Disgruntled and revolted doesn’t even come close to how I feel about my time having worked for Jorge

Fierro and Stephanie Bailey Hatfield,the owner of Frida Bistro /RICO Brand Mexican Food and his cohort the manager, dis-respectively . I am pissed as hell. They both fucked me for months over pay. I played nice because I needed the job. They fired me for missing a shift. That’s their right. Knowingly not paying me for 363 hours of work, however, makes them both liars and thieves. I did the work you didn’t pay me. I will get mine though, one way or another. My suggestion for anyone who works for either of them is to make sure that anything they say is put into writing. They are both pretty notorious for there taking advantage of their employees Sexism: Ladies, Jorge Fierro and the Chef are ogling you and saying disgusting things about you in Spanish. You are an object to them . If you speak Spanish you should listen carefully. I have seen Jorge Fierro stick his face in the breasts of an employee and nuzzle. He actually did the motorboat. It made me uncomfortable. It has made other employees uncomfortable. One former employee even used the word “disgusting” to describe Jorge Fierro’s behavior. He needs to be sued. This behavior is excused by Stephanie Bailey- Hatfield by stating that they are Latino and that is their culture. Who knew that all Latin men were Boorish Pigs? There are female employees who try to stay away from theire boss. His hands roam. The reason this is accepted is because they are immigrants and need jobs. It is hard to come by work when you can’t e-verify. It puts you at the mercy of your employer. He seems nice but this is just a cover for is unsavory behavior. Homophobia: Jorge Fierro loves the business of the LBGT community. Who wouldn’t? He will appear to be your friend approach you at the table. He wants, no needs your business. His opinion is that he doesn’t care what you do in your homes. He does however believe that your love is ‘disgusting”. He has said this in front of several people. Closet Homophobe. I refuse to do business with bigots, and i loathe hypocrites. Being a "Business Man" should no longer be an excuse for bad behavior. Jorge, Stephanie. You should have just payed me. I have been willing to forget the first three hundred hours when i was a Lead the first time, but the second time and its 60+ hours, after i came to you both with documentation is un acceptable. Fuck both of you. Stephanie your reputation condems you to working with little peckerheads like Jorge. Jorge it is my hope that all of your babies mommas get tired of your shit and take everything you own. You to quote one of them, are 'a peice of fuckin work" John W. Holland

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