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Microbiology 1170 Spring, 2007 Lyssa J. Diehl Student # 00160137 Dr Randall Oelerich Week Z Leainine, Objectives 1. Define: microbiclogy , pathogen, m.cicbe Mictolaclegy= \6 the Study of mictobes Pathoogers- are micicbs that carse illness and cliseose in Women and men a Well as animals and plants and sometimes een +0 other mictobes. Muctobe ~ 16 @ onicellular of cell- clusies miccoscopic of gonism, This includes evkar yokes Such as fungi ond prelists and piekaryokes such as becena and cecn aloaes. Unruses, though not sirvcly “classed as hung OF Zenisms, are alse studied , Z. Explan see differences Cand abbreviations vsed) between: meter, centimeter, Ili meter, micromeke, Nanometer- meter= m = \0Ocm Centimeter= Cm one cm= O-0\ metas millimeder = mpn one millimeter = o.001 m mictomeler= Nanometer= NM ehe AM = O-coeoCeGe mM DB. Compare and contre} bocleria, foney s Piclozoa, algae, vKve With (espect fe Zize, home, dt non-buing, mode of poliition and lece motion and mede cb re produchon. Dize of bactenas It is the largest group of pathogens and they are clo eed by shape. Most of them are @ few muccometers im size Bacteria 1 Ling. Mode of polnfion® Bocleria have prcten® called enzymes. The cols vp the od IMS HUG pieces thet allow «4 throvgh he cell wall. The becteria eat® almost anuthns, fom exons end proteins to WON NaS jode of lo tion: Some boctena have what ie called (lag ellom. The se @ long protein cierto Anedt ie Meponaibie’ for ynost types of bocleral mobility. The Ge ocilom achng as & hip propels steel, From “place do the nex: inede of repieduction: bactena can Rpioddce Very quickld in the fight eawivonment. He pepieduces oa asexual, Which ve when a Cell produce? fuse identical nucle: From the pareh nuciev® py miAoeis. Then the dwo nvcle; migiale fo oppesile Sides of the cell andthe Cateplism begins te pinch on hall qiodvally Zplithinc, tle Tws new calls