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1024340 Enneagram

1024340 Enneagram

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Published by: Wes Art on Apr 12, 2013
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Find a friend or therapist who can help depersonalize issues for which one is

blaming one’s self or others

Join a group which encourages expression of immediate emotions, including
anger, in a safe environment

Notice thinking in terms of either/or, right/wrong and include more sides

Notice that resentment at others who break the rules may mask a wish to do

what they’re doing

Take time to observe the critical mind in action, and dis-identify with it – use it to
remind self of achievements and skills

Put play and pleasure in list of oughts, until one can allow them for their own

Learn to relax

Do not expect others to change immediately

Learn to recognize the attacks of your superego and how they undermine you
rather than helping you

Get in touch with feelings, particularly unconscious impulses

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