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Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

International Finance Discussion Papers

Number 605

March 1998


Jon Faust and Lars E.O. Svensson

NOTE: International Finance Discussion Papers are preliminary materials circulated
to stimulate discussion and critical comment. References to International Finance
Discussion Papers (other than an acknowledgment that the writer has had access to
unpublished material) should be cleared with the author or authors. Recent IFDPs
are available on the Web at

Jon Faust and Lars E.O. Svensson3

Abstract: We de ne and study transparency, credibility, and reputation in a model
in which the central bank's characteristics are unobservable to the private sector and
are inferred from the policy outcome. A low-credibility bank optimally conducts a
more in ationary policy than a high-credibility bank, in the sense that it induces
higher in ation, but a less expansionary policy in the sense that it induces lower
in ation and employment than expected. Increased transparency makes the bank's
reputation and credibility more sensitive to its actions, which has a moderating in-
uence on the bank's policy. Full transparency of the central bank's intentions is
generally socially bene cial, but frequently not in the interest of the bank. Some-
what paradoxically, direct observability of idiosyncratic central bank goals removes
the moderating incentive on the bank and leads to the worst equilibrium.

Keywords: credibility, transparency, monetary policy, dynamic game.

3 Faust: Division of International Finance, Board of Governors of the Federal
Reserve System (; Svensson: Institute for International Economic
Studies, Stockholm University, CEPR and NBER ( The
authors thank participants in seminars at the Board of Governors, the Institute for
International Economic Studies, Reserve Bank of Australia, University of Canter-
bury and Victoria University of Wellington, and especially David Bowman, Martin
Floden, Dale Henderson, Andy Levin, Jaime Marquez, Bennett McCallum, Stefan
Palmqvist, Torsten Persson and Michael Woodford, for helpful comments. They
also thank Christina Lonnblad for secretarial and editorial assistance. Part of the
paper was written when Lars Svensson visited the Reserve Bank of New Zealand
and Victoria University of Wellington; he thanks these institutions for their hospi-
tality. Remaining errors are the authors' own; the views in this paper are solely the
responsibility of the authors and should not be interpreted as re ecting the views
of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, the Reserve Bank of New
Zealand, or of others associated with those institutions.
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tiU|Lh UL?_|L?@* i TiU|@|L? Lu @ @h@M*i ? TihL_ |c tii? uhL4 | 3 ( |tc }i? |i h@|L?@*
5iih@* u@U|Lht 4@) *4| |i 4TLh|@?Ui Lu tU _)?@4Utc uLh i @4T*ic Lih*@TT?} |ih4t @?_ |i 4TLh|@?Ui
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ihi | t |i Ui?|h@* M@?!<t ?|i?|L? uLh ?@|L?c @?_ #| t @ 4i@?3ihL UL?|hL* ihhLh L|i
|@| | t ?L| |i Ui?|h@* M@?!<t ?t|h4i?|c U t t@**) i@t*) LMtih@M*i At i^@|L?
tiiTt ?_ih |i h} @** ttit Lu L |i Ui?|h@* M@?!<t ?|i?|L? t E4TihuiU|*) 4T*i4i?|i_
|hL} |i 4@?T*@|L? Lu |t ?t|h4i?|t W? Lh M@ti*?i U@tic |i Ui?|h@* M@?!<t ?|i?|L? 
t ?L| LMtihi_ M) |i TM*Uc @?_ E22 U@T|hit |i hi@*t|U ui@|hi |@| L|UL4it LMtihi_
M) |i TM*U _L ?L| u**) hii@* Ui?|h@* M@?! ?|i?|L?tS
Ai Ui?|h@* M@?!<t *Ltt u?U|L? @| |i i?_ Lu TihL_ | 3  t
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?@|L? |@h}i|c @?_ @? 4T*U|c ?LMtih@M*ic @?_ |4i@h)?} i4T*L)4i?| |@h}i| `i ?
|ihThi| |i t|LU@t|U TLh|L? Lu |i *Ltt u?U|L? @t @ht?} uhL4 tu|t ? |i @) |i Ui?|h@*
M@?!?} t|hU|hi @}}hi}@|it i|ihL}i?iLt tLUi|@* Thiuihi?Uit. Bi? i|ihL}i?iLt ?__ 
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4i@thi Lu tLU@* *Ltt( ?_ii_c i @hi Thit4?} |@| |ihi t ?L tU 4i@thi iU@ti | t
UL44L? |L @tt4i |@| Ui?|h@* M@?!t @i Thiuihi?Uit |@| @hi ? tL4i @) ?hiThiti?|@|i
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4@?T*@|it @?_ |@| t LMtihi_ M) |i TM*U M| Lti @*i _Lit ?L| _hiU|*) hii@* ?|i?|L?t
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@h) t|LU@t|U@**) N?_ih |t uLh4*@|L?c Liihc |i tL*|L? |L |i ThLM*i4 t ?L| @ *?i@h _iUtL? h*i

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hiti?|@|i tLU@* *Ltt u?U|L? W? T@h|U*@hc i i |i 5| UL4TL?i?| Lu E2e @t hiThiti?|?} 
_Lt)?Uh@|U Ui?|h@*M@?! Thiuihi?Uit E|@| 4@)c uLh ?t|@?Uic hiiU| @ |i4TLh@h*) ?Uhi@ti_ 
?i?Ui Lh Thitthi uhL4 tL4i tTiU@*?|ihit| }hLT @?_ i t@) |@| |i hiThiti?|@|i tLU@*
*Ltt u?U|L? @t |i t@4i uLh4 @t E2 c M| | |i TihL_ *Ltt }i? M)

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uR| Z| n E,| 3 ,W 2 c E2.

ihi 5| _Lit ?L| i?|ih Atc |i Th@|i tiU|Lh @TTL?|t @ Ui?|h@* M@?!ih | }L@*t |@|
UL?U_i | |i Th@|i tiU|Lh<t L? @ih@}ic M| |@| @?_ih @ M| | |i @}@hit Lu |i
Ui?|h@* M@?!iht< Thiuihi?Uitb
`*i i i @4?i tiih@* hi}4itc ? @** hi}4it |i Ui?|h@* M@?! @t u** ?uLh4@|L? @ML| 
|t Thiuihi?Uit @?_c @| |i i?_ Lu TihL_ |c | @t u** ?uLh4@|L? @ML| @** TihL_ | tLU!t
Ai |4i *?i ? i@U TihL_ }Lit @t uL**Lt | |i i?_ Lu TihL_ | 3 c |i TM*U uLh4t 
|t i TiU|@|L?t Lu TihL_ | @h@M*it Ai Ui?|h@* M@?! LMtihit |Lti i TiU|@|L?t | |i
Mi}???} Lu TihL_ |c |i Ui?|h@* M@?! LMtihit |t i4T*L)4i?| |@h}i|c 5| c @?_ |i tTT*)
tLU!c 0| c @?_ ULLtit |t ?|i?|L?c |  i |c |i UL?|hL* ihhLhc #| c t hi@*3i_c }?} Z| @?_ |i
TM*U LMtihit 0| c }?} ,|  Ai? |i U)U*i Mi}?t @}@? ** Lu |i tLU!t ? |i 4L_i* @hi 
L?|*) ?Lh4@*c 4|@**) ?ULhhi*@|i_c @?_ @i 3ihL 4i@? @?_ € i_ @h@?Ui Ai @h@?Ui Lu
@?) T@h|U*@h tLU! % t _i?L|i_ j%2 

