A “Saurabh Biswal” Presentation

Senior Vice President Commercial Nihar Ranjan Ghosh . Vineet Kapila -President. Satya Srivastava .Senior Vice President Human Resource . Established in 1996.     Spencer's Retail is one of India’s fastest growing retail stores. Spencer’s is one of the popular destination for shoppers in India.

expectations. experiences and degrees of satisfaction with various aspects of the company. Customer satisfaction surveys are performed by enquiring current and potential customers and the previous customers about their needs. . wants.

  First objective is to recognize the various strategies placed by the company to achieve the customer satisfaction. Discover the level of satisfaction from the existing customers that can contribute in the success and continuous performance of the company. .

Through the combination of survey. .Primary data: Method of study is the hands on approach. The primary strategy to obtain the needed information. interview. Secondary data:  Internet. and questionnaire.

. The data will be based on my personal experience and data collected. This study can not give a guarantee that exact data can be collected.   This study is limited to one month period only.

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