Words of Fire

(Illusion/Phantasm) Level: 2nd Range: 0 Components: V, S Area of Effect: Special Casting Time: Special Duration: 2 turns/level Saving Throw: None Author: Unknown This spell allows one of the caster's fingers to write letters of illusory flame. The caster can write at any time for up to one turn after the spell is cast, writing 12 letters, characters, or symbols per experience level she currently possesses. These letters appear to be made of leaping flame, and are bright enough for beings within 7 feet to read by. They can be written in the air or on any inorganic surface. The flames are not real, and cannot ignite anything, but do not form on water or a wet surface. If the caster tries to use the words of fire to draw magical glyphs or symbols, they do not form. The flaming inscriptions last for two turns, per level of the caster, from when the spell was cast, not when they were actually written. All of the characters must be written adjacent to each other in a space no larger than the caster can encompass with spread feet and hands. As the caster writes, she can choose to have her writings duplicated on another surface or the air somewhere else on the same plane. An observer in this other locale sees letters of (illusory) fire appear, character by character, as the caster writes them. This other place must be one the caster has visited or seen, for it must be clearly visualized as the characters are written. If this second area or surface bears an enchantment, the letters do not form, though the caster is instantly aware of this.

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