(Necromancy) Level: 8th Range: 10 yards Components: V, S, M Area of Effect: 1 creature Casting Time: 8 Duration: 1 turn/level Saving Throw: Neg. Author: Unknown This spell temporarily reduces a creature's age, turning back the hands of time. A venerable character becomes middle-aged; an old character becomes mature, and a middle-aged character becomes a young adult. Characters or creatures younger than middle-aged receive no appreciable effect from this spell. Youth may increase the affected character's physical ability scores (Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution) by counteracting any age-based effects the character may be experiencing. However, the subject's mind is not affected beyond the regression of natural senility; the wisdom and insight of years remain. Naturally, the subject experiences a natural increase of energy and stamina, and even the creature's appearance changes to reflect the temporary age; an old man affected by this spell would appear exactly as he did in his prime. No spell or effect (not even a wish) can make this state permanent, although a wish might extend its duration. Against creatures whose physical development is measured by age, such as dragons, this spell reduces their age by one or two steps. Unwilling creatures receive a saving throw versus spell to negate the effect. When the spell ends, the creature returns to its true age over the course of 1d3 rounds. The material component is a green shoot of any kind.

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