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Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

International Finance Discussion Papers

Number 618

August 1998


Simeon Djankov and Caroline L. Freund

NOTE: International Finance Discussion Papers are preliminary materials circulated to stimulate
discussion and critical comment. References in publications to International Finance Discussion Papers
(other than an acknowledgment that the writer has had access to unpublished material) should be cleared
with the author or authors. Recent IFDPs are available on the Web at

Simeon Djankov and Caroline L. Freund*

Abstract: We study the effects of trade barriers and the persistence of past linkages on trade flows in the
former Soviet Union (FSU). Estimating gravity equations on 1987-1996 trade among and between nine
Russian regions and fourteen FSU republics, we find that Russian regions traded 60 percent more with each
other than with republics in the reform period (1994-96). In contrast, they did not trade significantly more
with each other than with republics in the pre-reform period (1987-90). Estimating a richer model, we find
that trade barriers are primarily responsible for the current domestic bias. However, the existing
infrastructure stock has significantly limited the recent reorientation in trade. Finally, we find evidence of
anticipatory adjustment during the transition to independence.

Keywords: infrastructure, trade, and adjustment costs

*World Bank and International Finance Division of the Federal Reserve Board, respectively. We are grateful
to Alan Deardorff, Simon Evenett, Oleh Havrylyshyn, John Helliwell, David Hummels, John Rogers,
Maurice Schiff and seminar participants at CEPII-Paris, the Federal Reserve Board, and the World Bank for
comments on earlier drafts. The views in this paper are solely the responsibility of the authors and should
not be interpreted as reflecting the views of the World Bank, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve
System, or any other person associated with the Federal Reserve System. Correspondence:;
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,^@|L? E L*_t ? i^@*|) i? tL4i ?uh@t|hU|hi 4Lit ? i@U TihL_. ? |i LT|4@*

@_t|4i?| T@| uLh ?uh@t|hU|hic | 4t| Mi |i U@ti |@| |i 4@h}?@* hi|h? |L ?uh@t|hU|hi ?

|i _L4it|U tiU|Lh *itt |i 4@h}?@* ULt| Lu 4L?} | |ihi |L_@) E|i *iu| @?_ t_i Lu i^@|L? 

i^@*t |i 4@h}?@* @*i Lu ?uh@t|hU|hi ? |i uLhi}? tiU|Lh *itt |i ULt| Lu 4L?} | |L4LhhL

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|L@h_t ?uh@t|hU|hi | |i }ih 4@h}?@* hi|h? ** LUUh }h@_@**) ?_ Ec |i @_t|

4i?| ** UL44i?Ui @t tLL? @t |i u|hi U@?}i ? TL*U) t @??L?Ui_ i | i tL |@| u |i

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| |i €h4 *ii*c @ t4*@h hiLhi?|@|L? 4@) |@!i T*@Ui | €h4t i T@?_?} |ih _L4it|U 4@h!i|?} @?_

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?|L |h@_i T@||ih?tH

Ai hi4@?_ih Lu |i 4L_i* @TTi@*t |L |i t|@?_@h_ 4L_i* Lu _gihi?|@|i_ }LL_t E# |5|}*|3

b..c kh}4@? bHf `i @tt4i |ihi t ?L t@?} @?_ |@| UL?t4iht @?_ ThL_Uiht |@!i |h@_i

ULt|t @?_ |@hgt @t }i? At 4T*it |i ThLM*i4 t tiT@h@M*i Lih |4i @?_ |@| UL?t4iht @?_

ThL_Uiht _L ?L| ?ULhTLh@|i |i ?i?Ui Lu ^@?||it @?_ ThUit L? ?uh@t|hU|hi

 hiThiti?|@|i UL?t4ih 4@ 43it |*|) ? i@U TihL_c LG

`- ‚*k
L' %k c k c E2 

ihi *E 3 k t |i i*@t|U|) Lu tMt|||L? Mi|ii? }LL_t Ai M_}i| UL?t|h@?| tG

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ihi U| t _tTLt@M*i ?UL4i ? TihL_ |c _ t @? RUiMih} ULt| Lu |h@_ic @?_ | t L?i T*t |i

