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or statistical packages. and trends in your data that are not readily apparent in databases.  In this example of an infectious disease outbreak. and model spatial processes. interactive maps that reveal how things work together. ArcGIS Desktop gives you the power to manage and integrate your data. perform advanced analysis. such as schools and churches. with the greatest likelihood of attracting people who are already infected. Patient Addresses Seeing the data on a map powered by GIS instead of a spreadsheet allows for better decisions. Risk Levels . A geographic information system (GIS) is an integrated collection of computer software and data used to view and manage information about geographic places. faster. relationships. Beyond showing you your data as points on a map. and display your results on professional-quality maps. This model and resulting map provided public health officials with a list of high-priority locations that would need to be closed to prevent the spread of the disease. spreadsheets. ArcGIS Desktop was used to identify gathering locations.ArcGIS Desktop ® What Is GIS? ArcGIS® Desktop is software that enables you to discover patterns. A GIS provides a framework for gathering and organizing spatial data and related information so that it can be displayed and analyzed. allowing you to make the most informed decisions possible. analyze spatial relationships. Why GIS? GIS gives you tools to analyze your data and see the results in the form of powerful. model and automate operational processes.

prevent adverse effect to primary use.Tools for Authoring. minimize risk and liabilities. and visualization. and Examine Relationships With a rich analysis framework. ArcGIS Desktop is the platform that small and large organizations alike employ to create. and minimize cost to manage and own property. ESRI Data Community Data StreetMap ESRI Data & Maps TM TM ESRI ArcGIS is a complete geographic information system that lets you author. It’s more than just computer mapping. and use geographic knowledge. and analyze their data. Desktop GIS ArcGIS Desktop ArcGIS Engine ArcGIS Explorer ® Server GIS ArcGIS Server ArcGIS Image Server Mobile GIS ArcGIS Mobile ArcPad ® ArcGIS Online GIS ArcGIS Online ArcWeb Services SM SM CenterPoint Energy’s Land & Right-of-Way Division uses ArcGIS Desktop to maximize revenue and nonrevenue benefits of real property assets. including readyto-use tools and the ability to build process models. You can use ArcGIS Desktop to answer questions such as • Where are my customers? • Where should I put new stores or facilities? • Who is impacted in an emergency? • What is the best way to respond to a power outage? • What are the highest traffic areas of a city? • Which land parcels owe taxes? • What is the environmental impact of a new development? Coinstar® uses ArcGIS Desktop to find new machine sites that will maximize the population served and minimize the risk of cannibalization to existing machines. and Analyzing Geographic Information “GIS has proven itself over and over again as a technology tool for many facets of our business.000 per year. Within this system. and complete workflows. analysis. ArcGIS Desktop gives you the power to better answer questions. and examine relationships in your data. Test Predictions. scripts.” John Chestnut GIS Specialist Coinstar Answer Questions. . Editing. edit. test predictions. It’s real data integration. serve. Estimated savings in labor costs from use of ArcGIS is approximately $80.

ArcGIS Desktop is a universal data integration system. and administer the integrity of databases with an extensive set of geographic. publication-ready maps with ArcGIS Desktop software’s simple wizards. printed. publication-quality maps with ArcGIS Desktop. Produce customized. input. facilitating data sharing between departments. . Disconnect from your database and edit in the field. exported. and organization tools. accurate. predefined map templates. Perform the Complete Cartographic Production Process within Your GIS Easily create professional-quality. extensive suite of map elements. Manage Your Data More Efficiently With support for more than 70 data formats. Edit. and advanced drawing and symbolization tools. and field staff. tabular. and cleanup. The comprehensive set of cartographic tools in ArcGIS Desktop automates many aspects of cartography. and Ensure the Quality of Your Geographic Data Manipulate data with a minimum number of clicks and automate your editing workflow with the ArcGIS Desktop powerful suite of editing tools. Your completed maps can be saved. organizations. Multiuser editing support makes it possible for multiple users to edit your geodatabase at the same time. you can easily integrate all types of data for visualization and analysis with ArcGIS Desktop. making map production a less time-consuming task. and embedded in other documents or applications. creation. define database schemas.Why ArcGIS Desktop? Create. Create databases. Advanced editing and coordinate geometry (COGO) tools simplify your data design. and metadata management.

Get Started Immediately with Ready-to-Use Data You can begin your visualization and analysis right away with the included ESRI® Data & Maps Media Kit. ArcGIS Engine provides application programming interfaces (APIs) for COM.S. and ESRI • Ninety-meter Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) dataset • All levels of U. Mexico. DMTI Spatial. Directly use data in many formats within the ArcGIS Desktop environment. Java™. The ESRI Data & Maps Media Kit includes more than 24 GB of data including • Basemap and thematic MXDs for Canada. SM Use the ESRI Data & Maps Media Kit and ArcGIS Online maps. along with your own data.NET. World Wildlife Fund. the United States. and a series of high-level visual components that make it easy for even the casual programmer to build an ArcGIS application. . the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). detailed documentation. as your basemap framework for deploying your GIS applications. which is updated annually and preconfigured to work specifically with ESRI software. and the world • Commercial data from Tele Atlas.® (OGC®). WorldSat. Inc. Census geography and ZIP Codes™ • TIGER 2000-based StreetMap™ USA data ArcGIS Online includes optimized. ArcGIS Desktop supports a number of industry standards including IT and Web services such as the Open Geospatial Consortium. Michael Bauer Research. . SM Customize ArcGIS Desktop to Meet Your Unique Needs Easily customize the user interface by adding and removing buttons and menu items or docking toolbars. EarthSat. and reference layers. SIGSA. ready-to-use content and capabilities including 2D maps. ArcGIS Online services are always available on the Web so that users with Internet access can use these services at any time. 3D globes. Develop custom GIS desktop applications with ArcGIS Engine. and DXF and KML. EuroGeographics. which is available through the ESRI Developer Network (EDN ). and C++. Europe. Use and Distribute Data in Many Formats Eliminate your data use and distribution barriers with open and interoperable GIS software. AND Mapping.

