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Worship I

Worship I

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Published by Caine Kerrigan

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Published by: Caine Kerrigan on Apr 11, 2013
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Worship I

(Old Empire) (Enchantment/Charm) Level: 6th Area of Effect: The caster Casting Time: 6 Components: V, S Duration: 2 rounds/level Range: 0 Saving Throw: Special Author: Unknown The worship spell raises the effective Charisma of the caster to 22. Intelligent creatures of 3 Hit Dice (or levels) or less who are in clear view of the caster automatically fall to their knees and praise the caster. Creatures of 4-6 Hit Dice (or levels) get a saving throw to avoid the effect. Creatures above 6 Hit Dice are unaffected. Unwilling victims of this spell roll a reaction check when the spell is finished, with a +8 penalty to the roll. Using this spell to impersonate a Power is very dangerous. Notes: Uncommon spell. As a Forgotten Realms Old Empire spell, initial exposure requires a mentor or a read Southern magic spell.

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