Newsletter April 12 2013

Hooray for the World!

April 13 13, 2012 2012 Newsletter
People live in many different kinds of houses on our earth! Come by and see the houses that your children created and the stories that go along with the houses around the world. The children discussed the meaning of the word, “race.” The first instinct was to talk about winning a race but they now know that there are two meanings of the word race. We discussed the meaning of the human race and what it means to being a part of this world that we share with others. We also went around the world saying hello in different languages. Stop by our hall and scan the QR codes to watch the children say hello to you in another language!

Hooray for PK!

Walk Lightly on the Earth!
Our “save the earth tip” for this week is to cut down on the amount of garbage we make. We recycle in our classroom and the children are constantly checking their snack and lunch containers for the recycling symbol! The children are learning how to make the earth smile! ☺

Important To Know:
• • • April 22: Field Trip to the Woodland Discovery Park at Shelby Farms April 26: Spirit Day May 1: “Come around the World with Me” Program! 9:00 Woodland Library

This is my house…

Mrs. Smythe and Mrs. Lucchesi

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