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Agatha Christie Summary

Agatha Christie Summary

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Vargas 1 Leticia Vargas English 85 Ms.

Rocha 25 March 2013 “And Then There Were None” Summary In “And Then There Were None” by Agatha Christie, the author starts the book off by introducing the characters as they are on a train heading to Soldier Island. Soldier Island is a place in which all of these people, Mr. Justice Wargrave, Vera Claythorne, Phillip Lombard, Emily Brent, General Macarthur, Dr. Armstrong, Tony Marston, and Mr. Blore, have all been invited to. Each believing for a different reason. Their first stop is Oakridge Station, where they will take a taxi to the coast of the island. There they are introduced to a man by the name of Mr. Davis, who they later find out isn’t his real name, he informs them that they will be taking a boat to the main island. These people seem hesitant to get on the boat since it seems rather small for the large group of people that they are but Davis advises that it is a sturdy boat. As they arrive to the island, Mr. and Mrs. Rogers greet and show them each to their rooms they will be staying in and inform them that dinner will be at eight o’clock. All of these people adjust and relax a bit until dinner time, once at dinner they all chatted and got to know each other a bit. After diner, they all walk into the drawing room where they are surprised and shocked by a strange voice that speaks of each and everyone of their convictions, mostly all have committed murders or caused them. After that recording, they all decide to sit down and each share what they know about these Owen people that are said to be the owners of Soldier Island. Mr. Justice Wargrave, a judge,

Vargas 2 asks to see everyone’s letter they received inviting them to Soldier Island. that is the only chance they will have. With the urge to leave. they are notified by Mr. and taking once last gulp from his drink. The story ends with Tony Marston disagreeing with the group in their decision to leave. choking himself to death. That is when they have decided to take it back to the coast and off the island. Rogers that there is no way off the island since the only boat that brings supplies to this island only comes by in the morning. . After much thought and discussion they had come up with the conclusion that the Owen’s do not exist and they have been invited to Soldier Island by a madman.

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