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?i Lu |i Mi?i€|t Lu |t uh@4iLh! t |@| | @**Lt u@h*) ?@|h@* 4T*i4i?|@|L?t Lu |i !i)
?L|L?t Lu Uhi_M*|)c hiT|@|L?c @?_ |h@?tT@hi?U) Aiti UL?UiT|t @** hi*@|i |L |i _)?@4Ut
Lu Ui?|h@*M@?! Thiuihi?Uit `i? 5| t }c i |h@ i4T*L)4i?| t itTiU@**) @*@M*i |L |i
M@?!c h@t?} |i 4@h}?@* Mi?i€| |L TLt|i ?@|L? thThtit Wu 5| ihi u**) LMtihi_ ?
TihL_ | 3 c |i? i? |i TM*U LMtihi_ @ } 5| |t ?@|L? i TiU|@|L? L*_ hti |L |i
TL?| @| U |i 4@h}?@* i4T*L)4i?| Mi?i€| |L |i Ui?|h@* M@?! uhL4 t*}|*) }ih |@?
i TiU|i_ ?@|L? L*_ t| Mi Lgti| M) |i ?@|L? ULt| Ai M@?! L*_ |i? 4T*i4i?|
uc uLh ?t|@?Uic +L}Lg d2.oc `@*t d fo @?_ d oc ihttL? @?_ A@Mi**? d2Do @?_ 5i?ttL? d2bo
Ai ?|ihThi|@|L? Lu *Ltt u?U|L?t ? 4L_i*t ? |i @hhLBLh_L? uh@4iLh! t @*@)t tM|*i @?_ UL4T*
U@|i_ ?i U@? UL?t|hU| E4Lt|*) uhL4 @h}4i?|t }i? i*tiihi ? |t *|ih@|hi @ t|€U@|L? Lu E2e @t
@ |hi tLU@* *Ltt u?U|L? W? tLh|c |i @h@M*i 5| t |i _ithi_ h@|i Lu i4T*L)4i?|c U _giht uhL4 |i
?@|h@* h@|i _i |L |4i@h)?} _t|Lh|L?t @ML| U |i Ui?|h@* M@?! @t tTiU@* !?L*i_}i Lhi ? *?i 
| Lh Thiuihhi_ ?|ihThi|@|L?c L?i U@? @hhi @| ML| E2e @?_ E2. @t _gihi?| @}}hi}@|L?t Lu i|ihL}i?iLt 
?__@* *Lttit | E2. ?L*?} 4Lhi hiThiti?|@|i i}|t `i Thiuih |L ?|ihThi| |i4 *itt *|ih@**) @t
@TThL 4@|L?t |@| U@T|hi itti?|@* ui@|hit Lu |i ThLM*i4

|i i TiU|i_ ?@|L? h@|i
`i? 5| t ?L| LMtih@M*ic |i TM*U<t ?@|L? i TiU|@|L? _iTi?_t L? |t TihL_ | 3 
@ttitt4i?| Lu |i Ui?|h@* M@?!<t TihL_ | i4T*L)4i?| |@h}i|c 5|ƒ|3  Atc 5|ƒ|3 t44@h3it
|i hiT|@|L? Lu |i Ui?|h@* M@?! @4L?} Th@|i tiU|Lh @}i?|tf
`i @hi @*tL ?|ihit|i_ ? |i Uhi_M*|) Lu |i 3ihL Ei TiU|i_ ?@|L? TL*Uit |@| @hi
LT|4@* ? Lh 4L_i* Atc i 4@}?i |i Ui?|h@* M@?! ? i@U TihL_ | 3  @??L?U?} @
3ihL ?@|L? |@h}i| uLh TihL_ |c @?_ i 4i@thi |i Uhi_M*|)c S|3 c Lu |@| @??L?Ui4i?| @t
4?t |i @MtL*|i @*i Lu |i TM*U<t ?@|L? i TiU|@|L?G

S|3 3 ƒZ|ƒ|3 ƒ E2H

Ai uh|ih ?@|L? i TiU|@|L?t @hi uhL4 3ihLc |i *Lih t Uhi_M*|)2
`i|ih Lh ?L| |i hiT|@|L? ULhhiU|*) U@h@U|ih3it |i M@?!<t Thiuihi?Uit t @*4Lt| @t 
4TLh|@?| @t hiT|@|L? |ti*u `i? hi** hiuihhi_ |L @ RUhi_M*|) M?_ ? |i 6 4ii|?}c 
i ThLM@M*) __ ?L| t4T*) Mi*ii |@| |i 6i_<t hiT|@|L? @t uLh @**L?} ?@|L? |L }L
@MLi D TihUi?|c i @*tL |L}| |@| |t i __ ?L| @UUh@|i*) hiiU| |i 6i_<t *L?@|L?
3i@* Atc ?L| L?*) M@_ hiT|@|L?c M| @*tL 4tTihUii_ M@_ hiT|@|L? t 4TLh|@?| W?
Lh 4L_i*c |t t|@|L? ** ULhhitTL?_ |L |i U@ti i? 5|ƒ|3 t }hi@|ih |@? 5| E@?_ 5| t
Ah@?tT@hi?U) @t |L _L | L i@t) | t uLh |i TM*U |L _i_Ui Ui?|h@* M@?! ?|i?|L?t
uhL4 LMtih@M*it `i? 5| t ?L| LMtih@M*ic |i TM*U *i@h?t @ML| 5| uhL4 |i iUL?L4U
L|UL4itc M| |i LMtih@M*i L|UL4it EZ| c 0| @?_ ,|  _L ?L| TihuiU|*) hii@* |i Ui?|h@* M@?!<t 
?|i?|L?t _i |L |i UL?|hL* ihhLhc #|  +i_U?} |i UL?|hL* ihhLh @h@?Uic j#2 c 4@!it _i_U?}
5| i@tihc @?_ |ihiM)c ?Uhi@tit |h@?tT@hi?U) At t |i L?*) ?L|L? Lu @h)?} |h@?tT@hi?U) ? 
c @?_ |t ?L|L? @t |i ?uLh|?@|i *4|@|L? |@| ?Uhi@t?} |h@?tT@hi?U) t4*|@?iLt*) 
@t |i _hiU| Mi?i€| Lu 4ThL?} |i UL?|hL* Lu |i Ui?|h@* M@?!
AL U*@hu) |i _t|?U|L? Mi|ii? |i UL?|hL* ihhLh @?_ |h@?tT@hi?U)c i @tt4i |@| |i
W? @** |i i^*Mh@ Mi*Lc |t @h@M*i t @ tUi?| t|@|t|U uLh @| |i t|Lh) Lu TL*U) L|UL4it @t
|@}| |i TM*U @ML| |i Ui?|h@* M@?!<t Thiuihi?Uit
t ?L|i_ Mi*Lc |i i*u@hi4@ 43?} TL*U) ?L*it @ L?iTihL_@i@_ ?@|L? i TiU|@|L? Lu 3ihL(
|i? ?@|L? @| | hitTL?_t L?*) |L |i tTT*) tLU! @| |
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_gihi?Ui Mi|ii? |i TL*U)4@!ih<t T*@?t @?_ |i Th@|i tiU|Lh<t Mi*iut @ML| |Lti T*@?tv Ai t4@**ih v |t
_gihi?Uic |i }ih |i Uhi_M*|) Lu T*@??i_ 4L?i|@h) TL*U) At ULhhitTL?_t |L 3 v| 3 |ƒ|3 v ? Lh
?L|@|L? W? |t ic |i TM*U _Lit ?L| !?L i|ih Lh ?L| |i M@?! t Uhi_M*ic ihi@t ? Lh ic |i
Uhi_M*|) Lu @? @??L?Ui4i?| t tL4i|?} _}i_ M) |Lti |L L4 |i @??L?Ui4i?| t 4@_i 6h|ihc ?
Lh ic | t TLttM*i |@| @ M@?! 4}| Uhi_M*) @??L?Ui @ 3ihL?@|L? TL*U) i? ?|i?_?} |L 4T*i4i?| 
}ih ?@|L? Atc i Mi*ii |@| Lh _i€?|L? Lu Uhi_M*|) t U*Ltih |L |i UL44L? t@}i Lu |i |ih4

