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CDOT: Complete Streets Design Guidelines

CDOT: Complete Streets Design Guidelines

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Published by Gapers Block
Chicago Department of Transportation design guidelines for the city's Complete Streets plan.
Chicago Department of Transportation design guidelines for the city's Complete Streets plan.

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Published by: Gapers Block on Apr 11, 2013
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»To create complete, safe and
sustainable streets in the City
of Chicago.

»To provide simple, on-
point design guidance that
empowers CDOT staff.

»To provide a clear process
and direction.

Following Mayor Richard M. Daley’s public
release of the Chicago Complete Street
Policy in 2006, CDOT issued a brief internal
memo that outlined a few design strategies to
implement the policy in CDOT projects. CDOT
has successfully incorporated complete design
elements into many of its projects, but the
department lacked a comprehensive strategy
for policy implementation.

In 2010 CDOT issued the Complete Streets
Policy Implementation report, which assessed
the department’s efforts to address the 2006
policy. The report recommended developing
a design guide, establishing a Compliance
Committee, and creating a dedicated staff
position to manage the implementation of
complete streets. Complete Streets Chicago is
the design guide recommended in that report.

The report also recognized that in the latter
half of the 20th century roadways were
built to optimize motor vehicle traffc while
pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit were often
neglected. Recent evidence suggests that
people are driving less on Chicago’s streets.
Annual vehicle miles traveled fattened out
between 1997 and 2004 around 8.2 billion,
and has been falling steady every year since
to just over 7.2 billion in 2011 (Figure 1). This
parallels national data showing annual vehicle
miles traveled peaked in 20052

and has been

steadily declining since.

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