@_ @*Lhi4 |@hg h@|i `i @tt4i |i ULt| Lu |h@_ic _c t @ _iUhi@t?} u?U|L? Lu |i t|LU! Lu 

?uh@t|hU|hic 8 c |@| i t|t _ E8|  f @?_ _ E8|  : fc ihi 8| t ?uh@t|hU|hi uLh _L4it|U

|h@_i @?_ 8 W t ?uh@t|hU|hi uLh ?|ih?@|L?@* |h@_i @| |4i |

Ai UL?t4ih 4@ 43it |*|) Ei^@|L? E2 tMiU| |L |i ?UL4i UL?t|h@?| Ei^@|L? E 

|@!?} |i ThUi ?U*ti Lu |i |h@_i ULt| @?_ |i |@hg @t }i? #i4@?_ uLh }LL_  tG

UER | _ 3j
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ihi  W t @? @}}hi}@|i ThUi ?_i c tTiU€U@**)  W ' ER | _  k3 

`i @tt4i @? ?Uhi@t?} hi|h?t |L tU@*i ThL_U|L? u?U|L? Lu |i uLh4c u ' @ n K% c uLh @**

}LL_tc ihi u t *@MLh i4T*L)i_ ? |i ThL_U|L? Lu }LL_  @?_ @ @?_ K @hi UL?t|@?|t `|
 hUih 4L_i* L*_ @tt4i |i }Lih?4i?|t ?ULhTLh@|it |i ?|ih@U|L? Lu |h@_i TL*U) @?_ ?uh@t|hU|hi 

?|L |t LMiU|i u?U|L? #ii*LT?} tU @ 4L_i* t Mi)L?_ |i tULTi Lu |t T@Tih

uhii i?|h)c | t t|h@}|uLh@h_ |L tL*i uLh |L|@* 4TLh|t uhL4 @ UL?|h) &c & G

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ihi ^ t |i ?4Mih Lu UL?t4iht ? UL?|h)  @?_ t t ?@|L?@* ?UL4i ? UL?|h)  Etii |i

@TTi?_ uLh @ _i|@*i_ tL*|L?

+iuihh?} M@U! |L i^@|L? ED @?_ hiU@**?} |@| |h@_i ULt|t @hi @ u?U|L? Lu |i t|LU! Lu 

?uh@t|hU|hic i @i E? *L}tG

*? & ' & n *? t& n *? t 3 j *? _ E8W  3 j *? |& c ES 

ihi & t @ UL?t|@?| U U@T|hit |i UL?|h)tTiU€U & @?_ &W  ,^@|L? ES ThL_it |i

M@tt uLh Lh i4ThU@* it|4@|L? Mi*L  |@hg L? }LL_t uhL4 UL?|h)  U@tit 4TLh|t uhL4 

|L _iU*?i Wu @_t|4i?| ULt|t @hi t|iiTc |i? ?uh@t|hU|hi ** U@?}i *||*i ? |i tLh| h? @?_

|h@_i ULt|t ** U@?}i L?*) T@h|@**) ? |i tLh| h? ih |4ic @t ?uh@t|hU|hi t hiLhi?|i_

@UhLtt tiU|Lhtc ?|ih?@|L?@* |h@_i ULt|t ** htic uh|ih @UUi?|@|?} |i _iU*?i ? 4TLh|t uhL4 

OL _Lit i^@|L? ES UL4T@hi |L |i t|@?_@h_ 4L_i*q Ai }h@|) 4L_i* |@| t |)TU@**) 

ti_ |L it|4@|i |i |h@_i M@t tG

*? & ' & n qf *? t& n q *? t 3 q2 *? (U7A n q _66+ E. 