UL?|hL* ihhLh t@|t€it
#| 1| n D| c E2b 

ihi 1| @?_ D| @hi ?_iTi?_i?| 4i@?3ihL ?Lh4@* tLU!t Ai Th@|i tiU|Lh LMtihit 1| @|
|i i?_ Lu TihL_ |c ihi@t |i UL4TL?i?| D| hi4@?t ?LMtih@M*i Ai @h@?Uit Lu 1| @?_
D| u*€**

j12 ' j#2

jD2 ' E 3 j#2 c E2f 

ihi i U@** |i T@h@4i|ih Ef $ $  E|i _i}hii Lu |h@?tT@hi?U) Atc 4i@thit
|i t@hi Lu |i UL?|hL*ihhLh @h@?Ui |@| @htit uhL4 |i LMtih@M*i UL4TL?i?| 6Lh ' fc
R4?44 |h@?tT@hi?U)c ?L T@h| Lu |i UL?|hL* ihhLh t LMtihi_ M) |i TM*U 6Lh ' c Ru**
|h@?tT@hi?U) Lu ?|i?|L?c |i L*i UL?|hL* ihhLh t LMtih@M*i @?_ |i TM*U U@? TihuiU|*) 
?uih |i M@?!<t ?|i?|L? uhL4 Z| 
Ai T@h@_}4 U@ti Lu ?Uhi@ti_ |h@?tT@hi?U) t ThLM@M*) |i 44i_@|i hi*i@ti Lu 6
|h@?tUhT|t At L*_ ?L| _hiU|*) @*|ih 4L?i|@h) UL?|hL*c M| _Lit Ui|iht T@hMt 4@!i |
i@tih uLh |i TM*U |L _i_Ui |i 6i_<t ?|i?|L?t 54*@h*)c ? ?@|L?|@h}i|?} UL?|hitc
|i hi}*@h TM*U@|L? Lu ?uLh4@|i W?@|L? +iTLh|t Lh L?i|@h) L*U) 5|@|i4i?|t 4@!it 
| i@tih uLh |i TM*U |L _i_Ui |i Ui?|h@* M@?!<t ?|i?|L?t

2 Ahii hi}4it

W? Lh_ih |L t|_) |i hL*it Lu Uhi_M*|) @?_ |h@?tT@hi?U)c i uLUt L? |hii 4L?i|@h) TL*U)
hi}4itc U _gih M) |i _i}hii Lu |h@?tT@hi?U)c M| @i ? UL44L? @ *@U! Lu @ UL44|4i?|
|iU?L*L})c tL |i Ui?|h@* M@?! 4?43it |t *Ltt u?U|L? E2  ?_ih _tUhi|L? Aiti @hiG

N N?LMtih@M*i }L@* @?_ ?|i?|L?G W? |t hi}4ic f $ c @?_ 5| @?_ | @hi ?L| LMtihi_
M) |i Th@|i tiU|Lh W? TihL_ |c |i Th@|i tiU|Lh LMtihit L?*) Z| c ,| c 1| @?_ 0|  

W Mtih@M*i ?|i?|L?G At t hi}4i N | ' c u** |h@?tT@hi?U) Lu ?|i?|L? Ai
Th@|i tiU|Lh _Lit ?L| LMtihi 5| _hiU|*)c M| | LMtihit Z| c ,| c 0| c @?_ #| c uhL4 U |
U@? _i_Ui | @?_c ? i^*Mh4c 5| c |L| ihhLh 

B Mtih@M*i }L@*G R, |hi4i |h@?tT@hi?U) W? TihL_ |c |i Th@|i tiU|Lh _hiU|*) LMtihit
5| c Z| c #| c 0| c @?_ ,| 

+i}4i N t Lh M@ti*?i U@ti +i}4i W t |i *4| Lu hi}4i N i? |h@?tT@hi?U) hi@Uit 
|t 4@ 44 `i ** tL |@| |i TM*U U@? ?uih |i M@?!<t }L@* TihuiU|*) ? hi}4i Wc M|

|i i^*Mh4 t hi4@h!@M*) _gihi?| uhL4 |i i^*Mh4 ? hi}4i B ? U |i }L@* t
_hiU|*) LMtihi_ h@|ih |@? TihuiU|*) ?uihhi_
t @ M@tt Lu UL4T@htL?c i UL?t_ih hi}4i 5 E|i tLU@* LT|44 ? U |i Ui?|h@*
M@?! t uLhUi_ |L UL44| |L @ TL*U) h*i |@| 4?43it |i tLU@* *Ltt u?U|L?c E2  |
E2. At hit*|t ? |i t|@?_@h_ UL44|4i?| tL*|L?c

| ' 3 0|  E2

Ai TL*U) |i? LT|4@**) t4LL|t |i igiU| Lu |i tTT*) tLU! Mi|ii? ?@|L? @?_ i4T*L)
4i?| Ai TL*U) LMLt*) _thi}@h_t 5| c U _Lit ?L| i?|ih |i tLU@* *Ltt u?U|L? Ai
hi}4i t|_i_ M) !ih4@?i*|3ih d.o t hiii_ ? TTi?_ #
W| t hi*i@?| |L @t! ) |i L|ih hi}4it @hi Lu ?|ihit| i? |i t4T*i h*i E2 UL*_ Mi 
4TLti_ |L 4@ 43i tLU@* i*u@hi `i Mi*ii |@|c ? |i hi@* Lh*_c TL*U) ?_ih _tUhi|L?
@htit MiU@ti |i UL4T*i |) Lu |i iUL?L4U @?_ TL*|U@* i?hL?4i?| 4@!i UL_€U@|L?c
@_LT|L?c @?_ ih€U@|L? Lu @ }LL_ TL*U) h*i 4TLttM*i W? @?) uLh4@* 4L_i* |@| U@? Mi
tL*i_c @ uLhU?} h*i 4@) tii4 *!i |i LMLt @?tih `i ?iih|i*itt Mi*ii |@| t|_)?}
_tUhi|L? @?_ |h@?tT@hi?U) ? tL*@M*i 4L_i*t t @ tiu* @) |L }@? ?t}|t @ML| 4Lhi
UL4T*i i?hL?4i?|t ? U @?@*)|U@* hit*|t U@??L| Mi LM|@?i_

