequacy of library collections against current and projected needs

Location Map Library Lay out and floor plan List of Inventory Listings of Library Collections vs CHED requirement

Area V LABORATORY PACUCOA SUGGESTED EXHIBITS A. Facilities -Listing of Specific program/courses and enrollment of each program/course Corresponding laboratory instructional facilities for each program/course -Evidence of availability and EXHIBITS Listings of programs and enrollment Pictures of laboratories Record on request, acquisition

regularity of delivery of gas, water, electric services -Adequacy of lighting/ventilation of laboratory and lecture rooms -Adequacy of points of entry/exits even for emergency situations -Adequacy, condition and relevance of facilities if they conform to Establish standards; Layout of the laboratory; Standards on furnishing and fixtures B. Equipment and Supplies -Evidence that tools, apparatuses, materials: Conform to requirements demanded by experiments; Are sufficient to allow students to work in small groups C. Maintenance -Existence of an effective maintenance and repair system to ensure that apparatuses and equipment are functioning properly and are in good condition at all times -Materials, particularly toxic chemicals, are properly labeled and stored in safe and appropriate places -Records of use of materials/equipment to show that their use are limited to students and school personnel only as determined by instructor/s in charge of laboratory -Evidence of periodic restocking and updating of materials and supplies and system of requisitioning

and maintenance of gas, water and electric services Pictures of lighting, ventilation facilities Pictures of entrance and exit doors Pictures with furniture and fixtures

Laboratory inventory

Record of maintenance Pictures Log books Pictures of labeled and stored toxic materials Logbooks of laboratory

Records of requisitions Pictures(actual experiment)

-Evidence that students/laboratory personnel know the proper use of special equipment D. Specific provision for specific courses/program -Commerce of Business Administration Adequate number of office machines -typewriters, manual/electric -computers -indexing equipment -office forms -Education Appropriate teaching materials and aids, especially those needed for practice or student teaching Multi-media resource center -Nutrition/Food Technology/HRM Food laboratory Clothing/Textile laboratory Practice House/Mini Hotel -Speech Course Speech laboratory has materials/equipment for students to acquired aural/lingual skills such as : -CD/DVD players -tapes or discs -earphones/headphones -audio-visual equipment -Physical Education P.E. rooms are properly equipped with toilets, lavatories, lockers and showers Outdoor/indoor facilities are properly laid out -Proof: Of adequacy of equipment needed for specific courses; Of appropriateness of specific equipment to

course, considering advances in science and technology; Of adequacy of maintenance and repair system to cope with loss/breakdown of equipment; That knowledge of repair/maintenance personnel on the equipment that they are supposed to maintain are up-to-date

Area VI PHYSICAL PLANT AND FACILITIES PACUCOA SUGGESTED EXHIBITS A. Site -Layout of school site to show Land area; Drainage and sewerage system; Pollution and traffic hazards protection Conducive environment Accessible transportation B. Campus -Campus site plan to indicate Planned and adequate for building activities Provisions to accommodate social, cultural and athletic EXHIBITS Pictures (site)

Pictures (campus)

activities C. Building -School buildings/plans to prove Functionally designed and made of strong and durable materials Architectural design is pleasing that conforms to bldg laws and regulations Planned to meet future expansion Entrances/exits ensure safe and convenience to the population Stairways and fire exits and conveniently located Corridors free from obstructions Certificate of occupancy and fire inspection

Pictures (school buildings)

Pictures (entrance & exit) Pictures (stairways & fire exits) Pictures (corridors) Copy of Certificates

D. Classrooms -File of school building plans/layout to show Classroom size conform with standards Sufficient number of classrooms Classrooms equipped with desks and chalkboards Classrooms are -lighted and ventilated; -noise and pollution free -pleasant; -properly arranged furniture for instruction -maintained E. Offices and Staff Rooms -Proof that offices and staff rooms Conform to standards

Pictures (classrooms)