U t t4*@h |L ,^@|L? ES #t|@?Ui E(U7A  t ti_ |L ThL ) uLh |h@?tTLh| ULt|t  _44) 

@h@M*ic U t L?i i?iih |h@_i t Mi|ii? Uih|@? T@h|?ihtc t ti_ |L it|4@|i |ih TLttM*i

i Uitt |h@_i Ai ^it|L? t L |L ?|ihThi| |i ULiUi?| L? |i _44) @h@M*i Ai 4L_i* 

**t|h@|it |@| | UL*_ Mi TU!?} T L|ih T@h|t Lu |h@_i ULt|tc _c Mit_it |h@?tTLh| Lh | UL*_

Mi TU!?} T |h@_i M@hhiht W? @__|L?c @? @*|ih?@|i |iLhi|U@* uh@4iLh! L*_ t}}it| |i

_44) 4@) hiThiti?| _gihi?Uit ? u@U|Lh i?_L4i?|tc |@t|itc Lh |iU?L*L})

Ai 65N ThL_it @ ?^i U@ti t|_) MiU@ti ? |i ThihiuLh4 TihL_ |h@_i ULt|t @?_ |iU

?L*L}) ihi ?uLh4 @UhLtt hi}L?t @?_ hiTM*Ut @?_ |ihi ihi ?L |h@_i M@hhiht Oi?Ui u i €?_

@ _L4it|U |h@_i M@t ? |i ThihiuLh4 TihL_ | t *!i*) |L Mi |i hit*| Lu i?_L4i?|t Lh |@t|it

W? |i hiuLh4 TihL_c *i |h@_i ULt|t @?_ |iU?L*L}) @hi *!i*) |L Mi t*L |L U@?}ic *@h}i |@hgt

@hi ? T*@Ui @?_ ?i Uhhi?Uit @i Mii? it|@M*ti_ `i U@? |t tL*@|i |i igiU| Lu |@hgt L?

|h@_i }i? t4*@h ?uh@t|hU|hi @?_ |iU?L*L})

e ,4ThU@* tTiU€U@|L? @?_ €?_?}t

`i i @4?i |h@_i @4L?} b hi}L?t ? +tt@ @?_ e uLh4ih hiTM*Ut Lu |i 5Li| N?L? MiuLhi

@?_ @u|ih _t?|i}h@|L? Ai |h@_i _@|@ @hi uhL4 |i +tt@? 5|@|i 5|@|t|U@* L44||ii @?_ |i

`Lh*_ @?! @?_ ?U*_i M*@|ih@* |h@_i Lt @4L?} hi}L?t @?_ hiTM*Utc ? N5 _L**@ht W?UL4i

€}hit @hi uhL4 |i `Lh*_ @?! @?_ @hi @*tL ? N5 _L**@ht #t|@?Ui t |@!i? uhL4 |i +tt@?

?t|h) Lu Ah@?tTLh| |@M*it @t |i tLh|it| hL@_ _t|@?Ui ? !*L4i|iht Mi|ii? hi}L?@* @?_%Lh

hiTM*U@? Ui?|iht Ah@? tUi_*it uLh bHb @?_ bbS @hi uhL4 |i @|L?@* +@*@)t @hUit 

? LtUL N?i}|i_ @ih@}i @_@*Lhi4 |@hg h@|it @hi TM*ti_ M) |i ,+# LT*@|L?

€}hit @hi uhL4 |i `Lh*_ @?! ,_U@|L? h@|it @hi uhL4 BLtUL4t|@| bHb @?_ 4@?@}ih |h?Lih 

t uhL4 #@?!L bbH E5ii TTi?_  uLh @ _i|@*i_ _itUhT|L? Lu |i _@|@ @?_ @ 4@T Lu |i


6}hi  tLt i@U UL?|h)<t t@hi Lu |L|@* i TLh|t |@| }L |L 65N UL?|hit 65N i TLh|

t@hit @i _iU*?i_ uLh @** M| |hii uLh4ih 4i4MihtQ3ihM@@?c i*@htc @?_ N3Mi!t|@? At

t}}it|t |@| tL4i hiLhi?|@|L? Lu |h@_i @@) uhL4 65N UL?|hit @t LUUhhi_ t?Ui |i _t?|i

}h@|L? Lu |i 65N

h ?|ihit|c Liihc *it Th4@h*) | |i _L4it|U hiLhi?|@|L? Lu |h@_i |? +tt@





0.5 1989

0.4 1996













6}hi G , TLh|t |L L|ih 65N UL?|hit hi*@|i |L |L|@* i TLh|t 

i |c i *LL! @| |i t@hi Lu |L|@* 65N |h@_i uLh i@U hi}L? @?_ i@U hiTM*U |@| t | +tt@