2e Bi?ihU iUL?L4U _)?@4Ut uLh @** hi}4it

Ai @?@*)tt Lu |iti hi}4it t }hi@|*) t4T*€i_ M) |i u@U| |@| |i _)?@4Ut Lu |i iUL?L4)c 
T |L |i T@h@4i|iht Lu |i Ui?|h@* M@?! TL*U) h*ic @hi |i t@4i ? i@U hi}4i W? @** hi}4itc 
i @tt4i |@| |i Th@|i tiU|Lh Mi*iit |@| |i Ui?|h@* M@?!<t TL*U) uL**Lt

| ' &f n & 0| n &2 5| n & 5|ƒ|3 c E22

uLh tL4i ULiUi?|t &f c c & e
`i UL?€h4 ? tiU|L? |@|c u |i Th@|i tiU|Lh Mi*iit |i TL*U) t }i? M) E22c
|i Ui?|h@* M@?! ** LT|4@**) Mi@i @UULh_?} |L E22 At @tt4T|L? @t |i igiU| Lu
U@**4 d22o @t Uh|U3i_ |i UL44|4i?| @?_ _tUhi|L? uh@4iLh! | |i @h}4i?| |@| |i _tUhi|L?
i^*Mh4 t hhi*i@?|c t?Ui Ui?|h@* M@?!t L*_ t4T*) tii |hL} |i ThLM*i4 @?_ _L |i h}| |?} `i
|@!i T |t @h}4i?| ? |i UL?U*tL?t
Ai u?U|L? E22 t @ t4T*€U@|L? Lu
| ' &f n & 0| n &2 5| n & 5|ƒ|3 n &e 5|3 c 

U @**Lt TL*U) |L _iTi?_ tiT@h@|i*) L? 5| @?_ 5|3 c @?_ i?Ui tiT@h@|i*) L? w|  L?i Lu Lh hit*|t U@?}i 
u i Mi}? M) @tt4?} |@| |i TM*U Mi*iit TL*U) t 4@_i @UULh_?} |L |i 4Lhi }i?ih@* h*i A@| tc uLh
@** |i U@tit i UL?t_ihc |i i^*Mh4 _iUtL? h*i i?_t T @?} &e ' f

4@!?} @ t4T*i *?i@h *i@h??} tUi4i LT|4@* uLh |i Th@|i tiU|Lh @?_c ? T@h|U*@hc h*it
L| t}?@**?} i^*Mh@ ? U t4@** U@?}it ? TL*U) U@? t}?@* t@hT _gihi?Uit ? Ui?|h@*
M@?! |)Ti
Bi? |i Th@|i tiU|Lh<t Mi*iu ? E22c i TiU|i_ ?@|L? t }i? M)

Z|ƒ|3 ' &f n E&2 n & 5|ƒ|3 c E2 

@?_ i4T*L)4i?| iL*it @UULh_?} |L

,| ' | n #| 3 &f 3 E&2 n & 5|ƒ|3 n 0|  E2e

Aiti i ThittL?t ** L*_ i|ih Lh ?L| |i Th@|i tiU|Lh<t Mi*iut @ML| TL*U) @hi h@|L
?@* W? h@|L?@* i TiU|@|L?t i^*Mh4c |i Ui?|h@* M@?! Mi@it @UULh_?} |L E22c @?_
i^*Mh4 _)?@4Ut @hic

Z| ' &f n & 0| n &2 5| n & 5|ƒ|3 n #| E2D

Z|ƒ|3 ' &f n E&2 n &  5|ƒ|3 E2S

Z| 3 Z|ƒ|3 ' & 0| n &2 E5| 3 5|ƒ|3  n #| E2.

,| ' E n & 0| n &2 E5| 3 5|ƒ|3  n #| E2H

,| 3 ,|W ' E n & 0| n &2 E5| 3 5|ƒ|3  n #| 3 ,W 3 5| E2b

Ai L?*) i?_L}i?Lt @h@M*i ?L| _i|ih4?i_ ihi t |i !i) |L |i @?@*)ttG hiT|@|L?c 5|ƒ|3 
Ai ?i | tiU|L? UL4T*i|it |i _ih@|L? Lu |i h@|L?@*i TiU|@|L?t i^*Mh@ uLh |i @hLt

5L*?} |i 4L_i* 

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 tL*i |i 4L_i* uLh |ih U@ti M) tL*?} |i Th@|i tiU|Lh<t *i@h??} @?_ LT|43@|L?
ThLM*i4 @?_ |i Ui?|h@* M@?!<t LT|43@|L? ThLM*i4 _hiU|*) At tL*|L? t UL4T*U@|i_ @?_
MiUL4it ?|h@U|@M*i i? UL?t_ih?} |i 4Lhi t|@?_@h_ *Ltt u?U|L? i ti `i €?_ @ tL*|L?
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@?_ E  c hitTiU|i*) Aihi @hi |L t|@|i @h@M*it ? |t iUL?L4)c @?_ uLh Lh ThTLtitc | 
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ihi ,|3 _i?L|it |i i TiU|@|L? Lu |i Ui?|h@* M@?! }i? |t ?uLh4@|L? @| |i Mi}???} Lu
TihL_ |c @u|ih | @t LMtihi_ 0| @?_ w| c M| MiuLhi #| c Z| c @?_ ,| @i Mii? hi@*3i_ iU@ti
|i *Ltt u?U|L? t ^@_h@|U @?_ |i |L t|@|i @h@M*it iL*i *?i@h*) E@UULh_?} |L E2S @?_
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At t i@t*) ih€i_c @tt4?} |@| 5|ƒ|3 ' ,R d5| ƒ@** Th@|i tiU|Lh ?uLh4@|L? ? TihL_ | 3 o
A@| tc i? |i uLhiU@t| ihhLh @h@?Ui @t UL?ih}i_ 5ii @TTi?_ 
<t €ht| _i€?|L? Lu Uhi_M*|) @t _tUtti_ @MLi  tiUL?_ _i€?|L? t }i? L? T fbG Rb dU
i^@*t Lh 4 3 }&2 o U@? |ihiuLhi Mi |@!i? @t @ 4i@thi Lu Uhi_M*|) Ai }ih bc |i *L?}ih | |@!it |i
TM*U |L hiUL}?3i @ U@?}i ? }Lih?4i?|@* LMiU|it @?_ |i *Lihc |ihiuLhic |i }Lih?4i?|<t Uhi_M*|)
`i Thiuih |L ?|ihThi| 4 3 }&2 @t EL?i u@U|Lh ? |i Tihtt|i?Ui Lu hiT|@|L?

ihi |i ULiUi?|t Bf c c BD hi4@? |L Mi _i|ih4?i_
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ihi |i _ih@|i Y| i?|iht MiU@ti Uhhi?| TL*U) @giU|t u|hi hiT|@|L? |hL} E 
@?_ E   Ai i TiU|@|L?t @?_ |i T@h|@* _ih@|i ? |t i ThittL? U@? Mi i@*@|i_ t?}
i ThittL?t @*hi@_) tL?c @?_ |i hit*|?} i ThittL? U@? Mi tL*i_ uLh | c LM|@??} @ TL*U)
h*i Lu |i uLh4 E22 | ULiUi?|t Etii @TTi?_ 

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i^@|L?c &2 ' sE&2 c ihi sE&2  M dfc 2 o uLh @** &2 @?_ s t UL?|?Lt L? dfc 2 o  t4T*i € i_
TL?| @h}4i?| }@h@?|iit |i i t|i?Ui Lu @| *i@t| L?i tL*|L? Atc |ihi t @? i^*Mh4 
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|i Th@|i tiU|Lh ? E22H `*i i @i ?L| ThLi_ ?^i?itt Lu |i tL*|L?c i @i
UL?€h4i_ ?^i?itt ?4ihU@**)c @t _tUtti_ Mi*L
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TTih *4|c @?_ U@ti B ELMtih@M*i }L@* ? U |i Ui?|h@* M@?!<t }L@* t _hiU|*) LMtih@M*i 

