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The Crimson Circle is a global affiliation of New Energy humans, including metaphysicians, healers, teachers and counselors who come from all walks of life, a wide variety of spiritual backgrounds, and from over 100 countries around the world. Join us in celebrating the awakening of a new consciousness, the journey of the human angel, and the gift of life on Earth in these amazing, transformational times.

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one of the greatest artists of our time. As you listen to this recording. Kuthumi reminds us that the joy and radiance of living Ascended Masters can change the world. wherein you can create anything you choose to experience.” 14 Sessions – Digital Download set – $150 “SHAUMBRA” 8 GB USB Flash Drive This 8 GB USB drive is a great way to keep your files organized. keeping their timeless secrets of wisdom and love until we too are ready to dream again. peace and more. Digital Download set – $20 Elements – Fire From Yoham’s amazing percussionist. ease. Conference attendees experienced deep transformation and expansion. as you are joined by your own angelic assistant. That time has come. harmony and groove! CD – $20 Digital Download – $15 MSNEC Santa Fe 2011 With stellar presenters bringing profound messages of freedom and hope. love. Digital Download set – $20 Dream of the Blue Whale Deep and transformational music from Anders Holte. was profound. calling you into a positive vibration of beauty. The whales “are our kindred spirits of stellar origin.crimsoncircle. Dance of Life radiates passion. in terms of a shift in you and creating a shift in the potentials of humanity. Book – $16. Digital Download – $20 Journey to the Earthbound Realms Adamus Saint-Germain as he guides listeners on a journey into the non-physical earthbound realms. Then. “What we went through the last couple book! Originally presented by Tobias in June 2009.” says Anders. CD – $20 Digital Download – $15 Journey Into Your Secret Garden Adamus leads a profound journey into your Secret Garden of unlimited’ USB Drive – $15 3 . health. store your digital download purchases and support the Crimson Circle • Front shows “Shaumbra” and butterfly • Back shows ‘www. and preciousness of life. and offers a new and beautiful understanding of why earth was created and why we chose to come here. joy. Amir Yaacobi. Journey of the Angels explains how and why we became separated from Spirit. accompanied by the music of Yoham. he shares a poignant tale of the search for his own soul. Even Adamus declared.New Items! click each item for more information Journey of the Angels . playfulness and joy.95 Call of the Soul Talking about the grace. what transpires in the angelic realms. Fire will get your energy moving and your heart open! Created in collaboration with Amir’s Trance Dance team. “who were always holding our dreams for us. It is perfect to move and dance with. you will find yourself beyond time and very present in the experience. including abundance. happiness. Digital Download set – $20 Dance of Life Based on the dynamic live performance of Yoham.

and why we came here. dream. Germain speaks of the gift of consciousness from gracious Spirit.$20 4 . The Place of No Place (1st group in King’s Chamber) Beloved St. simply waiting to be chosen.$30 4. What Does It Take? Adamus question: “What does it take for your freedom?” Includes a merabh of freedom. A New Reality Adamus asks. then leads a merabh of allowing. Tears of the Soul Adamus speaks of the Atlantean society. 6. Living Ascension After talking about the creation of love and how it has affected All That Is. heart-wrenching cry of the Voice of Egypt. 12. offering a beautiful invitation to come home. 13. 5. then talks about the desires of the soul. “What is Real?” then declares that the very “basis of reality is absolutely changing. 7. and why it can be hard to leave. and then illustrates the relationship between the human and the soul. 1. followed by an experience of integration. 11. Body and Mind Integration In four channels of the liveliest and funniest gatherings yet. The Holy of Holies (2nd group in King’s Chamber) Adamus speaks of this sacred room and the silence that permeates it. and then to listen for the deeper voice of the I Am self that longs to join the human self in this reality. Germain speaks about the King’s Chamber. then offers a beautiful invitation to the soul. 9. He also talks about the end of duality that has already taken place at the core of all things and the far-reaching impact throughout creation. With plenty of audience interaction. and some very profound moments. 10.New Items! click each item for more information Lords of Freedom Egypt Shaumbra Tour 2013 The Enlightenment Series European Book Tour 2011 3. you’ll want to hear these messages more than once. Adamus talks about integrating the Body of Consciousness. its visitors and potentials. and how they support and assist humans. Act Like A Master Adamus talks about the inner voice that leads you into the next adventure. Digital Download sets – $15 . 8. Adamus speaks of amazing Earth. Immersion Adamus talks about the intense anger and suspicion around the world. reincarnate and even become totally lost. No Place Like Earth Adamus talks about the differences between Earth and countless other places and dimensions in the universe. why the angels want to come here. Shaumbra Wisdom Adamus speaks about allowing. why they’re here. Soul Desires Adamus invites audience members to address their soul and clearly state their human needs. The Starboat Geoffrey Hoppe speaks of the starboat inside a temple and its significance. This Great Land Adamus talks about freedom and reminds us to simply allow the graceful transition. To the Masters Adamus reminds that the Master is already within. Beyond Duality Adamus talks about angels. Earth is the only place where beings can be physical and sensuous. Adamus says it is time to make a true choice about whether or not to move into ascension.” Then he explains how to get through the changes more easily. who they are. and how it changed because of the soul’s desire for freedom. Invitation Ah-Kir-Rah speaks directly to the soul. 2. The Gift of Consciousness Beloved St. The Ancient One Hear the passionate. lots of laughter. calling its people to hope and freedom. Digital Download sets – $10 . Human Needs. He asks the audience to become very aware of the internal voices that they are listening to.