W? |i ThihiuLh4 TihL_c L? @ih@}i SD TihUi?| Lu |i hi}L?t< |h@_i | |i 65N UL?|hit @t 

| L|ih +tt@? hi}L?t @?_ |h@_i t@hit ihi @| E6}hi 2 W? |i hiuLh4 TihL_c |i t@hi Lu

|h@_i |@| t ?|ihhi}L?@* htit |L @ML| Hf TihUi?|c uLh @** hi}L?t Ai hiTM*Ut< t@hi Lu 65N

|h@_i | |i +tt@? hi}L?t t @ML| Df TihUi?| ? |i ThihiuLh4 TihL_ @?_ u@h*) UL?t|@?|

E6}hi  W? |i hiuLh4 TihL_c hi}L?@* |h@_i t@hit U@?}i _h@4@|U@**)

`*i |i 4Li4i?| ? |h@_i t@hit Lih |4i t t}}it|i Lu @? ?Uhi@t?} _L4it|U M@t ?

|h@_ic t@hit @*L?i _L ?L| |i** t i|ih hi}L?t |h@_i hi*@|i*) 4Lhi @4L?} |i4ti*itc i ?ii_

|L UL?|hL* uLh t|@?_@h_ _i|ih4?@?|t Lu |h@_i i |c i ti @ Mi?U4@h! tTiU€U@|L? U t

UL4T@h@M*i |L |i 4L_i*t ? U@**4 EbbD @?_ Oi**i** EbbSc bbH |L it|4@|i |i i |i?|

Lu _L4it|U M@t ? |h@_i u|ih it|4@|?} |i Mi?U4@h! 4L_i*c i @**L uLh UL?|h) tTiU€U

0.8 North
0.7 Northw est
0.6 Central
North Caucases
0.2 Volga

0.1 Volga-Vyatka
0 Ural








Far East

6}hi 2G 5@hi Lu |L|@* 65N |h@_i | +tt@ M) hi}L?

igiU|tc |@hgtc @?_ ?uh@t|hU|hic ? @? @||i4T| |L }i| U*Ltih |L |i @?@*)|U uh@4iLh! _ii*LTi_


e Ai Mi?U4@h! tTiU€U@|L?

W? |t tiU|L? i it|4@|i @ t4T*i }h@|) i^@|L? L? bH.bbf @?_ bbebbS |h@_i Lt @4L?}

@?_ Mi|ii? b +tt@? hi}L?t @?_ |i e hiTM*Ut Lu |i 5Li| N?L? Ai }h@|) i^@|L? t@)t

|@| |h@_i Mi|ii? |L T@h|it t ThLTLh|L?@* |L |i ThL_U| Lu |ih ?UL4i __i_ M) |i _t|@?Ui

Mi|ii? |i |L Ai hi}hittL? i^@|L? uLh i@U )i@h tG

% ' k n qf t n q t n q2 (U7A n q -L77U n  EH 

ihi % t |i *L} Lu tT4i?|t uhL4 hi}L?  |L hi}L? c t @?_ t @hi |i *L}t Lu }hLtt hi}L?@*

ThL_U| ? hi}L?t  @?_  hitTiU|i*)c (U7A t |i *L} Lu |i _t|@?Ui uhL4  |L c -L77U t

@ _44) i^@* |L L?i uLh ?|h@+tt@? |h@_i @?_ 3ihL uLh hi}L? |L hiTM*U |h@_ic @?_  t |i

ihhLh |ih4c U i @tt4i t ?ULhhi*@|i_ @UhLtt LMtih@|L?t Ai -L77U @h@M*i TLL*t @**

0.9 Belarus
0.8 Estonia
0.7 Georgia
0.6 Kazakhstan
0.5 Kyrgistan
0.4 Latvia
0.3 Lithuania
0.2 Moldova
0.1 Tajikistan
0 Turkmenistan









