Zala's Forcebuckler

(Abjuration, Invocation/Evocation) Level: 3rd Range: 0 Components: V Area of Effect: The caster Casting Time: 3 Duration: 1 turn + 1 round/level Saving Throw: None Author: Lakhraremtola Zalarem The forcebuckler is a glowing golden disk of magical energy that appears on the wizard's left or right forearm, as desired. It does not hinder spell casting, and provides a number of benefits. the caster receives a +2 bonus to Armour Class and saving throws against attacks from the front or protected flank (but not rear ). Damage from fire, cold, acid, electricity, or raw magical energy (such as magic missile) that strike the wizard from the front or protected flank is reduced by 1 point per die. Magical rays or bolts that affect only single creature, such as ray of enfeeblement, Melf's acid arrow, a beholder's petrifaction ray, or a single magic missile, can be harmlessly deflected, at the option of the caster. The caster has a 25% chance plus 2% per level to deflect the attack. The force buckler is destroyed in the attempt to deflect the attack regardless of success. Zala's forcebuckler cannot be removed or concealed, although the wizard can choose to let the spell lapse at any time. It sheds as much light as a candle. Notes: Very rare spell. Known to be in the Book of Zala (the Lakhraremtola Zalarem).

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