making this a practical and insightful study course for anyone who wants to expand their intuition and apply it in their lives. Through this course. 1 data disk with Study Guide – $295 Digital Download – $245 5 . You will be able to eliminate much of the pain and trauma often associated with pregnancy and birth. spiritual connection with your baby long before actual delivery. 1 data disk with transcript – $120 Digital download – $95 Interdimensional Living An interactive and experiential Study Course with in-depth information on what dimensions are.” 6 audio CDs. it should be no surprise that the old human-oriented passion changes as well. The DreamWalker Birth materials will also help expand your horizons and assist you in inspiring consciousness in others. and the entire process of conception. creating a new synchronous flow in your life. new experiences. you’re changing everything about your consciousness. Adamus Saint-Germain concludes the New Energy Synchrotize workshop with these words: “By making a conscious choice to be with and work with New Energy. as Tobias says. Kuthumi also guides the listener through several intense interdimensional experiences. 1 data disk with Study Guide – $395 Digital Download – $350 Expanding Your Intuition Intuition: What is it? Is it only for spiritually advanced? Are women naturally more intuitive than men? How does it work? Can it be learned. you leap into new potentials in your life. Kuthumi and Adamus Saint-Germain delve into the ancient mystery of intuition. and this feeling of loss of passion can be very challenging. how to perceive and experience them. But. pregnancy and birth can be much smoother and more fulfilling. Learn to reawaken the five angelic senses and expand your five physical senses to consciously perceive and interact with energies and dimensions. 1 data disk with Study Guide – $295 Digital Download – $250 New Energy Synchrotize Learn to discover the belief systems and overlays that are creating your reality. and release the ones you no longer accept. The messages are concise and compelling. 1 data disk with Study Guide – $195 Digital Download – $150 DreamWalker Birth This course from Adamus Saint-Germain is informative. captivating and inspirational. or enhanced? In this Personal Study Course. Adamus asks “What is your prison?” The answer to this question and the choice to set yourself free then helps you traverse the dimensions and bring back potentials into your everyday reality. 5 audio CDs. 4 audio CDs. You will learn to develop a deep. The course includes a powerful step-by-step exercise to enhance and expand your intuitive abilities. “What is my passion?” Our old human passions seem to disappear as we go through the spiritual awakening process. you can come to understand the difference between an old energy passion and your soul’s true passion. you can easily learn how to make your own conscious choices and place these into your reality landscape. Tobias. Excellent for anyone seeking true freedom and interdimensional experiences. and offers insights and guidance into what happens on both the Earth dimensions and angelic realms prior to physical birth. 10 audio CDs. 9 audio CDs. Using the simple tools offered by Adamus Saint-Germain. and how they can serve you in your life. and talk about how it is an essential tool in the New Energy.Personal Study Courses click each item for more information Discovering Your Passion One of the most frequent questions ask by Shaumbra is.

It is the year of action. The year to make choices. imagining potentials. As Kuthumi says. Kuthumi gently guides you into deep experiences of bringing in the You of you and going beyond the “unnatural limitations” that have kept you separated from your Self. conscious creation. you have been trying for so long to understand God. and the potential for moving past their seductive grip. 1 data disk with Study Guide – $295 Digital Download – $245 What’s Missing? Join Kuthumi as he explores What’s Missing from your life. and how these various types of karma can influence our current lives. It is the year of movement. If you are truly ready to choose. the dark side. ascension. our starline karma (angelic ancestry).Personal Study Courses click each item for more information Standard Technology You already have the inherent ability to balance and rejuvenate yourself. 2 CD set – $25 Digital Download – $20 PDF – $15 2012: Deliverance “2012 is the year of deliverance. He calls 2011 the Year of Self. weather patterns. and much more. Tobias offers amazing new information and insights about the nature of addictions. and does a Merabh of awakening as Anders Holte provides background tones. But after many lifetimes in the density of Earth. 1 data disk with Study Guide – $120 Digital Download – $95 Special Topics 10-10-10 Adamus in Berlin Living in the New Energy Adamus: Unleashed in Sedona At the 2012 Kryon Conference Adamus talks about abundance. love. He retells his story of being trapped in a crystal. Standard Technology may be for you. There’s no waiting anymore. of receiving. Tobias and Adamus Saint-Germain discuss principles of energy dynamics. He talks about lights in the sky. mental balance and going beyond the mind. evolution. our lifetime karma (incarnational ancestry). There’s no hiding yourself anymore. the Ancient Ones and the New Earth. or the natural flow and natural expression of Self. the year to do what you’ve wanted to do. about ancestral karma. when all this time God has been trying to understand YOU! These messages help bring it all together. Lifeline & Starline Can Influence You Tobias talks about our bloodline karma (family ancestry). trust and breathe to become your own healer.” ~ Adamus Digital Download – $30 Ancestral Karma How your Bloodline. Digital Download – $20 The Cause of Addiction and the Joy of Freedom A message from Adamus. your human system has forgotten that ability is there. spells out the meaning of Makyo. while explaining that there are more potentials and energies available to us than ever before. Standard Technology reawakens and IS the ability to heal yourself with your own natural rejuvenation systems. ascended Masters. 9 audio CDs. to do whatever you choose to be. and forgotten how to use it. aliens. of release. 2010. Ascended Masters. your divine Essence fully into your life. imagination. and much more. 2 CD set – $25 Digital Download – $20 PDF – $15 6 . They introduce the spiritual science of New Energy physics and its significance in applying Standard Technology to the elegant and vast communications network of the human body. He states that the result of this integration will be the experience of living in a constant state of Grace. creating a safe space for your aspects to come home to. Digital Download – MP3 & PDF – $30 2011: Intense and Personal A Look into 2011 Potentials Addictions Adamus Saint-Germain offers insights and advice for 2011 and beyond. and bringing your You. being in ahmyo – or absolute trust with self – the importance of energy management. regenerating body parts. This is the year. given October 10. He also talked about lights in the sky (and what they really are). Digital Download – MP3 & PDF – $30 What causes addiction? In this ground-breaking session. integration of the Self. 5 audio CDs. and present new understandings of how you can literally heal yourself. our core fears.

