CHM 264 Phillip Joseph Yusheng Zhu


Lab 8 – Chalcone Synthesis Procedure

1. Gather 1mmol (.120g) acetophenone and 1 mmol (.141g) 4-cholorobenzaldehyde and place mixture. Obtain 1.5mL of NaOH solution and place in RB microscale flask with a stirrer. 2. Heat solution with rapid stirring until all solid has dissolved and allow for heating to continue for 30 minutes. 3. Allow solution to cool to room temperature and then distill the solid product using vacuum filtration with a Büchner funnel. 4. Determine the melting point, IR spectrum of the product and compare with the literature values (mp: 113-117°C).

References 1. 4-Cholorochalcone. CB6401085.htm. (Accessed 25 Mar 2013), part of Chemical Book Online CAS Database (Accessed 25 Mar 2013). 2. Palleros, D. R., Solvent-Free Synthesis of Chalcones. Journal of Chemical Education 2004, 81 (9), 1345.

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