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Cancel PO - This action cancels the Purchase Order. Use this control type when you have selected a wrong Vendor for the Supplier field on your purchase order. Also, if there has not been any invoicing/activity against the purchase order and you wish to cancel the purchase order. This action is irrevocable. Close - You can close the purchase order at the header, line, and shipment levels. Close for Invoicing - You can close for invoicing at the header, line, and shipment levels. If you close for invoicing a purchase order header that is currently open, Purchasing sets the status of all Purchase Order shipments to Closed for Invoicing, but the Purchase Order lines and header remain open. This status will not prevent you from matching an invoice to the purchase order. Finally Close – Use this control to prevent further actions on your Purchase Order. Only the Buyer listed on the Purchase Order has the ability to Finally Close the Purchase Order. Review all invoices to verify they have been paid. If you are using encumbrance or budgetary control, Finally Close automatically creates credit encumbrance journal entries in your general ledger system to reverse the encumbrance that corresponds to the Purchase Order and GA header, lines, or shipments you are closing. This action is irrevocable. Freeze - You can freeze only at the header level. You freeze a Purchase Order when you want to prevent any future modifications to the Purchase Order. When you freeze a Purchase Order, you can still receive and pay for goods you already ordered. If you want to prevent future receipt or matching invoices against this Purchase Order, cancel or finally close the Purchase Order instead. On Hold - You can place a Purchase Order on hold only at the header level. This unapproves the Purchase Order while preventing printing, receiving, invoicing, and future approval until you remove the hold. Open - You can open a Purchase Order at the header, line, and shipment levels. Open for Invoicing - You can reopen for invoicing at the header, line, and shipment levels. Open for Receiving - You can reopen for receiving at the header, line, and shipment levels. Release Hold - You can release a hold only at the header level. Unfreeze - You can unfreeze only at the header and release levels.

8. Enter reason if desired. (Recommended)

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