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The Latest M/F Books from Beau to Beau Books

The Latest M/F Books from Beau to Beau Books

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Published by Beau to Beau Books
The Latest M/F Books from Beau to Beau Books
The Latest M/F Books from Beau to Beau Books

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Published by: Beau to Beau Books on Apr 12, 2013
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The Latest M/F Books from Beau to Beau Books: Available in the Apple iBookstores;

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When Candace embarrasses herself in front of a man in a bar, she would have been more than happy to never see him again, even if he was the most gorgeous specimen she had ever seen. Unfortunately, the next day he arrives at the scene of the movie that she is directing. Her friend had scouted the man, Don, for a job as a mover, a part for which Candace desperately needed to find someone. She decides that she wouldn't turn him down just because she had been foolish, and she agrees to hire him. Unfortunately, that's when the trouble really begins.

The sudden disappearance of the son of a prominent New York businessman angers the father who is determined to find his son and force his return to the life he had carefully designed for him. Drew has disappeared, but he is not missing. He had carefully planned his escape from an abusive wife who was keeping a heinous secret from him. Building a new life on the other side of the country, Drew believes his troubles are over, but they have only begun. When his past catches up with him, a woman he knew years ago threatens to end his blissful existence.

Patrick had never mentioned that he was from this part of the world. He had spent the last several years in London and Samantha had assumed that with his British accent, he was from England. Now she realized that the accent had been part of his fake persona, just as his claim of being an ordinary businessman had been. As soon as the plane had landed, Patrick’s accent had all but vanished and was replaced with one much more sinister.

When two escaped convicts find refuge on a deserted island, they think they are alone until they discover a woman on an abandoned ship. They take her to their makeshift home and do with her as they please. When they later discover her dead at the hands of presumed cannibals, they try to escape the island but find themselves in a situation worse than prison. Their carnal desires, previously kept in check, surface quickly again on Penal Island.

After Tanya's father dies, Tanya must find a way to obtain money for her and her mother. She is forced to enter a relationship with Sir William, a cruel but wealthy man. Years later, her mother becomes betrothed to another, and Tanya realizes that this is the chance she has been waiting for. The chance to be free. Unfortunately, she does not expect Sir William's vow, a vow that if she will not be his, he will kill her. Tanya flees the town and travels to a distant village, where she finds a note in a bar asking for a new servant at a wealthy estate. Overjoyed, she heads to the estate, but halfway there she is bitten by a rabid wolf. Her leg is covered in blood and she is overcome with pain when a strange, attractive man comes to her rescue. It is the owner of the estate, Leon. As Leon houses Tanya at his estate and the young woman’s bond with him becomes more than friendship, Tanya comes to realize that he is more than a man. He is someone far more dangerous.

The world of crude; oil, that is, and all that that implies, with its sharp contrast between wealth and poverty, the elite and the working poor, has lured the cardinals and the criminals to its wells and rigs for decades. When a young woman enters the inner circle of a ruthless oil conglomerate where the ‘old boys’ rule is strictly enforced, she is privy to shocking secrets of forced labor, murder, sex crimes, and more. When she tries to leave, she is hunted down like a rabid animal, and fears that she has unwittingly become part of one of the sex rings she has heard far too much about, for there is only one way out of the ruthless world of crude – in a pine box.

When a woman is purchased by design and trickery to satisfy the sexual hunger of a man who has never been denied anything, she quickly learns her submissive place in his world of dominance and control. Domination is the only life he knows, having been taught well by his ruthless and greedy uncles. During the few times the man is away, the woman searches for explanations of her captivity, uncovering secrets about her captives so bizarre that she begins to fear for her survival.

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