6}hi G 5@hi Lu |L|@* 65N |h@_i | +tt@ M) hiTM*U

igiU|t |@| 4@!i UhLttMLh_ih |h@_i _gihi?| uhL4 _L4it|U |h@_i EA@M*i 

Ai ULiUi?| L? |i -L77U _44) htit ?L|Ui@M*) uhL4 |i ThihiuLh4 TihL_ |L |i

hiuLh4 TihL_ Ai ULiUi?| Lu feS L? -L77U ? bbS t }*) t}?€U@?| @?_ 4T*it |@|

+tt@? hi}L?t |h@_i_ DH TihUi?| 4Lhi | i@U L|ih |@? t Thi_U|i_ M) |i 4L_i* Ee%R

feS ' DH W? |i ThihiuLh4 TihL_c |i hi}L?t __ ?L| |h@_i 4Lhi | i@U L|ih W? u@U|c

|L} ?L| t}?€U@?|c |i ULiUi?| t ?i}@|i ? i@U )i@h 6}hi e _LU4i?|t |i it|4@|i_

M@t |L@h_t ?|h@?@|L?@* |h@_i ? +tt@ Lih |4i @t U@*U*@|i_ uhL4 |i it|4@|i_ ULiUi?| L?

-L77U ? |i Mi?U4@h! 4L_i* +tt@? |h@_i _tT*@)t @? ?Uhi@t?} _L4it|U M@t @u|ih bbe

Ai ?t}?€U@?| E@?_ ?i}@|i M@t ? |h@_i Mi|ii? +tt@? hi}L?t ? |i ThihiuLh4 TihL_ t

?L| UL?tt|i?| | |i ?@|h@* iUL?L4U _t?|i}h@|L? i T*@?@|L?

i | i Lh}@?3i |i _@|@ ?|L |L T@?i*tc @ ThihiuLh4 TihL_ EbH.bbf @?_ @ hiuLh4 TihL_

EbbebbS Ai hi}hittL? t M@ti_ L? i^@|L? EHc | @? @__i_ |4i _4i?tL? EA@M*i 2







6}hi eG #L4it|U M@t ? +tt@? |h@_i

Ai T@?i* it|4@|L? tTTLh|t |i i |@| |h@_i ? +tt@ @t Mii? _ih|i_ _L4it|U@**) ?

|i hiuLh4 TihL_ `| h@?_L4 igiU|t ? |i T@?i* hi}hittL?tc uLh i @4T*ic |i ULiUi?| L?

-L77U t U*Lti |L 3ihL @?_ ?t}?€U@?| ? |i ThihiuLh4 TihL_ W? |i hiuLh4 TihL_c |i

ULiUi?| L? -L77U ? |i Mi?U4@h! tTiU€U@|L? t fe.c t}}it|?} |i hi}L?t |h@_i @ML|

Sf TihUi?| 4Lhi | i@U L|ih

Ai 4Li @@) uhL4 Ui?|h@* T*@???} t ?L|Ui@M*i ? |i U@?}i ? |i ULiUi?|t L? L|ih 

@h@M*itc uhL4 |i ThihiuLh4 |L |i hiuLh4 TihL_ W? @** tTiU€U@|L?t i €?_ |@| |i i*@t|U|) Lu

|h@_i | hitTiU| |L ?UL4i @?_ _t|@?Ui ?Uhi@tit @u|ih _t?|i}h@|L? 6Lh i @4T*ic |i ULiUi?|

L? _t|@?Ui 4Lhi |@? _LM*it ? 4@}?|_i uhL4 fe2 |L S At U@?}i t @h_*) thTht?} 

ThihiuLh4 |h@_i Lih *L?} _t|@?Uit @t i@*) tMt_3i_ Ai ULiUi?|t ? |i hiuLh4 TihL_

@hi 4U U*Ltih |L |i ULiUi?|t |)TU@**) uL?_ L? it|4@|it Lu |i }h@|) 4L_i*b
Lt| UL4T@h@M*i t |i @?@_@ N5 t|_) t?Ui |h@_i ? Lh| 4ihU@ t @*tL *@?_M@ti_ |h@_i U@**4 bbD

@?_ Oi**i** bbH €?_ |i i*@t|U|) Lu |h@_i |L _t|@?Ui L? @?@_@N5 _@|@ t Mi|ii? 2 @?_ S2 Oi**i**

