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Course Content
Epidemiology Cerebrovascular Disease : Evidence and How to use it
International Epidemiology of Stroke the Bigger Picture Stroke in Pakistan Cost Effectiveness, DALYs, Economic and Social Consequences of Stroke and NCDs ICAD , Asymptomatic and Symptomatic


Stroke Syndromes – Recognizing Stroke – State of the Evidence
Arterial and Topographic anatomy via CT and MRI Stroke Syndromes Specific Stroke Subtypes Uncommon Presentations Venous Stroke ICH and SAH NIHSS Certification Stroke Subtyping _ Web exercise


Hyper Acute Stroke- Triaging Stroke
Rtpa Trials Choosing the right patient Reading the CT Calling the right person and how Managing it Right


Stroke Investigations : Stroke Subtyping and Prognosis of Individual Type - State of the Evidence
Ultrasound Brain Carotid Ultrasound DWI MRI MRA

ACAS) ICAD ( WASID.MRV Gradient Echo Testing Cardiac Holter and Afib Cardiac Echo BP Monitoring PFO Investigations 6 Primary and Secondary Prevention :Specific Stroke Subtypying and Prevention -State of the Evidence Baseline Risk Assessment – Primary Prevention AP agents Warfarin Lipids Sugar Blood Pressure Lifestyle 7 Best Data for Individual Stroke Subtypes Cardiac ( AC . Cardiac AC Data) ECAD( NASCET. CHADS ) Small vessel ( SSS3) TIA Broader Strokes . SAMMPRIS) Afib ( All New .

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