Sr. No. E.


First Name Middle Name Last Name Full Name


DOB Father's Name Designation Reporting To Designation .

Current ATEC Revised ATEC Increment .

Correspondence Address .

1 .Permanent Address Contact No.

(In Months) .2 Blood Group Highest Qualification Extra Qualification EXP.Contact No.

Account Number .

No. E.Sr.Code Full Name DOJ Designation Basic HRA .

CCA Other Allwance Gross/Month Gross/Annum Mobile/Annum Food /Annum .

Fixed Amount/Annum AFGC EX-Gratia ATEC .

Name DOJ Designation ATEC .S.No.

S.No. Name Designation DOJ DOR Last Working Day Reason .

Manpower on 1st of June New Joining 12 2 Resigned 1 Manpower on 30 th June 13 Attrition Rate 0.92 .

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