€?_t |i i*@t|U|) L? ,# |h@_i |L Mi Mi|ii? fH. @?_ f2 ? bb2

e2 **L?} uLh i|ihL}i?i|) @UhLtt UL?|hit

Ai 4L_i* @**Lt uLh _gihi?Uit ? @}it @?_ ThUit @UhLtt hi}L?t @?_ hiTM*Ut U 4@) @giU|

|h@_i W? @__|L?c ?L?|@hg M@hhiht @?_ Uhhi?U) @h@M*|) 4@) @*tL ?i?Ui |h@_i Lt AL

@**L uLh |t TLttM*i i|ihL}i?i|)c i ti UL?|h) € i_ igiU|t ? |i it|4@|L? `i i U*_i 

?|ihhiTM*U |h@_i uhL4 |i t@4T*i @?_ it|4@|i Eb tiT@h@|i*) uLh |i ThihiuLh4 @?_ hiuLh4


%c| ' k| n qf  n q t| n q2 t| n q (U7A n  c Eb 

ihi  t @ UL?|h) _44) Ai _44) uLh h4i?@c uLh i @4T*ic t L?i i? h4i?@ t i|ih

@? i TLh|ih Lh @? 4TLh|ih 5?Ui ?|ihhiTM*U |h@_i t i U*_i_ @?_ @** hiTM*Ut @hi _44i_

L|c |i ULiUi?| L? |i h4i?@ _44) hiThiti?|t L 4U 4Lhi Lh *itt h4i?@ |h@_it |

|i +tt@? hi}L?t hi*@|i |L L 4U |i +tt@? hi}L?t |h@_i @4L?} |i4ti*it W? |i

ThihiuLh4 TihL_c |i +tt@? M@t @}@?t| h4i?@ t f. E*e%REf  ' f. c 4T*)?} |i

hi}L?t |h@_i @ML| 2. TihUi?| *itt | i@U L|ih @t UL4T@hi_ |L h4i?@ W? |i hiuLh4 TihL_c

|i) |h@_i .f TihUi?| 4Lhi | i@U L|ih |@? | h4i?@ E@ M@t Lu .  ULiUi?| Lu 3ihL

4i@?t |@| |ihi t ?L M@t E|i M@t i^@*t  Ai hit*|t @hi hiTLh|i_ ? A@M*i  6}hi D tLt

}h@TU@**) |i M@t @}@?t| i@U uLh4ih hiTM*U ? ML| TihL_t W? |i ThihiuLh4 TihL_c tii?

Lu |i hiTM*Ut |h@_i t}?€U@?|*) 4Lhi | +tt@ |@? t Thi_U|i_ M) |i 4L_i*c |hii _L ?L|

|h@_i t}?€U@?|*) 4Lhi Lh *ittc @?_ |i hi4@??} uLh |h@_i t}?€U@?|*) *itt

,@h*ih hit*|t t}}it|i_ |@| |i +tt@? hi}L?t __ ?L| |h@_i 4Lhi | i@U L|ih ? |i

ThihiuLh4 TihL_c )i| |h@_i_ 4Lhi | i@U L|ih |@? | L|ih 65N 4i4Miht ? |i hiuLh4

TihL_ At t UL?€h4i_ ihic | ?L t?}*i UL?|h) _h?} |i hit*|tf Ah@_i Mi|ii? |i

+tt@? hi}L?t @?_ @** hiTM*Utc i UiT| k@3@!t|@?c ui** uhL4 |i Thi |L |i hiuLh4 TihL_ Ai
`i TihuLh4 uh|ih hLMt|?itt |it|t M) *LL!?} @| |h@_i | L|ih hi}L?t ihtt |h@_i | hiTM*Ut uLh i@U

hi}L? ,@U hi}hittL? t h? L? @ hi}L?<t |h@_i | @** Lu |t |h@_?} T@h|?iht 6Lh @** hi}L?t i €?_ |@| |h@_i





5 pre-reform

4 reform












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EeS ES  ED E.b Eb E. E.H EHD ESS

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ESb Ee2 EDS Ebf EHD E.. EHH EHf E.2

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EDb ESb ESH EfD E2D E2H Ef. E2H E 2

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