Zala's Amberhelm

(Abjuration, Invocation/Evocation) Level: 4th Range: 0 Components: V, S, M Area of Effect: The caster Casting Time: 2 turns Duration: 1 turn/level Saving Throw: None Author: Lakhraremtola Zalarem When this spell is cast, an amber sphere of translucent energy appears around the caster's head (about 2 feet in diameter for an average human), serving as a barrier against mind affecting spells and telepathic psionic powers. Against mind-affecting spells, the caster has a 90% resistance, including charm, ESP, emotion, hypnotism, fascination, confusion, feeblemind, suggestion and similar spells and effects. However, it does not affect the beguiling function of the rod of rulership. Illusions are not affected. The barrier functions in both directions, preventing the caster from employing mind-affecting spells as well. The amberhelm can be dispelled normally. Against telepathic psionics, Zala's amberhelm provides protection from psionic contact and attack modes. The caster cannot use any psionic powers, except defence modes, while the spell operates. A psionicist can breach the amberhelm with a psionic attack mode. When the initial psionic energy is expended, the psionicist meets the helm's resistance and must decide whether to breach the amberhelm or have the attack fail. ( Breaching the spell requires extra psionic strength points, PSPs, equal to the amberhelm caster's level, plus 1d10 PSPs; this is rolled is secretly by the DM, who reveals only the PSPs expended. Thus, breaching the defences of a 7th-level wizard requires from 8 to 17 additional points.) A breaching attack with insufficient PSPs fails. A failed attack wastes the PSPs and the amberhelm remains active. If the breaching attack is successful, the amberhelm ends at once, its caster is stunned and unable to act for the remainder of the round, and the psionicist suffers 1d10 points of damage. The next round, the psionicist can try to initiate contact normally. The material component is an amber bead worth at least 200 gp, a silver piece, and parrot feather. Zala invented this spell after a battle with a psionicist who nearly destroyed her. Notes: Very rare spell. Known to be in the Book of Zala (the Lakharemtolma Zalarem).

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