University of San Francisco School of Nursing N602: Epidemiology Fall 2010 Assignment: Epidemiology Global Health Project Step

4 Step 4. Identify 1) the health promotion implications/interventions for the disease/health problem; 2) how the epidemiological triangle can be applied and used in health promotion and prevention; and 4) suggested policy recommendations (ones you have noted recommended and/or ones you yourself would recommend). Please note if the above interventions are primary, secondary, and tertiary interventions. Try and find research that was done in your country. Remember the PICO exercise earlier in the semester was the initiation of this step. In the absence of research in your specific country, please try and find studies that looked at the same problem in a similar country that you could generalize and apply to your country. You may include studies that have evaluated the effectiveness of a particular program/intervention. Please follow the instructions below. A. Include at least 3 epidemiological research articles to identify health promotion interventions for your health problem or disease. If you use a review article, e.g. from Cochrane other database, please mention it was a review article. Just summarize the findings for this exercise, but use as recommendations on the poster. (BULLET) B. Identify potential community actions (in accordance with available resources and community health infrastructure in identified city, state, or country) based on the studies examined (e.g., evidence based action) (BULLET) C. Portray an epidemiological triangle drawing conveying an accurate understanding of host, agent and vector. (GRAPHIC) D. Include primary, secondary and tertiary interventions that could be applied to any aspect of the epidemiological triangle. (BULLET) E. Include health policy recommendations that you might propose to reduce the mortality and/or morbidity of this disease/health problem Be creative. (BULLET) F. Use APA format & references

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