The ADODFCMP Utility 1.

Definition The ODF Comparison utility is used to compare the data model of a customer’s data to a standard set of data model files from the current Oracle Application release. It can optionally modify the database to match the standard data model. ODF Compare cannot be used for custom development. Each application consists of certain building blocks. For example, Item Master Entry is one building block for Oracle Inventory. There is an object descriptor file (ODF) describing the tables, views, indexes, sequences and privilege sets for the particular building block. Privilege sets are grants used in earlier releases before the APPS schema was introduced. ODF Comparison compares the building block to the object descriptor file (ODF). A log file is created showing any missing, extra, or incorrectly defined objects. 2. Running ODF Comparison Change to the directory containing the object descriptor files (ODF). UNIX: cd $PROD_TOP/admin/odf NT: c:\ > cd %PROD_TOP%\admin\odf If you have applied patches the ODF may have been superseded by a newer version. In this case the newer files will be located in PROD_TOP/patch/115/odf directory structure. Syntax UNIX: adodfcmp <parameter>=<value> [<parameter>=<value> . . . . . ] NT: c:\ adodfcmp <parameter>=<value> [<parameter>=<value> . . . . . ] Parameters can be specified in any order on the command line. The following parameters are required: mode, touser, priv_schema, odffile, userid The default value applies if you do not specify optional parameters.


Yes. will not make any changes only produce a log file indicating what changes need to be made. You can supply just one username/password pair. userid (required) <no default> The Oracle username/password for the product’s base schema. odffile (required) <no default> The name of the object descriptor file (file extension . Yes changes the next extent size of a table if current next extent size is less than that specified in the ODF. Using the default. alternext (opt) No Specifies whether to alter the next extent (No. In Release 11i this is usually the list of APPS schemas.odf) to compare. You only need multiples if you have a multiple sets of books architecture installation. This is the schema where the product tables. indexes and grants touser (required) <no default> Specifies the Oracle username/password of the Oracle Applications product to grant to. Customizations are not affected because the utility does not delete objects not found in the ODF. Mode baseonly tables indexes noindexes sequences views grants Compare Tables? Yes Yes No Yes No No No Compare Indexes? Yes Yes Yes No No No No Compare Sequences? Yes No No No Yes No No Compare Views? No No No No No Yes No Compare Grants? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Example: use changedb = yes and mode = tables to create tables. The touser parameter is a list of comma-separated pairs of usernames/passwords with no spaces between them. along with its password. Force). priv_schema (required) <no default> Specify a schema having DBA privileges. Force changes the next extent size regardless of the current value. No. 2 . You may specify the APPS schema or some other schema with DBA privileges as SYSTEM. changedb (opt) No Set to yes to change the database objects to match the definitions in the object descriptor files.Parameter Name Description Default Value mode (required) <no default> Determines the type of objects to compare against the ODF. indexes and sequences are located.

Delays index creation when mode=tables.defer (opt) <no default> Provides a list of indexes to change later. You must have write permission for the directory. drop. oldviews (opt) replace Use to rename. logfile (opt) adodfcmp. listmissing (opt) Yes Specify listmissing=no to make the utility ignore missing objects. batchsize (opt) 1000 Determines the number of rows to update at a time when populating new columns. Oracle Applications Concepts. listmatch (opt) Yes Specify listmatch=no to prevent the utility from reporting objects that match their descriptions. listextra (opt) No Set listextra=yes to report extra objects. You must run adodfcmp again later with mode=indexes to create the deferred indexes.log Specifies the name of the log files containing the comparison results. indextspace (opt) SYSTEM Sets the tablespace for indexes created by the utility. Reused log files are appended not overwritten. replace views that do not match their descriptions. tspace (opt) SYSTEM Sets the tablespace for tables created by the utility. The log file resides in the directory where you start the utility if a specific directory patch is not specified. oldviews=rename to change the names of non-matching views to R115_<view name> and create new views from the ODF. See: Sizing Factor. oldviews=replace works the same as oldviews=drop except the existing grants and synonyms are preserved when re-creating the views. 3 . sizingfactor (opt) 100 Sets the sizing factor at which the utility creates missing objects. oldviews=drop to delete nonmatching views and recreate them according to the ODF.