what happens now as she makes her transition. and how we can be conscious participants in our dreams. the crystal core of Earth. 2 CD set – $25 Digital Download – $20 PDF – $15 Dei Un Gnost The Missing Aspect of Our Human Composition The Evolution of Gaia Gaia is in the process of evolution. Entertaining and informative. portals.Special Topics click each item for more information The Role & Return of Our Aspect Selves Aspectology In this intriguing discussion Tobias talks about how and why we create Aspects. It’s ready to come back to us now with the New Energy and the evolving consciousness of humanity. using them for healing. the Catholic church. unified Self. He talks about the DNA.” the part of us that can solve problems far beyond the capabilities of the mind. and how to move through it. present and future states into an integrated Being. and how to be with them before. transmutation and enlightenment. instructions on how to DreamWalk your pet and how to invite them back for another incarnation with you. 2 CD set – $25 Digital Download – $20 PDF – $15 The Nature of Spiritual Depression Depression Depression is one of the major issues encountered by nearly every awakening human in their spiritual journey. Mind & Spirit The Body of Consciousness is the melding of your chakra system. Tobias offers new insights about the nature of spiritual depression. psychic aspects and spirit into a single. He also addresses the energy crisis. the extinction of many species.” 2 CD set – $20 Digital Download – $15 PDF – $0 Dreams are fascinating and perplexing. Kuthumi lal Singh answers questions about ‘chemtrails. and how these are part of the natural evolution of human consciousness. Tobias talks about how Gaia has begun her departure as the custodian of the planet. You are moving beyond your past. where we go.’ alien reptilians. and much more. but a time to inspire consciousness for humanity. physical organs and senses. and much more.$20 Energy in Motion Adamus Saint-Germain gives important information about real-life impact of the energy work we are doing. during and after their death transition process. In this profound message of hope. He says. Tobias says it is time to release old concepts about which foods are “right” or “wrong” for you and instead listen to your body and allow your biology to transmute the energy within the food. and how to bring all of our Aspect energy back into the present moment to better serve us. 2 CD set – $25 Digital Download – $20 PDF – $15 7 . yet little is known about their true nature. the government. and invite them back The Natural Evolution Beyond Biology. how the many layers and levels of Aspects can create chaos and confusion. and especially about how to move stuck energy. Tobias and Ohamah join energies to answer questions about physical health issues and tapping into the body’s innate healing abilities. 2 CD set – $25 Digital Download – $20 PDF – $15 Tobias explains that Dei Un Gnost is our “creative solution. 2 CD set – $25 Digital Download – $20 PDF – $15 The New Energy Dreamscape Dreams A Time To Inspire A Timely Message From Tobias Tobias talks about the changes and challenges facing the world right now. 2 CD set – $25 Digital Download – $20 PDF – $15 DreamWalker for Pets Body of Consciousness Stay connected to your pet after their transition. Digital Download (audio+text) – $25 Digital Download (audio only) – $20 Digital Download (text only) – $15 Biological Rejuvenation Healing Energies For Your Body In this dynamic and encouraging session. UFOs. It’s not a time to fear.. Digital Download (MP3 & PDF) – $20 Learn who your beloved pets really are from a spiritual perspective. and where she is going. Tobias offers new insights into what happens. dream and intelligence changes we are going through right now. 2 CD set – $25 Digital Download – $20 PDF – $15 A Look Into Conspiracy Theory Energies In this interesting look into conspiracy theory energies. “It’s not the end of the world. 2 CD set – $25 Digital Download – $20 PDF – $15 Conspiracies The Energy of Food Tobias talks about “eating with consciousness” in order to convert food to it’s simplest and purest energy for the body. karmic. but rather the beginning of a new earth. Digital Download . Includes an explanation of the DreamWalk process.

Tobias talks about the New Energy Business model based on conscious creation. inspiring listeners to express themselves through song.$10 High Definition Life Tobias talks about living a “high definition life” and bringing this energy into your body. 2 CD set – $25 Digital Download – $20 PDF – $15 Prophets of the New Business Model New Energy Business In this lively and often humorous discussion. the desire of Spirit. He talks about the ‘Heart Line’ versus the traditional ‘Bottom Line’ and how businesses have become the new governments and religions of the world. Digital Download . mind and spirit. body/mind communication. He also talks about living in the New Energy. and shares about his own journey of ascension. the new kids and much more. and open new ways of communicating in the New Energy. He lovingly reminds listeners of their own reasons for being here in this lifetime. Includes powerful and sometimes disturbing information. He also explains how to bring it into this reality. and how they come back together at times of major consciousness evolution. Also includes information on 2010. global economy. remember the tonal languages of Lemuria and Atlantis. Digital Download –$20 PDF – $15 The New Energy of Music Tobias talks about the essence of song and music in our daily lives. the consciousness of humanity can be raised. mental illness and mental retardation. Adamus explains how to use these energies to facilitate our own creation and passion. 2 CD set – $25 Digital Download – $20 PDF – $15 8 . and how to express and work with it. and much more. the role and integration of Light and Dark. 2 CD set – $25 Digital Download – $20 PDF – $15 Kuthumi & Adamus in Rome Kuthumi and Adamus discuss a wide variety of topics including the Catholic Church.Special Topics click each item for more information Fields of Potentials Adamus talks about visioning new potentials for yourself and the world. how to use the energies of water to work for you in your life. 1 CD set – $20 Digital Download – $15 PDF – $10 A special message about the energies of chaos that are coming to Earth right now. abundance. In the lively Q&A he addresses topics such as time traveling. Digital Download – $20 PDF – $15 Mental Imbalance Root Causes & Potential Cures When does “stress” turn into “imbalance”? What are the implications of using medical drugs to control mental imbalance? In this session Tobias talks about the reasons behind mental imbalance. He talks about our contract with our families. Through business. Tobias says. and especially the spiritual physics of consciously choosing and creating. and about the energy dynamics of duality.$15 PDF . called in by awakening humans and even Gaia herself. the Catholic Church. and why it’s now time to release it. Iowa New Consciousness Tobias talks about the basics of discerning and releasing what is not yours in order to allow New Consciousness into your life. and new ways of healing the body and mind. mental imbalance. Digital Download – $20 PDF – $15 Mormons & Other Spiritual Families What are spiritual families? Do we all have them? What are some of the most prominent spiritual families today? Tobias explains the origin and nature of the spiritual families that formed before we came to Earth. PDF – $22 Tobias in Madrid New Earth Update Tobias talks in detail about what we are actually doing on the New Earth and why it is so vitally important at this time of intense transition on old Earth. 2 CD set – $25 Digital Download – $20 PDF – $15 The Gift of Chaos Adamus in Fairfield.

