What I remember Transformers are attacking. A Rebel group has come to my space port garage.

I sell eapons and have some blasters that I demonstrate on a junked car will cut like butt through metal. I give them to the rebels so they will act as a diversion. My crew and I have buit-dug a deep underground base under the garage it is huge. The walls look like the granite of the peachtree marta station. I trick the girl who is with the rebels into the base. She doesnt want to come. We get locked out of the base. She disPpers as the robots attack I have to hide but am in trouble because megatron can smell me. Some blacks are lobbing grenades at each other. I am GI Joe himself and we declare martial law on the neighborhood, 3/2 Another GI JOE Themed dream Riding in a WW2 era car/transport truck. I don't speak German but the black man with me does. We are spiez. We avoid detection by pulling into a warehouse space and taking on supllies the joining a caravan. A German officer joins us. It figuresnoutbI am American but plays along as we speak in English. He takes us as prisoners to the GI Joes like fortress were I andntwo others are augmented. US/ good guy forces attack but the leader has his troops hiding i the forest near and surrounding the allies. Tne leader flys overhead and tricks me into pretending i am onnhis side in front of the allied general who attacks me. This where it gets different, In actuality I am the lost, thrown away scion of the famiky that is attacking. I was thrown away as a child because of family cultural beliefs that i was inferior. I am part human, the bastard of a mating. In actuality I am the oldest child after the Genera, who is my brother dies in a missle attack. He carries the sword of anu. Which only responds to the genes of the family, I get it responds and I become king ? . Something about werewolf, and machine augmentation.

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