"Hazy Orange

This concrete jungle Has cemented our fate: The layer of desolate air hovers above us: The unseen reaper with a scythe that won't hesitate. The children play innocently In a forest who's colours are fading: They know that the sun will set And they are gracefully ageing. No green to be seen: The dead branches won't sway in the wind. Living a life seeing the world through crafted glass: Feeling the beauty of thy surroundings is something lost in the distant past. Are we kept from the harmful outside Or is the outside safe from us since we choose to hide? The skyline once clear and sublime Is cluttered with crawling creations Eager to reach the heavens with mechanical might But with this crusade of the skies, Will we lose the morning light? In the depths: Nocturnal monsters roam. Starved of sunlight: Skin white as bone. Scrambling for the glow Of the rusting streetlight: Scavengers clinging to light: Neglected of sight. Now amongst the haze: The sunset paints the sky on last time. The streetlight is flickering: Blindness for the already blind.

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