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?|i?|L?t E '  Atc |i &t uL**L M) *i||?} jD2 }L |L 3ihL ? |i i ThittL?t uLh |i M@ti*?i
H W| t Lh| i4T@t3?} |@| |i _ih@|L? hit|t L? |i @tt4T|L? |@| |i Th@|i tiU|Lh @tt4it |i Ui?|h@*
M@?! @U|t @UULh_?} |L E22 Aihi @hi @*4Lt| thi*) tL4i L|ih i^*Mh@ Lu |i 4L_i* |L| |t @tt4T|L? 
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5|ƒ|3 45|3 E D 

?_iTi?_i?|*) Lu |i TL*U) h*i Ai @*i u?U|L? E e uhL4 |i M@ti*?i hi}4i t t|**
@TThLTh@|ic M| | E D W?@|L? i TiU|@|L?tc Z|ƒ|3 c @hi }i? M) E2S | E Dc

Z|ƒ|3 ' &f n E&2 n & 45|3  E S

5?Ui Y| fc |i €ht|Lh_ih UL?_|L? | hitTiU| |L | c E .c t ?L
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,|3 E| n #|  n E| n #| 3 Z|ƒ|3 n 0| 3 ,W 3 5|  ' 2| 3 Z|ƒ|3 n 0| 3 ,W 3 5| ' fc 

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E&f n ,W  n 0| n 5| n E&2 n &  45|3 n w| 
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&2 ' & '  E b

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`i t44@h3i |i ?4ihU@* @TThL@U ihi( uLh _i|@*tc tii TTi?_Uit  @?_ , W? Lh_ih |L
i T*Lhi ThLTih|it |@| UL*_ ?L| Mi ThLi_ @?@*)|U@**) uLh @** T@h@4i|ih @*itc i t|_) |i
ThLTih|it uLh @ *@h}i ?4Mih Lu T@h|U*@h T@h@4i|ih @*it 5TiU€U@**)c i tL*i |i 4L_i*

uLh ffcfff TL?|t _h@? ?uLh4*) uhL4 |i T@h@4i|ih tT@Ui Eqc 4c  M dfc o c Ej#2 c jw2 c j02 c ,W  M
dfc foe  ?Ui |i 4L_i* t tL*i_c i |@**) U @4L?} @ *@h}i ?4Mih Lu U*@4t L*_ |hi uLh
|@| T@h@4i|ih @*ic i}G Wt Ui?|h@* M@?! *Ltt ? hi}4i N *Lih |@? ? Wq Wt |i _ih@|i
Lu |i Ui?|h@* M@?! *Ltt | hitTiU| |L |h@?tT@hi?U) TLt|iq
Wu @ ThLTih|) L*_t uLh tL4i T@h@4i|ih @*it @?_ ?L| uLh L|ihtc |i tL*|L?t uLh |i
T@h|U*@h T@h@4i|ih @*it UL?t|||i @ UL?t|hU|i ThLLu |@| |i hit*| t ?_i|ih4?@|i Wu @
ThLTih|) L*_t uLh @** ffcfff TL?|tc i _L ?L| @i ThLLu |@| |i ThLTih|) L*_t uLh @** @*itc
M| L?i U@? 4@!i @ ih) t|hL?} ThLM@M*t|U t|@|i4i?| Wu @ U*@4 L*_t uLh i@U Lu  _h@tc
|i ThLM@M*|) |@| |i U*@4 t u@*ti L? @ uh@U|L? Lu |i T@h@4i|ih tT@Ui Lu @| *i@t| t3i / t
*itt |@? Lh i^@* |L E 3 /  Atc | ffcfff _h@tc |i ThLM@M*|) |@| |i U*@4 t u@*ti
uLh @| *i@t| ff TihUi?| Lu |i T@h@4i|ih tT@Ui t *itt |@? fffD TihUi?|b 2f 

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@hi UL44L? @UhLtt hi}4it Nc Wc @?_ BG

Z| ' &f n &2 5| n & 5|ƒ|3 3 0| n #| E 2f
Z|ƒ|3 ' &f n E&2 n &  5|ƒ|3 E 2
Z| 3 Z|ƒ|3 ' &2 E5| 3 5|ƒ|3  3 0| n #| E 22
,| ' &2 E5| 3 5|ƒ|3  n 0| n #| E 2 
5|nƒ| ' E4 3 }&2  5|ƒ|3 n }E&2 5| n D|  E 2e
0 a
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' 4 5|ƒ|3 n E 3 5| n }D| c E 2D
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ihi ? E 2D i LMtihi |@| |i _)?@4Ut Lu hiT|@|L? U@? @*tL Mi i Thitti_ ? |ih4t Lu @
t}?@*|L?Lti h@|Lc rc _i€?i_ M) |i h@|L Lu |i @h@?Uit Lu |i t}?@* ? |i k@*4@? €*|ihc
+| ' &2 E5| 3 5|ƒ|3  n D| c @?_ |i ?Ltic D| c

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@hi t44@h3i_ ? A@M*i 
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+@|ih |@? t?} @ ?uLh4 _h@ uhL4 |i T@h@4i|ih tT@Uic | @ 4i@??}u* ThLh _i?t|) 4i@th?}
|i i4ThU@* hi*i@?Ui Lu @hLt hi}L?tc L?i U@? ThL_Ui 4Lhi 4i@??}u* TLt|ihLh 4i@thit Lu |i i4ThU@*
hi*i@?Ui Lu |i UL4T|i_ ThLTih|it

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+i}4i 0| 5| 5|ƒ|3
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L|itG  _i?L|it |i @h@?Ui Lu |i uLhiU@t| ihhLhc ,dE5| 3 5|ƒ|3 2 o

Ai ?i | |L tiU|L?t |@!i T |i UL4T@h@|i Mi@Lh Lu M@?!t | _gihi?| *ii*t Lu
Uhi_M*|) @?_ Lu |h@?tT@hi?U)c hitTiU|i*)

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h hi}4i N tc Tih@Ttc |i 4Lt| t|h@}|uLh@h_ }i?ih@*3@|L? Lu |i @hhLBLh_L? 4L_i*
d o |@| }it hU _)?@4Ut ? hiT|@|L? @?_ Uhi_M*|) Ai @hhLBLh_L? 4L_i* t @ tTiU@*
U@ti Lu Lh B hi}4i ? U |i i4T*L)4i?| |@h}i| t UL?t|@?| E4 ' jw2 ' f @?_ |ihi t
?L UL?|hL* ihhLh EjD2 ' j#2 ' f2 W4TLt?} |iti T@h@4i|ih UL?t|h@?|t ? Lh B tL*|L?
}it |i @hhLBLh_L? tL*|L?c Z| ' | ' ,W 3 2 0| @?_ ,| ' 2 0|  W? |t i^*Mh4c u |i
Ui?|h@* M@?! @??L?Ui_ |i i*u@hi4@ 43?}c 3ihL?@|L? TL*U)c | L*_ ?L| Mi Uhi_M*ic
S| 3 ,W  hi_M*|) t ?L| t|LU@t|Uc Liihc @?_ |t 4L_i* Lgiht ui ?t}|t @ML| |i
tLh| Lu _)?@4U ttit U@T|hi_ ? |i uL*! t_L4 _tUtti_ ? |i ?|hL_U|L?
W? hi}4i Nc t|LU@t|U @?_ Th@|i Ui?|h@*M@?! }L@*t UL4M?i_ | ?Lti |@| 4@t!t |i
M@?!<t |hi ?|i?|L?t *i@_ |L @? i^*Mh4 | |4i@h)?} Uhi_M*|) Ai? Uhi_M*|)
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|@|L? _iTi?_t TLt|i*) L? |i Tihtt|i?Ui Lu |i Ui?|h@* M@?!<t i4T*L)4i?| |@h}i|c 4c @?_
?i}@|i*) L? |i t}?@*|L?Lti h@|Lc r 5|@h|?} | @ ULhhiU|*) TihUii_ Ui?|h@* M@?!
E5|ƒ|3 ' 45|3 c @ TLt|i i4T*L)4i?| |@h}i| tLU! ? TihL_ | Ew| : f Ttit 5| @MLi |i
hiT|@|L? ) E 22 |i M@?!c iih)|?} i*ti i^@*c ** ULLti @ TL*U) |@| t 4Lhi ?@
|L?@h) |@? i TiU|i_ M) |i TM*U  TLt|i ?LMtih@M*i UL4TL?i?| Lu |i UL?|hL* ihhLh

