Wound Bind

(Alteration, Necromancy) Level: 2nd Area of Effect: 1 creature Casting Time: 3 Components: V, S Duration: Instantaneous Range: 0 Saving Throw: None Author: Unknown The spell affects one creature intelligent (semi-intelligent or higher), regardless of Hit Dice. Creatures with magic resistance have their magic resistance reduced by a factor of 60% for purposes of determining whether the spell takes effect, and receive a normal saving throw. Creatures without magic resistance save at a -2 penalty. The effect of the spell is to put the entity into a zombie-like trance state from which it cannot be revived until the spell expires or is dispelled. The creature obeys commands willingly and to the best of its ability, applying every resource available without reservation. Courses of action to which the creature would normally be violently opposed to are cheerfully executed. The only commands the creature hesitates to obey are obviously self-destructive orders or direct commands to cause harm to his close friends or loved ones. Even these orders do not allow the chance of breaking the charm, but simply cause the creature to fall into a confused daze for 1d4 rounds. If the caster directly harms the creature, a new saving throw to break free of the witch's influence is allowed

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