more graceful transition into our new Body of Consciousness. 2 CD set – $25 Digital Download – $20 PDF – $15 9 . how to create one. ancestry. and gives advice about how to “re-order” our energy connections for a smoother. and knowing when it is time to make a change. belief systems and the mind. Many find themselves unexpectedly alone. Sacred Geometry is the map of the physical universe. and how Shaumbra can help them find their way home. He tells a story of compassion and honor for the many different humans he has met along his journey. By understanding how the pure energy of Spirit is translated into numbers and geometry. 2 CD set – $25 Digital Download – $20 PDF – $15 Relationships New Energy Answers to Questions About Relationships Relationships are a big challenge with spiritual workers today. Digital Download – $20 Sacred Geometry Exploring New Energy Potentials According to Tobias. and challenges Shaumbra to begin the process. what happens when a human leaves their physical body. and what needs to be done to bring the death and dying process into the New Energy. we can then understand how ideas become manifested into physical reality.Special Topics click each item for more information New Energy Education School systems around the world are struggling to offer quality education while coping with a changing world and students with new challenges and abilities. Digital Download – $20 PDF – $15 Probabilities & Potentials Adamus explains the very predictable “reality tube” in which we live. A landmark channel! 1 CD set – $15 Digital Download – $10 PDF – $8 Reunion Tobias invites a very special energy into the gathering of more than 400 Shaumbra in Romania. Digital Download – $15 PDF – $10 Pets Our Companions on Earth & Beyond What makes our pets so special? What is the spiritual difference between a pet and an ordinary animal? What happens to our pets when they leave their physical body? These questions and many more are answered by Tobias in this heartfelt session. or perhaps stuck in an old relationship. 2 CD set – $25 Digital Download – $20 PDF – $15 On Death & Dying A New Energy Perspective Saint-Germain talks about death care for people who are transitioning. not knowing how to move forward. 2 CD set – $25 Digital Download – $20 PDF – $15 Rising To Freedom Tobias talks about the freedom found in letting go of family. offers suggestions for developing them. Tobias talks about New Energy relationships. and how we can choose to expand beyond it into the field of new potentials. This is also an introduction to the DreamWalker Death Transitions School. Tobias talks about the potential for New Energy Schools. He also talks about the many human energies buried in the land that are now beginning to arise and awaken. He then leads a DreamWalk. magnetics and life-force energy. Digital Download (MP3 & PDF) – $25 Out of the Box Tobias talks about living inside and getting outside the boxes we live in. 2 CD set – $25 Digital Download – $20 PDF – $15 Re-Order Your Reality How to Manage Your Changing Energy Connections Adamus gives a concise explanation about how we are reconnecting ourselves to forces such as duality. gravity. and invites you to experience the One who has loved you more than any other in all of creation. a beautiful experience of expansion and connecting with the potentials that exist beyond our current probabilities. including new information about energy pathways.

In order to do this. of light and dark.” inviting us to simply dive in the next time we experience a ‘bump and fill’ episode.? Tobias talks about why we are here on Earth. and their conversation offers a fascinating insight into the relationship between the human aspect and the soul.. as well as how they relate to humans on a personal level. 2 CD set – $25 Digital Download – $20 PDF – $15 Time. and that we are here to discover something on behalf of All That Is. 2 CD set – $25 Digital Download – $20 PDF – $15 Full of wisdom and sometimes bawdy humor. (Recommend listening to “Soul Encounter” first. 2 CD set – $25 Digital Download – $20 PDF – $15 The New Earth Beyond the Physical Planet Earth Yes.Special Topics click each item for more information Soul Encounter Kuthumi’s story of his connection with Ah-Kir-Rah during his darkest hour The Quantum Leap What Happens Before and After September 18.. Space & Measurement Systems Breaking Through the Illusions Tobias talks about many issues. It brings back into unity all of the old duality elements. hear and almost see his experience. 1 CD set – $20 Digital Download – $15 PDF – $10 What On Earth. Adamus thrills the audience with his irreverent humor and straightforward challenges to let go of the old ways.” Tobias explains the First Circle (home). Video Digital Download – $35 Audio Digital Download – $25 PDF – $20 A Spiritual Perspective of Gay & Lesbian Energies Tobias: “There is a 13th (DNA) strand. It brings back together all of the elements that have been in polarity within the human body and human consciousness. 2007? In this touching story. including how to “bend” time. how stuck energy can be cleared. tragic darkness and despair. a library of information and experience based on our lifetimes on the physical planet Earth. the Second Circle (our universe). In his darkest hour Kuthumi meets his Soul-Self. I Am Enlightened Adamus Saint-Germain talks about the New Earth. The 13th strand allows the reunification of masculine and feminine. describing the moment of his physical departure with such exquisite beauty that you can feel. He discusses attributes of the New Earth.” 2 CD set – $25 Digital Download – $20 PDF – $15 The Beauty of Life Tobias speaks passionately of the preciousness of life and how Earth is where “angels can participate in the very physical reality they are helping to create.) Digital Download – $20 10 . the Third Circle and much more. we have gone outside of “All That Is. how the future is the past healed. 2 CD set – $25 Digital Download – $20 PDF – $15 Sovereign One Tobias and Adamus Saint-Germain remind us that truth and enlightenment are always found within. what we call the Unity Strand. Kuthumi recounts the events leading up to his mental breakdown. Digital Download – $20 Human consciousness reached a saturation point on September 18. Tobias gives a bit of his own history and reminds us why we’re really here. how to expand available potentials by changing your perceptions of the past. including the ability to create a physical type of reality when desired. a spiritual crisis that allows divine energy into our lives. 2 CD set – $25 Digital Download – $20 PDF – $15 The 13th Strand What Lies Ahead? Adamus gives many interesting insights about what’s happening in the world right now. 2007 which changed the way physical and spiritual physics work and opened new potentials for working with New Energy. Kuthumi shares a very personal account of living as an enlightened Master on Earth. and much more. of negative and positive. This message provides an excellent vision of the coming months and years and offers specific ways that Shaumbra can live to our fullest potential. He talks about four factors that are affecting consciousness and humanity. known as Ah-Kir-Rah. saying that Spirit can only know Self within Self.

reconnection. Seeders. such as traffic signs. our one Lost Love. 1 data disk with transcript – $120 Digital download – $95 Adamus offers practical tools and insights on how to get your energy unstuck and flowing.000 years. rules at work. 1 data disk with transcript – $120 Digital Download set – $95 Atlantis & the Wound of Isis In this extraordinary series. awakening the heavens – and so much more. Topics include the definition and purpose of love. Digital Download – $95 One of Adamus’ most profound series. 4 CD set – $40 Digital Download – $30 PDF – $20 Adamus talks about light and dark. Tobias describes how we can release our controls to allow for new physical.11 CD set – $120. Tobias addresses one of the deepest wounds in humanity. An unforgettable experience of remembrance and expansion. presented in five locations over eighteen months. including a fascinating story about Yeshua and Mary Magdalene. PDF . mind and spirit. Includes toning in the temples with Anders and Cacina. He also discusses Shaumbra dreams. the true role of Set. Ah Kir Rah and Shaumbra. 7 audio CDs. and the alchemy that results from their integration. and hear an incredible message given by Tobias in the Great Pyramid. the joy of love. Includes two experiences of “15 Minute Alchemy” to apply alchemy in your own life.” In the first visit to his homeland in more than 2. and is an excellent introduction to the Sexual Energies School. Tobias talks about the history of the Jews. But the real control problems come from within ourselves as we try to control our body. “Mysteries of Love” offers beautiful and enlightening insights into love. and much more. and the need for a new God on Earth. Adamus talks alchemizing consciousness. 11 CD set – $120 Digital Download – $95 Angels and Aliens Adamus talks about angelic families (Watchers. You will be invited on a journey into the future. Nephilim and Cherubim) and how some of the angels had been drawn into the lives of humans. the dark side of love. special sessions with Norma Delaney. their agendas. He also talks about aliens. this is truly a Mastery workshop. oh Israel. challenges of the Journey. He also talks about education. 4 CD set – $40 Digital Download – $30 PDF – $20 11 . 2-4 CD sets – $25 Digital Download – $0-20 PDF – $0-15 Time Travels Shaumbra in Egypt – 2009 Moving Stuck Energy From the September 2010 Book Tour In these channels you will hear about when humans lived underground. and receiving. his lifetimes in France.Multi-Day Intensives click each item for more information The Alchemy of Consciousness Shaumbra in Egypt – 2011 Mysteries of Love During a journey of transmutation. the end of duality and much more. and profound message from the angelic Masters. It is a timely and very passionate and moving message for all of humanity.$65. who the Star People are. mental and spiritual freedom in our lives. Digital Download . and their interference in human reality. and much more. Includes pre-Earth and Atlantean history. and much more. imagining New Earth. New Energy co-creation. 5 CD set – $50 Digital Download w/PDF – $40 Sounds of the Soul A Mastery Tour in Egypt An incredible journey with Adamus. Digital Download – $95 The Alchemy of Light & Dark Shaumbra in France – 2009 From Control to Freedom The Oslo Sessions Our lives are filled with external controls. coming events in the Middle East.$50 Tobias Returns to Israel “Hear our words. 7 CDs. a profound reunion. passion. etc. 10 Sessions .

