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Sci-fi Article Class. Requires 'Alien army' document

Sci-fi Article Class. Requires 'Alien army' document

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Published by Jonathon Frame
Sci-fi article for 2 hour high-level ESL class. Requires 'alien army' newspaper document.
Sci-fi article for 2 hour high-level ESL class. Requires 'alien army' newspaper document.

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Published by: Jonathon Frame on Mar 23, 2009
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Science Fiction

A. Warm Up Talk in pairs about the following questions: 1. How has science improved your life? Think of three examples and explain.

2. Do you think science is more important than religion to many people? Why/why not?

3. Tell your partner about an interesting sci-fi movie you have seen. Why was it interesting? Was it believable? Why?

B Vocabulary Below is the vocabulary for today’s lesson.Please match up the words: To be shaken (emotion) (Military) barracks Corporal “Squaddie” “Top Brass” Shrops. “Mind Boggling” Worcs. Commotion police/military “The A5” Cabaret Something that defies logic, confusing A form of entertainment with music, comedy, and food/drink. Slang British slang for `soldier` Short for Worcester, a City in England a noisy disturbance A military/police rank A main Motorway in the UK Short for Shropshire, a British county To be shocked by something Military accommodation for soldiers for the high ranks of

C: Alien Army (Article) Questions:

Science Fiction
1. What is the name of the newspaper that reports the sightings?

2. Who is interviewed about his mobile phone recording?

3. When did he claim to see the UFO?

4. There were a few other sightings that evening as well - what other sightings are mentioned?

5. What type of newspaper do you think The Sun is?

6. Do you believe the people in the news story saw UFOs? Why/Why not?

Science Fiction
D Listening Practice. Now Vocabulary Genre Scholarly Hypothesis Evolution Commentary politics) Locale “Future Fantastic” Location, site, spot A utopian view of the future – in terms of technology and society To suspend (one’s belief) hold` To put one’s common sense (and disbelief) `on A category of art, music, or writing - a particular style or content intellectual a reasoned, intellectual proposal Development (of something) A noun, meaning discussion (e.g. of current events or Science Fiction: Commenting on the Here and

Answer the following question. Make sure to provide a reason for your answer.. We are going to listen to an article called “Science Fiction: Commenting on the Here and Now.” What do you think the article will be about?

1. Listen to the article, which is almost five minutes long. don’t worry about understanding everything.

Listen only, and

2. Listen once more, and try to understand the general information of each paragraph. In your head , explain a paragraph’s main idea in one or two sentences. Write your paragraph summaries after you have listened to the whole article. Listen again, check your answers, and compare your answers with a partner. Summary: E.g. Paragraph 1: Traditional definitions for science fiction are mentioned.

Science Fiction
Paragraph 2: Paragraph 3: Paragraph4: Paragraph 5: Paragraph 6, 7:

3. Look at the article transcript, which has missing vocabulary words. Try to write any words that you remember from the listening. Listen once more, and write the missing words. 4. Read the article and look up and unknown words. Now listen again. Can you understand more?

E: The Future… Discuss the Questions on the hand out!

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