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Renewable Energy’s rotational program for candidates with work experience & MBA


he Renewable Energy Leadership Program (RELP) will launch your career and give you unique opportunities for growth, while you make a positive impact on both the company and global environment. While on the RELP, you will be able to rotate through various positions and business units that will build your experience, expand your knowledge base, and develop you in areas across the business. As part of the RELP, you can join students from other business schools in a variety of full-time and summer renewable energy-focused internship functions, including roles in internal strategy, sales, services, and operations.

Program Summary
Two years consisting of 3-4 rotations While on RELP, you will take on, lead, and be accountable for real projects with business impact. Cross-functional rotations Cross-functional rotations within the Renewable Energy business will allow you to increase your knowledge of the business, diversify your perspective, and explore “stretch” areas—or areas typically unavailable to you. There is no defined path; you will choose where you want to go depending on where you want to grow your career. Exposure to leadership During your rotations, you will get to work and present to leaders across the business, and have roundtables with the Vice President of Renewables. Tailored training Because members of the RELP have diverse backgrounds, training will be customized for each individual. As a member you will identify which training you will need depending on the direction you want to take your career.

• Recruiting for full-time RELP positions start at Business schools in September • Recruiting for summer RELP internships start at Business schools in January • Visit to apply

Candidate Criteria
• Passion for renewable energy and active participation in renewable energy forums, coursework, and/or events • Self-starters who thrive on change, are flexible and enthusiastic about developing their careers • Minimum of five years of work experience • Graduate degree in business, finance, sales, marketing, operations, or project management • Unrestricted work authorization in the US, Germany, China, or India

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