braided hemp™ H A N D - W O V E N L O K T A A N D he m p

Hemp fiber is processed.690 9 m a y a r o m a n o f f . woven with hand looms and air dried after the paperbacking process. There is very little energy expended in the making of the .4 65 .9 m) R EVER SE: HENNA C HAIR: PAGODA RED TABLE: DONGHIA PHOTO: ©GEORGE LAMBROS/LAMBROS PHOTOGRAPH Y MR-HP-3352 Ivory MR-HP-3001 Ecru MR-HP-3354 Khaki MR-HP-3651 Henna MR-HP-3X02 Slate MR-HP-3510 Navy MR-HP-3652 Russet extraordinary surfacing materials 1 .77 3.2 m) Minimum Order 18 yds (16. Paper backing (MR-HP-3352 only). Hemp fiber is transported via foot and bus. 9 sq ft/yd (0. ASTM E84 Class A Custom Order 48 yd minimum (43. Recycled paper backing.Braided Hemp™ is entirely hand-crafted by artisans.4 cm).7 m) Repeat N/A Content Hand-woven lokta and hemp.5 m) Order Increments 3 yds (2.84 sq m/yd) Roll Size 9 yds (8. knotted. spun by hand and created without the use of chemicals or machines. Width 36˝ (91. Braided lokta paper is woven with hemp fiber and dyed to give subtle color and movement.

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