@hhL @?_ BLh_L? d o @*tL ?U*_i |i U@ti Lu @? LMtih@M*i i L}i?Lt @|Lhi}hitti ?@|h@* h@|i Lu ?i4
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ED| : f ** 4@!i ?@|L? @| | }ih |@? |i M@?! ?|i?_i_c M) E 2D ihhL?iLt*) Tt?} 
T |i M@?!<t ?@|L?@h) hiT|@|L? L*U) @| | n  ** |i?c iih)|?} i*ti i^@*c Mi *itt 
?@|L?@h) |@? i TiU|i_ Ai hi4@?_ih Lu |t tiU|L? _tUttit U*@4t E @?_ E2 ? |i 
?|hL_U|L?G i|ihc uLh }i? |h@?tT@hi?U)c @ *LUhi_M*|) M@?! ** Thti @ 4Lhi Lh *itt
i T@?tL?@h) 4L?i|@h) TL*U) |@? @ }Uhi_M*|) M@?!c @?_ i|ih @ *LUhi_M*|) M@?!
hitTL?_t _gihi?|*) |L @ tTT*) tLU!

e hi_M*|) @?_ LT|4@* TL*U) | € i_ |h@?tT@hi?U)

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|L uL**L @ *itt i T@?tL?@h) ?@|L? TL*U)Qt@Uh€U?} tL4i i4T*L)4i?|Q? Lh_ih |L hi}@?
Uhi_M*|)c |@? L*_ @ M@?! | } Uhi_M*|) Ai tiUL?_ U*@4 t |@| @ *LUhi_M*|)
M@?! @t *itt i M*|) LT|4@**) |L hitTL?_ |L tTT*) tLU!t Ai €ht| U*@4 L?*) L*_t ?_ih
U@hiu* ?|ihThi|@|L? ? Lh 4L_i*( |i tiUL?_ _Lit ?L| L*_
AL @ttitt |iti U*@4tc i UL4T@hi |L hi@*3@|L?t Lu |i iUL?L4)c t|@h|?} ? |i Mi}???}
Lu TihL_ | | |i t@4i @*i Lu |i t|@|i @h@M*i 5|3 c M| ? L?i U@ti Uhi_M*|) t *L E
@?_ ? |i L|ih | t } Ec S|3 S|3  hi_M*|) @*L?i _Lit ?L| |i** |i t}? Lu ?@|L?
i TiU|@|L?t( i hit|hU| |i _tUttL? Lu @ *L @?_ @ } Uhi_M*|) M@?! |L t|@|L?t Lu
TLt|i E|@| tc |LL } ?@|L? i TiU|@|L?tG Z|ƒ|3 : Z|ƒ|3 D f ) E 2c |i |L M@?!t<
hiT|@|L?t ** |i? u*€** 5|ƒ|3 : 5|ƒ|3  6Lh @?) @h@M*i %| c _i€?i {%| %| 3 %| c |i
*LUhi_M*|) @*i 4?t |i }Uhi_M*|) @*i `i |t @i

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E Ai *LUhi_M*|) M@?! LT|4@**) 4T*i4i?|t }ih ?@|L? |@? |i }Uhi_M*|) M@?!c
{Z| : f(
E Ai *LUhi_M*|) M@?! LT|4@**) 4T*i4i?|t *Lih ?@|L? hi*@|i |L Th@|i tiU|Lh
i TiU|@|L?t {EZ| 3Z|ƒ|3  f At *@h}ih ?i}@|i ?@|L? thThti *i@_t |L *Lih i4T*L)4i?| 
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{Z| ' & {5|ƒ|3 E&2 n & {5|ƒ|3 ' {Z|ƒ|3

@?_ & &2 n &  Ai *LUhi_M*|) M@?! @UUL44L_@|it T@h| Luc M| L?*) T@h| Luc |i }ih 
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u|hi Lh! W? @ tiT@h@|i T@Tihc dboc i @hi |@!?} T @ 4Lhi |LhL} |hi@|4i?| Lu |i
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h*i t *?i@h( @t @ UL?ti^i?Uic | t LT|4@* uLh |i Ui?|h@* M@?! |L hit|hU| |ti*u |L @ *?i@h
h*i +i*@ ?} |t @tt4T|L?c @t i** @t }i?ih@*3?} L|ih @tTiU|t Mi)L?_ Lh u?_@4i?|@**)
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,R|3 d5|3 o ' 5|3
V@hR|3 d5|3 o ' |3ƒ|3 

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5|ƒ|3 ' 45|3ƒ|3 c

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0` ‚2 a
|ƒ|3 ' ,R|3 5| 3 5|ƒ|3 ' 42 |3ƒ|3 n jw2 

Ai T_@|?} i^@|L?t @hi
5|ƒ| ' 5|ƒ|3 n E+| 3 V5|ƒ|3 
8| V2 |ƒ|3 n jD2
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V2 |2ƒ|3
|nƒ| ' 4 |ƒ|3 3
n jw2 

W? @ t|i@_) t|@|ic |@| tc i? |i LT|4@* Thi_U|L? Lu |i @h@?Ui @t UL?ih}i_c i 
@i |nƒ| ' |ƒ|3 '  c U 4T*it
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2 V2  2 jD2 
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V  n jD2 V2  n jD2

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hLL| t %
h A 2 2
h j2
h E 3 42  VD2 3 jw2 2 jD
2 E 3 42  jVD2 3 jw2
 '  EV  3 nj
w 2 3 : f E
2 V 2

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) ` ‚ K
5|nƒ| ' 45|ƒ|3 n } V 5| 3 5|ƒ|3 n D| E2
' E4 3 }V 5|ƒ|3 n } EV5| n D|  c E  

ihi }c |i k@*4@? }@?c t }i? M)

} ' }EV 4  Ee
V2  EV n jD2

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V2  EV
f $ }EVV 4 $ 4 ED
V2  EV n jD2
Ai hi*@|L? Mi|ii?  @?_ }V U@? Mi i Thitti_ ? tiih@* _gihi?| @)tc uLh ?t|@?Uic
jw2 n }2 jD2 2 2 2 2
 ' 2 ' jw n } jD n E4 3 }V 
 3 E4 3 }V
j2  }VjD2 jw2
' jw2 n 42 2 D 2
' 2 ' 
V  n jD V E4 3 }V  3 4 E4 3 }V 

