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Caffeine Documentation

Caffeine Documentation

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Published by Gavin_McLellan_5129
Caffeine Documentation
Caffeine Documentation

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Published by: Gavin_McLellan_5129 on Apr 11, 2013
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To create a portfolio please start by creating a new page Pages > Add New and setting up
the title eg. Portfolio. In field Template set the option Portfolio template. In the bottom
section you also have Page options such as Layout and Sidebar. As you have probably
guessed, you can select whether your portfolio should be in full width or whether it should
be with a sidebar (left or right). If you decide on the portfolio with a sidebar you should also
select the right sidebar for your page.

We have created some options for Portfolio page. You can find them in Theme options panel >
Getting started > Portfolio
. More info about these options can be found in Theme options
panel (section 4.1.5).

Porfolio items are working just like typical post. To add a new portfolio please go to
Portfolio > Add new. As you can see you choose similiar options as for a blog.
Additionally, in the bottom section of the page you have Page options. Here you can
choose whether you want a full width portfolio or the one with a sidebar (left or right).


When you choose the option with a sidebar please don`t forget to select the right
for this page.

You can also type Excerpt and select Featured image. After that please just click Publish

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