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A Short Course on Shariah and the Muslim Brotherhood

The United States is under attack by foes who are openly animated by what is known in Islam as shariah, or Islamic law. According to shariah, every faithful Muslim is obligated to wage jihad whether violent or not against those who do not adhere to this comprehensive, totalitarian, political-military code. A team of experts coordinated by the Center for Security Policy has recently produced a ground-breaking report, Shariah: The Threat to America, describing in detail precisely what shariah is and what it means for all of us. What follows is extracted from that report.

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What Is Shariah? How Does Shariah Define Jihad? Civilization Jihad the Muslim Brotherhoods Potent Weapon True Lies the Paradox of Debating Shariah Taqiyya A Concept of Deceit that Security Professionals Must Know 6. Slander How it is Used and Abused Under Shariah 7. How Shariah Blasphemy Laws are Being Imposed On Us 8. What is the Muslim Brotherhood and How Does it Operate? 9. Genesis of the Muslim Brotherhood 10. Movement of the Muslim Brotherhood into the West 11. The Muslim Brotherhoods Westward Infiltration 12. The Muslim Brotherhood in America 13. The Holy Land Trial: On the Trail of the Muslim Brotherhood 14. The Muslim Brotherhoods Strategic Plan 15. Penetration of the US Government: A Case Study 16. Mapping the Muslim Brotherhood in America 17. Whos Who in the American Muslim Brotherhood

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