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Industrial Policy Mining

Industrial Policy Mining

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Published by Andres Aguilera
Jurisdictions compete for "customers"
Jurisdictions compete for "customers"

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Published by: Andres Aguilera on Apr 12, 2013
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Running a different Race

From Innovative Products to Revolutionary Business Models

Presentation by: Andres AGUILERA

Sequential Challenges in Creating a New Venture
• Come with a new product or service • Translate these products or services into a unique business concept. • Develop an original business around the innovative concept.


Bigger, faster, better or reinventing the wheel?

Search in Google Patents: Patent Number: 3653474

Trailer for the Book Different by Youngme Moon

• 1 edition (April 6, 2010) • Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #89 in Books > Business & Investing > Marketing & Sales > Marketing

Different by Youngme Moon
• "In category after category, companies have gotten so locked into a particular cadence of competition that they appear to

have lost sight of their mandate--which is to create meaningful grooves of separation from one another.
Consequently, the

harder they compete, the less differentiated they become ...Products
are no longer competing against each other; they are collapsing into each other in the minds of anyone who consumes them.“
Source: http://blogs.hbr.org/taylor/2010/05/why_being_different_makes_all.html

Biz Model or Biz Concept?

Biz Concept Biz Model • Venture Creation • Novelty • Core Value from: • Beyond existing markets. – Product – Sales • Creation of new markets – Distribution – Princing • Lead consumers

Business Models 101

• Simplified Abstraction. • Key aspects of a venture. • >Biz concept <Biz plan. • Sustainable competitive advantage.

Business Models 101

Six Elements:
– How will firm create value? – For whom will the firm create value? – What is the firm‟s internal source of advantage? – How will the firm differentiate itself? – How will the firm make money? – What are the entrepreneur‟s time, scope, and size ambitions?

What Paulo Coelho and Radiohead have in common?

Free as a business model!!
Free by Chris Anderson

Is Policy Making a Product/Service?

Do Jurisdictions Compete for „Customers‟?

• “Build enough uniqueness such
that the item can be differentiated from the offerings of competitors.”
Chapter 7, Running a Different Race, Rethinking Marketing 1st Edition 2009

Colombia Policy Mix to Attract FDI to the Mining Sector

• Improved Security environment. • Better business climate (DB‟10) • Legal Stability Contracts
• Industrial Policy in the mining sector.

Mining Districts
• Promote the exploration and development of mineral deposits. • Improve productivity and competitiveness. • Resource Mgmt. • 48 Mining Districts.

Where the consumers will be…
“By 2030,

93% of the world's middle class
will live in what are now emerging

Economist Emerging Markets Summit Sep „10

What the Middle Class Want? • • • • • • Housing Cars Cellphones Computers Cable TV Infrastructure

Think Upstream of the Supply Chain
It doesn‟t matter if you provide a product or a service,

are needed to support your supply chain.

Trends to Observe
• India needs at least 400 airports and

3,000 aircraft in the next 10 years to keep pace with the growing demand. • Over the next 15 years, China is forecast to construct: • 5 billion sq m of new road • 40 billion sq m of new floor space • 5 million buildings • 50,000 skyscrapers • All equivalent to building two cities the size of Chicago every year. •In the next 15 years China‟s cities could build 170 new transit systems. •That is twice the number of roads currently in Europe. •Production or Substitution or Recycling?
Source: Emerging Market Summit

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