Have adequate space Have sufficient ventilation, lighting, water/toilet facilities F. Assembly and Athletic Facilities -Proof that Adequate site, location , sitting capacity of group assembly Adequate assembly, athletic and recreation facilities -Adequate and suitable arrangements are provided during rainy season or during inclement weather -Measures are provided by the school for assembly, athletic, recreation activities if the school does not have these facilities

G. Building Services -Proof that All buildings are welllighted/ventilated, and sufficiently away from noise, stench, traffic pollution There are provisions for disposal of waste, custodial and security services Potable drinking water is obtainable in appropriate location

Area VII STUDENT PERSONNEL SERVICES PACUCOA SUGGESTED EXHIBITS A. Organization and Administration -Records available on Objectives of the SPS Organizational chart -Budget for SPS based on the cost per student -Functions of SPS units -SPS facilities -Copy of programs/activities to show Participation of the Head in the formulation B. Admission -Copy of admissions criteria of the institution -Proof that students are given guidance on the choice of appropriate program/major course C. Guidance Program and Services -For individual inventory services Copy of schools orientation program to show EXHIBITS

-aims to make students adjust to college life -on going program Data to show that the school maintains information about its students regarding their -needs; -abilities and interests; -Educational and family background Evidence that peer facilitators make use of gathered data to help students -acquire a positive and realistic self-image -acquire self-motivation -choose alternatives and make the right decision -For counseling Proof that -counseling is considered the most important service of the guidance program; -the nature and purpose of the counseling process are understood by the students; -the counseling service coordinates with other sectors of the school and community to promote students development Copy of chart of guidance service to indicate if there is coordination between -guidance office and teaching staff; -guidance office and graduates

List of personnel, duties and functions of guidance counselor and staff to show -qualified counselors; -ratio between counselors and number of students; -counseling to graduating students on their employment List of educational and psychological tests used by the guidance services for evaluating capabilities and interests of students and proof -provisions on the interpretation of test results available to students and academic counselors and advisers -For research and Evaluation Existence of a continuing and systematic evaluation of the SPS Records that tests, evaluation techniques and test results are - Valid, reliable, useful; - Available to students - Used by the administration to meet the needs of students Evidence that evaluation outcomes have resulted in changes to school policies, academic program and student personnel services -For placement and follow-up services Evidences that placement and follow-up services are

provided to ensure - Preparation of graduates to enter into career and employment - Employment of graduates Records of - Systematic contact with graduates of the school and alumni - Involvement of alumni in the programs for placement, continuing education and community development D. Student Assistance Program -List of financial aids/assistance available to students -Existence of criteria used by administration for the program -Brochures and leaflets, are available to students to inform them of opportunities of financial aids E. Food Service -The canteen service provides nutritious and well-balanced meals that are: -Proof that food services are managed and supervised by competent and health certified staff -Evidence that the canteen and kitchen have potable and clean drinking water at all times -Sanitary / health permit F. Medical/Dental and Allied Services -Records are available to show That the health care program is carried out by the professionally trained personnel; The frequency and extent of

use of the health services by students and faculty; That the school clinic keeps us up to date health records of students/faculty -If housing for students is available Records of facilities, costs and reasonableness; If not, proof of assistance provided for students to house them elsewhere G. Co-Curricular Programs and Activities -Existence of policies and school activities to ensure that These are clear and accepted by students There is harmonious balance between academic development and cocurricular activities -System of management and financing of the different activities -Copy of the policy statements regarding the rights and responsibilities of the students during these co-curricular activities -Evidence that objectives of the program have been or are being achieved