Austria New Earth Merabh . Tobias and Kuthumi through Geoffrey Hoppe. Includes audio and text version of each session.Digital Download . plus music from Anders Holte and Yoham.Individual Sessions New Energy Conference in Vienna. and the role they played in grounding and holding the energies of Awakening for humanity. Kuthumi (through Marisa Calvi). A very unique experience. plus DVDs of the Tobias. Zachary (through Lee Harris). fireworks. Digital Downloads & CD Sets – $0-$150 Enjoy the love. Journaling: Gateway to Mastery. fun and purposeful way with best-selling author Patricia Aburdene with her new DVD.Munich Includes all sessions from the 2009 Midsummer New Energy Conference. and Elohim (through Bahar Yilmaz). 12 Sessions . and special segments with other presenters. 1 DVD & 1 CD set – $30 Digital Download – $25 Dolphins of the Desert Tobias talks about what we as angels experienced when we first came to Earth and embodied in the “winged mammals” (whales & dolphins). 2001 was a point of separation for consciousness on Earth.Channel Set New Energy Conference in Vienna. Austria Dynamic messages from Adamus and Kuthumi (through Geoffrey Hoppe). and Jim Self Digital Download w/PDF – $22 Classics & Videos click each item for more information The Quantum Leap Video This official Quantum Leap Celebration DVD set includes a one hour video of all of the highlights of this unprecedented event.Audio or Video MSNEC 2010 . as well as “The Darkness Within Seeks Release” given in Oct. 2001. This special 9/11 Memorial Set includes video of the “Angels of Hope” channel given on Sep. 8 Sessions on USB drive – $30 Winds of the Anasazi Tobias speaks of the unique spiritual and geological attributes of the area around Santa Fe. Digital Download w/PDF – $50 Special sessions with Norma Delaney & Garret Annofsky. 2001. Germany.$95 New Earth Merabh . Amir and Gerhard’s music. including the presenters. 2 CD set – $20 Digital Download – $15 12 . the healing energies of Gaia. including Adamus. 5 DVD set – $75 Journaling: Gateway to Mastery Patricia Aburdene Learn to journal in an easy. and facilitates a multi-dimensional experience of expansion and deep feeling. 8. Taiko drummers.Conference Sets click each item for more information MSNEC 2009 & Tobias Farewell Individual Channel Pack Set . energy and timely messages shared during the 2010 Midsummer New Energy Conference in Munich. plus the “Wave of Darkness” message given Sep. 13. plus the Anasazi. Kuthumi and Saint-Germain channels. The video was produced by the Crimson Circle from the actual webcast Patricia hosted in November 2009 at the Coal Creek hall. July 2010. Wulfing von Rohr. Kryon through Lee Carrol. 2001. “guardians” of this sacred area. It captures the energy of all of the activities. 2 CD set – $20 Digital Download – $15 Tobias’ 9/11 Messages September 11. Aztec dancers and much more. Günther Schermann. the Jimmy Stadler Band.

to listen.$10 Opening Into Consciousness Geoffrey Hoppe & Yoham From the gentle opening notes to the final welcoming breath. or to get up out of the chair and dance to the beats. Geoffrey Hoppe narrates. sing and dance along. listening to the echo of a time yet to come.$15 “The words to these songs were inspired by the teachings of Adamus Saint-Germain. we made a covenant with the Earth to safely hold our love. Today we listen again and hear the call. the album was written and recorded around the world featuring 85 piece symphonies and players from the New York and Czech Philharmonic. we made a covenant with the Earth to safely hold our love. as we awaken to the dawn of a new day. and to expand into all that you are. calling you to awaken and come back home to yourself. inspired by Adamus. only the crystalline tones of Ander’s voice. as we awaken to the dawn of a new day.” ~ Gerhard Fankhauser Digital Download . rhythms. your purpose and your true identity. feel into the message. the echo from an ancient stellar lullaby. You will realize it is far beyond just “music” when you experience this Lemurian Home Coming for yourself. our dreams and visions of a new world. It is a guided invitation to breathe. Tobias and others. Those who have experienced this CD have no words to describe the experience and how it opens something deep within. to be fully present. This Call to Awaken resounds within your soul and touches every part of your being. melodies and harmonies. The music of Gerhard Fankhauser and Amir Ya’acoby is the expression of awakening joy and true inspiration. Ralph This music is an ideal accompaniment for your breathing sessions. Includes the beautiful song that was sung just before Tobias’ farewell channel in Breckenridge. to truly feel on all levels. accompanied by the inspired music of Yoham. to play in the background while you work. creating other-worldy tones that awaken something deep within.” Digital Download . inviting you into an experience of remembrance and trust. our knowledge.Music click each item for more information Atlantis Remembers Anders Holte Lemurian Home Coming There are no musical instruments in Lemurian Home Coming. listening to the echo of a time yet to come. 1 CD set – $20 Digital Download – $15 Anders Holte “Standing on the shore. In the name of Yoham I wish all of you precious moments with them. Colorado on July 2009. 3 CD set – $35 Returning Anders Holte The result of years of experimentation with orchestras. Includes the track referred to by Adamus as the “Ascension Song. and Yoham is performing a celebration of that timeless cosmic dance.” 1 CD set – $10 This CD has four original songs by Anders Holte. 1 CD set – $20 Digital Download – $15 I Am That I Am Yoham Music is a bridge between heaven and earth.” 1 CD set – $20 Digital Download – $15 Call To Awaken Tobias & Yoham Tobias offers a deeply moving invitation to remember your origin. the echo from an ancient stellar lullaby. Today we listen again and hear the call. our dreams and visions of a new world. our knowledge. 1 CD set – $20 Digital Download – $15 Quantum Music Amir & Gerhard The Illusionary Movements of Geraldine & Nazu J. Also includes Amir’s Trance Dance CD and Gerhard’s Fatamorgana CD. Opening takes you on a journey into your Self. They are made for you. 1 CD – $20 Digital Download – $15 Oh-Be-Ahn Anders Holte & Adamus Saint-Germain Ahmyo-Makyo Yoham & Adamus “Standing on the shore. 1 CD set – $10 Digital Download – $6 13 .

