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1024340 Enneagram

1024340 Enneagram

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Published by: Wes Art on Apr 12, 2013
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What Each Type Brings to the Relationship

Both types bring a certain richness and special qualities of aspects of human
development: Fours bring an artistic and emotional temperament, the habit of
introspection and sensitivity to feelings in themselves and others. Both types are private
and like depth, and they do not mind taking time to explore things deeply and to savor the
richness of their own experience. Enneagram Fours and Fives may well have different
interests but they appreciate different perspectives and respect the other's intensity and
commitment to following their own feelings and interests. Fives bring an inquiring,
intellectual temperament, the habit of asking questions and of being interested in a wide
variety of things and of being willing to break with old conventions. Fours contribute an
appreciation of aesthetics and of the effect that ideas and discoveries have on people:
feelings and unconscious processes are powerful and are not to be taken lightly.

Both types can be extremely creative and both love to share their findings with the other,
making stimulating, wide-ranging conversation and open communication a hallmark of a
Four/Five relationship, both in the intensity of their conversation and in the sincere interest
they bring to their listening to each other. Each type usually brings a noteworthy sense of
humor and love of the bizarre and the outlandish that can give their relationship a quirky
and unique character all of its own. This is often because they both share an "outsider"
status. Fives draw Fours out by showing them other worlds and other perspectives, with a
depth that Fours like. Fours help Fives stay in contact with their personal self and feelings.
They have a mutual tolerance for whatever the other comes up with and neither is easily
shocked. They generally find each other stimulating and are tolerant of each other's
idiosyncrasies. Both inspire creativity in the other and give permission to the other to be
themselves and follow their own inspirations.

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