3 Billion
A little number crunching. Instead of dividing numbers down, let’s look at what the number reveal on the upstream calculation. Assume a security investment vehicle has a value of 1 Billion. Reasonable assumption is that a servicer receives .005% per month of total value for servicing. 1 Billion times .005% equals 5 million per month or 60 million per year. 60 million per year times 4.3 equals 258 million per year based on 4.3 billion. Assume there are 100 security investment vehicles. 100 time 258 million equals 25.8 billion. Considering the housing finance market has a value around 25 Trillion there would be 25,000 security investment vehicles valued at approximately 1 Billion. Thus multiply 25,000 times 60 million and we have an assumption of fees collected over a one year period that equals 1.5 Trillion of fees collected yearly equals .003% of fees collected. Chump change said the blind monkey. Cost of doing business. Basic mathematics reveal it is not 1.500 Trillion annual fees collected but 1.495 Trillion collected. Could it be? Yep! Who’s shorting who, Congress or the People?

With the right lever one could move the world. With the right leverage, one could/would place the world deeper into servitude.

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