voice and sound. toning. His simple and profound message provides the guideposts for those who choose to go beyond limited thoughts and beliefs into a new understanding of reality. the latest offering from Kuthumi lal Singh. These Tobias channels were given at the Crimson Circle monthly meetings beginning August 19. It is an exploration of our inner temple and entrance into a sacred music space. accompanied by the music of Yoham. and prod you toward the realization and manifestation of your divine nature here on Earth. 1 CD set – $20 Digital Download – $15 Amir Ya’akoby Toning is a one hour guided journey of listening. Egyptologist Hassan Kahlil and Shaumbra tonings in the sacred temples to create a magical and mystical composition. Now. This cookbook is a fundraiser for the Crimson Circle. Book – $15 14 . master and mystic of the ages.$20 Digital Download . overtone singing and experiencing the mystery of music. 1 CD set – $20 Digital Download – $15 Yoham Tribal Dance Tribal Dance is a magical collective adventure that brings people to a strong and profound experience through total dance immersion to create deep rejoicing and release. lots of wisdom and a quirky sense of humor comes back to tell his tales? You get Studio K. Book – $13. remind you of truths you have forgotten.$15 Shamia: Traveling the Unseen A musical experience that brings the heart & soul of Egypt to life in this exquisite new album.95 Indulge your senses as you experience these delicious Chocolate Recipes contributed by Shaumbra angels from all over the world. Book – $17. Music masters Gerhard Fankhauser & Einat Gilboa combine their talents with actual recordings of Adamus. breathing. brings forth important information about being a Master in the New Energy. Tobias takes the listener through the process of gently opening each of their own seven seals. All proceeds help pay for monthly expenses.95 Adamus Saint-Germain. Digital Download – $15 Studio K Kuthumi lal Singh & The Yoham Project What happens when a recently ascended Master with a big heart. 1 CD . 2000 and concluding with Lesson 12 on July 15. 2001 at the Midsummer Light Conference. 2 CD set – $25 Digital Download w/PDF – $20 Books The Creator Series New Tools for Our Spiritual Journey – Tobias Masters in the New Energy Adamus Saint-Germain Now you can have the complete Creator Series in one beautiful book.Music click each item for more information The Seven Seals Tobias & Yoham Toning Gerhard Fankhauser & Einat Gilboa Tobias offers a new interpretation of the mysterious Seven Seals mentioned in the Bible. Book – $20 Live Your Divinity Inspiration for New Consciousness – Adamus Saint-Germain Tobias’ Divine Chocolate Shaumbra This intriguing and provocative book will challenge your perceptions of reality.

and rebirth into a new lifetime in this physical body. the gentle and peaceful allowing of a deep inner movement that can bring a quantum shift in consciousness. Digital Download – $0 Go beyond the fear of death to true understanding of its rejuvenating purpose. Digital Download – $12 Your soul is constantly distilling the essence of every experience into wisdom. Death is simply a return to Self. integration and reunion as you experience this merabh of living enlightenment. for this is to experience true enlightenment. Digital Download – $12 15 . natural to the being. this introduction explains the origin and purpose of a merabh. this merabh invites you to walk in the knowingness of your enlightenment. Digital Download – $12 Beyond Ancestral Biology Adamus Saint-Germain & The Yoham Project A merabh for releasing the karmic. soul and mind – into life.Merabhs click each item for more information Quantum Consciousness Shifts with Adamus & The Yoham Project A merabh is a beautiful gift to yourself. Introduction . Bring the energy of your full Self into your biology here on Earth in this lifetime. dived into with full awareness and sensual celebration. Allow yourself to distill the moments and days of your life into the precious golden wisdom of the soul. Digital Download – $12 Life Adamus Saint-Germain & The Yoham Project Enlightenment Adamus Saint-Germain & The Yoham Project Enlightenment is incomprehensible to the mind. ancestral and Atlantean energies that have created your body. and release the past. Receive each merabh as a sacred moment of connection with your divine self. You are reminded that this is the lifetime of enlightenment. rewrite your DNA. allowing and trusting all energies to find their resolution and balance. This merabh invites you to be fully embodied – heart. Digital Download – $12 The Master understands that life is to be lived. and cannot be achieved but only realized. a process designed by the angels to keep from getting lost in the earthly realms. Given in four segments. Allow yourself to surrender to Self.FREE Adamus Saint-Germain & The Yoham Project Death Adamus Saint-Germain & The Yoham Project Given by Adamus. Digital Download – $12 Past Lives Adamus Saint-Germain & The Yoham Project Distillation Adamus Saint-Germain & The Yoham Project A profound and poignant invitation to all of your past lives to gather into the circle and walk through the sacred doorway of integration that is you. and taking full ownership of it as your own creation.