Area VIII SOCIAL ORIENTATION AND COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT PACUCOA SUGGESTED EXHIBITS A. Knowledge of the Community -Brochures, leaflets, and other materials that show general characteristics of the local community, its geography, population, socio-economics profile, cultural patterns -Documentary evidence on the human, natural and technological resources of the community -Evidence that the school is aware of the prevalent and recurring environmental, social, economic and cultural needs and problems of the community -Proof of on-going outreach programs and extent of student/faculty involvement in these programs, sufficient school budget to maintain the programs and other available resources tapped to finance them B. Community Relations -Documentary evidence of how the educational philosophy, policies, procedures and services of the school are made known to the wider community and interested publics -Documents that show how the school has made available to the wider community its own EXHIBITS

resources when needed C. Social Awareness and Concern -Existence of method/s that the school employs to create social awareness and concern among the students, faculty and total school community -Evidence that Academic and non-academic program/s is supportive of its service orientation The school had been exposed and had responded to the conditions and needs of the wider community, especially those of the disadvantaged sector/s D. Community Service and Involvement -Documentary evidence that the school has initiated and maintained community development projects that indicates: The extent of student/faculty/other sectors participation in these projects The extent of the schools coordination with existing organization in the wider community in support of the outreach program; The extent of participation from the wider community in planning, organizing, implementing and evaluating programs and services

Area IX ORGANIZATION AND ADMINISTRATION PACUCOA SUGGESTED EXHIBITS EXHIBITS A. Administrative Organization -Availability of organizational chart Administrative Manual -Copy of schools Administrative DEMO Manual which describes the duties and functions and the chain of command shows Governing body is assuming the responsibilities Administrative bodies and officers work harmoniously -List of names, positions and qualifications of the principal administrative officers and the support staff -Documentary evidence of communications between the governing body, administrative staff, the faculty and the students showing The faculty, clerical staff, have clear knowledge of proper channels of communication upward and downward Concrete measures are ongoing or are being undertaken to promote effective communication between all sectors concerned -Documentary evidence that the institution utilizes the department/committee system and to show existence of Department heads Functions and prerogatives Board of Trustees Profile Administrative Profile Support Staff Profile Bound inter office Memos

Copy of list of Chairmanships DEMO

of these respective heads; A system that operates harmoniously and effectively -Evidence of cooperation and harmonious working relations with different public/private entities B. Academic Administration -Copy of the organizational structure of the academic organization with Corresponding responsibilities Policies/practices in the selection and appointment of academic administrators DEMO

-List of duties/responsibilities of academic heads and the kind of activities they are engaged -Existence of policies/practices of the academic administration and their effects To supervision to ensure effective instruction To supervision in the selection of textbooks, instructional aids and equipment Staff Profile (by department) To supervision in implementing testing and Submitted budget grading policies -Proof of adequacy of the number of the staff and their productivity -Records that show participation of academic officers in the budget preparation and fiscal productivity

-Availability of document which details the policies/practices used in the acquisition/distribution of books, equipment and instructional aids C. Student Personnel Administration -Document which describes the admissions program of the college and polices on selection/admission of prospective students -List of selection devices, test, interviews, pre-counseling sessions -Records on the following: Accurate and updated information on all fees charged by the school Policies on handling of transactions Accurate and updated recording of financial transactions Policies on refunds and if these are according to government regulations -Evidence of efficient implementation of the following services: Classification of students upon acceptance Readmission of students who had been dropped; Arrangement of time schedule of students/faculty; Orientation of new students on the institutions program/services and physical plant and facilities Reporting by the institution to parents/students regarding students

Student Handbook DEMO Sample test Schedule of counseling sessions Enrolment fees Assessment Handbook

Records of students upon enrolment SPS Manual Orientation program

Registrars manual

performance Release of transcripts of records D. Financial / Business Administration Finance Manual -Finance officials, their functions/responsibilities and to whom they are directly responsible -Information on the financial resources of the institution Copy on budget -Copy of the institutions budget -Record of participation of department heads, deans, student personnel officer, business/finance head in the Copy on financial report budgeting process -Summary of latest audited financial statement as well as latest audited financial report E. Administration of Records -Availability of vital administrative records such as: Minutes of governing body meetings; Minutes of faculty meetings; Minutes of departmental/committee meetings; Faculty directory; Faculty qualifications; Student directory; Summary of enrollment; Summary of enrolment by class, sex, course; Academic , financial , guidance and health records of students and faculty members

Board of Trustees Minutes of the Meeting Minutes of the Faculty Meetings Committee Minutes of the Meetings Faculty Directory Faculty Profile Student Directory Student profile