or drop existing views (Default replace) List of indexes to process later [if any] Run in 10.6.. Force] (Default No) How many rows to update at a time (Default 1000) Replace.5.log) Automatically change the database? (Default No) Report missing objects? (Default Yes) Report matching objects? (Default Yes) Report extra objects? (Default No) Sizing factor to apply (Default 100) Tablespace to store tables Tablespace to store indexes Alter next extent [No..] Valid Keywords: userid mode odffile touser priv_schema logfile changedb listmissing listmatch listextra sizingfactor tspace indextspace alternext batchsize oldviews defer rel106mode parfile -------------------ORACLE username/password to be compared with ODF file Type of objects to compare File name of ODF file to use Userid to grant to [or list of APPS schemas] ORACLE username/password with DBA privileges File name of log file (Default adodfcmp.Typing adodfcmp without any parameters produces the following parameter listing: Copyright (c) 1998 Oracle Corporation Redwood Shores. Usage: adodfcmp keyword=value [.keyword=value. California. Yes.0 compatible mode (Default No) Filename of a parameter file [if any] (Default NONE) You can specify command-line parameters either by position or by keywords. USA ODF (Object Description File) Comparison Utility Version 11..rename. 4 .0 NOTE: You may not use this utility for custom development unless you have written permission from Oracle Corporation.

. ******************************************************* The definition of the view MTL_SYSTEM_ITEMS_FKEYS_V is incorrect.INVENTORY_ITEM_ID .MTL_SYSTEM_ITEMS_FKEYS_V ("INVENTORY_ITEM_ID".Partial log file example: ************* Start of ODF Comparison Utility session ************* ODF Comparison Utility version: 11. .. .. . "ORGANIZATION_ID". . . . . MTL_SYSTEM_ITEMS_FVL . ... . .. .0 ODF Comparison Utility started at: Fri Feb 23 2001 09:52:43 Connecting to APPS. "ORGANIZATION_CODE". MTL_SYSTEM_ITEMS_FKEYS_V .. MTL_SYSTEM_ITEMS_FVL . . --Details left out— Correct it with the statements: Start time for statement below is: Fri Feb 23 2001 09:53:15 CREATE OR REPLACE FORCE VIEW APPS. 5 . *** Reading views from APPS schema Reading Reading Reading Reading Reading view view view view view MTL_ITEM_ATTRIBUTE_VALUES_V . The view text is incorrectly defined as: SELECT MSI. . . . MTL_ITEM_ATTR_APPL_INST_V . MTL_SYSTEM_ITEMS_VL .. . .Connected successfully. . .. .. . .. --Details left out— ODF Comparison Utility is complete. .. MTL_ITEM_ATTRIBUTE_VALUES_V .. ... the message in the log file after the ‘CREATE . .. .. . . . . Reading objects from ODF file Reading Reading Reading Reading Reading view view view view view MTL_SYSTEM_ITEMS_FKEYS_V .. MTL_SYSTEM_ITEMS_VL .. .5..ORGANIZATION_CODE. . . . You should check the file /path/of/log/file for errors.’ will be: Statement Executed. .ORGANIZATION_ID .. . ORG3.. .. .. When set. . .. MTL_ITEM_ATTR_APPL_INST_V . . . . . .. The changedb parameter set to yes will create the missing objects automatically. MSI.

odf userid=wsh/wsh changedb=yes \ priv_schema=system/manager mode=indexes touser=apps/apps \ logfile=wshtab.apps2/apps \ logfile=$HOME/mylogfile. Make a comparison of the tables and grants in invite1. adodfcmp odffile=invite1.log in the current directory.odf.odf.<second APPS schema name>/<second APPS schema password>.log 2.odf for the APPS and APPS2 schemas.log in the users home directory. Make a comparison of the indexes in wshtab.log 6 . Do not change the database. Create a log file called wshtab. adodfcmp odffile=invit1g.log) in the current directory. Make changes to the database. adodfcmp odffile=wshtab. Create the default log file (adodfcmp.odf userid=inv/inv changedb=no \ priv_schema=system/manager mode=views touser=apps/apps. Make changes to the database.EXAMPLES: General Syntax: adodfcmp odffile=<filename> userid=<username>/<password> \ mode=<mode> priv_schema=<DBA schema username>/<DBA schema password> \ touser=<APPS schema name>/<APPS schema password> \ [.odf userid=inv/inv changedb=yes \ priv_schema=system/manager mode=noindexes touser=apps/apps 3. Do not compare the indexes. Make a comparison of the views in invit1g. Create a log file called mylogfile.…] \ changedb=yes 1.

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