light/dark. Topics include creating your reality. Shaumbra Shoppe Gift Certificate – $?? Freedom Medallion In Shoud 1 of the Freedom Series Adamus stated that this is the symbol of true freedom. As we experience the joys and challenges of this transition. He said “It is a symbol of you remembering that you are God. 2006 Adamus Saint-Germain presented the “Way of the Standard” and asked for a Medallion to be created that would signify this new Order of the Crimson Circle on Earth. He said. conscious birthing. caring and guiding. use it on your website. we help other humans on their journeys through sharing. awakening/ascension. Calendar – $20 Shaumbra Window Decal This clear vinyl sticker can be applied to the inside of your car window. “The circle – completion. or any other transparent glass surface. although the back side can “cling” if slightly moistened. Adamus chose the winged horse because it represents the imagination.Gifts & Miscellaneous click each item for more information Spirit Desk Perpetual Calendar This beautiful New Energy calendar has a quote from Tobias. Window Decal – $5 Crimson Circle is a global network of human angels who are among the first to transition into the New Energy. Digital Download file – $0 Life-changing weekend classes presented by Crimson Circle certified teachers. Each quote is on an individual page and is accoompanied by original artwork from te•ha grafik. Black enamel on gold tone brass – $20 “Shaumbra Inspired” Logo A “Collective Membership” trademark to help signify your association with Shaumbra. Support this consciousness work by your contributions or by enjoying the benefits of becoming a Crimson Circle Angel. AT. Adamus or Kuthuimi for every day of the year. 16 . coming full circle. Unclude it in your artwork. aspect integration.” 1” (2. death transitions.5 cm) across.” Medallion – $20 Gift Certificate Looking for just the right gift for that special someone? Why not give the gift of New Energy information! Shaumbra Shoppe gift certificates are available in any amount. The “front” side is slightly sticky to adhere. ending the abuse/victim cycle. in your books – and more!. and true soul passion. Contributions Medallion of the Standards On July 16. human/ Spirit. The fleur-de-lis – the integration of masculine/feminine. that there are no limitations and there is nothing to hold you back in your journeys and adventures into new consciousness and expansion. The spade – ascension.

95 Awakening Zone Vinyl Cling Decal Show your support for the Awakening Zone with this clear vinyl static cling AZ logo decal. messenger for the Masters.Adamus The Drama Game . messenger for Adamus Saint-Germain. what true spiritual growth means. messenger for The Group.$10. the audio jingle is heard at the beginning of every Awakening Zone show. messenger for Universal Truth. interviews five of the world’s most prominent women channelers about the Great Shift. Vol. Tobias (through Geoffrey Hoppe). Tuning In features messages from Kryon (through Lee Carroll). Geoffrey Hoppe. DVD – $34. mirrors. Chief Joseph (through John Cali). interviews four of the world’s most prominent channelers about 2012. celebrities. Participating in the interviews are Lee Carroll. fridge. Featuring Jonette Crowley. Bashar (through Darryl Anka). DVD – $34. help support the Awakening Zone Radio Network! Top off your crown with this stylish Awakening Zone cap featuring a beautiful Awakening Zone logo embroidered on the front and “Awakening Zone” embroidered on the back.1 David Thomas.00 Tuning In . Meg Blackburn Losey. Steve Rother. AAC.00 . Pepper Lewis. how to deal with frustration. Available in two versions.Awakening Zone Radio click each item for more information The International Radio Network for Empowered Awakening Awakening Zone Cap Look fashionable. messenger for the Pleiadians. happiness.Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe Digital Download – $5. M4R. Place the decal on any smooth surface – windows. Book – $22. and many other topics in this powerful and insightful collection of angelic-throughhuman messages.00 Tuning In Again. the Pleiadian Collective (through Wendy Kennedy). reality creation. messenger for Gaia. producer of the Tuning In video series. how to create the reality you prefer. pets. personal love relationships and soulmates. financial systems. Cap – $22 Tuning In Again.Kuthumi Soul Choices .2 David Thomas. producer of the Tuning In video series and book. desktop or elsewhere – and remember to tune in to your favorite shows! AZ Cling – $5 Awakening Zone Transcripts Transcripts of some of the most popular AZ shows including: Adamus on Health .95 Digital Download – $29. Christine Day. and more.95 Digital Download – $29.95 Awakening Zone Ringtones Now you can hear the fabulous Awakening Zone jingle any time someone calls your smart phone! Composed and performed by Yoham*. MP3. and Dee Wallace. and Jim Self. messenger for Archangels and Ascended Masters. Vol. and Torah (through Shawn Randall). messenger for Kryon.95 17 . OGG formats – $5.the Book Written by David Thomas. messenger for White Eagle.

PDF . a natural process that we will all go through. Digital Download . Wisdom of the Feminine Divine through Peggy Phoenix Dubro and Kryon through Lee Carroll. Digital Download – $0 Adamus Saint-Germain & The Yoham Project Death & the Astral Realms A Teleclass with Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe A Time To Inspire A Timely Message From Tobias Tobias talks about the changes and challenges facing the world right now.” Digital Download .$0 Adamus on Blog Talk Radio An informative and practical presentation on alchemy. what to do about the nuclear threat. but rather the beginning of a new earth. allowing and trusting all energies to find their resolution and balance.$0 Merabh Introduction 2012 Kryon Conference-Panel Channel Includes messages from Master Kirael through Kahu Fred Sterling. They address such questions as “What is a spiritual awakening? What happens when I wake up?” And more. Digital Download . Digital Download . the energies that moved around the world. also known as the Near Earth realms. Digital Download .$0. connect and communicate with the angelic energies around you. Adamus Saint-Germain through Geoffrey Hoppe. Digital Download . Derived from the ancient word “chemia” (“sha MEE ah”) alchemy is simply “the transmutation. PDF . Digital Download – $0 PDF – $0 .Free Materials click each item for more information Adamus On Blog Talk Radio A two hour discussion and channel with Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe and Adamus Saint Germain. Tobias revisits the conversations he had with us before we came to Earth in this lifetime. Includes a guided experience. and how these are part of the natural evolution of human consciousness. It is a beautiful gift to yourself that can bring a quantum change in consciousness. Digital Download – $0 PDF – $0 Do You Remember? In this deeply touching channel. this introduction explains the origin and purpose of a merabh. Digital Download . the change. the rearrangement or the remanifestation of energy.$0 Energy Vampires A Teleclass with Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe 18 Are there people who insist on taking your time even after you’ve had enough? Are there interactions where you go in with clarity and come out feeling confused? Learn about energy feeding and how to end the cycle.” 2 CD set – $20 Digital Download – $15 PDF – $0 Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe discuss what happens shortly before death as well as during the first weeks of transition after a person’s death.$0 Given by Adamus. “It’s not the end of the world. Receive each merabh as a sacred moment of connection with your divine self. the gentle and peaceful allowing of a deep inner shift.$0 Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe talk about how to feel. Digital Download . and the new potentials that have been created. PDF . particularly the experiences that may be encountered in the astral dimensions.  Hosted by Joe Rumbolo on Blog Talk Radio on August 5.$0 Are You Having a Spiritual Awakening? Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe Chemia Two teleclasses in which Geoff & Linda discuss how to get through the challenges of spiritual awakening. Gaia through Pepper Lewis. and the many different energies that fill your life.$0 Drama A direct and insightful message from Adamus. He says. 2010. given during a radio interview with Insights for the Soul.$0.$0.$0 Connecting With the Angels & Energies Around You (2 parts) Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe Adamus on Japan Adamus shares his perspective on the events in Japan.

