Zombie Double

(Necromancy) Level: 7th Area of Effect: Special Casting Time: 1 turn Components: V, S, M Duration: 1 turn/level Range: 0 Saving Throw: None Author: Unknown This spell creates a ju-ju zombie duplicate of the caster. The zombie double has the same memories, consciousness, and alignment as the caster. Essentially the caster now exists in two bodies simultaneously. In all other respects, the zombie double is the same as a normal ju-ju zombie. The zombie double cannot cast spells, but it can use any weapons that the caster can use. It is also able to climb walls at 92%. The zombie double is turned as a spectre. If it strays more than 30 yards from the caster, it becomes inactive and collapses to the ground. It becomes active again the moment the caster moves within 30 yards. The material components are part of a black candle and a lock of the caster's hair. Notes: Restricted to necromancers, uncommon. Juju Zombie: AC 6; MV 9; HD 3+12; #AT 1; THAC0 16; Dmg 3d12; SA strikes as a 6 HD monster; SD immune to all mind-affecting spells, including illusions; immune to sleep, charm, hold, death magic, magic missile, electricity, poisons, and cold-based spells; edged and cleaving weapons inflict normal damage while blunt and piercing weapons inflict half-damage; magical and normal fire inflict half damage.

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