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W?|hL_Ui |i uLhiU@t| ihhLh
e|n 5|n 3 5|nƒ|
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5| ' 45|3 n w|
' 5|ƒ|3 n e| c 

ihi |i UL4TL?i?|t @hi UL?_|L?@**) @?_ ?UL?_|L?@**) Lh|L}L?@*
Ai UL?_|L?@* €ht| @?_ tiUL?_ 4L4i?|t @hi
,R|3 e| ' f
,R|3 5| ' 5|ƒ|3
,|3 e| ' 45|3 3 5|ƒ|3
,|3 5| ' 45|3
V@hR|3 e| ' V@hR|3 5| ' 
` ‚ ` ‚
V@hR|3 5|nƒ| ' } 2 V2 V@hR|3 e| n jD2 ' } 2 V2  n jD2
) K ) K ) K ) K
LR|3 5|ƒ|3 c e| ' LR|3 5|ƒ|3 c 5| ' L|3 5|ƒ|3 c e| ' L|3 5|ƒ|3 c 5| ' f
V@h|3 e| ' V@h|3 5| ' jw2 

Ai ?UL?_|L?@* 4L4i?|tQ_i?|U@* uLh |i Th@|i tiU|Lh @?_ Ui?|h@* M@?!Q@hic
V@h d5| o '
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V@h de| o ' 
) K jw2
V@h 5|ƒ|3 ' 3
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) K ) K
L 5|ƒ|3 c 5| ' V@h 5|ƒ|3
) K
L 5|ƒ|3 c e| ' f

W? E c U@** +| ' V5| n D| |i t}?@*c @?_ D| |i ?Lti Ai? |i t}?@*|L?Lti E@h@?Ui
h@|Lc rEVc t _i€?i_ @t
V@hR|3 d+| o V2  EV n jD2
r EV ' ' D 
V@hR|3 dD| o jD2

`| tL4i @*}iMh@c  @?_ }V U@? Mi i Thitti_ ? |ih4t Lu r @t

j2 r
 ' Er 3  D2 ' j2 ES
V r 3 42 w
V2  4Er 3 
}V ' 4 2 ' E.
V  n jD2 r
4 3 }V '  EH
W| uL**Lt |@|  c } @hi ?Uhi@t?} ? r uLh }i? Vc @?_ |@|  @?_ }V @hi @*tL ?Uhi@t?} ? r 
i? V t i?_L}i?Ltc @t ? hi}4i N `i ?L|i uhL4 ES |@| r U@? Mi i Thitti_ |L| V @t

r'  Eb
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0 a
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5|nƒ| ' 4
r |ƒ|3
5 n E 3 5| n }D| 

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`i U@? tL |@| }EVV t ?Uhi@t?} ? Vc _itT|i |i u@U| |@|  EV t ?L| 4L?L|L?U ? V
At t MiU@ti V2 _L4?@|it ? |i |ih4 V2  EV ? ED W? Lh_ih |L tL |tc i ?L|i |@|
%# _
h E 3 42 j2 3 V2 j2 2 E 3 42 jD2 3 V2 jw2
V  EV '  D w n V2 jw2 jD2 3
2 2
9W  W 
E 3 42 jD2 3 V2 jw2 n eV2 jw2 jD2 3 E 3 42 jD2 3 V2 jw2

`i U@? ti| V  @?_ i @4?i Y E
Yjw2  `i }i|
9W ) K
2 E ' E 3 42 jD2 3 jw2 n ejw2 jD2 3 E 3 42 jD2 3 jw2
Y E  o ) K 
2 ' I 2 E 3 42 jD2 3 jw2 E3 n ejD2 n 
Yjw2 2
 o 2 ) 2 2 2
' I 2jD 3 E 3 4 jD 3 jw n
ƒ9 T
W 2 W 
E 3 42 j 2 D 3 j2 w n ej2 j2
w D3 E 3 42 j2 D 3 j2
w n 2jD2
' I : fc

ihi i LMtihi |@| |i |ih4 |? Uh*) Mh@U!i|t t TLt|i Oi?Ui YV YV
: f
W? Lh_ih |L tL Y}V*YjD : fc *i| t t|@h| | rc U i U@? h|i
9W 2 W 
V2  EV n jD2 E 3 42  3 V2 jw2 *jD2 n eV2 jw2 *jD2 3 E 3 42  3 V2 jw2 *jD2
r ' n 
jD2 2

`i hi@*3i |@| # _
Yr Yr V2 jw2
' 3 
YjD2 YEV2 jw2 *jD2  jDe

OLiihc Y EV2 jYr2 *j2  : f M) |i t@4i @h}4i?| @t uLh Y
E Yr
2 @MLi Oi?Uic Yj 2 f Atc
w D w D
@? ?Uhi@ti ? |i ?Lti @h@?Ui jD2 hi_Uit |i t}?@*|L?Lti h@|L r ) ES @?_ E.
|t ?Uhi@tit  @?_ }V At hi*@|L? L*_t }i?ih@**)c @?_ |tc @| |i LT|44 i? V t
i?_L}i?Ltc @t t |i U@ti ? hi}4i N 

N?LMtih@M*i }L@*

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i U@? h|i |i €ht|Lh_ih UL?_|L? E . @t
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 W Y5|nƒ| 
| ' , n 5| n Z|ƒ|3 3 q,|3 EB n B2 5|nƒ| n BD 5|  3 0|  E
2 Y| 2
6hL4 E22c E 2 @?_ E   @?_ i @ic

Z|ƒ|3 ' &f n E&2 n & 5|ƒ|3 E2
' } E 
,|3 5|nƒ| ' E4 3 }&2 5|ƒ|3 n }&2 5|  Ee

5Mt|||?} @?_ UL**iU|?} |ih4t }itG
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| ' E, n &f 3 q}B  3 "| n d 3 q} E}&2 B2 n BD o 5|
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n d&2 n & 3 q} E4 3 }&2  B2 o 5|ƒ|3
At u?U|L? t Lu |i uLh4 E22 | E HE 
L hi|h? |L |i @*i u?U|L? t?} E22 @?_ E2Hc
ƒ 0` ‚2
T E5|ƒ|3 c 5|3  ' ,|3 &f n & "| n &2 5| n & 5|ƒ|3 n #|
` ‚2 a T
n E& n "| n &2 E5| 3 5|ƒ|3  n #| 3 ,W 3 5| n qT E5|nƒ| c 5|  

, T@?tL? Lu |i @*i u?U|L? }itG

ƒ ) K
T E5|ƒ|3 c 5|3  ' ,|3 &f2 n &2 "2| n &22 5|2 n & 2 5|2ƒ|3 n #|2
n &f &2 5| n &f & 5|ƒ|3 n &2 & 5|ƒ|3 5|
) K
n E& n 2 "2| n E&2 3 2 5|2 n &22 5|2ƒ|3 n #|2 n ,W2
3 E&2 3 &2 5|ƒ|3 5| 3 E&2 3 ,W 5| n &2 ,W 5|ƒ|3
 
n qBf n qB 5|nƒ| n qB2 5|nƒ| n qB 5| n qBe 5| n qBD 5|nƒ| 5| 
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Ai uL**L?} i ThittL?t @hi tiu* ? i@*@|?} |t i TiU|@|L?G

,|3 5|nƒ| ' E4 3 }&2 5|ƒ|3 n 4}&2 5|3 ED
` ‚
,|3 5|2nƒ| ' E4 3 }&2 2 5|2ƒ|3 n E}&2 2 42 5|23 n jw2 n 24E4 3 }&2 }&2 5|ƒ|3 5|3 n } 2 jD2 ES

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,|3 5|nƒ| 5| ' ,|3 E4 3 }&2  5|ƒ|3 n } E&2 5| n #|  5|
` ‚
' 4 E4 3 }&2  5|ƒ|3 5|3 n }&2 42 5|23 n jw2  E.