ArcView®. visit www. and the ArcGIS Desktop extensions.esri. ArcGIS Desktop includes ArcInfo®. and service area analysis . ArcEditor™.ArcGIS Desktop Extensions Specialized GIS Tools and Analysis Expand ArcGIS Desktop with Specialized GIS Tools A wide-ranging suite of optional extensions dramatically expands the functional capabilities of ArcGIS Desktop with specialized GIS tools. which is enabled as you move from ArcView to ArcEditor to ArcInfo. closest facility. Advanced routing. Each product includes additional Powerful three-dimensional visualization and analysis capabilities Comprehensive raster-based spatial modeling and analysis Easy and cost-effective map publication capabilities To find out which ArcGIS Desktop products best meet your needs.

Technical Support ESRI offers a rich array of technical support and user community resources to help you meet your GIS challenges. Courses cover a variety of topics related to ESRI software. publications. For more information. technical support. and many other visit www.esri. ESRI Press titles help the first-time learner. ESRI has the tools to make you ArcGIS Maintenance Program ESRI offers a cost-effective maintenance program that includes software updates. visit www. interactivity. GIS technology. For more information. . ESRI combines hands-on experience. as well as the professional user. programming. For more information. Professional Services ESRI GIS professionals offer Support and Educational Services ESRI has a long-standing commitment to serving and responding to the GIS user community. ArcGIS support and educational services consist of technical maintenance programs designed to meet the needs of different types of users. and instructional support to create an effective learning environment.esri.esri. and implementation services as well as database design and assistance in data publishing. visit www. Training and Education ESRI offers instructor-led courses at ESRI learning centers and client facilities around the world as well as over the Internet. and are available through major booksellers and from ESRI at www. training. Books ESRI Press books and workbooks on geographic information science. For more information. online support services. Complimentary registrations to the ESRI International User Conference are included with certain standard ESRI software maintenance and GIS applications are used in formal university and corporate training programs technical support. this program makes it easy for you to plan for the cost of support and software updates. Self-study Web courses are also available for those who prefer online training. design. software releases and updates. and consulting services. which is exemplified by its breadth of support services. From 24/7 technical support to online user groups and a variety of self-help resources. and applying GIS tools to find solutions in particular fields. Offered as an annual subscription. the theory underlying GIS technology. visit www. Finland Northeast Africa 202-516-7485 Poland www. registered trademarks. or certain other jurisdictions. ArcView. ESRI. Germany/Switzerland Chile Outside the United States. GS-35F-5086H 104693 Copyright © 2007 ESRI. Italy Netherlands India www.esri-es. @esri. the European Community.esriaustralia. All rights reserved.esrifrance. Louis 636-949-6620 Philadelphia 610-644-3374 Boston 978-777-4543 For more than 35 years. StreetMap. ArcWeb. Australia www.esri-portugal. call ESRI at 909-793-2853.esriuk. United Kingdom www. 1-1906 Denver 303-449-7779 Indonesia ESRI GIS solutions are flexible and can be customized to meet the needs of our are trademarks. ArcScene. 703-506-9515 Charlotte 704-541-9810 San Antonio 210-499-1044 ESRI International Offices Portugal Singapore www.esriitalia.esri. AND30M6/07dh Printed in USA . ESRI has been helping people make better decisions through management and analysis of geographic information. For the number of your California 909-793-2853 ext. Romania www.esriven. ArcEditor.ESRI 380 New York Street Canada Spain www.esri-germany.esrisa.esri-finland.esrith. or service marks of ESRI in the United States. Sweden www. Other companies and products mentioned herein may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective trademark Hungary www. EDN. ArcMap. the ArcGIS logo. Korea China (Beijing) Thailand France Belgium/Luxembourg China (Hong Kong) No. A full-service GIS ESRI Regional Offices Olympia 360-754-4727 Minneapolis 651-454-0600 For More Information 1-800-GIS-XPRT (1-800-447-9778) www. and www. ESRI offers a framework for implementing GIS technology and business logic in any organization from personal GIS on the desktop to enterprise-wide GIS servers (including the Web) and mobile www.C.esribulgaria. or visit our Web site at www.esrichina-bj.esrikr. California 92373-8100 USA Phone: 909-793-2853 Fax: 909-793-5953 E-mail: Japan Locate an ESRI value-added reseller near you at Bulgaria the ESRI globe logo.esri-sweden. contact your local ESRI distributor.esriro. Venezuela Malaysia www.esri.esrichina-hk.

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