and Kryon (through Lee Carroll). presented by certified Shaumbra Institute Teachers. PDF – $0 The Silent Prayer The true prayer of a sovereign being.$0 PDF . including Tobias’ farewell message. the year of Spirit Rising.$0 PDF . enjoy these beautiful messages from Gaia (through Pepper Lewis). 2009. Kuthumi & Adamus Transcripts of the channels from the 2009 Midsummer Conference.Tobias Introductory channel given by Tobias on the very important issues covered in the Sexual Energy School. offered in compassion and acceptance to the divine essence within. and secret to life…it doesn’t matter. Digital Download . Tobias tells how this Truth can change your life and set you free. Digital Download – $0 PDF – $0 It Doesn’t Matter All the spiritual seeking and searching.$0 PDF .$0 PDF . Digital Download . sovereignty. PDF – $0 19 . PDF .$0 PDF . based on their conversations with angelic beings and observations of consciousness changes around the world. Digital Download . St.$0 Sedona Tri-Channel To the Messengers Adamus on Blog Talk Radio Gaia. looking for the one true path. Germain and Kryon Given at the 2011 Kryon Summer Conference. He speaks about Home. Germain (through Geoffrey Hoppe).$10 Sexual Energy School Introduction . St. and is especially significant to attendees and graduates of Tobias’ Sexual Energies and Aspectology Schools.$0 MSNEC 2009 – Tobias. oneness. the one true God. Digital Download . PDF – $0 The Darkness is Your Divinity An excellent message for anyone struggling with their own inner darkness. and even gives a glimpse into his own personal dimension.$0 Tobias & Kryon in Madrid Kryon and Tobias join together again for a poignant and sacred message to humanity.$10 Adamus speaks about the current global awakening and its effects on everything in creation.$0 The Lost Children of Christ A beautiful early message from Tobias about why you chose to be here now and why you have faced such painful challenges. Downloadable Certificate – $0 Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe talk about 2012. PDF – $0 Letter to Awakening Humans Tobias offers a gentle and reassuring message from all of Shaumbra to the humans who are beginning their spiritual awakening. Digital Download .Free Materials click each item for more information “I Am A Creator” Certificate Pen and Certificate Set Spirit Rising A Teleclass with Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe This downloadable Creator Certificate signifies the conscious choice to take full responsibility for everything in your life. especially as a child.$0 Twelve Signs of Your Awakening Divinity Adamus on Blog Talk Radio A reminder from Tobias about the common challenges experienced by humans during the process of spiritual awakening. Digital Download . In this profound message. PDF – $0 Tobias’ Channel for Hungary A special channel given just before Tobias’ departure in July. the vital importance of trusting yourself.

SR=Serbian. IT=Italian. RO=Romanian. GR=Greek. NL=Dutch. FR=French. Space & Measurement Systems What Lies Ahead What on Earth Yes. ID=Indonesian.International Translations currently available in the DE DK ES FI FR Crimson Circle Store NL NO PL PT RO RU SL SR SV TR GR HU ID IT JP SPECIAL TOPICS 10-10-10 Adamus in Berlin (Germany) 2011: Intense and Personal 2012: Deliverance Adamus: Unleashed in Sedona Addictions Ancestral Karma Aspectology The Beauty of Life Biological Rejuvenation Body-Mind Integration (Germany) Body of Consciousness Chaos Conspiracies Dei Un Gnost Depression Dreams DreamWalker for Pets Energy In Motion (Turkey) The Energy of Food The Energy of Music The Evolution of Gaia Fields of Potentials (South Korea) The High Definition Life (Romania) Kuthumi & Adamus in Rome (Italy) Living Ascension (Germany) Mental Imbalance Mormons & Other Spiritual Families New Consciousness (Australia) The New Earth New Earth Update (Madrid) New Energy Business New Energy Education On Death & Dying Out of the Bo• Pets Probabilities & Potentials The Quantum Leap Relationships Re-Order Your Reality Reunion (Romania) Rising to Freedom (Israel) Sacred Geometry Soul Encounter Sovereign One (Switzerland) The 13th Strand Time. TR=Turkish 20 . NO=Norwegian. I Am Enlightened • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • DE=German. PT=Portuguese. ES=Spanish. RU=Russian. JP=Japanese. DK=Danish. SV-Swedish. SL=Slovenian. FI=Finnish. PL=Polish. HU=Hungarian.

Vol. DK=Danish. 1 Tuning In Again. FI=Finnish.International Translations currently available in the DE DK ES FI FR Crimson Circle Store JP NL NO PL PT RO RU SL SR SV TR GR HU ID IT INTENSIVES Alchemy of Consciousness (Egypt) The Alchemy of Light & Dark (France) Angels & Aliens (Poland) Atlantis & the Wound of Isis Midsummer Conference 2010 . SR=Serbian. 2 Halloween DreamWalk with Adamus Merabhs • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • DE=German. FR=French.Munich Midsummer Conference 2011 . PL=Polish. Vol. PT=Portuguese.Santa Fe Moving Stuck Energy (EU) Mysteries of Love (France) The Oslo Sessions Sounds of the Soul (Egypt) Time Travels (Egypt) Tobias Returns to Israel (Israel) PERSONAL STUDY COURSES Discovering Your Passion DreamWalker Birth Expanding Your Intuition (Greece) Interdimensional Living Journey of the Angels New Energy Synchrotize Standard Technology (Israel & USA) What's Missing? MUSIC Seven Seals Call To Awaken Opening Into Consciousness Studio K FREE Adamus on Japan – FREE Chemia – FREE Death & the Astral Realms – FREE Drama – FREE Do You Remember? – FREE It Doesn’t Matter – FREE Letter to Awakening Humans – FREE Sedona Tri-Channel – FREE SES Intro – FREE Silent Prayer – FREE The Darkness is Your Divinity – FREE To the Messengers – FREE Twelve Awakening Signs – FREE Tobias & Kryon in Madrid – FREE AWAKENING ZONE Tuning In Again. HU=Hungarian. SV-Swedish. JP=Japanese. RU=Russian. SL=Slovenian. GR=Greek. RO=Romanian. ID=Indonesian. NO=Norwegian. ES=Spanish. IT=Italian. NL=Dutch. TR=Turkish 21 .