Atc i@*@|?} |i i TiU|@|L?t )i*_t
0 ` ‚ a
 2  2
T E5|ƒ|3 c 5|3  ' &f n j" n &22 42 5|23 n jw2 n & 2 5|2ƒ|3 n j#2
2 e
n &f &2 45|3 n &f & 5|ƒ|3 n &2 & 45|ƒ|3 5|3 n
0 a
  2
j n E&2 3 2&2 n E4 5|3 n jw  n &2 5|ƒ|3  n j# n ,
2 2 2 2 2 2 2 W 2
2 e "
3 E&2 3 &2 45|ƒ|3 5|3 3 E&2 3 ,W 45|3 n &2 ,W 5|ƒ|3
n qBf n qB E4 3 }&2 5|ƒ|3 n qB 4}&2 5|3
 ) K
n qB2 E4 3 }&2 2 5|2ƒ|3 n 42 E}&2 2 5|23 n E}&2 2 jw2 n } 2 jD2
n qB2 4E4 3 }&2 }&2 5|ƒ|3 5|3 n qB 45|3 n qBe E42 5|23 n jw2 
)` ‚ 2 K
n qBD E4 3 }&2 5|ƒ|3 n 4}&2 5|3 45|3 n }&2 jw2 

`i U@? LM|@? i ThittL?t uLh |i Bt M) UL**iU|?} |i hi*i@?| |ih4t Ai UL?t|@?|G
0 a 0 a
j n E&22 3 2&2 n jw2 n j#2 n ,W2
 2  2   2
Bf ' &f n j" n &22 jw2 n j#2 n
2 e 2 e "
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n qBf n qB2 E}&2 2 jw2 n }2 jD2 n qBe jw2
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Bf '
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n c EH
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ihi i @i ti_ E2f L**iU| |ih4t ? 5|ƒ|3 G

B ' &f & n ,W &2 n qE4 3 }&2 B ' E,W 3 q}B  & n ,W &2 n qE4 3 }&2 B
' ,W E&2 n &  3 q}& B n qE4 3 }&2 B 

ihi i @i ti_ E H At

,W E&2 n & 
B '  Eb
 3 qE4 3 }&2  n q}& 

L**iU| |ih4t ? 5|2ƒ|3 G
B2 ' &22 n & 2 n qE4 3 }&2 2 B2

&22 n & 2
B2 '  Ef
 3 qE4 3 }&2 2 
L**iU| |ih4t ? 5|3 G
B ' &f &2 4 n ,W 4E 3 &2  n q4}&2 B n q4B

4&f &2 n 4,W E 3 &2  n q4}&2 B 4 E,W 3 q}B  &2 n 4,W E 3 &2  n q4}&2 B
B ' '
 3 q4  3 q4
' c E
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ihi i @i ti_ E H L**iU| |ih4t ? 5|23 G

Be ' &22 42 n E&22 3 2&2 n 42 n q42 E}&2 2 B2 n q42 Be n 2q42 }&2 BD

 3 2&2 n 2&22 n qE}&2 2 B2 n 2q}&2 BD
Be ' 42  E2
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L**iU| |ih4t ? 5|ƒ|3 5|3 G

BD ' 4&2 & 3 E&2 3 &2 4 n q4E4 3 }&2 }&2 B2 n q4E4 3 }&2 BD

BD ' c E 
 3 q4E4 3 }&2  
ihi i @i ti_ E  

 , t|i?Ui @?_ ?^i?itt
`i ?L @i @ t4*|@?iLt ti| Lu b i^@|L?tc uLh |i &t @?_ S uLh |i Bt E& ' 3 2 t
!?L? `i €ht| tL |@| i U@? hih|i |@| t)t|i4 @t @ t?}*i i^@|L? uLh &2 ? |ih4t Lu 
&2 ' s E&2 c
@?_ i^@|L?t }?} |i i}| hi4@??} &t @?_ Bt ? |ih4t Lu &2 
6ht|c i }i| @? i ThittL? uLh & ? |ih4t Lu &2 L?*) 5?Ui } M) Ee _iTi?_t L?*) L? &2 c
@?_ B2 M) Ef _iTi?_t L?*) L? &2 @?_ & c E  U@? Mi h||i? @t @? i ThittL? ? &2 @?_
& L?*) A@!?} &2 @t € i_c |i i^@|L? t @ ^@_h@|U ? & G

q}E&2 d4 3 }E&2 &2 o 2 q}E&2 d4 3 }E&2 &2 o 2
& ' &2 3 & 3 &
 3 qE4 3 }E&2 &2 2 2  3 qE4 3 }E&2 &2 2
0 a
q}E&2 &2 d4 3 }E&2 &2 o 2 q}E&2 &2 d4 3 }E&2 &2 o
f ' 2
& n & 3 &2  3
d 3 qE4 3 }E&2 &2  o &2 d 3 qE4 3 }E&2 &2 2 o
E&2  2
' & n & 3 &2 d 3 E&2 o
U @t tL*|L?t Lu |i uLh4c
3   n eE&2 d 3 E&2 o
& ' &2

q}E&2 &2 d4 3 }E&2 &2 o
E&2  ' 
 3 qd4 3 }E&2 &2 o2
`i ?L|i |@| i U@? h|i E&2  @t

q d4 3 E4 3 } E&2  &2 o d4 3 }E&2 &2 o q4 d4 3 }E&2 &2 o 3 q d4 3 }E&2 &2 o2
E&2  ' ' (
 3 q d4 3 }E&2 &2 o2  3 q d4 3 }E&2 &2 o2 

f $ E&2  c Ee
t?Ui f $ 4 3 }E&2 &2 
`i ULLti |i TLt|i hLL| uLh &  `i @i ?L| ThLi_c ? }i?ih@*c |@| |i ?i}@|i hLL|
_Lit ?L| }i @? @*|ih?@|i i^*Mh4 Lu |i 4L_i*c M| i @i |L @h}4i?|t uLh }?Lh?}
|t hLL| 6ht|c U@**4 d2 o @h}it |@| i tL*_ UL?t_ih tL*|L?t uLh U |i ULiUi?|t
Lu |i TL*U) h*i @hi UL?|?Lt ? |i T@h@4i|iht Lu |i ThLM*i4 At h*it L| |i ?i}@|i
hLL| 6Lh jD2 ' fc i !?L |@| & ' &2  W4TLt?} UL?|?|) Lu & ? jD2 @| jD2 ' f 6Lh jD2 < fc
}E&2 &2 < 4 @?_ E&2  < f W| uL**Lt |@| |i hLL| @MLi 4t| Mi
 n eE&2 d 3 E&2 o 3 
& E&2  ' &2 c ED

t?Ui |i L|ih hLL| _Lit ?L| @i @ *4| uLh jD2 < f 6h|ih4Lhic i ?L|i |@| ?_ih Ee
 n eE&2 d 3 E&2 o 3 
f$  ES

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