Multimedia Storytelling JOUR 203

Video Week 3: Edit sequences More on Video Storytelling

Capturing action – how did it go?

Today’s Goal
Understand how to pull the pieces together to make a story with video.

Breaking the Axis


Good Video Stories Have Action

Look For Scenes and B-Roll

Five-Shot Method
  Extreme close‐up of detail of action   Close‐up on face of person doing action   Medium shot, face and action together   Over‐shoulder‐shot of action (from point of view

of person doing the action)
  Bonus angle (artsy shot – low angle, high angle,


In‐class assignment: Edit sequence shoots
Take the raw footage you shot for homework and edit it into one short piece. Post to the blog by end of class. Title the blog post: Your Name Sequence

Converting Video Files

  Video Assignment #3 (50 points): Final Project

Shoot. Post to the blog a sample of your best

footage to date or a short draft portion of your final project.

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